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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Making Fun of Hillary Clinton, by Vanity Fair.

Please note the visual cues in this unfunny one minute video tribute to Hillary Clinton from the hopefully soon to be jobless Vanity UnFair Editors. 

The meaning behind the champagne glass being held by each member of the editorial staff of Vanity UnFair is possibly making fun of Hillary Clinton for GIVING UP and settling for possibly imbibing when she should be striving to improve, for possibly not striving to fix that which she can fix, which was being a huge proponent of healthcare while not being cardio fit nor seeming to give a rats arse about being cardio fit.

Wake up Hillary Clinton. Get in Cardio Shape and be ready for 2020 or earlier, just in case, that is the real message behind the unfunny Vanity Unfair Video Missive.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

TV Show Madam Secretary either mocks or mirrors DailyPUMAs May 31, 2017 Article by showing Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord on an Elliptical while talking to Daisy.

Hillary Clinton's tragic flaw has been mentioned by DailyPUMA on SEVERAL occasions, she's not physically / cardio fit.  

DailyPUMA has SPECIFICALLY mentioned that Hillary Clinton could have overcome ALL of the BS that was thrown in her way prior to the 2016 Presidential Election if she had done some interviews while working out on an elliptical.

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The doubt created around her physical fitness was something Hillary Clinton chose to conceal rather than fight through. Even Trump suggested Hillary Clinton was less fit than himself and Hillary Clinton had no comeback, no proof to counter the accusation. Trump even dared Hillary Clinton to a drug test to see who was "cleaner". Trump attacked, Hillary Clinton chose to win the debates, while losing the mano a mano challenges, the schoolyard brawls.

It's really a tragic flaw that Hillary Clinton just did not see and still does not see the need to be cardio fit. The TV Show Madam Secretary just created and Broadcast a storyline involving Te'a Leoni's Secretary of State character Elizabeth McCord being encouraged to run for president.  In one scene McCord is shown ON AN ELLIPTICAL talking to Daisy as Daisy asks for a day off.

DailyPUMA was accused of many things for making the lack of cardio fitness claim against Hillary Clinton. For the doubters, please explain away the Madam Secretary episode that just ran on TV last Sunday, December 17 2017 which features McCord on her Elliptical, the episode is called "Women Transform the World".

A really big life lesson is to never expect to control when you are needed, or when your country may need you, but, instead to just be ready, just in case. 

While many laugh it up when Hillary Clinton is shown on Steven Colbert's show with two wine glasses between them (she actually only had one sip), I see it as a set up against her one final chance to become president. 

I am not convinced that Trump will make it through his first term because of his prior behavior, and if Hillary Clinton were to appear to have had a cardio make over, I believe she could run as an independent or be the overwhelming democrat choice for a 2020 run, or sooner if it is revealed the 2016 election was rigged by James Comey when he refused to publicize the ongoing FBI investigations against Donald Trump while twice publicizing his investigation against Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, as the U.S. burns, is Hillary Clinton fiddling, or at the very least getting in cardio shape, just in case.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Republicans should Rework Trump's Income Tax Bill, here's why.

Donald Trump's Income Tax Reduction plan is simple, healthy cuts for the wealthy so they can keep pumping up the Stock Market. Nothing thrills Trump more than an ever increasing Stock Market and the simplest approach to keeping the Stock Market rallying is to roll back many environmental restrictions while giving hefty income tax savings to the wealthy.

Many Stock run ups are pumped by the wealthy who are able to pump the Stock Market until eventually the average citizen feels like they are missing out. The Average Citizen jumps in, and suddenly the rug is pulled out, or, Lucy pulls the football away just as Charlie Brown is going to kick it.

Trump's income tax bill could allow the stock market to FALSELY and PREMATURELY reach record levels up and until after the 2020 re–election. If Republicans don't see the benefit in eight years of Trump, then Republicans need to step in and truly whittle the Income Tax bill so that it helps the middle class, and gives a slight benefit to the wealthy as well.

The Corporate Tax Rate should be reduced somewhere to the range of 30% to 27.5%. No double taxation in which taxpayers pay State Income Taxes and Home Property Taxes, and then can't deduct all of it on their Federal Income Tax. Hospital expenses need to be deducted as well. Interest rate charges need to be deductible as well. 

