Friday, July 29, 2016

When Donald Trump Speaks, Russian and French Hackers Listen.

There was a dramatic spike in hits to DailyPUMA from both Russia and France AFTER Donald Trump made a public plea to Russian Hackers to look for the allegedly missing 30,000 emails. 

Donald Trump has an interesting connection to Russia. 2 of his 3 wives have Russian first names. Trump Escorts may  have been run out of a Trump owned location back in the 90's. And when Donald Trump asks his Russian Hacker friends to find missing emails, DailyPUMA (we don't have them by the way), is hit with 75% of all traffic suddenly coming from Russia, then the next day it's 90% of all visits from Russia and France.

It makes one wonder if there is some type of quid pro quo in place in which whenever Donald Trump goes on a rampage about terrorism, a terrorist act seems to occur in France or some other part of Europe.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton's biggest night ever, Her acceptance of the 2016 Democrat nomination night, Russia and France account for 90% of all page visits to DailyPUMA.

This spike in hits from Russia and France occurred AFTER Donald Trump asked Russia to hack into the DNC. Is it possible that some of the terrorist bombings in Europe, which all coincided right after Trump warnings of terrorism, are connected as well?

When Donald Trump talks terrorism, do terrorists listen, and act? Click on the Image Below to enlarge it and see for yourself.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Russia is completely innocent of any and all wrongdoing ever committed regarding hacking, doping, and providing escorts for Donald Trump's Trump Escorts, see the proof.

Click on Image to Enlarge and see the 75% of all hits from all countries that Russia has had to Daily PUMA in the past 24 hours. Or, maybe it's just that Hillary Clinton is liked all over the world and she is very popular in Russia and she was just nominated to be the first female president in the United States.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Lack of context regarding emails keeps nullifying anyone who is sane from having a legitimate opinion.

Context, Context, Context. Where is it?

I can't recall the FBI releasing even one email of any prior Secretary of State prior to Hillary Clinton for everyone to compare to Hillary Clinton's emails. Were there similar emails to what Hillary Clinton sent, were there emails sent "unsecured"? Haven't allegedly hack proof government servers been hacked? Are we to believe that our government officials don't mix in erroneous info on their computer devices so that if they were hacked, it might actually derail the hackers moreso than help them.

Now it's the Democrat Convention. I can't recall one email from the Republican National Committee to compare to the Democrat National Committee's emails.

Are we to believe that not one Republican National Committee email exists that asks how to derail Donald Trump? To continue to tarnish Hillary Clinton?

Where is the context between the focus on the Democrat National Committee emails, and the Republican National Committee emails?

Ah, but this all falls into what Trump and Sanders were saying about each political party not wanting outsiders to win. Both Sanders and Trump used out bounds methods against the more mainstream candidates, so of course the party is going to be concerned.

The long list of campaign wrongs by Donald Trump are well beyond my scope, but a few to point out would be his fraudulent use of Trump Steaks, (as if they actually existed) during a press conference after he had won a very early primary. Trump made it sound like Trump Steaks actually existed and he was offering it up as proof that America can be great again and that we can make things again in this country, just like his fake Trump steaks.

Trump should have been censored and not allowed to run in the next set of primaries for that gaffe. The fact that he was let alone and allowed to use that fraudulent press conference to INCREASE his momentum dwarfs all the disdain that was directed at him. If Trump had been sanctioned for his steak fraud presser, he would not have become the Republican nominee.

Trump's attacks against Cruz's wife in which he used a picture that depicted Ms. Cruz as having just finished off a raw prarie rabbit without any utensils other than her teeth, also fell out of the bounds of decency. Trump was outraged because a picture of his wife in a negligee had been tweeted. I still can't figure out how a super hot picture of one's wife, a picture she voluntarily posed for and was probably paid to pose for, equates with showing a picture of his chief competitor's wife with what looks like blood streaks streaming down from her mouth and lips.

As for Bernie Sanders, his ongoing and repetitive insinuation that Hillary Clinton would be beholden to Wall Street was an unprovable accusation, and in light of the very off hands treatment Sander's own wife got for what looks like gross mismanagement of college funds, was an accusation he never should have made.

And Sanders also kept touting his caucus wins as being equivalent to Hillary Clinton's primary wins, which is fraud in my opinion since it takes 90% less votes to win a caucus then if that same state had held a primary instead. And then to top it off, the Sander's people said it was unfair that independents could not vote as democrats in the primaries. This stuff is just so beguiling that neither the Republican party nor the Democrat party should be apologizing to either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. Yes, the entire email issue has been trumped up.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Did Wiki Leaks leak info to Sanders people well ahead of everyone else?

I smell a double leak from Wiki Leaks. 

I smell a pre-leak to Sander's people several months before the leaks were leaked to everyone else. 

Is it ethical for a leaker to pre-leak hacked emails to some, while hiding the leaked documents from others? 

Is it ethical for the receivers of the leaked email documents to use the information while promising to stay quiet about the leaks?

