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Saturday, December 14, 2019

EARNED ENTITLEMENTS vs INSTANT ENTITLEMENTS, once this issue is stated this way, Trump should win in 2020.

Nobody has yet to make the direct comparison between EARNED ENTITLEMENTS and INSTANT ENTITLEMENTS. Once this issue hits the media, whichever Party embraces prioritizing EARNED ENTITLEMENTS over INSTANT ENTITLEMENTS, should win the Presidency in 2020.

Even Warren's tax on the rich would be accepted if voters knew the proceeds were going to shore up deficient Medicare Reimbursements AND EARNED ENTITLEMENTS, especially all of the EARNED ENTITLEMENTS Barack Obama managed to remove from Baby Boomers and Seniors during his time in office.

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Lies the Media keeps repeating about Myles Garrett.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A Censure of Trump is the right move.

While Trump has mixed in personal agendas with Government decisions, it should be noted that almost anything he does can have a personal agenda attached to it just because he has business dealings in many parts of the world.

It would not surprise me if the Ukraine impeachment Inquiry is a smoke screen for other charges that the Republicans have no idea are coming.

However, I think Nancy Pelosi refusing to allow budgeting for the Border wall is the offset. If Pelosi had granted budgeting for the border wall, and then Trump went around making his deals, then she would have fairness and decency on her side.

Pelosi's condescending smirk about a border wall, the very issue that got Trump elected, is worthy of impeachment of Pelosi.

I would like to see the Dems and Republicans agree on specific presidential actions that are impeachable and warn Trump via a united censure this time that he can't make backroom deals in the future.

However, I think Trump had the right to investigate the Bidens, as long as the investigation was not publicized and if the investigation exonerated the Bidens, Trump could not hide that result.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

The Trump / Ukraine cliff notes by DailyPUMA.

Forget all the media memes that have been used from day one regarding Trump, Ukraine, and quid pro quo's for a moment.

The following is the most important thing to keep track of.
Did Donald Trump demand that Ukraine not only start any kind of investigation related to American citizens, but did Donald Trump also demand that the investigation be publicly announced by Ukraine. If the answer is yes, then at the very least Trump would need to be censured.
However, if Trump did not demand that the names of those being investigated be publicized, then he did little wrong since the purpose of an investigation is to fact find and the result is unknown until the investigation is complete.

If you have been following the news you have heard various people say "there was no quid pro quo," "there was a quid pro quo", "quid pro quo's are acceptable", there was a "pro quo", and "all that is needed is a quid".

"All that is needed is a quid" was said by Nancy Pelosi and she is completely wrong. "All that is needed is a quid" means as long as Trump asked for anything in return for the Ukraine Weapons deal to go through, then Trump has done wrong according to Pelosi. That is an incorrect perspective. A President is allowed to create an investigative path as long as it ends with objective, verifiable fact finding, and as long as the investigation itself while it is ongoing is not used to impugn the reputation of any one that is being investigated.

As long as the Investigation is neither publicized while it is ongoing, nor is the result tampered with or pre determined, and the result is credible, then Trump has done very little to nothing wrong.

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Media bias called Trump's fact finding, "dirt", they would have never done this during the Obama Administration.

The Ukraine situation was an ethical and logical progression. Rudy Guiliani looks for dirt. Guiliani reports his findings to the White House. Of course the White House knows that the dirt is just a starting point and has no value.

The White House goes on a fact finding mission by asking Ukraine to investigate the dirt to see if there is actual substance, aka truth or not.

The quid pro quo is basically, verify or deny dirt so the White House knows the truth. That's it. 

Yes, there CAN be quid pro quo and still not violate anything.

For some strange reason a very skittish Democrat led Congress freaked out, as if they had something to hide, and went with the dirt having value meme and a whole bunch of accusations about what Trump was going to do, not what he actually did.

So far I see lunancy, or using a false poisoned tree to create enough interrogations to find something, which is exactly what the Dems and the Media accused Trump of planning to do, except the Dems are actually doing the very thing they are accusing Trump of doing. 

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Who is supporting the Taliban, who is against the Taliban, Don't you want to know?

There are so many players in Syria one wonders how the U.S. and the Kurds are on one side and everyone else is on the other side.

If the Taliban is hated by all, then the Kurds should have been protected.

If Russia, Sytria, Turkey, Taliban, Iran and The Kurds are all involved, would not Russia, Syria, and Turkey side with the Kurds over the Taliban?