Most importantly, in the quixotic quest to originally reduce the number of income index levels, no discussion, none at all, was directed towards CAPPING any of the rates once income reached half a million, or one million dollars, that is where the real scamming is going on. Not only will the richest of the rich get to keep more of their income, they then get much higher dividends from Corporate profits, AND, the super wealthy can then invest and if they lose, can also deduct their losses, the tax cut is literally an endless feedback loop of rollover riches.

However, perhaps the number one issue that was completely ignored was what to do about the coming robot and drone revolution. The Robot and the Drone Industry will create many excellent paying jobs, while dismantling perhaps 3 to 10 times as many physical labor jobs previously done by humans. Did the Republican dominated Congress just give additional wealth to the very people who will try and accelerate the use of robotics and drones to further maximize profits? 

Trump now wants to focus on infrastructure. DailyPUMA sees the brutal irony in focusing on infrastructure just as vehicle automation takes hold. Will infrastructure money go to those who are heavily investing in robotics and drone innovation, in essence using taxpayer money to deprive taxpayers of the benefit of the money they pay into the system?

The Aggressive Tone and Nature of Donald Trump in practically everything he does should be ratcheted down by Republican Legislators if Republicans hope to do ok in 2018 and 2020 elections. 

Whenever Trump brashly wants something, it's because either he himself, his family, those he is indebted to, or his donors will benefit the most. Republican Politicians need to have figured this out by now and need to come together to do MODERATE income tax changes rather than the radical changes that Donald Trump wants for selfish purposes.  

(After this article was written it is rumored that Donald Trump confided to his closest donors that they were going to make out like bandits because of the new tax bill.)

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Monday, December 11, 2017

How do Bible Trumpers and Roy Moore Supporters Reconcile The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth with the Ends Justify the Means?

How do Roy Moore Supporters Reconcile "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth" with "The Ends Justify the Means"? The two sayings propose wildly different social philosphies, about as different as is possible. Roy Moore supporters, please answer in the comments section. 

Please don't answer that if the Roy Moore accusations were true, why did they take so long to come out, because the answer is social media (which has only been dominant for the past 7 to 8 years) is the driver, and Trumps constant lying was the catalyst. And lets not forget that Hollywood got lambasted BEFORE Moore. You Conservatives liked it when Hollywood got their comeuppance, but the moment it was an alleged Conservative Christian named Roy Moore who walked on the wrong side, suddenly it was a conspiracy. 

Sure, the media lied about Barack Obama and his racist Dodd / Frank Bill that cut and burned millions of dedicated and honest Rust Belt homeowners and yes the Media even hid the Obama blessed, racist practice of Parallel Foreclosure, but now Trump is lying his ass off on a myriad of issues which probably helped start the Hollywood whirlwind of accusations BEFORE ROY MOORE and also why OLDER people now have said enough is enough in regards to Roy Moore's behavior from 30 to 40 years ago.

How do you, as a Roy Moore supporter and Bible Trumper, feel about TWO Democrat Congressman stepping down while alleged child dominator Mr. Moore rides in to save the day for Lying Donald Trump? 

Neo Conservatives have already crossed the line with the "Who cares about Trump's behavior as long as he picks the right Supreme Court Justice" swagger that got Trump elected, that was the day you became a Bible  Trumper.

Supporters for Roy Moore sure seem to like the Religion by Convenience fit Bible Trumper's have placed their faith in. I guess it will be up to the Liberal Democrats to tow the Moral Line while you Bible Trumper's cross it and luxuriate in Trumps Devil Swamp in which the Ends always Justify the Means. Meek no More, Enjoy your Ends justifying the Means as only a Swamp Dwelling Bible Trumper can do.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fighting the High Velocity California Wind Fires with Water Misting.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

What if the Clintons made a short video being showered with dollar bills because of all the Money the Trump Tax Plan will Save them?

What if the Clintons made a short video being showered with dollar bills because of all the Money the Trump Tax Plan will Save them?  What if the Obama's made a short video being showered with dollar bills because of all the Money the Trump Tax Plan will Save them? Would Trump still be in a rush to Pass his Income Tax Plan?

How do we allow someone who hid his income taxes the right to push through a ridiculous income tax bill that is about giving back to his donors? Answer, unrepentant Religious fascists who feel the ends justify the means. Wow.

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