Sunday, June 30, 2019

Breaking News, Kamala Harris Busing Trip apparently was 10 to 20 minutes. Nobody was against short busing trips, they were against 45 minute to 2 hour Busing Trips!

Kamala Harris might be confused. Busing that is a 10 to 15 minute trip was not controversial back in the day for MOST Parents. Twice a day 30 minute to 90 minute busing expeditions is what the MAJORITY of Parents of all ethnicities were deriding and vehemently opposed to.

How does a candidate backtrack from trying to equate Busing controversies with her own experience when her own experience was not what the vast majority of those who were bused experienced? 

Not only does the public have to deal with Knee Jerk Media adulation over Kamala Harris's initial out of nowhere busing screed, but even after the media reviews the claim being made by Harris, the media still misses the most salient point, "it's the distance and time to get there, stupid".

An excerpt from Wikipedia regarding Busing in Virginia in the early 70's....
In April 1971, in the case Bradley v. Richmond School Board, Federal District Judge Robert R. Merhige, Jr., ordered an extensive citywide busing program in Richmond, Virginia. When the massive busing program began in the fall of 1971, parents of all races complained about the long rides, hardships with transportation for extracurricular activities, and the separation of siblings when elementary schools at opposite sides of the city were "paired", (i.e., splitting lower and upper elementary grades into separate schools).
Being on a school bus for 10 minutes to 15 minute twice a day IS NOT THE SAME THING as a 30 minute to 90 minute hour bus ride twice a day. 

Kids who were being bused great distances or who spent a great deal of time on a bus were being denied after school activities. Bus safety was basically non existent. Bus exhausts were pitch black, stop and start traffic was probably gassing the poor kids on long trips, there were no seat belts, and buses were constantly vibrating due to their suspension systems so kids really couldn't even read, and the buses were LOUD.

Once again our Over Anxious, Fake, Hidden, or Stupid Media roars its head and promotes a misleading narrative, even after researching the misleading narrative they still promote the wrong narrative.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Moveon Dot Org June 2019 Pre-First Debate Poll shows Biden in Fifth Place, Warren in First Place.

Each Move On Voter was given two votes, each Candidate's 1st or 2nd vote totals combined show Elizabeth Warren leading, Bernie Sanders second, Pete Buttigieg third, Kamala Harris fourth, Joe Biden fifth.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How WASPS, Wealthy Aging Successful Political Speakers, have thrown Baby Boomers and Seniors under the Bus.

As our Political Leaders age, they remain relevant by glomming on to youth oriented issues even as they throw their own similarly aged lifetime supporters under the Bus. Wealthy Aging Successful Political Speakers (aka, WASPS) have their own terrific healthcare, their lifetime followers, not necessarily so. 
The stinging omission by WASPS of their similarly aged supporters includes not rebuking accusations of racism when Baby Boomers dare to compare their plight to that of the Unending Undocumented Migration to the USA. 

The WASPS refuse to ask NATO to come to Central America to stabilize the region, making both Political Parties equally culpable in the massive Undocumented Migration that is suffocating the USA's social Safety Net for Baby Boomers and Seniors. 

The Average Life Expectancy in the USA has been dropping for several years now, thanks to the WASPS and their desire to remain relevant at the expense of their most ardent supporters, Baby Boomers and Seniors.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Barack Obama was never properly credited by the Media for some of his Accomplishments.

Probably what Barack Obama did best was allow for certain financial constraints to be placed upon the Banking Institutions so that all future financial transactions had a better chance of surviving. Obama also curtailed the number of troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Obama also was an advocate of renewable energy. 

Obama definitely brought a certain regality to the White House. However sometimes I felt Obama was really a banker in disguise. Arianna Huffington aptly called the Barack Obama Administration BankCentric. Obama wanted somebody else to crunch numbers so that he would look good. Obama most definitely was disrespected by most of the Republican Politicians in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Sometimes it would appear that Obama would pivot to the center just to gall the Republicans who would basically hate anything that Obama wanted to do, it made the always say No way Republicans look bad on several occasions.

But there were things that Barack Obama did not get credit for from the Media that probably helped elect Donald Trump.

1. Barack Obama resided over the first DROP in U.S. Life Expectancy over the past several decades.

2. Generic Drug Prices suddenly skyrocketed during Obama's second term in office in a bigly way.

3.  Barack Obama was incapable of feeling the pain of the Heartland and beyond when it came those who had HELOC's that were about to reset. The concept of offering a HELOC renewal so that homeowners who had been successfully making their interest only payments for the past 10 years, could have another 10 years of interest only payments was completely beyond Barack Obama's comprehension. To understand how an obtuse stance this was, Anyone who had been making their interest only payments on their HELOC's for the past 10 years most certainly had seen their home values return to levels well above where they were at the time of the 2008 Crash. In essence Obama's Bankateers created rules so stringent that people better off then they were when then 2008 Crash hit, were still going to lose their home if they could not afford the HELOC reset. For a guy who got help on his first home purchase in a Bigly way, it was the act of a Narcissist unable to feel the pain of Long Time Homeowners. And it would not surprise me if the pain of losing a home influenced the life expectancy of those crushed by easily fixable banking rules.

These three issues rocked the Heartland while the Media and Barack Obama's Administration snoozed. It's where Hidden News had its baptism, and whenever I see Barack Obama paraded as the Ferris Buehler of Presidents, these three facts need to be brought up so its clear that every President had their faults, some are just brought out a lot more by our biased Media.

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Did Donald Trump Backward's Engineer a Tariff, No Tariff coup with Mexico as the Target.

Donald Trump recently announced a 5% tariff that would grow by 5% at certain intervals if Mexico did not make more of an effort to stop the Passage of Undocumented through Mexico. Within mere days of this announcement, the Trump administration announced that Mexico had agreed to crack down on Undocumented Migration.

Daily Puma alleges that for the past few months the U.S. had been negotiating with Mexico to prevent or restrict the flow of Undocumented through their Country and into the U.S.

Additionally, previously cut economic aid to key Central American Countries that were having difficulty preventing the exodus of Frightened Citizens from their own countries has probably now been restored, irrespective of Trump's threats of tariffs against Mexico.

DailyPUMA finds the entire scenario Implausible. DailyPUMA believes that Donald Trump publicly threatened a Tariff against Mexico knowing an agreement was either in place, or about to be agreed to with Mexico.

DailyPuma also believes that if the Trump Administration made the announcement of an agreement, we should not believe it unless it is corroborated by Mexico.

Having not done any research for this article, DailyPUMA just now, after having written the above, did ONE google search and discovered an assertion by the New York Times that the Mexico Undocumented Migration Agreement was months in the making rather than a miraculous response to Trump's very recent Tariff threat.

This is called backwards engineering a deal. Wait until the deal is either done, or almost done, then initiate a bold action just before the agreement is announced, making it seem like it was the bold action that created the agreement, when it was actually the hard work of negotiators on both sides spending months ironing out an agreement.

The sad part to all of this is Trump should just have his wall, and everyone move on to other matters. Instead, this constant posturing and manipulating followed by accusations from the other side of posturing and manipulating when they are doing the same thing is mind numbingly endless, until something really bad happens. 

Is this the best our political parties can do?

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Donald Trump's Most Famous MeMe, literally.

Donald Trump's most famous "meme".

"No, Russia did not help me get elected. 
You know who got me elected? 
You know who got me elected? 
I got me elected. 
Russia didn't help me at all."

Donald Trump could have magnanimously stated, "The American People got me elected". But he didn't. And we can pretty much conclude Donald Trump's Narcissism is in control, probably at all times.

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