Monday, December 26, 2011

Media Sexism Doomed Hillary Clinton's 2008 Bid.

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Ironic that Paul Bedard quotes two different media sexism studies that claim it is sexist to refer to a politician by their first name, yet "Paul" only uses Hillary Clinton's first name in the headline article! 

I suppose it's possible that "Paul" did not have control over the headline, which then makes the use of Hillary Clinton's first name only, proof that media sexism is still alive and well, no?

Secondly, no mention by "Paul" about the PUMA movement and PUMA protests which focused on sexism and unfairness regarding how the media handled the 2008 democratic nomination race.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Urgent, Please LIKE my comments on MOVE On dot org, it's a reminder on how they screwed over HIllary Clinton in 2008.

Click here for most current DailyPUMA article.

Move on dot org has chosen to feature a speech by Hillary Clinton in their daily attempt to raise money for their causes. But this is the same move on dot org that FEVERISHLY supported Barack Obama very early in the 2008 democratic race.

Hear Hillary Clinton explain the truth about Move on dot org, then listen to Tim Russert imply she flip flopped about Move On dot org when all she did was accurately explain how Move On dot org screwed her over after she had praised them a year earlier.

Look at how the headline is spun as well! Then the headline writer further spins the issue. This is what Hillary Clinton was dealing with on a daily basis from the supposedly democratic leaning media.

It's like living the nightmare over again, fuck you Tim Russert, fuck you headline manipulator.

Please like my comment that I left (aka Alessandro Machi).  

"Why is MoveOn profiteering off of Hillary Clinton when you totally screwed her over in 2008 by supporting Obama so early in the race, well before it was decided which democratic candidate voters wanted."
...and then there is this one,
I seem to recall MoveOn "under appreciating" Hillary Clinton in 2008 when they put their full support behind Barack Obama very early in the democratic nomination race. 
Morosely ironic considering that MoveOn was started to protect democrats against Republican attack specifically because of what happened to Bill Clinton when he was president.  
Actually using a group that was started because of Bill Clinton, to push his own wife out of a chance to be president. wow.
The more likes these comments get, the higher they rise on the page. These two comments only need a few to be at the top. As you can see, each comment TRUTHFULLY chastises Move On Dot org for trying to profiteer off of Hillary Clinton after they railroaded Obama ahead of her with their support and MONEY in 2008.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kipling: Run, Hillary, run |

May I add, HIllary Clinton, run as a republican if you have to.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rod Blagojevich verdict, what went unsaid and was swept under the rug.

Click here to view the most current DailyPUMA article.

Did Rod Blagojevich actually ever receive any of the money he purportedly demanded be given to him in exchange for political favors, state funds and political positions?

I keep reading Rod Blagojevich was caught demanding money in exchange for favors, but I don't recall reading that Blagojevich actually received bribery money, deposited it, and then actually spent it.

So why did the feds not keep their wire taps going until Rod actually got money, deposited it, and then spent it?  Perhaps the feds were afraid they would record Rod talking about things that he shouldn't be talking about, that would then have become part of the public record, so they cut their investigation short for that reason? 

Lets just say for one moment a governor fancied themselves a maverick who was going to lure and then expose those who would buy their way into power. Would they not pretty much do what Rod Blagojevich did?

The maverick governor would make a bunch of demented, outrageous demands, then see who folds and actually agrees to their crazy demands. Once the received money was deposited the maverick governor could then hold a press conference and announce their discoveries, and have the PROOF to back it up via the deposited monies.

I'm not implying that Mr. Blagojevich was trying to be a maverick  governor, or that he was actually trying to expose others who would buy their way into power. But by not having any money actually change hands the feds got what they wanted, and that may actually hurt attempts in the future for Joe Citizen to try and expose fraudulent political behavior. 

Only when money has actually changed hands could a non enforcement person then make a claim of fraud against a politician. 

It seems to me that because of the Blagojevich verdict we the people can never prove political corruption via bribery because we could never "fake bribe" a politician without being arrested before we could finish our own investigation. 

However, our own government can now get bribery and extortion convictions without money even changing hands, and to me, this is a new, unacceptable precedent that ties the hands of Joe Citizen, or even Joe Governor, in their potential quest to find unethical politicians. 

We will all be forced now to go to the government to weed out illegal political behavior, so who outside or inside of the government gets to vet the government? It appears the answer is nobody that is either a private citizen, or who was elected, and I find that alarming.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If you use the word socialism to label things you don't like, you are socially retarded, you stupid, stupid, crusty republican.

