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Monday, February 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters complaining about Caucus Fraud, but refuse to believe that Hillary Clinton was victimized in the 2008 Caucuses by Fraud.

Any Hillary Clinton Supporters who witnessed or remember 2008 Democrat Caucus Fraud, you may need to start posting new articles or links to old stories about caucus fraud. Oh wait, that would probably offend Barack Obama supporters and the somewhat warm relationship that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have right now.  

lol, never mind. I guess we have to watch Bernie Supporters "feel the bern" as they complain about caucus fraud while denying that Hillary Clinton ever was victimized by Caucus Fraud.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cenk Uygur's Delusional, Deranged, and Amazingly Obtuse rant Against Hillary Clinton.

It's so hard to know where even to start regarding the Young Turk's Cenk Uygur and his recent Delusional, Deranged, and Amazingly Obtuse rant against Hillary Clinton accepting donations from big business & wall street. Let's start at the beginning.

Cenk Uygur's career was dramatically boosted by his affiliation with MSNBC. I can't seem to find when the affiliation started but I recall seeing Cenk on MSNBC in late 2007 and for sure in 2008 to help stop Hillary Clinton's 2008 democrat nomination bid. Why was MSNBC so against Hillary Clinton in 2008? It might have something to do with Hillary Clinton standing with Homeowners during the foreclosure crisis of 2007 and beyond. Hillary Clinton wanted a 90 day foreclosure moratorium so something could be worked out. You know, so homeowners could actually remain in their homes and avoid the financially devastating scar a foreclosure imbed's onto one's credit history for seven years or even much much longer if garnished payments are made towards a foreclosure debt that never dies. 

It turns out that Wall Street was completely against saving homeowners from foreclosure. Wall Street wanted their fraudulently rated mortgage backed securities investments, returned. Wall Street helping homeowners stay in their homes would not free up wall street's investments that had suddenly been exposed as falsely rated MBS investment schemes. MSNBC liked Barack Obama better than Hillary Clinton because he was keeping an open mind towards the foreclosure crisis. When the 2007 bailout vote was happening, MSNBC's commentators were practically having coronary's because the first congressional vote was no and the second vote was so close. Why would Cenk even dream of hooking up with MSNBC to further his career knowing how in the tank they were for Wall Street? 

Could it be that Cenk Uygur believed he could thrive within MSNBC's wall street connected confines while maintaining an entirely different perspective from that of his new found alliances? Apparently Cenk Uygur can benefit mixing with entities he disagree's with without becoming corrupted by them, but only Cenk can do that, It's not possible for Hillary Clinton to accept donations and input without actually remaining impartial, only Cenk is capable of that.

Cenk's career trajectory was amped up by working for a channel that had a vested interest in maintaining wall street's interests, even at the expense of MILLIONS of homeowners that were being exposed to foreclosure through a constitution busting scheme called parallel foreclosure.

So what is it Cenk, have you somehow managed to keep your integrity even while you promoted yourself on a channel that was a decidedly pro wall street teet sucking channel. If you answer yes, then what you are stating is that YOU can stay neutral and true to your beliefs even as you accept publicity benefits from a wall street friendly channel, but that Hillary Clinton can't accept monetary benefits and keep true to her own political instincts. And yet it was  Hillary Clinton who actually lost her 2008 democrat nomination chances because she stood with homeowners and against wall street regarding the home foreclosure issue. 

Meanwhile Cenk Uyger GAINED notoriety at the same time  Hillary Clinton was trying to protect homeowners by bashing Hillary Clinton and her save the homeowner's homes public stance. Gosh Cenk Uyger, you are such the man, and you were even the first one to want Bernie Sanders for president, as you keep reminding everyone every day of the week.

But there is even more derangement, how come it was ok for Barack Obama to have all kinds of wall street contributors and wall street influencers both contributing to his campaign AND then working for Barack Obama for the past 7 years, but if Hillary Clinton knows the same people, it's somehow really really bad?