When did the Sanders people know about the leaked emails?  

Are there no ethics among leakers?

Didn't Bernie Sander's people smear Hillary Clinton personally with conjecture while the Clinton campaign basically took it on the chin and kept going? I think so.

If at some point DNC people saw the Sander's group overstating caucus wins as being as significant as primary wins, then I have no problem with them trying to level the playing field.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton won 28 primaries and Bernie Sanders only won 12 primaries? You probably did not know Hillary Clinton won 70% of all democrat primaries because the Sander's people kept mixing in all those tainted caucus results to make it look like Sanders won almost as many contests as Hillary Clinton.

Please, lets not make out the Sander's people as victims when they implied Hillary Clinton would not be a reasonable president based on wall street donations.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chris Christie and Donald Trump play the Buffoon Card at the Republican Convention.

Chris Christie is the governor of New Jersey who apparently purposely delayed traffic on the primary bridge leading into and out of New Jersey. 

We will never know if Chris Christie's Bridge Gate actions led to any deaths, loss of job prospects, perhaps a business owner going out of business because inventory never arrived or arrived too late for a public event. We'll never know if Chris Christie's ogreish actions created car engine  overheating malfunctions such as ruining a car engine that could have been avoided if the car had not been idling for several hours because of Christie's churlish actions. Shouldn't this level of economic and health related callousness mean Chris Christie be locked up?

Now that it is evident that both Donald and Melania Trump lied about plagiarizing parts of Michelle Obama's speech, we can call him Lyin Donald and Lyin Melania. 

Not to be outdone, can't Donald's sons be called Lion Kings for shooting Lions in canned hunts in which the Lion has been drugged so it cannot defend itself. The Lion's head is usually then illegally sent back to the U.S. as a trophy.

Is this how we make America Great Again?

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Friday, July 8, 2016

A question for all of the Sanders Supporters, the Trump Supporters, and those with Clinton Derangement Syndrome about the alleged email fracas.

It's the summer of 2017 and your favorite political candidate has become president. The president's SOS is on an important political trip to Europe concerning European Union chaos. The Media takes photos of the SOS holding a blackberry and talking into it, and the photos go instantly viral.

What happens next, and why?

Please feel free to post a link on your favorite political site back to this topic, I am sincerely curious.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The FBI's Misogynistic treatment of Hillary Clinton.

The FIB, er FBI seems comfortable letting out all kinds of classified secrets in publicly rebuking Hillary Clinton.

Actually naming the amount of classified documents sent on an unsecured server, are you fucking kidding me. It's as if Mr. Comey keeps sending out hints to hackers worldwide for them to keep looking until they find this exact number of classified emails etc. etc.

Why give any hints out regarding how many allegedly classified emails were sent on an unsecure server? FBI director James Comey needs to shut the fuck up. 

Apparently Mr. Comey answers to nobody, that is what I find galling. Once again Hillary Clinton is put in the position of, if she doesn't answer questions over the past year, she is hiding something, if she does answer questions and isn't 100% accurate, she is then of course willfully lying? Nobody in the media should have asked her anything until the investigation was done, because it's an investigation.

If Hillary Clinton had admitted to possibly sending out classified emails on a non secure server, she would be guilty of the same idiocy that James Comey has shown in detailing top secret information and trumpeting it to the world in specific numbers.

Mr. Comey needs to be put on the hot seat for blurting out information that should never have been blurted out, but there is nobody out there to do it.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bernie Sanders supporters are LIVID Hillary Clinton, who they hate for not being transparent, was not indicted by the FBI for being transparent.

And that is how Clinton Derangment Syndrome works.

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Dick Morris parrots Bernie Sander's followers strategies about how the super delegates won't vote for Hillary were she to be indicted.

In DailyPUMA's opinion, there is something really strange going on about the FBI's role in emailgate, which apparently now, according to Dick Morris, has become Blackberry gate because Hillary Clinton was warned not to use a Blackberry in other countries because they can be easily hacked but did so anyways. 

Morris's conclusion is using the blackberry in foreign countries allowed foreign countries to actually listen in on conversations and even have access to data on the blackberry, and therefore that is an indictable offense.

First question, so it's not emailgate, it's free blackberries for other countries, gate.  Why is it ok for Dick Morris to lie about what the FBI investigation was about for the last year or two, then when something different comes up, suddenly Morris shifts to that new issue? Does Dick Morris expect to be pardoned for the last year or two of his lying about the FBI investigation being about emails?  

If Dick Morris is a lying ratfucker for saying over and over and over again that the FBI probe was about emails, but then suddenly changes his tune and now says its now about Blackberrys, shouldn't Dick Morris be indicted for attempting to manipulate a political candidate's future with lies that he portrayed as fact? Does Morris get to call politicians liars while lying about knowing what the probe may be about?

