Saturday, November 29, 2008

LA Times Article about Barack Obama Campaign Donations has Donors in Denial that Obama Raised over 200 Million Dollars in Undocumented Donations.

The LA Times seems to have a hot topic on their hands about Barack Obama's Campaign Donations. I have seen several articles, even in the mainstream media magazines such as Time and Newsweek that reveal Donors could use fake names and addresses when making a donation to Barack Obama, as long as the credit card was real, the donation would go through.

If you look at the reader responses to the LA Times Article, Barack Obama donors immediately pounce and attack anyone who mentions the fraudulent fundraising that went on. They call those who bring up the 200 million dollars in undocumented donations, sore losers. Check it out, Barack Obama's Small Donors Lash Out.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Sure looks to me in the image above that MSNBC and are bartering their services back and forth, but are they reporting this barter to the IRS? MSNBC gets an "authority" on a subject to appear for free on their television station, and in turn the guest pimps the name of their website in the background the ENTIRE TIME the guest is shown as seen above. This appears to me to be bartering, an exchange of services, which can be construed as income and therefore taxable.

I believe in live and let live, but the method above was one of the prime ways that MSNBC defeated Hillary Clinton this year. Pundits from Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Time, and Newsweek would appear on MSNBC and act like they were an impartial observer when they usually had a preordained position of supporting Barack Obama or slamming Hillary Clinton and her supporters. Many times, it appears that in lieu of being paid, the "Pundit" had a book they had written that would be publicized during their appearance, and on top of that the company they worked for (such as Time or Newsweek) was publicized by MSNBC as well.

This is a form of bartering, and since this privilege was abused by MSNBC to help Barack Obama defeat Hillary Clinton, I think payback, IRS payback, is in order. What do you think? If you know somebody who works for the IRS, ask them what they think.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rachel Maddow's very special Thanksgiving Message, I kid you not.

I am flabbergasted. MSNBC roasted Sarah Palin for being interviewed while Thanksgiving Turkeys were being killed in the background. Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow gave a blessing over the image of the dead turkey below!
Can somebody explain why the pseudo intellectal Maddow can give a Thanksgiving day blessing on prime time television over the image of a headless roasted turkey and actually believe that this is somehow more "acceptable" than what Sarah Palin did???

If the Turkey pictured above was the same turkey being "prepped" during Sarah Palin's interview, would someone explain to me how Palin's interview was "worse" than what Maddow did? I think they are the same thing, and therefore you either accept BOTH, or you condemn both. Maddow's words over the picture of the roasted, DEAD, Turkey... "It is the night before Thanksgiving and even now we have many blessings to count" - Rachel Maddow.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post Suffers Nervous Breakdown. (Meant as Satire only)

For the latest DailyPUMA article, click here.

Update (10 years later). Of all the DailyPUMA articles I have written over the years, why has this one suddenly gotten a bunch of hits? Context is... I was annoyed back in 2008 at how many entities had to get involved and influence the 2008 democrat nomination process. Arianna Huffington was one of them. When one considers how difficult the road has been for woman to gain traction in higher positions of power and responsibility, two equally capable women, Hillary Clinton and Arianna Huffington, could find no common ground back then.  While it probably was a good thing that we finally had an African American President, Barack Obama in my opinion was, as Arianna Huffington stated,  a bankcentric president, and who, in my opinion, screwed over millions of baby boomers when he cut them off from taking out a Home Equity Line of Equity if they had lost their job.  End of update, Sat. Oct. 4, 2019 after satire notation)

(The following is Hostile Satire).

It appears that Arianna Huffington never got over her own failed attempt at a TV show eleven years ago called Beat the Press. Perhaps unable to deal with the stress of other woman gaining more notoriety than herself, Arianna Huffington appears to have lost it. Has the continued success of both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin ruined Rock Huffington?

As both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin continue their successful political careers, the best Arianna Huffington can do is stay in the background, write an occasional book, get ignored, and stew about it.

It is believed that Hillary Clinton's desire to have her biggest detractors removed from Barack Obama's team as terms of her accepting Secretary of State have set Ms. Huffington into orbit.

Just last week Huffington was allegedly seen arguing with Keith Olbermann's make up person about adding a graying mustache and silver streaks to her hair so she could "do the news".

Cowering in the corner as Huffington attempted to apply silver mustache and matching silver branded hair to herself, Olbermann, known to rant at anything in a female form, decided the best course of action was to flee the station as he yelled, Scooby dooooo to the rescue.

Once Huffington was talked out of her desire to host Olbermann's show, she headed over to Rachel Maddow's set threatening to reveal that Maddow is Olbermann's altered ego, if she didn't get air time.