Cenk originally was a conservative with somewhat disturbing views of women. Now year's later, Cenk has decided that he can go among those with whom he disagrees with on a myriad of issues and not change his own values while brontificating that a woman cannot do the same thing.

And Cenk, you're not that young anymore.

Cenk Uygur Delusional, Deranged, Amazingly Obtuse Rant Against Hillary Clinton.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

DailyPUMA, your 2016 one stop Internet spot for all things Hillary Clinton, has recently been supercharged with more RSS feeds.

If you think there is a solid Hillary Clinton blog or news source that is missing from Daily PUMA, please post the name of the blog in the comments section of this article. Otherwise, enjoy all the of up to the minute stories about the best candidate in the 2016 race, Hillary Clinton.

There is no faster way to check out the newest Hillary Clinton stories than by visiting Daily PUMA.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Comedy of Larry Johnson, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter in 2008 who now makes his living demonizing Hillary Clinton.

Sigh, first it was back stabber Dick "Moron" Morris. Now it's Larry C. Johnson, a formerly staunch Clinton supporter who now apparently sings a different tune perhaps based on whomever can generate enough income for him to be a stay at home keyboard tuff guy.

Read some of his wikipedia "highlights". This guy is a piece of work catering to those with Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome.  This stuff is unbelievable. Before your mouths open in amazement over how Larry C. Johnson advised the powers that be that there was no discernible threat to U.S. safety just prior to 911, (holy crap), and his pro Hillary Clinton stance in 2008 which has since completely reversed and also includes another crap sandwich attack against John Kerry in 2013, oh heck I have no ending to this sentence.  You can "enjoy" Larry C. Johnson's blog on the left. 

You Hillary Clinton supporters, you have to realize that losers like Dick Morris and Larry C. Johnson probably do what they do because they need the money and if hating on Hillary Clinton pays the bills, then so be it. You see the tweets this twit sends out of his blowhole attacking Hillary Clinton. And you should also see how much he loved Hillary Clinton back in 2008.


After Johnson's testimony to the special forum at the U.S. Senate, Gary J. Schmitt, executive director and CEO of the Project for the New American Century, refers in the Daily Standard (blog) to an op-ed piece Johnson wrote two months prior to the 9/11 attacks, claiming that Johnson argued that the US had little to fear from terrorism.[13]
In an editorial entitled "The Declining Terrorist Threat" published in the New York Times on 10 July 2001, Johnson says:
Judging from news reports and the portrayal of villains in our popular entertainment, Americans are bedeviled by fantasies about terrorism. They seem to believe that terrorism is the greatest threat to the United States and that it is becoming more widespread and lethal. They are likely to think that the United States is the most popular target of terrorists. And they almost certainly have the impression that extremist Islamic groups cause most terrorism.... None of these beliefs are based in fact.... While terrorism is not vanquished, in a world where thousands of nuclear warheads are still aimed across the continents, terrorism is not the biggest security challenge confronting the United States, and it should not be portrayed that way.[14]
Ten days after the 9/11 attacks, after quoting the above passage, Timothy Noah concludes a post in his "Chatterbox" feature at Slate: "Johnson's analysis, we now see, was bold, persuasive, and 100 percent wrong."[15]
Johnson defended himself against such attacks:
The rightwing is resurrecting an op-ed I wrote in July 2001. I stand by the full article. It is still relevant today. I am accused, incorrectly, of ignoring the threat of terrorism. In fact, I correctly noted that the real threat emanated from Bin Laden and Islamic extremism. President Bush, for his part, ignored the CIA warning in August 2001 that Al Qaeda was posed to strike inside the United States.[16]
After September 11, Johnson appeared several times on Fox News to address the question of military action against terrorism. On 14 November, he defended the FBI's proposal to interview 5,000 students in the U.S. suspected of having information relevant to the September 11 investigations:
I think they should talk to everyone that they feel they have a need to talk to. I mean, look, this is war. This is not a legal proceeding. This isn't the O.J. Simpson trial. The folks that attacked us -- they murdered Americans. And we've got to recognize that in wartime, we should do things differently.[17]

