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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Understanding what Progressive Fascism is and how it relates to Ukraine and Donald Trump.

Was Donald Trump on the path towards an impeachable offense when he asked about Dirt on Joe Biden's son? Absolutely.

Had Donald Trump done anything impeachable yet, most likely no.

Did the Democrats pounce too soon, absolutely yes.

A president can ask for "details" with any country. A president can ask for details about any country the U.S. has trade relations with. 

What a president CANNOT do is imply that details either be created or exaggerated, nor can a President use the initiation of detail requesting to then publicize their request of details as an investigation.

And of course, the big one, a President can not deny a country U.S. Product if the country does not  produce anything the President feels is tangible regarding their inquiry, also known as a quid pro quo.

And finally, if the President asks for dirt and receives a report back that there was no dirt, the President would need to publicize the findings even if it makes the target of the Investigation look good and himself look bad.

Using a report that was done by a prior administration for whom a member of the family worked for as "proof" that there was no wrong doing is not enough to deny the next President an opportunity to revisit a situation.

What we are witnessing is Progressive Fascism.

Yes, Trump was definitely tap dancing on an ethics line, absolutely. However, Progressive Fascism has no patience and that is not enough of an excuse to justify their knee jerk reactions.

Remember, if Progressive Fascists can taunt and threaten and pronounce that Donald Trumps sons are going to jail before the Mueller report was released, then President Donald Trump can surely look into the not fully vetted business dealings of Joe Biden's son. Not understanding this type of quid pro quo is what Progressive Fascism is all about.

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Garcetti Blames Federal Government for Homelessness in Los Angeles while continuing to fight for Open Borders.

There is a term called equivalency that is rarely used nowadays.

When Mayor Garcetti writes to Trump and states...
"It is clear that no local government, including ours, can address homelessness on our own," Garcetti said in the letter. "For many years, the federal government has woefully underfunded our housing safety net, contributing to homelessness. The federal government cut HUD funding for the production of new housing and preservation by 31% for the 2016-2018 time period, and according to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, only one in four low-income families who qualify for housing assistance actually receive it. This pressure is acutely felt here in Los Angeles, where 36,000 people experience homelessness on any given night." end quote.
One has to ask, where is the equivalency?

Can there be anything more punkish than to blame the Federal Government for LA housing policies when the same entity that is blaming the Federal Government for lack of funding also defies the Federal Government at every turn when it comes to anything to do with Undocumented Immigration? California filed papers within hours after Trump had come up with a proposal to fund the Border Wall with funds from the Military to protest Trump's move.

So as long as the Federal Government does what Garcetti wants, Garcetti never has to do what the Federal Government wants?

The same knee jerk, punkish reactions happened a year ago when Trump discussed issues like Forest Management concepts that WERE NOT BEING DONE and was ridiculed by late night TV for suggesting raking the forest would help reduce forest fires. Actually, raking the forests would not be a bad first step.

This type of Punkish BS is constantly spewing from Progressives and the Media. Take anything Trump says, and either blame Trump, ridicule Trump, or call him a racist.

This country will be in a world of hurt if Trump loses in 2020 because of the outlandish, childish, punkish, conniving actions I have witnessed over the past couple of years from Progessive politicians and the media. Rewarding Progressive behavior with the Presidency will just embolden Progs to basically destroy the quality of life for any one over the age of 60. 

There used to be a saying, don't trust anyone over 30. Pretty soon the new saying could be, don't trust anyone who is a Progressive if you are over 55.

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