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Monday, January 29, 2018

How Donald Trump created Fake News and used it to win an Election and then keep his Supporters Engaged, and why Robert Mueller needs to investigate Trump's IRS returns.

Donald Trump may have associations with several of the Supermarket Tabloid weeklies. These associations may be chronicled in Donald Trump's Income Tax Returns. These Supermarket Tabloid Weeklies definitely helped Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election by summoning fake news headlines against the Clintons on a regular basis throughout the 2016 year.

These supermarket tabloid weeklies are viewed by unknown millions, perhaps as many as 10 million customers as they wait in the checkout lines. The Clinton headlines in these tabloid weeklies are tawdry, fatalistic, and libelous, and usually contain a crazy looking photo of one or the other or both of the Clintons. On average at least one out of every four magazines put out per month by the Globe and the National Enquirer denigrated the Clintons.

Trump was rarely if ever portrayed in a negative light in these Tabloid magazines and a prior DailyPUMA article point out the possibility that some of the writing actually felt like it was Donald Trump actually writing it.

U.S. vs Irby provides legal precedence in being able to audit Income Tax Returns well beyond the acknowledged limit of six or seven years ago. If a claimed income tax deduction is taken that is averaged out over the past 20 years, but then is shown to be an illegal deduction, the IRS has jurisdiction going back to the beginning of the falsely claimed decutions, even if it was 20 years ago! Therefore Donald Trump is still potentially under scrutiny for his 20 year income tax deduction that started around 1995 and went through 2015. 

Rober Mueller should be investigating Donald Trump's Income Tax Returns going back to the mid 90's since they could show that Donald Trumps business associates helped create business interactions with fake news sites that were Pro Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is now attempting to have his own Tax Attorney become the head of the IRS. If Mr. Mueller does not act quickly Mr. Trump's own tax attorney could destroy and make unavailable key IRS evidence involving faux Income tax deductions going back to the 90's, and these income tax returns could show Mr. Trump has orchestrated fake news for political gain by secretly consorting with weekly news tabloids.

A future article will reveal how Donald Trump continues to banter about Fake News now that he is president.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

The amazing repercussions after Larry Nassar asked Judge Aquilina to stop his accusers from speaking.

Something amazing happened after Larry Nassar complained to Judge Aquilina about all of his former victims being allowed to have their moment to speak to him about how he made them feel. After Judge Aquilina admonished Mr. Nassar, it seemed as if the volume, content and number of his former victims wishing to speak exploded. 

The former victims spoken word exploded to the point that they brought down most of the hierarchy at Michigan State University. If Mr. Nassar had never complained, is it possible that the fervor level of speech that was spoken and then covered by the Media might have never reached the tipping point that then brought down many of Michigan State's administration?

The same spineless man who hurt so many spinelessly, motivated his former victims to bring down the hierarchy in place at the time that Nassar was repeatedly violating the sacred tenet between doctor and patient.

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The consequences of Donald Trump perpetually talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Soon the U.S. will not be able to trust what other nations have previously agreed to because Mr. Trump continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth. Donald Trump flip flops so much he has become a Flapper.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Carson Daly Show Interview with Nicolle Wallace, Rightfully Rips Bernie Sander's Supporters.

DailyPUMA is proud to be in step with Nicolle Wallace. DP came to the same conclusions about the Bernie Sander's "supporters" independent of Nicolle Wallace. 

DP has purposely avoided MSNBC, FOX, CNN since the end of 2008 and had no idea who Nicolle Wallace was. Wallace, a Republican White House Insider who gravitated towards Hillary Clinton once Trump became the Republican Nominee, offers astoundingly accurate and concise condemnation of the Bernie Sander's Supporters.  

If you don't have time to watch the entire 5 minute segment, forward to around 3:15 to 3:18 and watch the Wallace's comments on Sander's Supporters. 

Click here to see Nicolle Wallace Interview on the Carson Daly Show.  Wallace can be seen on MSNBC, apparently at 4pm daily. DP might break its boycott of Cable News and watch her. 