Huffington's takeover of the Maddow show lasted one night and was a resounding disaster. Only able to speak at half the speed and 1/5th the clarity of Maddow, Huffington held the Maddow show crew hostage for the entire hour as she shook her fist at the camera repeatedly and chortled "I'm better than all of me put together" thoughout the show.

Things would only get worse after Sarah Palin's interview in front of a Turkey "processing" plant which has set off additional bizarre behavior by Huffington. In a final fit of what can only be described as "I'm melting"... Huffington Post has run the following headline in an effort to derail the appointment of Hillary Clinton to Secretary of State...

One can only wonder who would give this person Venture Capital Funding to continue more of this same kind of petty garbage.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Nuttiness of MSNBC Exposed.

When John McCain wanted to cancel the first presidential debate and go to Washington so he could be involved in the design of the first bailout bill, MSNBC accused John McCain of using the bailout bill as a "diversion" to avoid debating Barack Obama.

The day the first bailout bill was to be voted on by Congress, MSNBC's position was that the bailout bill was just supposed to pass. Instead of objectively reporting about the bailout bill congressional vote, MSNBC openly lobbied that the bailout bill WAS SUPPOSED to PASS or there would be catastrophic consequences.

When the first Bailout Bill vote failed, MSNBC accused John McCain of not being able to deliver any votes towards the PASSAGE of the first vote on the bailout bill. This despite the fact that americans were calling in 20-1 AGAINST the Bailout Bill. MSNBC was tell dictating how John McCain should vote or risk being ridiculed on air!

When the second bailout bill passed, MSNBC portrayed Barack Obama as scholarly and intelligent and "working the phones" behind the scenes for its passage.

At one point, MSNBC promoted a ridiculously unscientific hastily put together automated phone poll that showed an overwhelming amount of americans felt the candidates should debate and NOT use the bailout bill as an excuse to cancel the first debate. MSNBC flogged this quickie phone poll over John McCain's head as "proof" that John McCain was afraid to debate Barack Obama when the public wanted it.

Based on John McCain's statement that McCain wanted to cancel the first debate and go to Washington and deal with the bailout bill, MSNBC set up John McCain to be mercilessly flogged no matter what McCain did next. When John McCain acquiesced to the MSNBC led pressure to not cancel the first debate, McCain was then accused by MSNBC of being a flip flopper for going to the first debate!

Ed Rendell and a few other top democratic officials created the same talking points that John McCain's "flip flopping" proved he couldn't run the country. It was as if MSNBC and company had shared a Destroy John McCain playbook and were reciting the same lines.

Now its 7 weeks later, and I witness Rachel Maddow on her show last night "incensed" that the bailout bill was rushed. YOU RUSHED IT! YOU, Olbermann, Matthews, Schuster, Contessa Brewer, ALL OF YOU RUSHED the PASSAGE of the BAILOUT BILL DURING YOUR BROADCASTS and USED IT AS A POLITICAL COMMENTARY TOOL against John McCain.

On practically a daily basis, I believe Maddow, Olbermann, Matthews, Schuster, Gregory, and Brewer blur the line between political COMMENTARY and NEWS reporting, I call it SPEWS.

MSNBC perpetually spews forth their commentary blather while masquerading it as news.

Until there is a big fat COMMENTARY splattered on the television screen for most of MSNBC's daily broadcast, MSNBC will continue to browbeat Women Politicians and anyone who is not for Barack Obama, while pretending they are just reporting the news.

I believe it is going to take intelligent filings with the FCC to reign MSNBC in.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Open Mike Wednesday! Give a Shout Out to a PUMA Blogger or Cause.

Publicize an upcoming PUMA meeting or Event in the comments section.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Would a Well Known PUMA premiere an article on Huffington Post?

This is specifically why I started DailyPUMA, to help create a large enough audience so news and ideas that appear on any PUMA blog will have access to larger audiences. Seeing Will Bower's release of his voting reform article on Huffington Post holds back the PUMA movement, unless Will Bower mentions PUMA in his article.

Will Bower has chosen to premiere his primary voting idea on Huffington Post and not on a PUMA blog probably because Huffington Post's audience is a lot bigger. (note - Will Bower has responded that the reason the article is posted on Huffington Post is because an earlier article last year about the same topic also appeared on Huffington Post). What a shame that a PUMA founder would not find aid and comfort in a PUMA blog and instead go to the dark side, all the while not mentioning his PUMA roots. I can understand the need to want a bigger audience for PUMA ideas, and that is the goal of DailyPUMA.

Might somebody like to ask Will Bower if he is still a PUMA or not on his HuffPO article? I would do it but I've been banned from that site. Will Bower, are you a PUMA?

Calling out MSNBC, show us your Republican VP list.

