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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Google and Youtube are so Fucked up. I can't believe they can get away without offering any type of customer service.

I have nothing to add to the Title.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Trump is a Racist Chattel Obfuscates what's really going on.

Floods were destroying homes, cities, and lives in many parts of the U.S.

Premature Mortality in the U.S. serves the purpose of accelerating the death of Seniors who may just need the healthcare they were promised to live on, and continue to enjoy their lives.

Progressives continue to singularly focus on Border issues involving Undocumented Migration, including Free Healthcare.

Trump is wrong for not being self aware enough to care about the Flooding and the Abuse of Seniors in our Medical System, Progressives are wrong for being all about the Border and Undocumented Migration while ignoring the Flooding and the Premature Mortality Genocide of our Seniors that is going on in the U.S.

Please, DON'T choose sides, choose actual issues going on WITHIN the United States, not at the Border.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Why Trump is right about adding the 2020 Census Citizenship Question, and the Secret Reason Democrats Oppose it.

The Media is so out of control they can't believe Trump has any intelligent ideas. The Alleged 2020 Census Citizenship Controversy is the latest. Here is a list of the reasons why a Question about Citizenship should be added to 2020 Census. followed by an intriguing counter move the Democrats could make, but won't because it will expose law breaking Undocumented, to Deportation.

1. Precedent, there used to be a Census question about Citizenship back in the 1950's.

2. Accuracy, if the Census can be taken in which everyone is being truthful with their answers, then we get an accurate count of who is a citizen, and who is not a citizen.

3. Since 95% of all Undocumented are under the age of 55, merging their numbers with US citizens DILUTES and REDUCES the accuracy of the Senior Citizen Population, which in turn reduces Share of Resources for Seniors because Seniors become a smaller percentage of the total population counted. Apparently the Dems nor Repubs mind because it ties in with the Premature Mortality of the Elderly that is being used to Divert Medical Services from Seniors to the rest of  Society.

IF the Democrats were smart, they could advocate for Conditional, Undocumented Immunity for all those who are Undocumented and answer the 2020 Census Truthfully.  Look at all the Good that would be Created.

1. Gateway opportunity for the Undocumented to receive Conditional immunity from prosecution and deportation if they answer the census truthfully as long as they have not broken the law after filling out the Census. 

And there it is, the Census could be used to identify Undocumented, but only deport them if they break the law after filling out the Census, a scenario that would be probably be deemed unacceptable to Progressive Democrats but would seem reasonable to most Americans.A Petty crime would not trigger a deportation. It would have to be something serious like a bank robbery, assault, drunken driving, spousal abuse, drug trafficking.

So we can conclude that the Democrats are for the Falsified Percentage Reduction of Seniors that is a natural result of the Census not differentiating Citizens from Non Citizens. The Census Citizenship question could lead to a database of Undocumented who if convicted of a serious crime could then be deported, but we have been repeatedly told this percentage would be among the lowest of all groups being monitored, so it does not sound like an outrageous requirement to include.

Reduction in Senior Resources and the possibility of Undocumented law breakers being deported are two reasons Dems oppose a Census Citizenship Question, yet Trump is being labeled by the Media as being unreasonable. 

I would however suggest i am DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED that I can come up with a solution while an entire Congress and the President cannot.

Let's review...

  1. Census adds a Citizenship Question. 
  2. Undocumented who answer Census question honestly receive Conditional Immunity from Deportation that would protect them from Deporation unless they commit a serious crime.
  3. The U.S. gets a fair and accurate accounting of their citizens rather than a result that would be skewed AGAINST SENIOR CITIZENS because Undocumented aged 55 or older are only 5% of the total Undocumented, 
  4. Whereas US citizens over 55 years of age are 28.5% of the population.
  5. So to accurately get a Senior Citizen Census Demographic it would require that the Undocumented report as Undocumented on the Census and in exchange receive Conditional Immunity from Deportation. 
  6. Create a Census based Identity Card that would protect any Undocumented from being Deported.
  7. NATO enters Central America to stabilize the region and protect Central American citizens so they do not feel the need to flee to the United States.

Doesn't it all fit like a Puzzle?

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tom Steyer may deliver Trump the 2020 Presidency.

Tom Steyer has decided to run for President. Trump must be elated.

I have watched Tom Steyer ads on television here in California over the years and they are very Progressive, and that's a bad thing if one wants to be President.

Political inbreeding is why we have what appears to be an overall dysfunctional Government in the U.S.  I believe Mr. Steyer is a Progressive Inbreeder who can't see beyond California for anything other than the Environment. The Environmental aspect is a good start, but it's not enough.

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