So doesn't this prove that Iran is supporting the Taliban?

The press is spending all of their time assailing Trump yet the other question they won't ask is, if a country had to pick between the Kurds and the Taliban, who would they pick?

Other than Iran, who else is supporting the Taliban? Don't you want to know?

As bad as it sounds about Trump pulling out Troops, there are other questions that should be asked and answered by the media, but why do that when they can just blame Trump.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The false narrative being spun by the Media and Dems regarding Investigations having "value".

An Investigation has no value until it is either publicized or completed. The media publicized the Ukraine investigation, not Trump. The Ukraine Investigation was never completed, so it has had no value.

The media tried to trick Trump into publicizing the Investigation before it was completed. When Trump refused to answer, his refusal was posited by the Media as a sign of guilt.

The Trump impeachment hearings are a pre emptive cover up by Democrat Higher ups of past Democrat wrongdoing involving offshore employment opportunities being given to their sons and daughters.

The attempt to try and spin the attention onto the Trump Children, all who had their businesses before Trump became President, is clearly a red herring.

Private business dealings are not the same thing as being a politician who uses their political connections to garner a favorable outcome for their own Children.

Might be a bad idea to hate Trump so much that anything that is done to him is acceptable in your eyes when the pre emptive actions being taken are to deflect attention from "an Investigation" into past actions by American Politicians in other countries.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Media falsifies Headline claiming Trump was wrong about raking the forests, yet the quote from the article describes Raking the Forest to prevent Forest Fires!

This is just stunning.

Here is the quote from the scientist...""According to him, (the Finnish Scientist) Finland actually prevent fires through forest thinning — where dead natural material is removed — and through early warning aerial surveillance systems, where local aviation clubs are paid to fly over forests to spot fires before they get out of control".

What do you think raking the forest is? It's preventing fires through forest thinning, where dead natural material is removed.

California wildfires that spread like wildfire usually are caused by high winds. And this "scientist" is claiming early warning aerial surveillance clubs are paid to fly over forests to spot fires before they get out of control.

If California does not clear out the dead natural material, then sparking power lines and power transformers need mere minutes to start fires that will take days to put out. This article did nothing to prove Trump was wrong other than a false headline.

Some days I think Trump has done a lot of wrong things, then other days, I realize the Progressive FAKE media is even worse for not giving Trump credit for anything he says or does, even when he is 100% right.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Looks like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers cost California Billions with their Trump Mocking about Raking the Leaves in the Forest comment.

When Trump stated that California needed to rake their forests, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers mocked Trump on Late night Television. 

Just tonight, a resident of Sylmar, California was mentioning that at first they were grateful that the power company did not turn off power to their community because of the high winds, until a neighbor noticed a sparking Utility Pole that started shrubs at the base of the Utility Pole on fire and may have been the catalyst for a wildfire that roared out of control and is still burning 2 days later.

Instead of mocking Trump's "raking the leaves" comment and heavily profiting from the comment, an intelligent, caring late night show host would have studied the comment and concluded that at the very least, keeping brush clear of power utility poles makes sense. But why try to construct something of value from Trump's basic "raking the leaves" comment?

Isn't this the Progressive way? Say nothing when residents are fined and forced to clear their shrubs to help prevent fires, but then ridicule the President for proposing that additional brush management also be done by State Government. 

Anytime Trump has gone after California for not doing their part over a myriad of issues, Colbert and Meyers are sure to take State Government's side.

If Colbert and Meyers are so smart, how come they did not come up with the obvious conclusion that all power lines and poles be inspected and kept clear of brush on a weekly basis.

Whenever we read about a public rampage shooting, Trump is immediately blamed. I would suggest it is the constant ridiculing of Trump that is antagonizing a small small group of people. First Late Night Talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers make fun and mock practically anything that Trump does, then when a tragedy happens, they once again profit via their TV ratings while mocking Trump again.

The 2019 California Wildfires are on Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers for their being so over the top a year earlier with their ridiculing of Trump's "rake the forest" comment.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Madam Secretary TV Episode invokes Executive Privilege so Elizabeth McCord can ignore Congressonal subpoenas, but when the Trump Administration does the exact same thing, it's Obstruction of Justice according to Adam Schiff.

In what has to be one of the most timely ironic twists for late night syndicated TV mirroring real life events, the TV show Madam Secretary literally did EXACTLY what the Trump Administration is now trying to do in regards to subpoenas. 

