Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Democrat Party needs NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Style of Presidential Debate Competition among their 20 and growing 2020 Presidential Candidates.

A Presidential Bracket Debate Style is essential after the catastrophic methods used in years past by both parties in which either too many Debate Participants are squeezed into the main event while other lesser known candidates trying to establish themselves are banished into a cursory Debate that is just not taken seriously by the media nor the public.

Having 20 Democrat Presidential Candidates debate in one setting is unrealistic. Only allowing Candidates with a certain minimum percentage of popularity or higher to appear in a debate destroys the spirit of the Underdog having a fair opportunity. John McCain was polling around 1% in the 2008 Republican Contest one year before the Presidential elections yet he became the Republican Nominee, because he was still given a chance to debate.

The DNC should adopt a Debate method that allows all candidates to win their way to the top based on a Bracket style of Debating. Depending on the number of Candidates, Brackets should be created in groups of four. Four Dems debate at a time, Two move on to the next round. Those who don't make it can still get future opportunities in what would be a Losers Bracket.

Each Presidential Debate Bracket would be "seeded" with one member being from the top 4 or 5 in the polls. The other three positions would be filled with lower "seeded" Candidates.  Each Presidential Debate Bracket MUST have at least one women in it. If there are not enough women to place one per Bracket, then an additional All Women only Bracket would be created so each Woman running would get two chances to advance.

The Democrat Presidential Debates would be held once a week, the same time and day every week, never more than four candidates per debate. The entire Presidential Debate process could take 3 to 5 months to establish the top tier of candidates but would create a true opportunity for Democrat Candidates to establish themselves.

It is essential that only four candidates appear in a each Preliminary Presidential Debate so that those watching can really focus on the lower number of candidates. Lesser candidates can create a faster pace while giving the viewing audience a better method to compare Candidates within the Debate.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Donald Trump cannot sit on his Wall without having a Great Fall.

Focus grows on the massive increase in Border Crossings. Virtually all Undocumented, after being intaked, are being bussed into U.S. cities and released after being given court dates that could be 2 to 5 years from now. Donald Trump may lose his Border Wall Advantage if he doesn't take additional steps.

Trump's refusal to meet with Central American Political Leaders who are being dominated by Drug Cartels will be his swan song. The Drug Cartels are creating fear and desperation among citizens from Central American Countries. The cartels advertise on radio encouraging frightened citizens to flee to America before the Border Wall goes up. Then the Drug Cartels profit by transporting the fleeing citizens to America for between $3,000 to $9,000 dollars per person! 

Trump can no longer keep strumming the same theme that the Undocumented are all riff raff, criminals, drug addicts and disgusting people, and that a Border Wall will solve all the Undocumented Problems.

The U.S. is spending tens of billions of dollars militarily in far off lands while apparently refusing to set foot in Central America. Trump has now cut off aid to Central America. If Americans were polled, I am certain that 85% of the respondents would prefer we clean up Central America and make if safe, versus continue to do nothing while spending tens of billions of dollars Militarily in other places around the world.

What was it the Republican Party said under George Bush Jr., paraphrasing, "We have to fight terrorism where it starts so we don't have to fight it in the U.S".  Um, Flooding the U.S. with undocumented is a form of Economic Terrorism and Human Rights Mayhem, and dilutes tax based benefits for Americans who have paid their taxes for decades. The fomenting of such tactics has started in the United States own Backyard while our Government, be it Bush Jr., Obama or now Trump, continue to look way downstream.

If the best Trump can do is to pull funding from the afflicted Central American Countries so the Drug Cartels can have even more free reign, then Trump will be a one term President, and thankfully so.

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Donald Trump's Reported Behavior in the Mueller Report creates a new Phrase, Bubble Indemnity.

Somehow, Donald Trump has managed to cause the creation of a new pseudo phrase, first coined here by me right now, Bubble Indemnity. The Mueller Report reveals that on more than one occasion Donald Trump instructed others to commit Obstruction of Justice on his behalf and end the Mueller Investigation, but Trump's orders were refused by Trump subordinates.

