Friday, November 6, 2009

DailyPUMA is ONE YEAR OLD, and in case you wondered what the mission statement was, here it is.

DailyPUMA is now one years old, Yippee!

In just the past couple of weeks it has dawned on me that it has become very, very important to keep reminding readers that...

1. ...there is unfinished business from 2008 involving Barack Obama and his people CHEATING in the caucus contests.

2.....Barack Obama accepting money that he KNEW was fraudulently donated to him via the use of fake names,

3.....Identifying the democrats that went out of their way to support Barack Obama and diss Hillary Clinton when they just could have easily as waited on the sidelines and let the democratic voters decide at the ballot box,

4.....Exposing the intertwined relationship that Barack Obama has with Wall Street Bankers at the expense of middle, "bitter: america,

5.....Spotlighting lazy, conceited, men in suits who profit from making fun of woman or diminishing them in the media,

6.....Spotlight women who are doing things and women who are being ridiculed and ignored when they should be congratulated for doing the right thing.

7.....Be a conduit that connects PUMA blogs in a fast and efficient manner so that we can get the most information in the fastest possible time so we can keep in touch more easily with more PUMA blogs.

8......Exposing the republican conservative frauds and their blogs who simply hate all things democrat while pretending to be supporters of PUMA

9......Reveal and expose the conservative younger blogs that are nothing more than retreads of their older predecessors and simply hate on Hillary Clinton every chance they get.

10......Hope to be around when the wrongdoers publicly admit they acted unethically in the 2008 democratic race and want to apologize to Hillary Clinton.

11.....Would like to see Barack Obama resign one day with an incredibly eloquent speech that actually allows him to keep his political career going as a changed, humbled man.

12....Hillary Clinton has grown by leaps and bounds as a person and a politician and would make the finest next president of anybody out there from either party.


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Happy Birthday Daily PUMA!

The mission statement is a glorious one! Way to go!!

I hope I am around to see all points accomplished....


Amarissa said...

Happy First, Daily Puma! Thank you for keeping us informed!

Alessandro Machi said...

and by you, you mean us, since there are so many puma blogs that make dailypuma an excellent read.

Unknown said...

This is a good list, thanks for putting it up. I want to remember and convey it clearly to others as well. Good work as usual. Please know that all you do for the fight on the path to righteousness is very appreciated.

Annie said...

Thanks for everything Daily Puma. Happy birthday. You and your website are awesome.

Count Us Out said...

Happy Birthday, Daily Puma!!
You are a blessing to everyone fighting the good fight.
Best Wishes Always,
Count Us Out

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks for the nice words.


I am planning on adding links to each of the DailyPUMA talking points to give clear examples for those who are interested in knowing more. It just kind of gets draining how a very simple, what was going to be a one paragraph article turns into a talking points thesis instead.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary....DP is a wonderful site!!

By the way, Alessandro, InsightAnalytical is definitely a PUMA site!

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