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Pardon the Interruption, Sports Announcer Tony Kornheiser suspended for outrageous on air remarks about Hannah Storm.

Current DailyPUMA article, click here.

If I were offered a job producing a radio show, I'd probably only take the job if there was a ten second delay AND a stun gun hooked up to that very special place where my fellow man's leg tingles. I think it's called the "T spot". Chris Matthews of Misery TV (MSNBC) revealed the T spot's existence.

As Tony Kornheiser was makiing his incredibly hostile remarks about fellow radio sports anchor person Hannah Storm, I would have used the stun gun on Kornheiser's legs until both of his legs stopped tingling, at which point I would have handed the stun gun remote control to Hannah Storm for her own one on one interview with Tony Kornheiser. Click here if you want to read the article.

Hannah Storm had to put up with the same kind of BS back during the 1995 World Series from Cleveland Indians star Albert Belle. 15 years later and nothing has changed, Hannah Storm has to hear the same kind of crap, 15 years later! At least Tony Kornheiser got suspended for two weeks. Maybe he should be suspendered when he gets back as well.

John McCain wanted to suspend his 2008 campaign to focus on the bank bailout bill, Barack Obama and MSNBC accused McCain of being afraid to Debate!

I still find this one of the daffiest moments from the 2008 presidential election. There is a huge bankster bailout bill proposal and John McCain is like, time out, we have to focus on this. This is more important than the presidential debate.

Barack Obama and MSNBC's response is to ridicule John McCain incessantly as they accuse McCain of not being able to both prepare for a debate and be involved in the bankster bailout bill at the same time.

I guess Barack Obama had already prepared new speeches to deliver during that debate and something as trivial as a bankster bailout bill was not going to get in the way. Keith Olbermann really layed into McCain over this issue as well.

What was it Hillary Clinton said about Barack Obama having a speech from 2004....?

Barack Obama was in favor of not maximizing the focus on the bankster bailout bill because he had a debate to attend. Does anybody see the irony in that?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daily PUMA is asking other PUMAs, who qualifies as being over the top angry, hostile and obnoxious towards the Clintons?

Daily PUMA would like to add to the "Ben Smith is evil" section of DailyPUMA. It would be useful to inform all Daily PUMA visitors about the perpetual Clinton Bashing that exists out there. When the Keith Olbermann's of the world denies his own trashing of Hillary Clinton, Daily PUMA can help ensure that many many more people will know just how full of it the Clinton hater pundits are and they might even decide to respond.

In all likelihood we have all found a repeat offender who seems to always be blasting Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton and we wrongly assume that all other PUMA's already know about that writer as well. Lets make a list and in doing so we can check out those writers more easily and be ready to respond either in the comments section or via our own blog articles.

Please don't be shy about naming names in the comments section. Thanks!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Is Barack Obama leading our country towards a civil uprising with his inability to make any progress regarding home foreclosures?

(Edit update Feb. 20, 2010) This article was found at Mountain Sage. Then, in the comments section, there was a response that provided a link to what Barack Obama is trying to do about the situation. This link to the president's proposal is eerily similar to what I am suggesting in my article below and although the president's press release actually was released a couple of hours before the article I have written below was first released, I never saw the link above until well after I had written my article below).


A couple of weeks ago, a homeowner bulldozed his own home when the bank wanted to foreclose on it even though he may have had as much as 200,000 dollars of equity established in the home. The homeowner found someone to pay what was owed to the bank but the bank said no, they could make more money by foreclosing.

If the bank foreclosed, the homeowner would probably lose his 200,000 dollars of equity.

In both instances, the government backed institutions seemed to be doing things by the book. Can I suggest that the government quickly change the book?

This is what concerns me about Barack Obama. He roars like a lion and then backpedals in situations that are crucial to main street's survival.




I can understand the difficulty of legislating to help homeowners who owe more than their home is worth, but to then allow banks to go after homeowners that have some equity built up in their home and just take the home is outrageous and goes to a disturbing pattern concerning Barack Obama's administration.

Barack Obama seems to want to tackle entire problems head on, but then is not able to come up with anything that would at least begin to partially solve the problem, and americans are suffering as a result.

The Irrelevance of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren.

Thankfully I missed the Tiger Woods Press conference earlier today. As I write this I have no idea what Tiger Woods said at the Press Conference, and I'm not interested.

