Friday, April 11, 2014

At some point, Hillary Clinton supporters are going to have to start beating the snot out of Shoe Throwers, Benghazi Bobble Heads, Tea Party Puffers and Progressive Posers.

You Hillary Clinton supporters, quit being the classiest supporters among all the 2016 prospective presidential candidates. You know you are the classiest. You are the ones who are CareGivers, work a job and raise a family, have your own small business and want to treat your workers fairly, even when they don't deserve it.

The truth is, Hillary Clinton Supporters are generally the nicest people, and the poorest people as well. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton supporters are also the ones who groan when their presidential candidate has a shoe thrown at her.

You Hillary Clinton supporters, I hope the Hillary Clinton Vegas Shoe Throwing incident was your wake up call. You can't just sit and ooh and ahh from the audience when someone throws a shoe at your presidential candidate. You literally have to kick the tar out of the person doing the throwing. 

Start a riot in protest of the Benghazi Bubbleheads, Scald the Tea Party Puffers who couldn't give a crap if 10 of their neighbors lost their homes to unfair foreclosure tactics as long as they can keep cradling their own gun, and punt the Progressive Posers back into la la land who are clueless when it comes to feeling YOUR pain.

Heck, the shoe thrower just turned around and walked out. I think she actually raised her hands to be identified, meanwhile, gasps are heard from the audience. Gasps? Are you effin kidding me? Gasps?

You women in the audience, why didn't you tackle the shoe thrower and pull on her hair and then take her other shoe off and hit her with it? 

I'm serious. 

Hillary Clinton supporters are considered a joke by the other political factions. You should be embarrassed for not rushing forward to protect your presidential candidate, and you should be mad as hell and not going to take it anymore going forward.

Millions of americans lost their homes to foreclosure after Barack Obama was elected president in 2008 and millions more CONTINUE to lose their homes because the democrat party backed a banking puppeteer who could not feel your pain and actually address the mathematical shenanigans that are robbing the non rich elite of their homes. 

Are you really going to just sit back and make groaning noises whenever someone takes a physical or verbal shot at Hillary Clinton? 


You Hillary Clinton Supporters should come to a Hillary Clinton Rally loaded for Benghazi Bobble Heads, Tea Party Puffers, and Progressive Posers who all want a piece of Hillary Clinton and have no fear that Hillary Clinton supporters actually have her back.

Do you have Hillary Clinton's back? 

If you don't have Hillary Clinton's back, then GET OUT OF THE WAY or, GET YOUR BACKBONE OUT TRACTION otherwise I'll be the one throwing the next shoe at you!

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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