The socialism label has gotten old. Is that what happens when we age, we simply call everything we either don't like, "socialism"?  Socialism is way better than wall street cronyism, that's for sure. Socialism is way better than political favoritism. Socialism is way better than militarism.

When we get rid of political cronyism, political favoritism, and militarism, then we can revisit socialism, but not until then, you stupid, stupid, crusty republican.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pelosi on 60 minutes insider trading piece was a national disgrace. Impeach Pelosi, please, now, please.

Nancy Pelosi lies on Sixty Minutes when claiming there was no quid pro quo between her Visa IPO stock purchase and the tabling of credit card legislation in 2008! 

So while Barack Obama was accepting anonymous pre-paid credit cards in 2008, Visa was simultaneously luring Nancy Pelosi with a VISA IPO offering as credit card legislation was being tabled in the house, her house of representatives. And people claim that the Occupy Movement has no foundation from which to protest upon? 


Pelosi is the reason that Hillary Clinton did not receive her deserved 2008 democratic nomination. Pelosi put her IPO Visa grab above her duty as a U.S. congress person, and it appears those anonymous pre-paid credit card donations helped Barack Obama "win" the democratic nomination. Wow.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Republican Nomination Syndrome about to hit again?

First it was John McCain and his 1% approval rating back in October of 2007, McCain then went on win the 2008 republican nomination. 

Could Newt Gingrich be next?  Newt was assailed by the media, had something like one or two dozen of his "top advisors" quit on him during the summer because he was not preparing himself for the first republican debate, (lol, like it really mattered, there have been around a dozen with more to come), and Newt too was well under 5% in popularity at some point during the summer.

But Newt didn't quit and is now considered one of the top three republican candidates.

The republican party is rife with contradictions at this point. The 44% republican evangelical base condemned Mit Romney for being a mormon, yet according to David Letterman, Romney was the only male republican candidate who has only been married one time, and to one woman.

In my opinion the Republicans should beg Hillary Clinton to run as a Republican, her moderate, well thought out, inclusive style of politics is exactly what this country needs right now.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

MSNBC tribute to Hillary Rodham Clinton's Mother, Hillary Rodham..

Team Hillary is compiling a nice list of Hillary Clinton videos on youtube, including this one from MSNBC about the recent passing of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary Clinton's mother. Simply double click on the image to go to Team Hillary's youtube website.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Louisa Rodas Update, Nov. 3, 2011

The "person" who shot Louisa Rodas, daughter of Betty Jean Kling, sure seems like a complete loser. Kind of amazing that he actually got up in court and admitted to what he did. I am guessing that perhaps in exchange for admitting to what he did he benefits in some way when it comes to sentencing.  

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daily PUMA announces the addition of 2 New Blogs, Occupy News and Bank Protests, to it's family of blogs.

Never funded, not even with one dollar, (lol, not necessarily my choice) Daily PUMA blog founder Alessandro Machi is pleased to announce two new blog additions, Occupy News and Bank Protests.

If you want to find out the latest Occupy News before anyone else, just check out Occupy News. 

I'm serious. 

If you want to find out the latest news about the Occupy Movement, I am pretty certain one of the Occupy blogs listed on my site will have written about it and the only way to quickly find it is via Occupy News. 

To those of you who have contacted me over the years because your blog was not updating or there was some other issue that needed to be resolved, I found that those experiences actually helped me put together Occupy News in a way that works.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Florida once again moves up its 2012 Primary Race.

Well, it seems that Florida just can't help itself...
Movin' Up. Florida's Presidential Preference Primary Date Selection Committee announced on Friday (9/30) that the state will hold their primary on Jan. 31, 2012, ahead of the scheduled dates for the four early states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.  
The move is in violation of RNC rules and could result in the state losing half its delegates for the convention, which interestingly will be held in Tampa. The move is evocative of what Florida and Michigan did in more by clicking here.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Viet Nam War widow arrested inside of a Chase Bank for demanding to speak to Jamie Dimon over her home foreclosure.

Brenda Reed and five others were arrested inside of a Chase Bank for depositing their bodies on the bank's floor while waiting to speak to Jamie Dimon. Chase Bank has shown a proclivity of attacking military personnel and their families both while they serve and afterwards when all that remains is a widowed war vet.

Rock on Chase Bank, rock on. (snark alert).

Message about Brenda Reed after her arrest.

"Brenda Reed, who has a loan allegedly made by Washington Mutual Bank FA and is a Chase stockholder, was arrested after delivering a demand letter to Chase Bank on behalf of homeowners fighting to save their homes from foreclosure by Chase.  Reed is a 65 year old Vietnam War widow, mother, grandmother and small business owner.  Chase plans to auction her home of 38 years the Monday before Thanksgiving rendering her homeless by Thanksgiving".

