Saturday, January 30, 2010

Temporary Housing for Haiti, Job Stimulus with a purpose.

To see how the Temporary Housing for Haiti would ship, click here and go to the original article. Then you can see the step by step building process. Seems like a clever idea. Miami architect Andres Duany conceived of the idea.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

TAKING BACK THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, Time to make up a DONATIONS LIST for those who supported Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Lets face it, I am not keen on seeing the Republicans get back all the power they frittered with from 2000-2008. However, I am for closer margins between democrats and republicans in both the senate and house.

It is pretty clear that Barack Obama's first agenda as president was to pay back those who supported him in the 2008 campaign, primarily the banksters, and community activists via ACORN. In that spirit, it is just as important for PUMA's to support politicians who supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 or at the very least, supported the democrat voters by remaining neutral until after all democrats had voted.

While it is important to make contributions to the democratic party, it is MORE IMPORTANT to make donations to those who supported Hillary Clinton or at the very least, remained neutral.

Compiling a list of the politicians who either stayed neutral during the 2008 democratic party or supported Hillary Clinton supported Hillary Clinton, and ONLY PROMOTING THOSE CANDIDATES is essential to helping dissolve the mange that has taken root in the higher echelons of the democratic party.

While I'm not sure who is truly a democrat and who is truly a republican among the many puma groups that continue onward, can ALL of these groups agree that supporting any politician who supported Hillary Clinton, or at least was willing to wait until the last democrat had voted before supporting Barack Obama, as the obvious next step?

Lets make this list, and ALL agree upon it. And then lets all post this list on all of our PUMA websites. The cumulative effect of supporting the core Democrats who either supported HIllary Clinton, or at least waited on the sidelines so as not to try and get the race prematurely stopped should be one step that all true PUMA's can agree on, no?

The cumulative effect over the next two years of all puma blogs promoting only those candidates who supported Hillary Clinton or the democrat voting process could be a difference maker in helping to regain control of the democratic party from those who chose to thwart the process and install their own choice before all democrats had voted.

A price MUST be paid by those who try and over influence the democratic primaries before all voters have voted and showing ongoing support for Hillary Clinton and those who respected the democratic voting process is one way to ferret out the elitists who want to control every aspect of our lives.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ANOTHER Concern Troll Article appears, this time the mission is to take attention away from Hillary Clinton and onto some "new" "hope" for 2012.

I'm calling the Real Clear Politics article another "Concern Troll" Article designed to set up the 2012 presidential race. In this instance, it is as if Hillary Clinton was never even a presidential contender in 2008. Notice how its all about Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and the hope that the Republican contender in 2012 is someone OTHER than Sarah Palin while Hillary Clinton is not even mentioned at all!

Who is doing this? And why?

Where are the media stories reminding everybody why 18 million voters wanted Hillary Clinton in 2008 and why she would still be a viable choice in 2012? Yes, Puma Eyes cued Daily PUMA readers in on the Huffington Post article written by Will Bower about Hillary Clinton running in 2012, but that article can be somewhat mitigated by the comments that stream below it. But still, it is a start.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HillBuzz Concern Troll Article has hit a Deep Root and the Concern Trolls from 2008 need to be OUTED, now.

HillBuzz wrote a very fascinating article about Barack Obama Concern Trolls and Eeyores. I believe it is imperative to expose the "concern trolls" from the 2008 election, before they lay the ground work for 2012.

Rebecca's soliloquy on gosh darn, why she just can't vote for Hillary Clinton, but feels like she kind of maybe, aw shucks, should feel guilty for not voting for her is my nomination for the Control Troll Award of 2008.