2008: "Whitey" tape hoax[edit]

In 2008, Johnson emerged as a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton and a strong critic of Barack Obama. His blog, NoQuarterUSA, became a rallying point for Clinton supporters wary of Obama's qualifications to be president. On May 16, 2008, Johnson posted an item entitled, "Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train?" which alleged that a tape existed of Michelle Obama "railing against 'whitey' at Jeremiah Wright's church."[25] Johnson claimed that Republicans were in possession of the tape and it "is being held for the fall to drop at the appropriate time." In a subsequent post, Johnson claimed that Obama's appearance had occurred when she was on a panel with Louis Farrakhan. He also explained that he himself had not seen the tape, but had spoken with "five separate sources who have spoken directly with people who have seen the tape."[26] The Obama campaign's "Fight the Smears" website denied the rumor, saying, "No such tape exists. Michelle Obama has not spoken from the pulpit at Trinity and has not used that word."[27]
No tape was ever released, nor has any other evidence emerged of Obama using the word "whitey". On October 21, 2008, Johnson said that, according to one of his sources, the McCain campaign "intervened and requested the tape not be used."[28]

2013 war crime accusation against John Kerry[edit]

In 2013, Johnson falsely accused John Kerry of war crimes in Vietnam, alleging that Kerry had "raped some poor Vietnamese woman."[29] To support his claim, Johnson used a YouTube video[30] that contained audio clips from a 1971 debate on The Dick Cavett Show between John Kerry and John O'Neill. The original interview[31] audio[32] was altered to piece together words that Kerry spoke at different times during the debate, falsely making it sound as if he said, "I personally raped for pleasure." When the falsehood was exposed by a reader of Johnson's blog, Johnson deleted the article without apology.[33]

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wah, Wah, Wah, Poor Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton has most of the Super Delegates and it's just not Fair, wah, wah, wah.

During the February 2008 democrat race, also known as the Plains States democrat caucuses (held in republican leaning states), caucus delegates went for Barack Obama by a 2-1 margin over Hillary Clinton even though state polling done just prior to the caucuses showed Hillary Clinton either tied or leading Barack Obama. Age, weather conditions, time of the caucus events, along with younger voters happily tricking trusting older voters into leaving events prematurely or dragging them out so long that the older folks simply left helped ensure an Obama victory in the Republican leaning Plaines state caucuses.

But during the 2008 democrat race, whenever democrat voters got to walk into an actually primary with an actual voting booth and voter's could choose when to vote from  morning, afternoon and part of the early evening, Hillary Clinton actually got more votes than Barack Obama. 

What Hillary Clinton's overall winning margin in democrat primaries is hard to exactly know, I estimate the overall winning margin to be around a 51.5% to 48.5% margin in primary  contests where voters actually voted like they do on election day. In the swing states the margin was more likely a 53% to 47% in favor of Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama had a huge primary voting edge in Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina and a couple more states, whereas Hillary Clinton actually had closer victories in almost all of the swing states, just not with a wildly higher margin of victory that is less of importance as to actually winning each state.

During the democrat caucus month of February 2008 the over significance applied to Barack Obama winning republican leaning caucus states by non "fair reflection" winning margins of 2 - 1; along with the moving forward of the Illinois primary date from the usual late March date to the very first Tuesday in February 2008, enabled  Donna Brazille to cry racism because super delegates were all for Hillary Clinton even though Barack Obama was, ahem, winning caucus contests in republican leaning states where the caucus vote counts are actually done on pieces of paper, at night, and over a pro-longed period of time, which favors younger voters. Lets not forget that Michigan and Florida was punished for moving its voting date up, but Illinois was not, but that wasn't racist, apparently.