So lets analyze this, if Trump had had his Obstruction Instructions followed, the Mueller investigation would have been over, but Trump would have obstructed justice. But because Trump's people did not follow Trump's Obstruction Instructions to end the Mueller Investigation, Trump's Obstruction Instruction did not metamorphosize into actual Obstruction of Justice. 

Instruction of Obstruction is not Obstruction of Justice, even though in the past Instruction of Obstruction has been incorrectly used to declare Obstruction of Justice. Since the Mueller Investigation was allowed to finish while mentioning that Trump tap danced on the Obstructing Justice line, then one could conclude that Obstruction of Justice did not overtly happen.

However, it appears that Trump wins either way. If Trump's Instruction to end the Mueller Investigation prematurely had been followed, who would have been left to declare Obstruction of Justice? But because the Mueller Investigation was allowed to finish, then Obstruction of Justice charges remain murky since Trump apparently gave an Instruction that was not actually implemented. Seems like a Bubble Indemnity for Donald Trump, ready to pop, but remaining unpopped.

If Trump didn't fire anyone for not obeying his Instruction to Obstruct, then maybe he has wiggle room. But what if Trump gave Instruct Obstruction, the Orders wre not followed, and then that person was either fired demoted in some way? Perhaps that pops Trump's Bubble Indemnity.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Fareed Zakaria GPS Editorial, April 14, 2019, A must watch for Democrats hoping to Dethrone Trump in 2020.

I really don't watch much Cable TV News since witnessing the 2008 Debacle in which the Media lifted Barack Obama past a more popular Hillary Clinton. So Fareed Zakaria was a first time revelation for me.
Really a must watch 4 minute Editorial from the April 14, 2019 Sunday GPS show he hosts. The Borderwall will come back to haunt the Democrats in 2020 when it comes to the Presidency.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Kirsten Gillibrand being Targeted by Conservatives to get her out of the 2020 Presidential Race.

There are many more men than women running for the 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination. Kirstin Gillibrand seems to be the one being attacked at the moment. First it was Biden, now it is Gillibrand. Part of me is annoyed that the Republicans are going after a Woman Presidential Candidate when the Women are in the minority of Candidates. 

And yet, a Presidential Candidate has to be tough to weather all attacks. Gillibrand said Tactile instead of Tactical in a resent speech in regards to Tactical Nuclear Weapons. The mispronunciation of the word tactical is being used to try and socially humiliate her. However, I hope people see through the attempt and focus more on Gillenbrand's message that Tactile and Tactical Nuclear Weapons are a gateway to a full blown Nuclear War, and that matters way more than using the word Tactile instead of Tactical.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Trump's plan to place The Undocumented in Sanctuary Cities was a Brilliant Political Move, but now we will hear Cries of Indignation from Pelosi, Democrats, and the Media.

While Democrats accuse many in the Republican Party of being Climate Change Denialists, the same can be said about Democrats who curry favor with all by being for Sanctuary Cities, only to cry like Snowflakes when it is revealed that Trump wanted to place the Undocumented in Sanctuary City States.

I am frustrated by a Democrat Party that stands for all the feel good things in life but then refuses to take responsibility for their stance. 

The proper response to Trump's plan in this instance would have been, "Bring it on, Mr. Trump, Bring it On". 800,000 Undocumented later and there would have been upheaval in many Sanctuary Cities. 

How can this Snowflake posturing continue to go on by Pelosi and the Democrats?

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Democrats need to find their own Kinder, Gentler, Smarter Version of Donald Trump for 2020, and also run Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as the V.P.

The Donald Trump Presidential Romp reminds me of a Tank rolling along while a plurality keeps throwing empty beer cans and tomatoes at it. Meanwhile the Tank goes where ever it wants and does what it wants. In a slightly twisted way Michael Avenatti was right when he intimated that it would take a Trump type to beat Trump.