The Madame Secretary episode, "But for the Grace of God go I" literally aired at 2 am Monday, Oct. 7th, 2019, approximately 15 hours after a slew of Democrat charges about the Trump Administration obstructing justice by ignoring subpoenas from Congress by the power of Executive Privilege.

Below is the transcript from Madam Secretary, Episode 22 from season 1 which aired in syndication Oct. 7, 2019, 2 am in the morning on CBS late night...

Regarding your situation, good news.
White House Counsel has made a legal determination, and they're going to invoke executive privilege in response to the subpoena, so, you're off the hook... for now.
This is the part where you say, "Thank you, Russell, for your topnotch voodoo."
Of course I mean prowess.
I hate the way this looks.
It looks like Christmas morning.
It looks like I'm hiding behind some vague assertion of executive power because I have something to fear from the truth.
She has a quirk about principles.
Oh, we appreciate that about her.
As do I, but moderation in all things.
I understand how hard you must have worked to make this happen, Russell, but I can't fall in line.
I can't take the easy way out.
I don't need to invoke anything but the truth.
Facing the music is the right call, and the administration will be stronger for it.
Mr. President?
I'm here with Elizabeth.
She's declining executive privilege.
Sure. Hang on.
Hello, Mr. President.
Elizabeth, I am strongly advising you to take executive privilege.
(continues indistinctly)
Yes, sir. I... Yes, sir.
Dalton: Do we understand each other?
Yes, sir.
Dalton: Good.
Thank you, Mr. President.
So, it looks like I'm gonna take that executive privilege.
I love it when it all works out.
(microwave beeps twice)

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Donald Trump being Investigated for wishing Bernie Sanders a speedy recovery, Dems claim he profited off of the get well wish and must be impeached.

I hope when this insanity is done the idiots who tried to claim that a president asking for intel is an impeachable offense are charged with some type of crime.

I can't believe how the Dem's hatred for Trump has lowered their own IQ by about 50 points.

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Understanding what Progressive Fascism is and how it relates to Ukraine and Donald Trump.

Was Donald Trump on the path towards an impeachable offense when he asked about Dirt on Joe Biden's son? Absolutely.

Had Donald Trump done anything impeachable yet, most likely no.

Did the Democrats pounce too soon, absolutely yes.

A president can ask for "details" with any country. A president can ask for details about any country the U.S. has trade relations with. 

What a president CANNOT do is imply that details either be created or exaggerated, nor can a President use the initiation of detail requesting to then publicize their request of details as an investigation.

And of course, the big one, a President can not deny a country U.S. Product if the country does not  produce anything the President feels is tangible regarding their inquiry, also known as a quid pro quo.

And finally, if the President asks for dirt and receives a report back that there was no dirt, the President would need to publicize the findings even if it makes the target of the Investigation look good and himself look bad.

Using a report that was done by a prior administration for whom a member of the family worked for as "proof" that there was no wrong doing is not enough to deny the next President an opportunity to revisit a situation.

What we are witnessing is Progressive Fascism.

Yes, Trump was definitely tap dancing on an ethics line, absolutely. However, Progressive Fascism has no patience and that is not enough of an excuse to justify their knee jerk reactions.

Remember, if Progressive Fascists can taunt and threaten and pronounce that Donald Trumps sons are going to jail before the Mueller report was released, then President Donald Trump can surely look into the not fully vetted business dealings of Joe Biden's son. Not understanding this type of quid pro quo is what Progressive Fascism is all about.

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Garcetti Blames Federal Government for Homelessness in Los Angeles while continuing to fight for Open Borders.

There is a term called equivalency that is rarely used nowadays.

When Mayor Garcetti writes to Trump and states...
"It is clear that no local government, including ours, can address homelessness on our own," Garcetti said in the letter. "For many years, the federal government has woefully underfunded our housing safety net, contributing to homelessness. The federal government cut HUD funding for the production of new housing and preservation by 31% for the 2016-2018 time period, and according to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, only one in four low-income families who qualify for housing assistance actually receive it. This pressure is acutely felt here in Los Angeles, where 36,000 people experience homelessness on any given night." end quote.
One has to ask, where is the equivalency?