Donna Brazille demanded that the super delegates follow the will of the republican leaning caucus voting state's voters, versus being the "deciders" who actually tip the scale for which ever candidate they want to win. Brazille's premature antics resulted in an entirely too fast and too soon mass exodus of super delegates from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. 

But once the plain state caucuses in republican leaning states were over, a funny thing  happened. Hillary Clinton got over 55% of the popular vote the rest of the way. Based on the momentum going forward, the super delegates should have had the right to switch back to Hillary Clinton. However, if the super delegates had swung again back to Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazille would have once again cried racism. According to Donna Brazille, the super delegates should now stay the course and decide the democrat nominee even though Hillary Clinton was handily defeating Barack Obama after the February Plain's caucuses were finished.

So lets review 2008, because of a series of February 2008 caucus victories in republican leaning states, it was racist for super delegates to continue to stay with Hillary Clinton, but when the voting began in more mainstream states that actually use the voting booth to tabulate ALL the votes, and  Hillary Clinton was pulling the plurality of votes, it would have then been racist for the super delegates to switch their vote back to Hillary Clinton.

Flip to 2016 and the "woe is Bernie" meme in regards to the Super Delegates has begun anew.  It has just barely started but you will see it come to life in the next few days to the next few weeks, with the usual hostile progressive media groups leading the charge, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Fox will get in on it, so will CNN, and all of them will once again paint Hillary Clinton as gaming the system for already having most of the super delegates locked up.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton treads lightly when responding to Bernie Benedict Sanders Inane accusations about Wall Street and Hillary Clinton.

People just don't get how Jesus-like Hillary Clinton has become as she continues to be shrapnelized by the media, neo cons, neo liberals, and now Bernie Sanders as well. Bernie Sanders has become so clueless about the 2008 presidential democrat nomination race I would never accept him as an alternative to Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. If Bernie Sanders cannot remember as far back as 2008 and the parallel foreclosures that stole over a million homes from the middle and lower class, he's not qualified to be president now.

During the 2008 democrat presidential nomination race Hillary Clinton offered a 90 day home foreclosure moratorium during the home foreclosure crisis. Barack Obama did not. Wall Street was concerned that investors would not be able to immediately get back their money from MBS, (mortgage backed securities) if Hillary Clinton became president because all Hillary Clinton wanted to do was keep people in their homes. Imagine that, a politician who wants Wall Street to honor their MBS's rather than further tank the economy via parallel foreclosures. Wall Street wanted to profit when they created fraudulently rated MBS's, then Wall Street wanted all of their investor's money out by foreclosing on over a million homeowners, which basically destroyed the foreclosed upon's credit rating for up to two decades even when the foreclosed upon were paying for mortgage insurance!

Wall Street backed Barack Obama behind closed doors because Barack Obama was going to, and did, allow parallel foreclosures for any sucker who applied for a mortgage modification. Parallel Foreclosure is as it sounds, as a bank is "attempting" to modify an existing mortgage, the bank can secretly begin foreclosing on that same homeowner! Parallel Foreclosure also explains why mortgage modification applicants  had to keep resubmitting their paperwork, it was a stall tactic to ensure the foreclosure papers were processed.

But it would ridiculous to solely blame Barack Obama. The ENTIRE congressional wing, the governors of every state, and the MEDIA played even bigger roles in pretending that constitution busting Parallel Foreclosures were either no big thing, or just non-existent.

Where was Bernie Sanders in 2008 regarding Parallel Foreclosures? If Bernie Sanders was protesting Parallel Foreclosure as being unethical and even constitution busting back in 2008, then Bernie knows it was Barack Obama who was complicit to Wall Street, not Hillary Clinton. If Bernie Sanders does not know about parallel foreclosure in 2008, then he's a social activist fraud who was oblivious to over a million homeowners losing their homes to parallel foreclosure tactics. 