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Viet Nam war widow ready to practice civil disobedience against Chase Bank home foreclosure practices.

I'm 99 percent sure that the following letter and actions being taken by home foreclosure protestors would not have been necessary under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Dear Friends and Family,

I have made the decision to participate in a peaceful civil disobedience action at Chase headquarters in San Francisco this afternoon. 

 I am going to stand up for the thousands of homeowners who have already lost their homes and for countless others who have pending foreclosure sale dates. It is the right thing to do. I will not be alone and let us not forget that today is the Feast Day for Saint Michael the Archangel who is my patron saint. 

 I have prayed daily about this and now it is time for me to demonstrate the courage of my convictions.I do have some fear about what lies ahead. I will be at ACCE today to be trained in how to do this without being hurt. ACCE has an attorney on call for us. This is a peaceful civil disobedience action. 

We will have a sit in at the bank and have a demand letter -- demanding a negotiation with Jamie Dimon himself. I will not be alone -- I have God and the angels with me. I will be brave for the sake of my family. I am deeply humbled.

My message is this: We must put an end to this government sanctioned nationalized fraud that is destroying our homes and our communities.

My family history is one of patriotism and not running in the face of difficulties. I descend from at least 8 ancestors who fought for our freedom in the American Revolution. I carry the blood of the Pekowi Shawnee and Cherokee in my veins. This is something I am doing for my children and my grandchildren. It must be done.

Please pray for the safety of all of us who are going to march today and who will be alongside me inside the bank. Pray that we are instruments of God today.I love you all.

-Brenda Reed (end of letter).

The robbing of home equity from homeowners and the foreclosing on homeowners for being one day late on a payment occurs because the banks and our own government created a vicious loophole in the legislation and rules that govern the banks. The legislative loophole that the elite are using to rob main street of its wealth comes from one simple missive, 
...The Restructuring of a debt is an automatic default.
That one simple sentence is causing the loss of home ownership, the prevention of jobs, and the continued erosion of main street's  wealth. 

It's why politicians, who have apparently never met a banker they did not like, demand rule of law. Politicians demand rule of law so they can come up with the simplest but orneriest of rules such as , ...The Restructuring of a debt is an automatic default, that steal half of the world's wealth from main street. 

It is also why the popularity of elected officials is at historically low levels of around 12% as protests grow and movements all over the United States begin to take root.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama's Solyndra scandal reeks of the Chicago Way

A jobs bill that fills more potholes faster won't fix the economy, nor does doling out 500 million dollars to a supporter's company that then goes bankrupt.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm pretty Sure Barack Obama still does not get it when it comes to job creation.

Jobs to rebuild roads is not the answer. Loans to small businesses so they can go further in debt is not the answer. Focusing on "job growth" is also not the answer.

The answer my friends, is the blown credit rating our bankster friends (with the government's approval) attached to those consumers who protest ultra high credit card interest rates and student loan interest rates by refusing to pay them if they are not lowered.

The government and the banking jihad have linked any negotiations in lower interest rates for consumers who are trying to responsibly pay down their debts with a credit rating penalty. So, in trying to pay down their credit card debts, any new loan will simply reflect additional penalties that offset the offensively high interest rates the consumer was trying to get reduced. 

If you were owed trillions of dollars, and your debtors told you they could pay back the existing debtload if you reduced their interest rate to 1.9%, otherwise they would have to default, would you as a responsible banker, prefer GETTING ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK plus a small profit as well, or default?

Clearly the federal reserve printing money, as much as they want, has caused our government to be unresponsive to main street, and when Barack Obama speaks this Thursday about jobs creation, it will be nothing more than banker speak.

Barack Obama is a banker in a suit, portending to be our president. Obama will say nothing in his jobs speech about extending the infrastructure value of main street's existing wealth generating capabilities by simply reducing onerous interest rates such as Target charging it's customer's 22.90% interest on the purchase of food and merchandise from Target Stores.

The present banking and governmental system will not give an interest rate reduction to consumers who are trying to PAY DOWN their debts unless they are given a scarlet letter on their credit rating first, and that is why our economy is stumbling and fumbling.

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Would Barack Obama consider becoming the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and letting Hillary Clinton run for President?

Deep down, Barack Obama needs to admit to himself that his first few actions of his presidency were designed to reinforce his chances for a second term in office, and they have backfired miserably.

Be it trying to get the 2016 Olympics for Chicago, or his stimulus package designed to reward his supporters, or hiring Timothy Geithner, Barack Obama chose to send an already bloated budget deficit even higher as a perk that most likely benefited his own supporters the most.