Can there be anything more punkish than to blame the Federal Government for LA housing policies when the same entity that is blaming the Federal Government for lack of funding also defies the Federal Government at every turn when it comes to anything to do with Undocumented Immigration? California filed papers within hours after Trump had come up with a proposal to fund the Border Wall with funds from the Military to protest Trump's move.

So as long as the Federal Government does what Garcetti wants, Garcetti never has to do what the Federal Government wants?

The same knee jerk, punkish reactions happened a year ago when Trump discussed issues like Forest Management concepts that WERE NOT BEING DONE and was ridiculed by late night TV for suggesting raking the forest would help reduce forest fires. Actually, raking the forests would not be a bad first step.

This type of Punkish BS is constantly spewing from Progressives and the Media. Take anything Trump says, and either blame Trump, ridicule Trump, or call him a racist.

This country will be in a world of hurt if Trump loses in 2020 because of the outlandish, childish, punkish, conniving actions I have witnessed over the past couple of years from Progessive politicians and the media. Rewarding Progressive behavior with the Presidency will just embolden Progs to basically destroy the quality of life for any one over the age of 60. 

There used to be a saying, don't trust anyone over 30. Pretty soon the new saying could be, don't trust anyone who is a Progressive if you are over 55.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Did Donald Trump cause the Amazon Rain Forest Fires, possibly yes.

On March 19, 2019 Donald Trump Granted Brazil MNNA status. 

MNNA means Major Non Nato Ally Status. Granting MNNA means economic priority with a country even though they are not in NATO.

I advocated MNNA status for North Korea as an inducement to curtail and end their Nuclear Weapon's Program back in August of 2017. Instead, Trump has offered North Korea nothing on the front end, yet Trump has now gone and offered MNNA status to Brazil.

MNNA status for Brazil was announced by Donald Trump on March 19, 2019, then several months later Brazil's Amazon Rain Forest is burning with the most likely intent of mining the Gold that is underneath it.  NOW THAT is a reason for Impeachment.

The only path I can see for Trump to remain viable is if he admits he is clueless about the Heartland, Baby Boomers, and Seniors, (something Barack Obama never admitted to), and create a new bureau to deal with the Heartland, Baby Boomers and Senior Generations.

And also, please rescind Brazil's MNNA status and instead offer it to North Korea in exchange for the dismantling of their Nuclear Weapon's program.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

You say Racism, I say Ageism.

For every accusation of racism that is presently being made towards the Trump Administration, I see a counter point, the use of the Racism card to blunt what is actually an ageism issue.

The most recent accusation of racism involves vetting potential immigrants based on how quickly they may need access to social safety net resources.

While Progressives claim this proposed policy is racist, the proposal is actually anti ageist. Immigrants who came to the U.S. 30 years ago, 40  years ago, 50 years ago, 60 years ago, 70 years ago....had no internet. Immigrants back then came to the U.S. to find work and to thrive. I am pretty certain virtually no one came to the U.S. hoping for Government handouts. However, with the advent of the internet, Immigrants can now do extensive research and learn how to immediately start taking before they have given. Or have we forgotten how Chinese were spending up to 80,000 dollars to fly pregnant women to California so their children were born on U.S. soil.

Supporting a U.S entitlements program that does not vet the newly arrived is AGEIST because it will result in those who are Baby Boomers and older having to share a perpetually dwindling earned entitlement pie with those who have not yet earned their entitlement.

This is not about racism, this is about AGEISM. Why believe the Dems are the good guys and the Republicans are the bad guys when they both basically are not doing enough for Baby Boomers and those older. 

Please don't fall for the Racism B.S., it's being permeated by idealistic narcissism that just does not give a crap about the aged.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Barr is now finding out there were irregularities regarding how Epstein was being held.

I can't imagine being a reporter for a major news source and having to legitimize the most blatant and public murder in the history of the United States. Even Lee Harvey Oswald was killed in front of dozens of people who probably had no idea Oswald was about to be shot. 

I think even protestors are perplexed at the thought of protesting the killing of an alleged pedophile billionaire who suddenly is only half a billionaire, the victim of lawlessness, and apparently dead.

After Epstein was in jail for over a month, Barr is now "discovering" irregularities concerning how Epstein was being watched. Garsh, I guess just putting a couple of cameras pointed at Epstein was just far too advanced a concept. 

What I find most disturbing is if Trump ordered all of this, then according to Muellerm Trump can't be charged with Murder, conspiracy to commit a Murder, or murder to obstruct justice, because he is President. Kind of a scary concept, no?  