When I analyzed what lifestyle options Tiger Woods could have taken that would not have caused such an uproar, I realized Tiger Woods was screwed no matter what he did. When I analyze what lifestyle options Elin Nordegren could have taken, I question her decision to choose to marry Tiger Woods.

If Tiger Woods had decided to not get married he would have been in a virtual sports and entertainment news gossip spotlight crossover hell as possibly the most eligible business man sport celebrity bachelor on the planet. As such, Tiger could have literally multiplied all the advances he has gotten as a married man by a hundred if he had remained single rather than married.

The problem someone like Tiger Woods faces is no matter what he did or does it will create huge scrutiny. If Tiger had remained unmarried and completely square in his romantic life, he would probably be ridiculed by the media, accused of being secretly gay, (not that there's anything wrong with that), or constantly be the subject of matchmaking rumors and someone who was constantly breaking his lovers' hearts and moving on.

If Tiger was a single, club hopping dude who broke women's hearts (aka one night stands) it would have fueled even more romantic advances as women viewed Tiger as a trophy husband they planned on landing!

I think Tiger did us all a favor by getting married and sparing us the agony of over zealous media attention about his personal life.
I am grateful that a married Tiger Woods spared us years of pointless stories about Tiger's love life.
This brings us to Elin Nordegen. Do you think Tiger was the only one who seriously wooed Elin? Isn't it possible that Elin had to know that the higher up the food chain she picked her mate, the more likely her spouse was going to be "in demand" and prone to giving into temptation?

What if we found out that there were perfectly honorable, attractive, wealthy men who had wooed Elin but Elin rejected them all because she pretended Tiger was all those things, and wealthier? Has even ONE SECOND of media time been devoted to the stand up guy that Elin REJECTED so she could have the number one "prize" on the planet?

Maybe Elin had everything she ever wanted elsewhere, but chose Tiger for the excitement, additional fame and obscene wealth Tiger would provide her.
If Tiger and Elin had been serious about their marriage, Elin would have traveled with Tiger to each and every venue he competed in, even if it meant towing the kids along.
I do have empathy that Elin could contract some type of communicable disease because of Tiger's adventures. Other than the communicable disease aspect, I have no additional empathy for Elin because Elin probably rejected a stand up, attractive wealthy man who WOULD NOT have cheated on her prior to marrying Tiger Woods.

Instead, Elin chose to go for the Gold. Elin's personal outrage that led to possibly physically assaulting Tiger opened the media floodgates to all the type of news reports about Tiger's love life that we thankfully were not exposed to for so many years.
Elin held all the cards when she found about Tiger's affairs and she never once considered all the garbage that would be spewed into the media if she handled the situation incorrectly.
As a result of Elin's over blown self importance we have all been exposed to the Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren non story, which has taken away attention from real issues, like the 10,000 homeowners that are foreclosed upon each and every day in the United States.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is the kind of story Cleveland Amory could have lit into and brought to life as a book, and then it could have been turned into a charming movie. A cat would cross the street everyday and take the same bus route around town. The cat would then be let off in front of her own home on the return trip by the bus driver.

Some times the other riders would ring the bell so the driver would stop. The cat would mainly curl up on one of the bus seats and sleep.

The cat's guardian had no idea until one day when the guardian got on the bus and the cat followed her. The bus driver explained to her that the cat did this on a regular basis. Click here to see the original story.

Apparently after the cats demise the riders of the bus line have had heavy hearts. I found this story when the editor of Pet Press magazine happened to be at the post office at the same time as I was and handed me her last copy of the monthly magazine. Click her to learn more about Pet Press.

THE U.S. Supreme Court Got it Wrong regarding corporate donations to political campaigns.


I am in the 75-80 plus percent across the board majority that think the supreme court got the corporate political donor ruling wrong. However, I also can see the supreme court's view, split as it was 5-4 along conservative and liberal lines, as making a modicum of sense as well.

If I had a really big company and huge responsibilities to provide a product or service which in turn kept a lot of people employed, I would want the option to periodically plead my case with politicians so that they don't enact legislation that could put me out of business or cause me to lay off employees.

Is there a magical solution that keeps corporations from exerting too much political influence without taking away some ability to "lobby" their position? I enjoy problem solving but this one scenario I can't figure out. My heart tells me the supreme court was wrong in their verdict but my head tells me that the alternative would have just weakened american businesses even more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Attention conservatives, republicans, tea party practitioners and independents, Hillary Clinton is not a progressive. Hillary Clinton cannot be pigeon holed into one specific political profile, that may be why PUMA's like her so much.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily PUMA is making it easier to track many important blogs at the same time.

