Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A Censure of Trump is the right move.

While Trump has mixed in personal agendas with Government decisions, it should be noted that almost anything he does can have a personal agenda attached to it just because he has business dealings in many parts of the world.

It would not surprise me if the Ukraine impeachment Inquiry is a smoke screen for other charges that the Republicans have no idea are coming.

However, I think Nancy Pelosi refusing to allow budgeting for the Border wall is the offset. If Pelosi had granted budgeting for the border wall, and then Trump went around making his deals, then she would have fairness and decency on her side.

Pelosi's condescending smirk about a border wall, the very issue that got Trump elected, is worthy of impeachment of Pelosi.

I would like to see the Dems and Republicans agree on specific presidential actions that are impeachable and warn Trump via a united censure this time that he can't make backroom deals in the future.

However, I think Trump had the right to investigate the Bidens, as long as the investigation was not publicized and if the investigation exonerated the Bidens, Trump could not hide that result.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

The Trump / Ukraine cliff notes by DailyPUMA.

Forget all the media memes that have been used from day one regarding Trump, Ukraine, and quid pro quo's for a moment.

The following is the most important thing to keep track of.
Did Donald Trump demand that Ukraine not only start any kind of investigation related to American citizens, but did Donald Trump also demand that the investigation be publicly announced by Ukraine. If the answer is yes, then at the very least Trump would need to be censured.
However, if Trump did not demand that the names of those being investigated be publicized, then he did little wrong since the purpose of an investigation is to fact find and the result is unknown until the investigation is complete.

If you have been following the news you have heard various people say "there was no quid pro quo," "there was a quid pro quo", "quid pro quo's are acceptable", there was a "pro quo", and "all that is needed is a quid".

"All that is needed is a quid" was said by Nancy Pelosi and she is completely wrong. "All that is needed is a quid" means as long as Trump asked for anything in return for the Ukraine Weapons deal to go through, then Trump has done wrong according to Pelosi. That is an incorrect perspective. A President is allowed to create an investigative path as long as it ends with objective, verifiable fact finding, and as long as the investigation itself while it is ongoing is not used to impugn the reputation of any one that is being investigated.

As long as the Investigation is neither publicized while it is ongoing, nor is the result tampered with or pre determined, and the result is credible, then Trump has done very little to nothing wrong.

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Media bias called Trump's fact finding, "dirt", they would have never done this during the Obama Administration.

The Ukraine situation was an ethical and logical progression. Rudy Guiliani looks for dirt. Guiliani reports his findings to the White House. Of course the White House knows that the dirt is just a starting point and has no value.

The White House goes on a fact finding mission by asking Ukraine to investigate the dirt to see if there is actual substance, aka truth or not.

The quid pro quo is basically, verify or deny dirt so the White House knows the truth. That's it. 

Yes, there CAN be quid pro quo and still not violate anything.

For some strange reason a very skittish Democrat led Congress freaked out, as if they had something to hide, and went with the dirt having value meme and a whole bunch of accusations about what Trump was going to do, not what he actually did.

So far I see lunancy, or using a false poisoned tree to create enough interrogations to find something, which is exactly what the Dems and the Media accused Trump of planning to do, except the Dems are actually doing the very thing they are accusing Trump of doing. 

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