I don't know who will be president in 2012, but I believe whomever runs the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau for the next four years could end up being the ideal choice for president in 2016.

If Barack Obama is hell bent on running on his record and most likely losing in 2012, I would suggest Hillary Clinton be appointed to run the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau as soon as possible so that she can either retire from politics in 2016 having made an actual difference in the U.S., or be set up for a presidential run in 2016 with the CPFB on her resume for the prior four years.

If Barack Obama wants to mend his political resume, four years as CPFB might actually be the best test for him as well. Either way, it would be foolish for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to miss this golden opportunity of running the CPFB as soon as possible.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Save Men of a Certain Age, because Men of a Certain Age are more likely to like Hillary Clinton of a Certain Age.

Save Men of a Certain Age. The men you save are probably the same men who would vote for Hillary Clinton.

I don't know that for certain, but it sure seems like its the same age group that was not fairly represented in the 2008 democratic presidential race that is continually being marginalized by Hollywood, by Wall Street, and by others as well.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

No outrage from minority politicians over the beating of a white, homeless man by Fullerton Police.

Caucasians, quit worrying ONLY about police brutality and other races, your own race gets brutalized by the police as well, and it sure seems to me like minorities aren't going to be the first to come to your aid if it happens.

It took OVER 20 DAYS for the Kelly Thomas, Fullerton Police beating story to break. Do you think it would have taken more than 20 minutes for a beating story to break big time if this had been a minority who had been so mercilessly beaten by the Fullerton Police?

If anything productive can come out of this, if an UNARMED person who is being beaten by the police uses his arms to cover his face from the ongoing beating that he is receiving, it does not mean he is still combative, you stupid, fucking, idiot police who kept beating the guy after he tried protecting his face with his own arms and hands.

I'd meet any one of you six in a boxing ring I'm so outraged, and I've never even been in a ring. You can read more at the Daily Mail, a Great Britain based news group.

Ground Zero for this story can be found at, the first story from fullertons future dot org is from July 7th, 2011 and can be found here.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rupert Murdoch should be jailed.

Any dumb shit (aka Rupert Murdoch) who profits from the media of news while actually approving of and paying for wiretaps that are used in some manner to generate more news stories, should be jailed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tiger Woods appeared to suffer financially and publicly, why does Jamie McCourt get to win no matter how she behaves?

In Case you are not up to date on the divorce between Los Angeles Dodgers owners Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt, here is a review link.

It seems as if the affair between a Los Angeles Dodger's employer (Jamie McCourt) and an employee, (the limo driver) was viewed as irrelevant by the court.

That basically means that Jamie McCourt is free to act as inappropriately as she wishes with no consequences. Lounging around the mansion pool with your lover while Frank McCourt was out of town? Then calling the police because she was in fear that the 60 year old husband was going to manhandle her 40 year old stud lover? Really?

No matter what Frank McCourt did at that moment, the result is Jamie McCourt would either continue to draw a huge salary as a Dodger employee while publicly humiliating her husband, or Jamie McCourt get a huge settlement if her irresponsible actions initiate divorce actions.

I feel that poor behavior by a married adult female that results in their getting a lucrative financial reward keeps other women down. It certainly does not help main street women. A man may be reluctant to marry simply because of how somebody like Jamie McCourt is getting rewarded for her questionable behavior.
Yes, many men may be afraid of commitment, but it may be what they are actually afraid of is a legally binding financial commitment should their marriage go south, especially if they are not even the reason the marriage went south. Once married, it seems as if poor behavior by a woman may spell a financial albatross for the man, and that is unfair to the many women who would never behave in an irresponsible manner the way it appears that Jamie McCourt has.
Tiger Woods lost big time for his behavior, but Jamie McCourt seems headed to a lucrative financial reward no matter how she behaves, and probably another million men have sworn off marriage as a result.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Keith Olbermann relieved of his old timer's day broadcasting duties, should we be surprised?

In less than one year's span, two different corporate entities have felt the need to fire Keith Olbermann, the first time (MSNBC fired Olbermann) I entirely agree with, the second one the Yankees should be fined 10 million dollars for firing Olbermann.

In the first case, Olbermann was fired from MSNBC for donating money to democratic politicians whom he had interviewed or was going to interview on his MSNBC TV show. It was also an excellent way to get out of a huge possibly 16 million dollar contract that Olbermann apparently received for his 2008 democratic nomination efforts.

In the second case, Olbermann tweeted a photo of a New York Yankee staffer apparently stealing signs and sending them to the yankee hitters on deck. That pretty much means Olbermann was exposing the New York Yankees cheating, and he should not have been fired for that.