I'd love to see Mueller hauled back into Congress and asked one question, if Donald Trump had ordered Epstein's death, could Trump be found liable while President? And, who would have the final say on the investigation into an investigation over Trump's possible role in Epstein's death, the answer is Trump. If Trump wanted the entire investigation into how Epstein died, destroyed, the investigation would be destroyed.

How many times did Trump tweet about Epstein over the last month? The tell is Trump kept his mouth shut and gave us that pathetic smile as he posed with the baby of the dead parents in El Paso Texas for a photo op.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

The only line longer than the one to Kill Jeffrey Epstein in his cell was the line of cocaine from all of Epstein's Pedophile Parties.

Obviously Trump was worried about Epstein. Trump's lame attempt to blame Epstein's death on the Clinton's is probably the lowest level of duplicity one can imagine. Trump was obviously worried about himself. 

I am curious, did Trump ever mention Epstein's name after Epstein was arrested? 
Trump's hand about to pat girl in green's butt.

I don't recall Trump tweeting much about Epstein's arrest. The silence is the tell.

There should have been two cameras on Epstein at all times in his jail cell. The belief that Trump was trying to clean up the swamp now has no credibility.

The only good that comes out of Epstein's murder that I can see is it probably protects all the young girls violated at Epstein's parties from being hunted down and murdered so they could not be witnesses at Epstein's trial.

Maybe this was a numbers game. Easier to suicide Epstein than hunt down possibly many dozen women now in their 20's and 30's and kill them instead.

What a sad day for truth, but I am relieved if it saves the lives of all the women already victimized from being victimized again.

For those of you who believe Bill Clinton attended Epstein Parties or was serviced on Epstein's plane by under aged girls, for those of you who believe it was Trump watching out for himself, the odds are both sides are right, so no need to try and pin this murdercide on either party, this was the elites from all sides giving the middle finger to the minions of the world.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

How the 10 Debating Democrats who all raised their hands at the first 2019 Debate in support of Unlimited Undocumented Migration and Free Health Care for all Undocumented may have inspired the Double Massacres in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

I think Beto O'Rourke and the other 9 Democrats who ALL raised their hands for free healthcare for the Undocumented may have inspired the massacres in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. 

Mr. Band Boy went on a rock band tour in a car 20 years ago with his band buddies and the communal outing with everyone he encountered somehow gave Beto O'Rourke Magical powers of insight the rest of us mere mortals could never even imagine.

Did O'Rourke ever spend time as a Caregiver for a Senior? Did Beto ever adopt a lonely senior left forgotten in an assisted living center with nothing but death to look forward to? Did O'Rourke ever discover that Dementia can be a mystical
blessing in which people basically recount their lives verbally, many times with no one in the room to listen? I guess blasting music so loud that it may create future hearing loss for those listening helps create the world we live in now, one in which what a Senior with Dementia is accurately recounting from events 60 years ago should be cordoned off somewhere so they don't make a sound.

Did the 10 Democrats who ALL raised their hands for Unlimited Undocumented Migration and Free Healthcare for all Undocumented not incite those who have waited several WEEKS or Several Months just to see a Doctor, the delay possibly costing them an opportunity to ever regain their health? Is that the Health care system we want to add another layer of enrollees to?

What about surprise Medical Bills that cause people to lose their homes because they were forced to pay more than their fair share of their bill?

What about Baby Boomers who for the last 10 YEARS have been unable to take out a Home Equity Line of credit if they are unemployed, even if their home is paid off!

Is O'Rourke even remotely aware of the strain on our Hospitals because our Government already UNDERPAYS for each Hospital procedure they cover? 

Beto O'Rourke romanticizes crossing the Border as he  spins fairy tale hopes and dreams while ignoring what it  means to be a Senior in the twilight of their lives. Seniors who are nearing death and are avoided, ignored, and even prematurely euthanized while the Media looks the other way. Meanwhile Beto O'Rourke focuses his magical powers on being Border Centric in mind, spirit and action.

The 10 Democrats at the Democrat Debates ALL raising their hands for Free Healthcare for Undocumented, along with Unlimited Undocumented crossing the Border, possibly enflamed the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio shooters to do what they did. 

Instead of apologizing for being so border centric, the Dems go on the offensive without taking any responsibility for their own prior actions that may have led to the meltdown by those two shooters.

