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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hillary Clinton still doesn't get it…"Hillary Clinton: 'I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that's not why I lost'.

DailyPUMA is so exasperated with Hillary Clinton and her followers who protect her from the truth. Hillary Clinton was probably our best presidential choice in 2016, but what hurt her chances to win was she did not properly prepare during the prior four years when she was not working, thus leading to her inability to fight back against charges of bad health, and greed.

Just what was Hillary Clinton doing during those four years from 2012 to 2016? Was she helping out with Clinton Foundation projects in the U.S.?  Nope.

Was Hillary Clinton doing any type of cardio to keep in tip top physical shape?  Nope.

Hillary Clinton is making excuses she does not need to make.

Was Hillary Clinton being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per Wall Street Speech to Investment companies who are despised by many?  Yep.

Was Hillary Clinton regularly enjoying the finer things in life, like sugary coffee drinks and her favorite form of alcohol whatever that might be?  Apparently yep.

That's why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, too much greed, too much indulgence, not enough working hard, as in literally helping on Clinton Foundation projects in the U.S, or actually being able to conduct an interview while exercising on an elliptical.

DailyPUMA witnessed multiple men talking smack about Hillary Clinton as if they had nothing to fear. Nothing would have pleased DailyPUMA more than to see Hillary Clinton punch one of the bad mouther's in the nose. Except that it takes a person who regularly achieves an endorphin high from exercise to understand the idea that when a fellow politician disrespects them in public, it's not such a bad idea to intimidate them in real life.

During the 2016 prime time television season, TWO different young girls, one a pre-teen actor, the other a young female teen, both solved a problem by punching a male in the nose. DailyPUMA believes this may have been a subliminal reaction to the no fear attitude filthy mouths like Donald Trump and Louie Federet projectile vomited towards Hillary Clinton. 

Will someone close to Hillary Clinton PLEASE WAKE HER UP! Quit focusing on public speaking, quit being videotaped way too comfortable in a seating position, as was the case at the recent tech conference she spoke at,  quit talking about a book you are going to write, and get out into the REAL WORLD and do something physical. Get in shape. I mean get in cardio shape. Hillary Clinton has been around male dominated politics for so long she has lost sight that many successful men in politics actually spend some of their spare time working out.

If Hillary Clinton had been in fine cardio shape in 2016, she could have lobbed one liners on a daily basis at Donald Trump over his belly and lack of physical fitness. Instead, we actually had to witness a SNIFFLING Donald Trump challenge Hillary Clinton to a drug test prior to one of the debates, and Hillary Clinton simply ignored the request, she backed down because she was not in shape.  And, at Hillary Clinton's age, continued abstinence from real cardio will soon lead to thickening ankles, a sign that the heart is weakening even if her mind stays strong. 

There is a humility to exercise that cannot be replicated by the brilliant minded and the wordsmith's amongst us, including Hillary Clinton. Sometimes, it really is just about how well one who professes to be about health care, is actually physically fit, one who cares about young people, the poor, the aged, actually goes into society and proves it via the Clinton Foundation.

DailyPUMA still believes Hillary Clinton could be a viable presidential candidate in 2020, but it will take starting now to go into society via the Clinton Foundation projects, and at the very least, also becoming physically fit.

I would love to hear a reporter ask Hillary Clinton, "Are you physically fit? Once again, just as when no reporter had the presence of mind to ask James Comey before the 2016 Presidential Election if the FBI was also investigating Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, a question that might have instantly taken away the email controversy once and for all, no reporter now will ask Hillary Clinton if she is physically fit or why she doesn't help on U.S. projects regarding the Clinton Foundation.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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Alessandro Machi said...

On the TV Show Madam Secretary recently revealed Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord is being groomed to run for President. The December 17, 2017 Madam Secretary episode, "Women Transform the World" featured Elizabeth McCord on an Elliptical as she interacted with Daisy.

Just as was mentioned above, Hillary Clinton needs to demonstrate she is in cardio shape. Many conservatives freaked out when Hillary Clinton was spotted in the woods on a hike right after the election because it went against the narrative that she was in poor health. Hillary Clinton should just be in good cardio shape going forward for so many reasons, and they are all obvious reasons as well.

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