However, I'll never forget his badgering and pummeling of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 democratic presidential nomination race, Olbermann and Arianna Huffington played pivotal roles in overriding blue collar democrats choice for president (Hillary Clinton) as the democratic nominee, and neither have ever been brought to justice for their crimes against the american voter.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flooding Along Missouri River, Barack Obama blameworthy.

Um, the Mississippi River is one of the United States' most lucrative economic thoroughfares. How does cutting the Mississippi River dredging fund almost in half, as Barack Obama did, allow for the Mississippi River to double its exports?

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where is Hillary Clinton's WoMAN Cave?

Once Hillary Clinton cuts down her trips around the world, it would seem to me she should have her own WoMAN cave in Washington where she can be seen around the world via satellite and conduct her meetings with foreign political leaders without leaving Washington.

Being up in the air so much can eventually cause health issues.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I tried to avoid all information about Weiner, but it's just too hard.

(Edit note update June 14, 2011), I just heard a few minutes of the John and Ken KFI radio show and they were mentioning that congressperson Weiner may have a true psychological disorder. If this is the case, should we all be this against him, especially if he is actually seeking help? end of update.

While trying to avoid any and all references about Mr. Weiner, some pictures of his abs and chest were suddenly paraded on one of the television news stations.

The picture of Mr. Weiner's abs and chest made me realize something, the guy appears to be very slender, yet muscular, and, he is really proud of his body. I just want to suggest that the only people who should really be judging Mr. Weiner are other's who have taken the time to keep their bodies chiseled the way that it appears Mr. Weiner has.

The point is really simple, it's easy to judge someone else's narcissism when we haven't taken the time to be in the same physical shape as they. For those of us who can't match up to Mr. Weiner's pecs or abs, we all should just lighten up and let those who also have well toned pecs and abs decide Mr. Weiner's fate.
I'm curious if we'll ever see a twitter controversy over twittered pictures of a portly congressman with more hair on his back than front, balding, blubbery, and proud of it.
One of the reason's Barack Obama survived a real vetting in 2008 was that people were attacking his supporters, and in many instances Obama's supporters were of a different ethnicity than the person doing the attacking or accusing. This racial difference between the attackers and those under scrutiny allowed for the cry of racism to be made.

Let no portly, balding, harried back person out there have their voice heard when it comes to opposing what Weiner did since their opinion is completely irrelevant because they can't match up physically to Mr. Weiner's physique.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Middle on ABC, where PUMA Parents dare to tread in an episode called "Catering to the Kids".

The ABC television show The Middle, episode called Catering to the Kids, (aka catering to the Obots) is not only hilarious, it actually conveys the state of the political vacuum that presently exists in the United States.

In this 2 minute clip from "Catering to the Kids", the broken clock represents the loss of news reporting from ironically enough, The Middle, resulting in the Obots having taken over the asylum.

Scene after scene from the Catering to the Kids episode is an unintended political narrative of what happens when the younger Obotic crowd takes over.

Isn't it time to admit the obvious, "Don't trust anybody under the age of 30".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daily PUMA responds to Salon's John Edwards article "How John Edwards nearly ruined everything". Nearly?

"John Edwards and Barack Obama DID ruin everything. Barack Obama has helped engineer the biggest banking homeowner theft in the history of the United States.

Barack Obama has sanctioned that only homeowners who drop to their knees and hand over the keys to their home to the banks be the ONLY ONES remotely eligible for a mortgage rate reduction, a practice known as parallel foreclosure and dual track foreclosure.

Barack Obama may have cheated in the Iowa primaries as well. A look at Obama precinct wins in Iowa shows an overwhelming victory total from precincts directly touching Illinois plus precincts next to those touching Illinois. In other words, Obama supporters from Illinois may have infiltrated the Iowa caucuses.

Barack Obama also accepted millions upon millions of dollars in pre-paid credit card donations that required NO donor identification, so names like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were used in thousands of instances. ONLY Barack Obama had such lax donation acceptance practices.

Illinois was allowed to move up their democratic primary date from the end of March 2008 to the beginning of February 2008, even as Michigan and Florida democratic voters were disqualified from having their votes mean anything.

For Salon to have the gall to imply that it was Edwards who "almost" ruined the democratic party when Barack Obama's cheating ways continue to trumpet key policy making decisions is, insane.

Both Edwards AND Obama HAVE ruined the democratic party for at least the next decade."
- End Quote.

Furthermore, Salon is implying that bad behavior is ok as long as it was suppressed long enough for the democrats to win. Sorry Salon, but the wrong democratic presidential candidate won in 2008 and we are all paying a price as a result.

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