Monday, November 30, 2020

Alessandro Machi: 60 Minutes Word Salad Defense of the 2020 Election EXPOSED.

60 Minutes Interview with Christopher Krebs refuses to mention Ballot Harvesting, the core issue that may have flipped the Election to Joe Biden.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

2020 Presidential Vote Manipulation used Voter Registration with Unapologetic Democrat Political Bias.

Edit update: Nov. 22, 2020. I just want to clarify that while I personally believe it is entirely ethically wrong to designate a voter registration location for only one political party, I most definitely think it is unethical, wrong, and possibly illegal to enlist first time voters under these types of one sided conditions.  End of Nov. 22, 2020 update.

The get out the vote campaign for younger voters worked remarkably well in 2020 and that is the real story of the 2020 Presidential Election. So why isn't anyone coming forward to claim credit or high five ing each other?

If what was reported about how voters registered to vote in Chicago was also happening in other battleground cities, especially in the densely populated Democrat centric cities, then what occurred was a violation of the spirit, and possibly the law, in terms of how people were encouraged and influenced when they registered to vote.

Unfortunately, any attempt to ensure that voter registration is done in a fair and impartial manner is most likely to be met with cries of voter suppression from the Mainstream media. 

So Republicans lose either way when it comes to Voter Registration. Either Republicans keep quiet and Democrats lure younger voters to register to vote and to fight "for hope and change," or Republicans shine a spotlight on Democrat voter registration influence peddling and the media accuses Republicans of suppressing people to register to vote.

I made this video around Oct. 16, 2020, about 18 days before the Presidential Election. I never posted it online until now, November 14, 2020 because I did not see any good coming from it as it would be viewed as more Republican attempts to stop voter registration among younger voters. 

But in retrospect my miscalculation was if voter registration partisan influencing was going on in Chicago, which contains a hot bed of Democrat supporters, then it possibly was going on in other Democrat centric cities located in Swing States.

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Saturday, November 7, 2020


This is Concern Trolling 101 of Donald Trump Supporters by ABC News 3 days after the 2020 Presidential Election.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Alessandro Machi: Stephen Colbert's monologue about Donald Trump's voting comments requires a Rebuttal.

Rebutting Stephen Colbert's Mr. Colbert goes to Washington moment regarding Donald Trump's 2020 voting comments.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Polling those who DID NOT VOTE in the 2020 Presidential Election may reveal Ballot Stuffing in specific precincts in contested States.

If a very high percentage of voters voted in specific precincts in the 2020 Presidential Election, then why not do a door to door poll in those particular districts to find out how many voters did not vote? 
If the amount of people who did not vote plus those who did vote is more than 100%, it would appear that Ballot Stuffing occurred in that particular precinct.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Could Undersampling of Landline Users cause Inaccurate 2020 Presidential Polls?

So many polls are showing Joe Biden with a stable and commanding lead it seems next to impossible that he could lose. Is there something that the pollsters missed? 

One issue that I think could create confusion is the rather remarkable difference in the Northeast, where Biden apparently holds a 56% to 32% advantage. If California and Illinois are running 2 to 1 for Biden while National polls show Biden with "only" a 5% to 6% national lead, one might wonder if Donald Trump can eeke out several close wins in key states while losing bigly in other States. 

There apparently is another issue, Trump may have improved his percentages with both Latinos and African Americans compared to 2016.

However, there is still another issue to consider....

I think there is something that the pollsters may have missed, and that is landline polling.

A quick google search claims that only 6% of homes have landlines only. However, 40% of all homes have both landlines and smart phones. Why does this matter?

The 40% landline users could be being undersampled by pollsters, here's why. The cable companies that control a significant percentage of the landline customers in the U.S. have developed possibly "over efficient" spam detectors that weed out spam calls either before the phone rings, or after one ring. Unfortunately, the landline spam blockers also weed out other calls that could include phone numbers from polling companies. I recall seeing on my TV caller ID a phone number claiming to be from Donald Trump headquarters zapped after one ring. This happened on at least two different days.

Smart phones offer similar spam block technologies as well but for some reason I don't think they are as aggressive as the land line spam blockers. Perhaps more importantly, land line users tend to need 3 to 4 rings, even 5 to 7 rings before they get to their phone. Many times the auto callers will either give up after 3 rings, or,   grab another auto call sent out at the same time that has already been picked up, thus disconnecting the landline call for being "too slow" to answer.

So, with no verifiable proof other than my own experiences with both landlines and an old cell phone, I think it is possible that a significant percentage of land line users are not being mathematically polled regarding how they will vote versus how smart phone users will vote.

So the next question is, are landline users more likely to vote for Trump, or Biden? That is the mystery question. If Trump wins the 2020 Presidential election, then perhaps it may be attributed to the forgotten landline community that still equals 40% of all households, and of course, an electoral college system that can produce a Presidential victory even if one candidate loses by 5 to 6 million votes.

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