How can people who have been victimized by poor Government Healthcare practices feel good about 10 Dems raising their hands in Unison to FURTHER Dilute the Healthcare Pie already in existence? 

I believe if there had been 2 or 3 Democrat Debaters who did not put up their hands for Free and Unlimited Healthcare for all Undocumented, these two shootings may NOT have happened. It was the Unanimous 10 votes that reverberated around the Country.

One of the reasons my Mother was treated so poorly at West Hills ER that it directly led to her death was specifically because she came from home and had a Home Healthcare Provider. 

If she had come from a Nursing Home the ER might have treated her with Kid Gloves. I believe this because there were other elderly who went to West Hills ER around the same time as my Mother who were treated as if any minor complaint was to be taken as life or death, specifically because they came from a Nursing Home.

We should not forsake Seniors and their family members who give up their careers to be a Home Healthcare Provider for a Parent, by favoring those who are in Nursing Homes above them.  It is the Home Healthcare Provider that is helping to reduce Medicare Costs for their own senior that allows Medicare to get even more bang for its buck.

We should be treating ALL Seniors with the care and respect they have earned by still being alive, not playing favorites.

No one is accusing the Dem's at the Democrat Debate unanimously agreeing on unending Undocumented Migration and Free Healthcare for all Undocumented as being a possible literal trigger point for the most recent shootings, and that is  the very definition of Hidden News.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Google and Youtube are so Fucked up. I can't believe they can get away without offering any type of customer service.

I have nothing to add to the Title.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Trump is a Racist Chattel Obfuscates what's really going on.

Floods were destroying homes, cities, and lives in many parts of the U.S.

Premature Mortality in the U.S. serves the purpose of accelerating the death of Seniors who may just need the healthcare they were promised to live on, and continue to enjoy their lives.

Progressives continue to singularly focus on Border issues involving Undocumented Migration, including Free Healthcare.

Trump is wrong for not being self aware enough to care about the Flooding and the Abuse of Seniors in our Medical System, Progressives are wrong for being all about the Border and Undocumented Migration while ignoring the Flooding and the Premature Mortality Genocide of our Seniors that is going on in the U.S.

Please, DON'T choose sides, choose actual issues going on WITHIN the United States, not at the Border.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Why Trump is right about adding the 2020 Census Citizenship Question, and the Secret Reason Democrats Oppose it.

The Media is so out of control they can't believe Trump has any intelligent ideas. The Alleged 2020 Census Citizenship Controversy is the latest. Here is a list of the reasons why a Question about Citizenship should be added to 2020 Census. followed by an intriguing counter move the Democrats could make, but won't because it will expose law breaking Undocumented, to Deportation.

1. Precedent, there used to be a Census question about Citizenship back in the 1950's.

2. Accuracy, if the Census can be taken in which everyone is being truthful with their answers, then we get an accurate count of who is a citizen, and who is not a citizen.

3. Since 95% of all Undocumented are under the age of 55, merging their numbers with US citizens DILUTES and REDUCES the accuracy of the Senior Citizen Population, which in turn reduces Share of Resources for Seniors because Seniors become a smaller percentage of the total population counted. Apparently the Dems nor Repubs mind because it ties in with the Premature Mortality of the Elderly that is being used to Divert Medical Services from Seniors to the rest of  Society.

IF the Democrats were smart, they could advocate for Conditional, Undocumented Immunity for all those who are Undocumented and answer the 2020 Census Truthfully.  Look at all the Good that would be Created.

1. Gateway opportunity for the Undocumented to receive Conditional immunity from prosecution and deportation if they answer the census truthfully as long as they have not broken the law after filling out the Census. 

And there it is, the Census could be used to identify Undocumented, but only deport them if they break the law after filling out the Census, a scenario that would be probably be deemed unacceptable to Progressive Democrats but would seem reasonable to most Americans.A Petty crime would not trigger a deportation. It would have to be something serious like a bank robbery, assault, drunken driving, spousal abuse, drug trafficking.

So we can conclude that the Democrats are for the Falsified Percentage Reduction of Seniors that is a natural result of the Census not differentiating Citizens from Non Citizens. The Census Citizenship question could lead to a database of Undocumented who if convicted of a serious crime could then be deported, but we have been repeatedly told this percentage would be among the lowest of all groups being monitored, so it does not sound like an outrageous requirement to include.

Reduction in Senior Resources and the possibility of Undocumented law breakers being deported are two reasons Dems oppose a Census Citizenship Question, yet Trump is being labeled by the Media as being unreasonable. 