Enough of the feckless Morris, here's the things that I find hypocritical and actually points to a neutered FBI that can't even do its job. If the FBI warns Hillary Clinton to not use a Blackberry in another country because it could be used as an eavesdropping device, but she does so anyways, who is to say if Hillary Clinton is not using the possibility of the blackberry being hacked, to the United State's advantage? 

If the trolls in the room scoff, have you scoffed every time a television show storyline is about people discovering there is a bug in their room, so they visually warn each other the room is being bugged and then begin giving out false or confusing information. It's called counterintelligence and the belief that Hillary Clinton is incapable of counterintelligence is just another form of misogyny. 

Another question, if the FBI knows Hillary Clinton's blackberry is hackable, then why not create functional,  counter intelligence protocol for hackable gear? The FBI would simply load counter intelligence information, aka incorrect information, on the blackberry. The FBI could also load reverse hacking software on the blackberry that would go back to the hacker and spy on the hacker.

It is DailyPUMA's opinion that it is not FBI protocol to first warn a political figure not do something that technically is not illegal, and then when the FBI warning is not followed, to indict that person. 

The FBI protocol would be to first warn the political figure not to do something that is not illegal but could be dangerous, and then when they realize their warning is not being heeded, to come up with a plan B. Yes, that's right, a plan B in which the hackable Blackberry which is publicly known as an easy hackable target is loaded with incorrect data and software that hacks the hacker. If the FBI is not capable enough to do that, then we need to indict the FBI for being, stupid.

Succinctly put, if the FBI cannot load in reverse hacking software into a blackberry, then they need to find another line of work.

There is still another issue to contend with. Most Clinton Derangement Syndrome fanatics who are praying for an indictment have accused Hillary Clinton of being a secretive, non-transparent politician. Those same fanatics who will be praying and hoping for an indictment are basing it on the premise that Hillary Clinton is being indicted for actually being transparent! Can you see  the irony in the Clinton Derangement Syndrome Crowd celebrating Hillary Clinton being indicted for being transparent, when their Clinton Derangement has all along been based on the notion that Hillary Clinton is not transparent.

The Clinton Derangearoooos should be demanding Hillary Clinton not be indicted for being transparent, but their Clinton Derangement is so grand all they want to hear is "indicted".

To all the females out there, you really should consider being ready to march on an FBI location near you if Hillary Clinton is indicted because based on what is going on, there is nothing going on other than an attempt to not allow a female the right to deceive her political counterparts by using transparent electronics as a ruse, it's as if only a man can use electronics devices to fool a political rival.

And finally, assuming the FBI does the right thing and there is no indictment, the FBI then needs to investigate ALL the accusers who stood to gain politically by continually spreading false rumors over what the FBI investigation was about by claiming to KNOW what the investigation was about when they did not. Unless the FBI rumor mongers specifically stated they were speculating, they should be charged with treason for attempting to change the outcome of a political candidate by presenting their own FBI investigation opinion, as fact.

As for you Bernie Sander's supporters hoping for an Indictment, just remember, it would be an indictment based on Hillary Clinton being transparent, the very thing you have accused her along of not being. Good luck with that.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

So just how did Bernie Sanders Pandering to Golden State Basketball fans turn out?

What Bernie Sanders did in California recently would be comedy gold for the Republican party if Bernie had become the democrat nominee. First Bernie Sanders actually won a primary in Oklahoma, which sets up the rest of the joke.

Oklahoma then faced Golden State in the NBA western finals and Bernie showed up in Golden State for the seventh and deciding game. When Golden State won game seven over Oklahoma, Bernie celebrated with Golden State by first attending the game and then celebrating afterwards while chortling that everyone loves a comeback, as Golden State had come from 3 games to 1 down, to win the series in seven games. I doubt that went over big in Oklahoma. Sanders only won 12 primaries to begin with, so to rub it in the faces of Oklahoma fans that they lost to Golden State after being ahead 3 games to 1, not a smart move at all.

Which now brings us to the finals. In an historic sports twist, the Cleveland Cavaliers were the first team to ever win an NBA championship when down 3-1 in the finals. So, was Bernie Sanders suddenly rooting against Golden State and now rooting for Cleveland when the Cavs were down 3 games to 1? Bernie probably kept his mouth shut, which probably would have deeply offended Cavaliers fans if Bernie had still been relevant because the Cavs come from behind 3 games to 1 deficit to win an NBA championship had never been done before, and, the Cavs were the underdog whereas Golden State had been the favorite against Oklahoma and simply fell behind 3 games to 1 before winning that series. If anything, Golden State was the overdog that came from behind, so Bernie got that wrong as well.

Bernie managed to offend the state of Oklahoma, then by not rooting for the Cavs when they were down 3 games to 1, has also offended the state of Ohio, where the Republican party is holding their convention this year. And frankly, Golden State probably looks at Bernie as a jinx since they were heavily favored to win the championship this year and didn't.

Nice job Bernie, you managed to offend millions of sports fans in both Oklahoma and Ohio, and Golden State fans probably think you jinxed them as well. Not bad for a months work.

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