The Daily PUMA page format is crammed with PUMA blogs, plus some environmental, key economic and banking blogs, plus several blogs by independent women as well. I am constantly discovering new, important stories that I might otherwise miss if I didn't regularly check in to Daily PUMA.

What makes DailyPUMA useful to many is that not only can one check the latest stories from literally a hundred different blogs, but DailyPUMA is auto updating all the blogs as well, so if you check back a few hours later, the newest stories are on the top of the right two columns.

DailyPUMA makes it easier to keep in touch with a blog that may be temporarily not writing new material. A blog may go two weeks without a new post, but the moment they post a new article, it should appear at the top of a DailyPUMA column within an hour.

For those who take a moment to check the left side of the blog, besides important links at the top of the left column, there are several dozen blogs lower on the left column page that cover the full political spectrum.

The "PUMA movement" started over how Hillary Clinton was mistreated by her own party in the 2008 presidential elections. However, the PUMA movement has now grown into separate groups that realize it is important to question the mainstream media on a regular basis while still supporting Hillary Clinton.

The center column features new columns every day or two. DailyPUMA gives out many more hits than it receives and is happy to assist in increasing hits for the blogs that appear on here. Hopefully you will see the time saving value that all blogs that are found on DailyPUMA contribute to you as you access their articles in a quick manner.

Daily PUMA is free. If over time you come to have a favorite blog or two that appears on Daily PUMA, donations directly to the blog you want to contribute to may go a long way in ensuring that particular blog continues to operate. Bloggers may put hundreds of hours into their blogs every year, and a little bit can go a long way.

Monday, February 15, 2010

BREAKING NEWS, Evan Bayh pulls a Barack Obama and gets out of the race one day before the deadline, just like Obama did in Michigan.

Evan Bayh resigning one day before the filing deadline is payback for what Barack Obama did to Hillary Clinton in 2007 in the Michigan race.

Do unto Barack as Barack has done unto others many times in the past, over, and over, and over I might add.

Back in late 2007, Barack Obama, John Edwards Misterhands, and Bill "don't call me; Clinton" Richardson, all took their name off of the Michigan ballot less than one day before the deadline.

Barack Obama, John Edwards Misterhands, and Bill "don't call me; Clinton", all then conspired against Hillary Clinton in their Iowa and New Hampshire caucus speeches. The three amigos hammered against Hillary Clinton because she had kept her name on the ballot in Michigan, even though there was not enough time for her to take her name off in response to the three amigos, even if she had wanted to.

The controversy over Michigan had to do with Michigan moving their voting day up to near the beginning, in essence challenging Iowa and New Hampshire and their perennial first to vote status. Michigan would not have gone first, but they would be so close date wise that politicians would have had to spend time in Michigan and less time in Iowa and New Hampshire.
To understand how devious, cunning, corrupt, and for himself Barack Obama is, please realize that if Hillary Clinton had taken her name off of the Michigan ballot first, Obama, Edwards and Richardson could have then kept their names on the ballot in Michigan and accused Hillary Clinton of being a front runner who was willing to sell out the voters of Michigan in exchange for winning in Iowa and New Hampshire.
While some may call this type of political trickery in Michigan by Barack Obama brilliant, it also speaks to a man so consumed with himself that winning becomes more important than actually having substance. It also speaks to the democratic higher ups not stepping in and figuring out a fairer solution that didn't involve so much jockeying for position at the expense of political substance.

What an amazing cannon ball shot across the bow of the Good ship, Barack Obot that Evan Bayh has fired. Evan Bayh has now resigned JUST ONE DAY BEFORE the close of the filing deadline even though he was actually leading in the polls!

Make no mistake, the shenanigans that Obama, Edwards and Richardson pulled in Michigan in late 2007 are now coming home to roost. It will be interesting to see if the media brings up the Michigan angle or not, very interesting indeed.

PUMA blogs, please don't be shy about repeating the message of this article on your own blog. I have the feeling the mass media is going to cover this up. NOBODY resigns one day before the deadline when they are leading in the polls without an ulterior motive.
(Edit note, Feb. 16, 2010)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bill Clinton is the only president to have a higher approval rating at end of his Presidency than beginning, and highest overall exit rating as well!