The reason it will take a Trump type to defeat Trump is nobody on the Democrat side will give Donald Trump credit for anything, and the more Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Contenders try to pretend Trump is not President and that Trump is not to get his Border wall; not even a Lego Version of the Wall, the more Trump Supporters dig in, and the more likely that Independent and Moderate Voters will go for Trump in 2020.

Trump continues to make miscalculations in the same vein as the Democrats. While the Democrats  won't cede anything to Trump, Trump likes to stuff it down the Dem's throats whenever he gets the opportunity to do so. Trump's adrenaline induced latest gaffes after allegedly being vindicated in the Mueller Investigation include attempting to defund the Special Olympics, threatening to close the Mexican Border, defunding Central American Countries, while also not wanting to meet with Central American Governments after Trump had stated he would take away their U.S. funds. This is just not right and opens the door to having China, or Russia, or the Drug Cartel come in and provide some type of aid and support instead.

Trump should care about Central America, but he doesn't. This may be the single biggest disappointment I have regarding Trump since he became President. Trump can't seem to muster Presidential interest where ever he has no personal business interests, a whopping Presidential Character Defect if ever there was one.

I'd love to find a Democrat Trump, a Democrat who  chastises all other Democrats for not congratulating Trump for winning in 2016, who chastises Democrat Candidates for not supporting Trump's Border Wall, a Democrat Trump who blames Hillary Clinton for not running one dollar a day Targeted Facebook ads the way that Trump's people did in 2016 as being the real reason Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. A Democrat candidate willing to excoriate Bernie Sanders for misleading his followers about how Caucuses work and that Sanders was robbed of the 2016 Democrat Nomination. A Democrat Candidate who demands Democrat Politicians quit trying to find ways to avoid acknowledging the American Heartland, matters.

A Democrat Presidential Candidate who campaigns that Trump is right about the Border Wall, but he just doesn't do enough other things right to justify Trump remaining President is the best person to defeat Trump in 2020. No Democrat will be able to beat Trump in 2020 if they don't have the backbone to complement Trump.

And, the Democrat Trump should have Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for their V.P.  I didn't realize Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was so old! She's already 29 and will be 30 well before the Presidential Elections, qualifying her for the Vice President Spot. 

I would then put Cortez in charge of finding a State that wants to go all in on her Green Deal and give her four years to get her Green Deal up and running in that one State as a test model for the rest of the country to see in action.

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Calling Nationalist's Racist is becoming the new Abnormal as Madam Secretary TV Show gets in on the Bandwagon Rhetoric.

With each passing day Democrats harden their stance that their way is the only way, and all other ways are the wrong way, or, Racist Way. Meanwhile everyday the Media and Progressives wreak havoc on the concept of Nationalism. Even the TV show Madam Secretary came out strongly opposing Nationalism, calling Nationalism, Racism.

Think about that for a moment. People of all races who are citizens of a country and believe in Nationalism, are now being called racist! If this level of pompous deceit continues, it's going to make me wonder if History has truthfully painted the events of World War II, a war allegedly funded on both sides by the rich elite of the world.

What the Anti Nationalist's keep missing is the missing funds Nationalists feel have been siphoned away from long time U.S. citizens. In the area of Medical Abuse by the system that deprives "Nationalist's" of earned Healthcare aid; the Anti Nationalism crowd is clueless in part because of HIPAA laws which prevent the truth from coming out about how seniors are being either deprived or mistreated by a Healthcare system that accelerates its tunnel visioned "Healthcare by Numbers" missive.  And the older one is, the LESS rights they have to keep on living, I witnessed this ageist act personally.

Miss you Mom, a 91 year old still walking 1.1 miles at a time with me by her side, victimized by a California Healthcare system that allowed her to be Abused in the ER by an ER Nurse and then Patient Dumped by the ER  Curb, in the rain, to die at home, with no Police Investigation even when asked to on more than one occasion by her Caregiver son who had kept her out of an overnight Hospital stay for the prior 3 and 3/4 years.

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