Below are some absolutely amazing quotes from the Salon article Rebecca Traister wrote JUST BEFORE A MAJORITY OF ALL STATES WERE TO VOTE IN THEIR DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES AND CAUCUSES DURING THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY 2008.
Rebecca Traister...."I think of how I would love to be part of the wave of enthusiasm for this smart, charismatic man, of how he wipes the floor with Clinton as an orator; I consider that the dashing Obama, and his youthful adherents, have the chance to takeJohn McCain, while Clinton would bring every angry, resentful white guy out of his parents' basement to vote against her".
You mean, the guy with the speech from 2004?
"So as much as I yearn to run wildly into the streets with the jubilant hordes of Obama supporters, if I cast my vote for him, it will be a silent one".
Wow, lets get this writer a deal with Harlequin Romance, you poor tortured creature. You will vote for Barack Obama, but do it with a heavy heart because you won't be allowed to celebrate in public (gosh, I can think of 8% of a certain ethnicity that must have been thinking the same thing regarding Hillary Clinton, why not do a story about their plight in not being able to vote for Hillary Clinton?).
"But a vote for his opponent would be, perhaps, even more private. There is shame in voting for Hillary Clinton, make no mistake -- pulling a lever for someone who voted for Iraq and proposed anti-flag-burning legislation provokes its own brand of self-loathing".
Was there shame when Al Gore came out in support for Barack Obama? It was Al Gore's vote in the early 90's that opened the door to the first Iraq war being funded. Hillary Clinton would have been considered more polarizing if she had voted against the war, thereby putting Clinton in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

If Hillary Clinton votes no, the war is STILL going to happen, only now the Republicans can blame Hillary Clinton for not helping show a united front in the war effort, thereby emboldening the opposition because they knew both political parties are not solidly behind the war. Yes that is the SPIN that would have been used had Hillary Clinton not voted for the war that was going to happen anyways.

"But here is the honest part: Hillary Clinton is a woman. And so am I. And my president doesn't have to look like me, any more than she has to be a person I want to have a beer with, but I can't pretend that it doesn't mean something, something really important, that we've never had one who looked like me before".
Did you say your president is not somebody you would have to have a beer with? Did you really write that? Ironically enough, the women involved in the Crowley Gates case WERE NOT invited to the White House for a beer, but the men were. You go gal, and thanks for admitting this is the only honest part of your article.
"And so as much as I protest about how I'd never vote for someone just because she's a woman, a vote for Hillary would not be a purely intellectual choice, and certainly not a politically enthusiastic one, but an emotional one, and in that, I would be conforming to every assumption about why I vote and how I vote. I don't want to be the girl that all the cool Obama-supporting progressives assume I am, if I happen to feel compelled to choose the woman in this contest, in part because she's a woman. In this, I guess, the shame is not so much about voting for Hillary, but in fulfilling a feminized -- and, relatedly, devalued -- expectation of Democratic womanhood. And in this, it would only be fair to conclude that I, the big feminist, am in my own way hiding from my own gender".
If I were female, I wonder if I would have lost it by now by reading the above paragraph.
"And so I'll spend the next two days waging this internal battle. I understand that while many Super Duper Tuesday voters out there are sure and passionate in their choices -- and I wish I were among you -- I also know that there are many others, male and female, black and white, young and old, who are feeling this same tugging in their bellies and their brains. I'm not the only one who, for the first time in my life, will understand exactly how private (and perhaps profound?) the casting of a ballot can be. All I can say with assuredness is this: Whatever move I make, I bet it's going to hurt".
My gosh, she feels your pain. The only thing missing from this "script", is making a video using the above clap trap as a voice over while the girl wistfully pokes at her baskins robbins ice cream container and sort of looks off into the distance. Tune in tomorrow to see if Rebe does the right thing, or settles for Hillary Clinton instead.

Underneath the Salon article written by Rebecca Traister, there is a story links to a similar story that also has Concern Troll written all over it...

Related Stories

I have no idea why the date reads Dec. 31, 1969, but does it not appear that Rebecca Traister of Salon magazine has Clinton Concern Troll Disease?

Now, get ready for the additional mouth opening, draw dropping revelation, this Rebecca Traister IS WRITING A BOOK ABOUT THE 2008 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN! Do you just not want to ___________________ ????

The bio then goes on to state...
"Traister has also written for Elle, the Nation, Vogue, Glamour, New York Magazine, the New York Times, Nerve, and elsewhere. She is currently at work on a book about women and the 2008 elections, tentatively titled Big Girls Don't Cry, to be published by The Free Press in fall 2010".
I'm starting to believe an actual physical timeline exists somewhere in the Barack Obama camp in which certain events have been pre-planned for Barack Obama's 8 year presidential victory tour. Starting with the Grammy Award he recieved, and the Nobel Peace Prize that he was nominated for literally days after he became president on the front end, and the Chicago Olympics on the back end (oops, that didn't happen, did it), to this book scheduled for release by the above writer in the fall of 2010 to get Barack Obama supporters all amped up for the next presidential election, and...