Bill Clinton is the only president to have both a higher popularity when he left office then when he arrived, and, Bill Clinton also has the highest approval rating of any president on their final day in office. But that was not good enough for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who felt the Clintons were "polarizing". Nancy Pelois and Harry Reid MUST GO.
-Alessandro Machi
Click here to go to original graph source. Click on image to Enlarge Graph.

Most presidents ended their terms on huge downward slides. Only a few ended their terms either steady or going up...but since 1946, only one president has had a higher approval rating at the end of their time in office then their first day in office, and that president was Bill Clinton. And of course, Bill Clinton also had the highest approval rating of any president on their final day in office.

Now I understand why the democratic party betrayed Bill and Hillary Clinton and their "polarizing ways" in 2008, it was the cheeseburgers that Bill Clinton had eaten that one day in the future might clog Bill Clinton's arteries while doing charitable work in Haiti.
Pelosi and Reid MUST GO.
However, I may have been the first to have noticed that Bill Clinton is the only president to have a higher rating on their final day in office then their first, and that Bill Clinton's final approval rating was the highest of any president ever.
Too bad HillBuzz seems somewhat reluctant to return credit when due or print my Hillary Clinton comments in their comments section.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vegan Dog Food from the HSUS.

I've always felt it was a bit of a stretch to have a pet that required other animals be killed so the pet could be fed.

The HSUS, Humane Society of the United States, has just released vegan dog food for dogs. The article located here is interesting, so are the comments in the comments section of the article. Check it out.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Holy Bat Alliance, Batman. Gene Roddenberry predicted a Hillary Clinton Sarah Palin 2012 third party candidacy in a back to the future Star Trek clip!

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid star as the evil red menace. Pelosi and Reid's red glare influence peddling has wreaked havoc over fair minded politicians and the democratic party.
Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin (characters interchangeable) have both felt the wrath of the Pelosi Reid Red Rays of Political Persecution as they ponder their next move.
HillBuzz Fans stand nervously by as Hillary and Sarah talk about a 2012 partnership.
Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid angrily glower from above as their red rays of change demand that Clinton and Palin fight!
Momentarily blinded by the Reid/Pelosi Red Glare, Sarah and Hillary fight.
The Voice of Reason. Some PUMA's begin to wonder if there is a better way. Must democrats and republicans fight over everything?
Both Clinton and Palin fight each other for the honor of their party, momentarily forgetting that the safety of the ship, the U.S.A. Enterprise is what matters most.
Meanwhile, Cannonfire troops show up to counter attack the HillBuzz troupe.
HillBuzz hears the approaching CannonFire mob and turns to meet them.
HillBuzz and CanonFire troops fight the heroic fight, knowing full well the survival of their own party is at stake.
Finally, Clinton and Palin come to their senses. Both Clinton and Palin realize the real enemy is the blinding red light of the corrupt leadership of the democratic party led by Pelosi and Reid. If the two could work together, they could rid the blight from the democratic party and turn the United States back towards a more righteous path.

Think I'm kidding? Watch below.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Its time for OBOT Friday. Meet the Hillary Clinton Polka Geek Dude syndicated columnist.

If you choose to watch this video, notice how the "audience" never moves, applauds, or does anything affirmative. Even the girl whom he grabs and then dances with never has her face visible to the camera. Could this guy actually be holding these people hostage and using them in his youtube videos? I thought I detected a sigh of relief from the girl when the "dancing perp" lets her sit back down.

Remember the Twilight Zone episode where the kid had all the power and the adults were catering to his every whim and faking being interested? Except in this instance the kid is the adult and the audience his caged prey.

Ironically, this Hillary Polka video points out a very sinister aspect that Hillary Clinton had to deal with from the media before she declared her candidacy. I believe that Hillary Clinton did not want to enter the race first and as the leader for fear of being overexposed too early in the presidential race. (I think this video came out in 2007 and the guy is already not wanting to see anymore of Hillary). It was the media, led by Keith Olbermann and MSNBC, that constantly harped on her to announce her candidacy as early as possible.

How many times in past elections has the initial "leading" democratic candidate actually become the nominee? I seem to recall that democrats who are trailing and then gain momentum as the race develops have more success than those that are just presented as the initial, inevitable nominee. So the media knew what it was doing by trying to overexpose Hillary Clinton early on, and this "gentleman" with the faceless guests seems to confirm the media conspiracy of early overexposure being used against Hillary Clinton, quite effectively.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Global Warming, Global Warning, Global Microwaving, Global Something, thats for sure, maybe.