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 DACA Solution to help end the U.S. Budget Stalemate.

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2018 DACA Solution to help end the U.S. Budget Stalemate.

If you are planning on creating or broadcasting a commercial and want an objective, outsiders point of view about your commercial, contact Alessandro Machi about his consulting services at...

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You can also view more
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Monday, January 15, 2018

Breaking News from the New Hillary Clinton Investigation, Shocking New Allegations Prove Donald Trump is Right.

Instruction of Justice Provocateur Donald Trump just struck gold as his repeated demands for never ending Investigations into Hillary "Snowball" Clinton's activities have revealed Bill Clinton secretly contacted North Korea about Hacking into the Republican National Committee prior to the 2016 Presidential Election with the hope of finding "dirt" on Donald Trump and the RNC.

Clearly this new found allegation trump's anything that has been leveled at the Trump's about their alleged seeking of dirt on Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 Presidential Elections. This new found allegation is easily 10 times worse, if not a 100 times worse than any alleged pursuit or recruitment of Russian Hackers that has been leveled at the Trump's.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available. 

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If you are still reading this, of course the above is snark, designed to show that if the situation had been reversed, and Bill Clinton had contacted North Korea to hack into the RNC, there would have literally been rioting in Congress and all over the country by conservatives far beyond what Trump and his fragile ego has experienced.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

U.S. Trade Partners begin to React to Trump's Bluster.

U.S. Trade Partners begin to React to Trumps Bluster. Click here for the article.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Trumps Shi__ole comment not necessarily racist, and is the wrong issue to focus on, here's why.

As DailyPUMA has mentioned in the past, Donald Trump is definitely economically racist but not necessarily racially racist. In DailyPUMA's opinion, any race that Trump can profit from in a business venture is a race that Trump will like, it's really that simple.

Norway has been propping up several Stock Markets by reinvesting their oil profits in them. Then those Stock Markets invest in additional Stock Markets. It appears that Norway, and DP is guessing Germany may be the other, are the two countries stabilizing the World's Stock Markets. What Trump won't acknowledge is these two "white" counties radically believe in renewable energy and are extremely concerned about Global Warming, or, possibly the more accurate term would be Climate Change. 

Climate Change could mean the earth is not necessarily warming that quickly, rather hotter hots and colder colds can be just as devastating. Could the World Survive 100 degrees during the day and 30 degrees at night, probably not, yet that type of temperature differential could be just as lethal as actual global warming while not necessarily producing an alarming increase in the earth's average temperature.

Recently Trump mocked Global Warming because of a huge snowstorm in the East and very very cold temperatures elsewhere. Yet Climate Change fits the very very cold temperatures in some parts of the world while other parts experience hotter climates, perfectly. Kind of like the way a Microwave works. Quickly warm up food, then the food dries out quicker as well. Global Microwaving or Climate Change is probably going on all over the world as Trump attempts to quash the term Global Warming because of colder than normal weather events.

DP does not approve of Trump's Shi__ole comment, but what gets lost if we focus on his comment is that Trump keeps cherry picking from the top of the muffin when he refers to the countries he idolizes. Trump reveres Norway and Germany, yet refuses to acknowledge that both countries desire to increase their renewable energy footprint while also believing in Climate Change, two things that Trump is obtuse about, to say the least. 

Trump once again diverts the media's attention from the real issue, which is rather than focus on the countries he loathes for not being economically viable, why not ask why Trump doesn't follow Norway and Germany's lead when it comes to Renewable Energy AND their Climate Change concerns and leave the shi__ole comment for another day? The constant running around like scurrying mouses at every sewer based comment Trump makes misses the bigger picture, and that is that Trump continues to cherry pick every issue and the media lets him get away with it. 