I've already had my fill of Barack Obama's time tablet of fame, and I've certainly had my fill of the concern trolls sprinkled among the media that have probably stolen jobs from more neutral, balanced journalists in the process.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Word of Caution about NewsMax and BreitBart's Big Government blog and other conservative blogs as well...

Conservative blogs can be relied on to expose ACORN and other illegal activities that have benefited Barack Obama and progressive democrats. However, I would like to caution PUMAS that NewsMax and BreitBart's Big Government blog will NEVER expose a Barack Obama misdeed as having hurt Hillary Clinton's chances in the 2008 democratic nomination even when the story absolutely calls for such disclosure.

It is up to YOU to try and discover how conservative stories that attack Barack Obama also spin away from including a pro Hillary Clinton angle. Blogs like BreitBart's Big Government blog and Newsmax won't mention how Hillary Clinton was hurt in 2008 in their anti Barack Obama articles even when such information is salient to the article.

A perfect example of this is the Ellie Light "controversy". Apparently, Newsmax and friends are trying to make a big deal out of a Barack Obama supporter writing to a couple of dozen newspapers and using the same name each time!
Wow, that was sneaky (sarcasm alert). Someone USED THE SAME NAME and posted their article to a few dozen newspapers.
This is such a laughably stupid spin on the story that it motivated me to write this article.
Show me who first promoted Ellie Light to the public (Ben Smith of Politico dot com), and now we may be getting somewhere.

There were three or four times where I tried to mention a Hillary Clinton angle on Breit Bart's Big Government blog comment section, and Breit Bart NEVER ONCE posted my responses.

I had to move Breit Bart's Big Government blog to the left side of Daily PUMA as a result. Breit Bart's Big Goverment may come up with interesting articles from time to time, but their deep rooted hatred of Hillary Clinton must never be forgotten.

Blogs like NewsMax and BreitBart's Big Government blog hate Hillary Clinton so much that if you asked them whether they would want 8 successful years under a Hillary Clinton presidency or four miserable years under a Barack Obama administration, they would chose the four miserable years under a Barack Obama administration, even if another democrat were to then be elected after the first four years! And that is demented beyond comprehension.
The message to the conservative blogs is simple. If you wish to expose Barack Obama actions now, that were also going on during his presidential campaign run, then YOU MUST MENTION THE CONNECTION TO THE 2008 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY RACE, or you are just another "us or them" poser.

Did Ellie Light help expose Ben Smith's Clinton Derangement Syndrome and that he probably is a shill for Barack Obama?

Ironically, Ellie Light has the right to write to as many newspapers as she like, and therefore is a NON-STORY! What I want to know is, how did it come to be that Ben Smith was ONE OF THE FIRST to post Ellie Light's letter? Once again, the real scam is being obfuscated by an allegation that basically shames anyone who has ever written to more than one newspaper about the same issue.
If Ellie Light used the same name in all of the editorials that she wrote, SHE HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG! If we come to find out that Ms. Light wrote to 20 different newspapers at at a time, then changed her name, and wrote to 20 more newspapers, then that could be construed as a scandal.

By making the issue be about Ellie Light rather than Ben Smith's connection to Ellie Light, Barack Obama, and being demonically against Hillary Clinton, the entire populace will be distracted into the wrong issue by the media.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dawn Wells Peels an Idaho Potato with just Her Bare Knuckles.

This video has over SIX MILLION HITS! If I recall correctly, the cast of Gilligan's island never received residuals for their work on Gilligans Island. Looks like Dawn Wells, aka Mary Ann, is at it again??? No residuals for you, Mary Ann! Not then, not now!

But six million hits, that's gotta be worth something, no?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


In 2008, dozens upon dozens of known democrats decided to try and help influence a democratic race that was too close to call. The problem with this maneuver was that it gave the media, a few dozen political opportunists, and a billionaire a chance to override the will of ten million democratic voters who had yet to vote.

The democratic party still has not made a move to rectify the politically treasonous actions from the 2008 democratic race by A, eliminating caucuses, and B, by agreeing that openly supporting one candidate over another when a race is too close to call actually fractures the party much more than calling for a candidate to resign when the race is too close to call.

Who do you think did the most to damage the democratic process by attempting to use their influence for their own personal agenda? The list is rather long.

To remind you of the crazy betrayal and media manipulation that went on in 2008, Check out this No Quarter Link. (wonders why a Daily Puma link is not listed on their site).