I'm not convinced we are going through Global Warming, we might be, we might not be. However, we could be going through global "warning". Something may be going on globally, but we don't know what it is yet, and by the time something could happen, we may be saved by Peak Oil which reduces the amount of oil we regularly consume. Possible, no?

You would think the term global warning would have been a wiser choice of phrase than global warming because it gives more latitude to the eco movement to say "I told you so". If the earth is either cooling or warming, the term global warning could still apply. I kind of wonder if somebody mistyped the phrase as global warming when it first came out, and now regrets not calling it global warning. (suddenly I feel like I have channeled the living Andy Rooney). "Ever wonder why the ecologists didn't use the term global warning instead of global warming".........

I personally think we are going through global microwaving. Holes in the ozone layer allow some of the suns rays to act as lasers that pretty much burn up whatever water based cell life they come in contact with on the planets surface. Fortunately, because the earth is both spinning and orbiting around the sun at the same time, the rays that get through are constantly moving onto new targets.

The result is kind of what happens to food after it has been warmed up by a microwave, water molecules are first agitated as the microwave warms up the food, and as the food cools, this water vapor goes up into the atmosphere. If you have ever noticed what happens to uneaten microwaved food, it becomes dry and hard after it has cooled.

It is possible that global microwaving first heats up cell life on the planets surface, then causes additional releases of humidity into the upper atmosphere that can then cause a new chain of events to occur. For instance, additional humidity in the upper atmosphere can cause different spectrum of the suns rays to deflect back into space before they ever even reach the earth!

So even as the suns rays that are slipping through ozone holes are simultaneously microwaving small portions of the planet's surface on a continual basis, the result of that microwaving, release of humidity back into the upper atmosphere, could ironically then be deflecting other rays of the suns spectrum back into outer space.

So what causes the holes in the Ozone Layer? Al Gore's jet and Nancy Pelosi's military flights.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MSNBC who? Bill O'Reilly cites news fairness poll and MSNBC is nowhere to be found.

"If you listen closely, you can hear SpongeBob and Hannah Montana weeping...." - Bill O'Reilly
That is about as close to mentioning MSNBC as Bill O'Reilly came when citing a poll showing Fox News far and away the fairest news source during the 2008 presidential campaign. Click here to view the results. MSNBC didn't even make the top five news stations, I presume the numbers were so low for MSNBC that O'Reilly just let it be.

Back in 2008, I was watching Keith Blabberon go after O'Reilly on an almost nightly basis. The odd thing was watching Keith Olbermann regularly going apopletic over something Bill O'Reilly said or did, yet when I would switch over to O'Reilly, Bill would be calmly conducting an interview with a guest.

Monday, February 1, 2010

DailyPUMA launches SISTER SITE, My Third Party. Pumas and Politicians opposing Pelosi and Reid or those running as a third party will be featured.

My Third Party is now up and running. The defeat of any politician who disrupted the contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama BEFORE all democratic voters had a chance to vote need to be voted out of office.

My Third Party will link to politicians that are not part of the Reid, Pelosi and Obama Triangle, nor the Republican Equivalent. However, taking back the democratic party from the politically self absorbed who put their own career ahead of the welfare of the country must be dealt with first and foremost.

Mr. Reid is raising millions of dollars for his sham-paign, maybe if those donating to Reid had a chance to see the oppositions websites by simply going to My Third Party, they would see they have a choice and maybe his competition would get more donations and Reid less.

It took me a few minutes to track down Mr. Reid's top three opponents, now you can click on any of their web links in just a second or two.

Better still, My Third Party will auto update any news coming out of the blogs of those opposing Reid, Pelosi, and Obama and the Republican equivalent.

Additionally, My Third Party candidates can get their site listed as well and Jake Towne is the first that I have listed. If you have suggestions for candidates, please notify me here or at My Third Party.

I would like to extend an invitation to ALL HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTERS and PUMA blogs who want to help bring politicians who oppose Reid, Pelosi and Barack Obama into the limelight. We can defeat the 2008 behind the scenes democrats who did not trust the democratic voters to make an informed decision, and instead hijacked the 2008 democratic presidential process for their own selfish agenda.

If you are a reader of DailyPUMA and see another prominent blog ignoring this effort, please challenge them yourself to get involved with this effort. The more PUMAS that share names of politicians running against the political infrastructure, the more My Third Party can create real change.

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