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

DailyPUMA upcoming Articles

The delicate balance of computer time and real life and real things to do is no easy task. DailyPUMA has literally not logged on for several days. As a result DP is making a list of several upcoming articles before they escape DP's memory banks.
  • The Circle of Life and Hillary Clinton and what happened in 1999 that changed things between Russia and the U.S. and how the FBI and 60 Minutes was involved.
  • Oprah explains What Happened and Hollywood is blown away as if she was the one who actually caused What Happened, to happen.
  • Diane Feinstein provides additional proof that the FBI was investigating Donald Trump prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, yet said nothing.
  • Donald Trump's Secret, not so Secret War against the NFL is nothing more than a 3 decade temper tantrum.
  • Kim Jong Un explains that his Nuclear Weapons are only pointed at the U.S., therefore Russia and China have nothing to worry about, seriously?

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Election Math that never Added up for Hillary Clinton.

One of the strangest Mathematical twists in the 2016 presidential election results was Barack and Michelle Obama magnificently hitting it out of the park on behalf of Hillary Clinton when it came time to get out the Progressive Vote, yet their help may have actually caused Hillary Clinton a net negative because of the Moderate Voters who switched from her to Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton lost some of her Moderate base to Donald Trump by keeping silent about the Obama Administration's Mortgage relief program that failed to protect many struggling homeowners.

So every Moderate vote that switched from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump is equivalent to a double vote for Donald Trump. One less Clinton Moderate is a loss of one vote for Hillary Clinton, when that Moderate then switches to Donald Trump, then it becomes a gain of one vote for Donald Trump, so a minus one plus a plus one equals a two vote switch every time a moderate vote switched from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. 

Lets assume Barack and Michelle Obama helped Hillary Clinton gain an additional 10 million Progressive Votes. When Hillary Clinton kept silent against Bernie Sanders ridiculous accusations against her (at Barack Obama's request for the good of party unity) and when she also keept silent about Barack Obama's poor home mortgage relief program, Hillary Clinton may have lost 7 million Moderate Voters to Donald Trump. 

The net result would be 10 million votes gained from Barack and Michelle Obama's support minus 7 million former Hillary Clinton Moderate Supporters going over to Donald Trump, which has to be multiplied by 2 for a net gain of 14 million. 10 million Progressive votes for Hillary Clinton minus 14 million against equals a net gain of 4 million votes for Donald Trump!

But what about Conservative Voters who were embarrassed and disgusted by Donald Trump's behavior throughout the 2016 campaign? Many Conservatives who were considering switching over to Hillary Clinton or simply not voting changed their minds when they were encouraged by Conservative Religious leaders all over the U.S. to vote for Donald Trump because Donald Trump would be picking the next Supreme Court Justice.

If you doubt the Conservatives voted for Trump because of Judicial issues, then look no further than Alabama, where a whopping 72% of the White Males and 63% of the White Females recently voted for Roy Moore even after overwhelming evidence was submitted that he had routinely pursued teenage girls half his age three and four decades ago.

The actual loss of votes to the opposing political party that Hillary Clinton might have been victim of helps explain why Al Gore did not seek Bill Clinton's support after Bill Clinton's two terms in office. However, at that time Bill Clinton was the ONLY President in the past 60 years to leave office more popular then when he was elected, so in Gore's case it might not have been the right call.

The silence on the negative's of Obama's record by Hillary Clinton opened the door for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to have a field day at the expense of Hillary Clinton and her Moderate Base.

One of the lasting negative effects of 2016 which could very well hurt the Democrats in 2020 was Hillary Clinton's silence in regards to Barack Obama's glaring mortgage mistakes that hurt the Rust Belt States and her silence against Donald Trump's incoherent, repetitive and rambling attacks against Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sander's needlessly suctioning many union groups away from Hillary Clinton when everyone knew Hillary Clinton was pro-Union.

Democrat Moderates and Progressives still won't acknowledge the one or two really big mistakes made by the Barack Obama administration. By not owning up to what went wrong during Obama's Administration, and DailyPUMA places the home mortgage modification program at the top of the list, Democrats have inadvertently distanced themselves from the Rust Belt States that they once handily owned.

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