To further pique your interest in writing about who you feel Betrayed the democratic process in 2008, you can cull additional names to mull over for your article from these two links to the forum formerly known as Hillary Clinton forum and now known as Common Ground Politics. Its nice to see that Murray preserved the archives.

If you want to remind the public who betrayed not only Hillary Clinton, but the entire democratic voting process by trying to shill the vote away from the voting millions, write an article about the one person you think defiled the 2008 democratic process and have your work featured on Daily Puma. You can also include a couple links to your own favorite articles from your own blog as well.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Love Boat Docks at Haiti for Good Times and to donate some supplies as some of the on board tourists express outrage.

Yahoo has posted a story about a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship docking at a Haiti Resort that they own so their guests can jet ski and have some fun on the beach while the rest of Haiti suffers from their devastating earthquake. Click here to read the story. 

Royal Caribbean defends its actions by claiming they have donated supplies from the ship to Haiti, and that by docking they are actually helping the resort workers by bringing them commerce.

Some of the people on the cruise ship apparently have freaked out over Royal Caribbean using a remote part of Haiti so their tourists can have fun and frolic, while bodies are being piled up in the streets of Haiti.

The solution cannot be found on board the ship that has already docked. The solution could be found if Royal Caribbean were to SEND ANOTHER SHIP, chock full of donated supplies and volunteers.

So while everybody continues to argue over the outrage of the first ship docking... Does Royal Caribbean Cruise Line have a spare ship nearby?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Facebook Updates and Discussions on Facebook.

I was trying to find some kind of news crawl about the Haiti Earthquake but could not find one. This facebook discussion link might prove useful as it is being updated by facebook members. Once on the discussion page you will see six facebook page links located directly under the Facebook Haiti header.

(Edit update) I just checked google and to my shock, they are now using a scroll technique in which the Haiti links scroll down the screen in steps. When I did my Haiti research just an hour earlier they did not have the scroll feature in place.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How some anti puma blogs get away with their defaming accusations without being shut down.

In my opinion, bloggers who insult, defame, libel and slander other bloggers while not using their own real name are comitting defamation of character, especially if they use the real name of the blogger that they are attacking.

I won't publicize the anti-puma bloggers who seem to tourette foul language with every reply they vomit about a puma blogger, but I have figured out one loophole they may be using from which to make insulting replies to anyone who they think is a puma.

Apparently wordpress dot org, NOT wordpress dot com, has no supervision. Wordpress dot org is an open source platform so there is nobody to report their actions to.

I believe defamation of character is a line easily crossed by bloggers who don't use their real name while attacking the reputation of other bloggers who do use their real names.

So if blogger A chooses to attack the reputation, standing, intelligence, or character of blogger B, but blogger A does not use a real name while Blogger B does use a real name, then that could rise to the level of defamation of character.

If neither blogger uses a real name, then knock each other out, who cares really, unless the name is trademarked.

If a blogger wishes to accuse another blogger of being a racist, or stupid, or some other word that is considered opposite of ethical, then the blogger should use their real name in their blog, or, not do the attacking.

I am willing to pursue this matter and make an attempt at shutting down the anonymous anti puma idiots who attack pumas without even using a real name, I'm just not sure who to complain to. Suggestions are welcome.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark McGwire admits to Steroid use, Pete Carroll flees USC and possible NCAA sanctions, what's the difference?

Mark McGwire said something incredibly profound today when he admitted he used steroids during his record setting 70 home run season. "I wish I had never played during the steroid era," McGwire said.

If McGwire had been a ballplayer 50-75 years ago, he probably would have been a great player anyways, and clean of steroids. It makes one wonder if ballplayers from 50-75 years ago, if playing when McGwire played, would have succumbed to steroid use as well.

Which now brings us to Pete Carroll. I don't think it is fair for the coach that may have been at least been partially responsible for sanctions against a college sports team, leaving before the sanctions are applied, and being rewarded a huge contract as well.

It would be interesting if the NCAA would impose two different penality options. If Pete Carroll stays in USC to face the coming NCAA sanctions, the NCAA limits the sanctions to two years. However, if Pete Carroll walks away now, then the NCAA imposes one year of sanctions for every year Carroll coached, which was nine years.

What would you do if you were Pete Carroll and the school that put you back on the map was going to face either a 2 year penalty if you stayed and coached, or a 9 year penalty if you left for your own big contract?