I would however suggest i am DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED that I can come up with a solution while an entire Congress and the President cannot.

Let's review...

  1. Census adds a Citizenship Question. 
  2. Undocumented who answer Census question honestly receive Conditional Immunity from Deportation that would protect them from Deporation unless they commit a serious crime.
  3. The U.S. gets a fair and accurate accounting of their citizens rather than a result that would be skewed AGAINST SENIOR CITIZENS because Undocumented aged 55 or older are only 5% of the total Undocumented, 
  4. Whereas US citizens over 55 years of age are 28.5% of the population.
  5. So to accurately get a Senior Citizen Census Demographic it would require that the Undocumented report as Undocumented on the Census and in exchange receive Conditional Immunity from Deportation. 
  6. Create a Census based Identity Card that would protect any Undocumented from being Deported.
  7. NATO enters Central America to stabilize the region and protect Central American citizens so they do not feel the need to flee to the United States.

Doesn't it all fit like a Puzzle?

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tom Steyer may deliver Trump the 2020 Presidency.

Tom Steyer has decided to run for President. Trump must be elated.

I have watched Tom Steyer ads on television here in California over the years and they are very Progressive, and that's a bad thing if one wants to be President.

Political inbreeding is why we have what appears to be an overall dysfunctional Government in the U.S.  I believe Mr. Steyer is a Progressive Inbreeder who can't see beyond California for anything other than the Environment. The Environmental aspect is a good start, but it's not enough.

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Breaking News, Kamala Harris Busing Trip apparently was 10 to 20 minutes. Nobody was against short busing trips, they were against 45 minute to 2 hour Busing Trips!

Kamala Harris might be confused. Busing that is a 10 to 15 minute trip was not controversial back in the day for MOST Parents. Twice a day 30 minute to 90 minute busing expeditions is what the MAJORITY of Parents of all ethnicities were deriding and vehemently opposed to.

How does a candidate backtrack from trying to equate Busing controversies with her own experience when her own experience was not what the vast majority of those who were bused experienced? 

Not only does the public have to deal with Knee Jerk Media adulation over Kamala Harris's initial out of nowhere busing screed, but even after the media reviews the claim being made by Harris, the media still misses the most salient point, "it's the distance and time to get there, stupid".

An excerpt from Wikipedia regarding Busing in Virginia in the early 70's....
In April 1971, in the case Bradley v. Richmond School Board, Federal District Judge Robert R. Merhige, Jr., ordered an extensive citywide busing program in Richmond, Virginia. When the massive busing program began in the fall of 1971, parents of all races complained about the long rides, hardships with transportation for extracurricular activities, and the separation of siblings when elementary schools at opposite sides of the city were "paired", (i.e., splitting lower and upper elementary grades into separate schools).
Being on a school bus for 10 minutes to 15 minute twice a day IS NOT THE SAME THING as a 30 minute to 90 minute hour bus ride twice a day. 

Kids who were being bused great distances or who spent a great deal of time on a bus were being denied after school activities. Bus safety was basically non existent. Bus exhausts were pitch black, stop and start traffic was probably gassing the poor kids on long trips, there were no seat belts, and buses were constantly vibrating due to their suspension systems so kids really couldn't even read, and the buses were LOUD.

Once again our Over Anxious, Fake, Hidden, or Stupid Media roars its head and promotes a misleading narrative, even after researching the misleading narrative they still promote the wrong narrative.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Moveon Dot Org June 2019 Pre-First Debate Poll shows Biden in Fifth Place, Warren in First Place.

Each Move On Voter was given two votes, each Candidate's 1st or 2nd vote totals combined show Elizabeth Warren leading, Bernie Sanders second, Pete Buttigieg third, Kamala Harris fourth, Joe Biden fifth.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How WASPS, Wealthy Aging Successful Political Speakers, have thrown Baby Boomers and Seniors under the Bus.

As our Political Leaders age, they remain relevant by glomming on to youth oriented issues even as they throw their own similarly aged lifetime supporters under the Bus. Wealthy Aging Successful Political Speakers (aka, WASPS) have their own terrific healthcare, their lifetime followers, not necessarily so. 
The stinging omission by WASPS of their similarly aged supporters includes not rebuking accusations of racism when Baby Boomers dare to compare their plight to that of the Unending Undocumented Migration to the USA. 