Either way, Hillary Clinton stayed above the fray back in 2008, and once again, now, by not taking Bernie Sander's  Wall Street bait and revealing the truth because it could hurt Barack Obama's legacy, all of congress, and even the media! The very entities that won't give her a fair shake now (with the apparent exception of Barack Obama) are the entities that allowed parallel foreclosure to thrive back when homeowners needed help the most. 

Hillary and her Jesus Like behavior of staying above the fray allows Bernie Benedict Sanders to taint her with a false flag label of being a minion to Wall Street when the opposite was true in 2008 and continues to be true today as well. 

At some point in the near future, Bernie Sanders needs to answer why he didn't fight for a million homeowners in 2008 the way that Hillary Clinton did.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton is the Modern Day Version of Jesus Christ.

My biggest complaint about Hillary Clinton Supporters is they may be the only group in the world who would stand obliviously and idly by as sinister evil doers attack her in a myriad of Byzantine manners. It's almost as if Hillary Clinton supporters are cheering her on from the back, believing if they push hard enough and long enough from behind they can help their idol Hillary Clinton conquer any and all sinister actions the gutless among society will attempt, never for a moment considering actually getting in front to help clear her path and protect her from a never ending stream of media shrapnel.

Lets not forget the Shoe Throwing Incident in Las Vegas where the entire Pro Hillary Clinton audience remained seated as a shoe barely sailed by Hillary Clinton's head. Not only did the audience of Pro Hillary Clinton forces do nothing more than gasp, the same group of crazies who supported the throwing of the shoe then accused Hillary Clinton of creating the shoe throwing incident for sympathy. And its those same group of crazies who would have stomped to death any shoe thrower at a Donald Trump rally.

There was an orchestrated Iowa Caucus assault against Hillary Clinton that included Move on Dot org naming Bernie Sanders as the only democrat choice, Arianna Huffington  surrogate Camille Paglia attacking the Clinton name on Salon, ongoing attacks from the usual conservative rags, Fox and CNN purposely stacking their political analysts with virtually no Hillary Clinton supporters while allowing LIES to be told about what happened in the 2008 democrat race. 

Even local Supermarkets were cluster bombed by Globe Weekly and it's Freedom of Speech busting anti-Hillary Clinton headline. Globe ragazine was actually allowed to display a HEADLINE STATING AS FACT that Hillary Clinton WILL be put in jail for the rest of her life. Has even one Hillary Clinton supporter gone to their local supermarket and either ripped up Globe magazine or protested loudly and vigorously to the supermarket owner to get that ILLEGAL piece of tripe off the newsstand. 

The National  Enquirer does the same thing as the owner is good friends with Donald Trump.

Freedom of speech ends when it states a future scenario as being 100% fact, and that's exactly what Globe ragazine did. Where was the outrage among Hillary Clinton supporters. Why won't the FTC step in and stop the illegality of reporting the future as fact?

The sad fact is that Hillary Clinton's supporters don't fight for Hillary Clinton, they fight to get the closest spot in line so they can worship Hillary Clinton from as close a distance as possible. The sad fact is that Jesus Christ's supporters didn't fight for Jesus Christ, they fought to get the closest spot in line so they could worship Jesus from up close. 

This Wimpish behavior won't get the job done.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton wins 2016 Iowa Caucus, and CNN has some really sucky Hillary Clinton Bashers.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton, wins the 2016 Iowa Caucus even as she faces relentless attacks from both neo conservatives and neo liberals and Media outlets like Fox and CNN who are doing their darndest to keep bringing up overblown, exaggerated issues even when she wins.
Now its time for the New Hampshire Surprise where Bernie Sanders allegedly has twice the popularity of Hillary Clinton.
And CNN, get some better on air people and please cut the 2008 revisionism in which your on air idiot forget her name claimed Barack Obama won in a runaway when Hillary Clinton actually won 58% of the vote once the REPUBLICAN state democrat caucuses concluded. What a dolt she was.

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