MSNBC just named more names of VP options that John McCain should have picked over Sarah Palin. So MSNBC, show us your Republican VP list. Show us how far down the list Sarah Palin would be, and then cry that you are not a sexist station. The farther MSNBC is able to make Sarah Palin fall, the harder it will be for Hillary Clinton to rise.

HILLARY CLINTON Shuts Down, then Opens back up!

The Daily PUMA has greatly benefited in its first five days in operation by publicizing DailyPUMA on Hillary Clinton Here is the message I found on the site just a few minutes ago. Click on image to make it larger.

-----------Update----------- Hillary Clinton forum is currently back up. (Nov. 18, 2008).

Additional update, Hillary Clinton forum shut down on Jan 01, 2009, and for the time being is read only. Murray the Moderator had desired to open up the forum to all political sides. However, since the forum was initially born out of support for Hillary Clinton, this proved difficult.

Murray may resurrect another forum in the future, or he may not, in the meantime, Hillary Clinton is read only.

-----------Update----------- Hillary Clinton forum is back up! (as of January 25th, 2009)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Leave your feedback in the comments section.

Let me know what you think about DailyPUMA.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

You walk into a Bar, See a Big Screen TV, and....

You walk into a Bar, See a Big Screen TV, and...on the big screen TV is DailyPUMA! It's a PUMA social meeting. But rather than compete with the music and clusters of different discussions going on at the same time, a moderator with a microphone asks people to choose a headline on Daily PUMA. The moderator clicks on the headline, and reads the article out loud to the PUMA's who are gathered.

Far Fetched? Ahead of it's time? Think about it. Think about how hard it is too conduct political meetings in public settings as the meeting quickly disengages into 8 different discussions among 20 people. Now think about how easy it would be too conduct a meeting using the DailyPUMA as your focus point.

(Updated Friday, July 7, 2017, 2:15pm) Ok, so it was a dumb idea.)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Philosophy of Not Moderating Blog Comments (Short Version)

Not moderating comments fosters more interaction. As proof, I accidentally left my Daily PUMA blog setting on the do not show until moderator approves setting, and only allow registered bloggers to post comments. I got six responses (half were my answers), and then the comments dried up. After I changed the moderator setting to let anybody reply without moderator approval, even Barack Obama, I noticed a new surge in comments to the same topic.

The Philosophy of Not Moderating Blog Comments...

I can only go by me experience, but I think I have only deleted one comment out the hundred or two that have been posted to my various blog articles. Unless you are being spammed by really awful stuff, consider letting your readers comments go unmoderated and reviewing them as needed.

I think not moderating comments and letting anyone reply fosters more interaction. As proof, I accidentally left my blog setting to on the do not show until moderator approves setting. I got six responses (half were my answers), and then the comments dried up. I then realized the comments default was automatically set to moderator approval and registered users only. After I changed the moderator setting to let anybody reply, even Barack Obama, I noticed a new surge in comments to the same topic.

I think people like to read back what they just wrote after they post it, moderating comments eliminates that small joy on some blogging platforms. Now if the person doesn't know that their response is being held, until after they hit the reply button, odds are they never responded in the first place if prior comments haven't been already moderated. People tend to reply when they see that others have already replied. If you have your reasons for moderating comments before they appear, please share them here so the entire PUMA community can learn.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome to DailyPUMA, if your PUMA BLOG is not listed, please leave me a link in the comments section and you will be included!

Kudos to all you PUMA bloggers who didn't give up because of November 4. I plan on keeping this blog overwhelmingly PUMA, but I might slip in a couple of non PUMA blogs if I think they are a benefit to all PUMA's, such as the consumerist blog. If you have a PUMA website or forum, the DailyPUMA blog can apparently track blogs only, sorry. In the meantime, keep Roaring the Good Roar. (I'll soon add a forum links section).

I just thought I would do an update to this article 5 plus years later. I was a bit disappointed by the lesbian/ultra pro woman blogging portion of Hillary Clinton's supporters. I discovered after the fact that they were a small but close knit group that frequently gossiped with each other and who mistrusted virtually any male blogger who supported Hillary Clinton.

The few male bloggers who support Hillary Clinton are for the most part ignored by the lesbian ultra pro female blogger, or viscously ripped apart both in public and in private.

I have not counted the exact number but there were at least 5 or 6 bloggers of the type I describe above who just decided they didn't like me. It took me a while to realize that there were some Hillary Clinton bloggers who were haters. 

For the most part I believe that that Hillary Clinton supporters are the nicest people on the planet, so nice they actually don't have time to blog or even be bothered to post, they live their lives, help their family, neighbors and friends, and they like Hillary Clinton.

I hope that will be enough to get Hillary Clinton elected president in 2016. Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 certainly will not happen because of lesbian ultra pro woman's rights Hillary Clinton blogging supporters, it will happen in spite of them, if it happens.

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