The WASPS refuse to ask NATO to come to Central America to stabilize the region, making both Political Parties equally culpable in the massive Undocumented Migration that is suffocating the USA's social Safety Net for Baby Boomers and Seniors. 

The Average Life Expectancy in the USA has been dropping for several years now, thanks to the WASPS and their desire to remain relevant at the expense of their most ardent supporters, Baby Boomers and Seniors.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Barack Obama was never properly credited by the Media for some of his Accomplishments.

Probably what Barack Obama did best was allow for certain financial constraints to be placed upon the Banking Institutions so that all future financial transactions had a better chance of surviving. Obama also curtailed the number of troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Obama also was an advocate of renewable energy. 

Obama definitely brought a certain regality to the White House. However sometimes I felt Obama was really a banker in disguise. Arianna Huffington aptly called the Barack Obama Administration BankCentric. Obama wanted somebody else to crunch numbers so that he would look good. Obama most definitely was disrespected by most of the Republican Politicians in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Sometimes it would appear that Obama would pivot to the center just to gall the Republicans who would basically hate anything that Obama wanted to do, it made the always say No way Republicans look bad on several occasions.

But there were things that Barack Obama did not get credit for from the Media that probably helped elect Donald Trump.

1. Barack Obama resided over the first DROP in U.S. Life Expectancy over the past several decades.

2. Generic Drug Prices suddenly skyrocketed during Obama's second term in office in a bigly way.

3.  Barack Obama was incapable of feeling the pain of the Heartland and beyond when it came those who had HELOC's that were about to reset. The concept of offering a HELOC renewal so that homeowners who had been successfully making their interest only payments for the past 10 years, could have another 10 years of interest only payments was completely beyond Barack Obama's comprehension. To understand how an obtuse stance this was, Anyone who had been making their interest only payments on their HELOC's for the past 10 years most certainly had seen their home values return to levels well above where they were at the time of the 2008 Crash. In essence Obama's Bankateers created rules so stringent that people better off then they were when then 2008 Crash hit, were still going to lose their home if they could not afford the HELOC reset. For a guy who got help on his first home purchase in a Bigly way, it was the act of a Narcissist unable to feel the pain of Long Time Homeowners. And it would not surprise me if the pain of losing a home influenced the life expectancy of those crushed by easily fixable banking rules.

These three issues rocked the Heartland while the Media and Barack Obama's Administration snoozed. It's where Hidden News had its baptism, and whenever I see Barack Obama paraded as the Ferris Buehler of Presidents, these three facts need to be brought up so its clear that every President had their faults, some are just brought out a lot more by our biased Media.

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Did Donald Trump Backward's Engineer a Tariff, No Tariff coup with Mexico as the Target.

Donald Trump recently announced a 5% tariff that would grow by 5% at certain intervals if Mexico did not make more of an effort to stop the Passage of Undocumented through Mexico. Within mere days of this announcement, the Trump administration announced that Mexico had agreed to crack down on Undocumented Migration.

Daily Puma alleges that for the past few months the U.S. had been negotiating with Mexico to prevent or restrict the flow of Undocumented through their Country and into the U.S.

Additionally, previously cut economic aid to key Central American Countries that were having difficulty preventing the exodus of Frightened Citizens from their own countries has probably now been restored, irrespective of Trump's threats of tariffs against Mexico.

DailyPUMA finds the entire scenario Implausible. DailyPUMA believes that Donald Trump publicly threatened a Tariff against Mexico knowing an agreement was either in place, or about to be agreed to with Mexico.

DailyPuma also believes that if the Trump Administration made the announcement of an agreement, we should not believe it unless it is corroborated by Mexico.

Having not done any research for this article, DailyPUMA just now, after having written the above, did ONE google search and discovered an assertion by the New York Times that the Mexico Undocumented Migration Agreement was months in the making rather than a miraculous response to Trump's very recent Tariff threat.

This is called backwards engineering a deal. Wait until the deal is either done, or almost done, then initiate a bold action just before the agreement is announced, making it seem like it was the bold action that created the agreement, when it was actually the hard work of negotiators on both sides spending months ironing out an agreement.

The sad part to all of this is Trump should just have his wall, and everyone move on to other matters. Instead, this constant posturing and manipulating followed by accusations from the other side of posturing and manipulating when they are doing the same thing is mind numbingly endless, until something really bad happens. 

Is this the best our political parties can do?

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