The way the "system" is set up now, even the wrong doers first get the accolades, the money, the fame, then they get to apologize years later. Unfortunately, these actions usurp the accolades, the money and the fame from the more honest among us, and then continue to do their damage years later when the usurper then does the required apology tour.

Sunday, January 10, 2010 » Economy » WEEKEND FUNNIES » Economy » WEEKEND FUNNIES

Is the December, 20, 2002 Harry Reid quote about Trent Lott's resignation a Hoax?

I can't find the original AP story about Harry Reid claiming that.....
"He had no alternative," the Nevada Democrat and Senate minority leader said. "Senator Lott dug himself a hole and he didn't dig it all in one setting. He dug it over the years. And he couldn't figure out a way to get out of it."
Asked if the episode would serve as a warning to weigh his own words carefully, Reid said: "You play how you practice."
"If you tell ethnic jokes in the backroom, it's that much easier to say ethnic things publicly. I've always practiced how I play."

It sounds fake, and I can't find it on google. I suppose it is possible that it appeared in a smaller, local paper and never made it onto the internet. However, if that is case, show a picture of the article as it appeared in the newspaper back then.
For now, I am calling the quotes a hoax.

Yet Another Bill to Cap Credit Card Rates is Doomed

(Important Update - July 14, 2013). Please check out Debt Suspension Rights for innovative observations and solutions to the epidemic of credit card defaults and misrepresentations of Reverse Mortgages.

Yet Another Bill to Cap Credit Card Rates is Doomed (click on this sentence to go to article.

This is absolutely nutty reasoning by the republicans. Credit IS TIGHTENING because the credit card interest rates are so high they are causing CREDIT CARD DEFAULTS! To use the presently high credit card interest rates as a reason to deny lower credit card interest rates is the dumbest thing I have read in years. 

If nothing else, at least offer an incentive program for those who want to reduce their credit card debt. Offer a 1 percent interest paydown program for those who want to reduce their credit card debt. At least give consumers a choice between staying in debt or not.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beautiful People dot com offers sympathy mementos to members who ate too much during the Holiday Season and had their membership revoked.


Beautiful people dot com recently banished 5,000 members whose poundage divided by roundage equalled pie r fat pants. However, In an act of sincere contrition and conciliation, Beautiful people dot com is allowing its remaining beautiful people members to reach out to the newly tubbied to reassure the former beautiful people that they haven't been forgotten.

Ads promoting gifts for the fallen fatties has taken off in a big way at Beautiful people dot com. Remaining beautiful people members can now send sympathy gifts to those who inhaled Santa's sack without checking it twice.

One of the most popular t-shirts beautiful people members have ordered for their recently fattened friends is the "Fatty Forever" t-shirts with an infinitely expandable front that transforms the shirt into a tank top with an emergency drop down bib flap tummy flab cover.

Cookie baskets are another favorite gift from the beautiful to the recently banished beautiful dough girls and boys. The bottom of these cookie baskets features a secret mirror that only comes into view when the final full sized cookie has been removed. Scrawled across the mirror is the cookie mobile hot line number with the motto, your next cookie basket delivered in thirty minutes or less.

Rumors that the hot line number actually sends out a twitter message of the cookie reorder to all remaining beautiful members could not be verified, yet. (will let you know when I get to the bottom)

Some formerly beautiful people have been cut off from their significant others who did not gain weight and are still members of beautiful people dot com. Fortunately, other beautiful people members have stepped in to save the day by by sending photos of themselves smooching with the beautiful people who were sadly left behind. The photos come with uplifting messages such as, "sucking down food, or sucking down face, what's the difference".

A beautiful people probationary chair is rumored to be on the way. For the newly fattened who are trying to scratch and claw their way back into beautiful people dot com, the beautiful people probationary chair is placed in front of the computer and has an electronic scale built into the seat with a direct feed to the beautiful people dot com website. Should the formerly beautiful person ever regain their lost pounds, they will be instantly messaged via shock therapy of their newly earned eligibility for re entry into the world of beautiful people dot com.

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes in California Causing Major Slut Spill.

As clever and funny as this is, THANK YOU ONION for using a female anchor person to report the story. This satire would have suddenly been offensive if a male anchor person had been used instead of a female anchor person.
What also makes this piece work so well is that there has indeed been a downward spiral in the "quality" of people being used on the newer reality TV shows and hopefully video satires like this will remind us that maybe its gone too far? I call this comedy with content.

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