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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whatever Happened to Dawn Smith and her Battle Against Cigna over her Brain Cancer Treatment?

"Edit UPDATE-Aug.22 2010" - This morning, I tried the exact same combination of words "Dawn Smith" Cigna, and this time I got a ton of links. Very strange indeed. However, I am surprised that Dawn's blog has not been updated since Oct. 23, of 2009, we're talking 10 months ago.

"Edit UPDATE-Aug. 26 2010" - I think I found the discrepancy, when I used google search, I used two different categories. One was the "news" category, and the other was the "web" category. Evidently the news category had zero stories listed.

I did a google search for Dawn Smith, I put quotes around "Dawn Smith" and then I used the word Cigna, and nothing comes up. This is really odd because 10 months ago Dawn Smith was used by Move On dot org as a rallying cry to change health care.

I listed Dawn's blog on DailyPUMA. I left supportive comments on Dawn's blog. The Blog is still there, but with no updates since Oct. 23, 2009. I don't understand Move On dot org. They backed Dawn's story, I think they helped her plan a trip to Cigna headquarters and the media covered the story and it was a compelling story. But since then, not only has there been no news coverage, I can't find ANYTHING about Dawn Smith and Cigna when I just try googling for information.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is American Home Mortgage Servicing of Texas, Evil?


If you ask the homeowners featured in the video below if
American Home Mortgage Servicing is evil, they might just say yes. Perhaps this is just one more reason why you should probably never pose for a picture and give the rights for the image away so that it can be used by any company for their website.

Could you imagine seeing your image over the website above and having no recourse for having it removed!!!

In Texas, they appear to believe in free market policies to the extent that companies like American Home Mortgage Servicing can foreclose on your home, even when you have made ALL of your monthly payments on time!

In Texas they call it free market capitalism. I call it "Texas hold em until they suffocate the homeowner into an illegal foreclosure". And the good old boy sherriffs in Texas will even escort you out of your foreclosed home, even when you have done nothing wrong.

And don't ask the Texas Attorney General's office to get involved, they have 30,000 consumer complaints to deal with so just get yourself an attorney and leave them alone! See the full article at Denise Richardson blog and thanks to Denise for finding this gem.

Good to know that Media Matters is all over Dr. Laura and the "N word" while homeowners in Texas are having their homes ripped out from under them.

Thanks to Fox 4 and NBC 4 for broadcasting this video.

Media Matters goes insane over Dr. Laura's use of the N word.

Click on image to enlarge the racist baiting tactics of my party, the democratic party.

Wow, Dr. Laura gets it right when confronted by a race baiting caller. Media Matters is trying to create anti Dr. Laura puffery over the race baiting caller's tactics. If you click on this link and listen to the call, the race baiting caller at one point attempts to white wash all older people as being racist for not voting for Barack Obama.

You know Barack Obama, the FIRST PRESIDENT in possibly decades to freeze social security payments at the same level they were the prior year but then add a one time 250 dollar payment as a way to circumvent the reality that he actually has frozen social security at the same rate it was the prior year.

The only way Barack Obama can AVOID the label of being the first president in several decades to freeze social security benefits is if the 250 dollar "benefit" is given out annually anda social security benefit increase is resumed for the next fiscal year. According to the race baiter who called Dr. Laura's show, older people were "racist" if they did not vote for Barack Obama in 2008.

Lol, apparently our "good friends" over at Huffington Post are trying to fan the flames on this non issue as well. Can we say "Journolist, the 2010 edition? However, I will credit HP for also posting an editorial from Ofar Hutchinson that takes a more cerebral and mature approach to the situation.

In the meantime, PLEASE, I ASK ALL PUMA BLOGGERS TO CONTACT DR. LAURA'S SPONSORS AND SHOW SUPPORT FOR WHAT DR. LAURA SAID. THE LEVEL OF INSANITY OVER THIS ISSUE IS VERY DISCONCERTING to me. The call made by a race baiter to Dr. Laura is a complete non issue and the person who did call, "Jade", seemed very keen on trying to accuse Dr. Laura of racism and older folks of being racist as well.

Speaking of older folks, let us not forget Sarah Silverman's plea to get racist old folks to vote for Barack Obama in 2008.
I am appalled at the level of disrespect being meted out against older people in this country by Barack Obama supporters.

As for Dr. Laura, let us not forget that it was Dr. Laura who kept quiet during the 2008 presidential race while Oprah Winfrey spewed her narcissistic political bile at every turn, never once considering that just because a candidate was half african american did not necessarily mean they were actually ready to be president.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bill Clinton's 64th Birthday Wish, how you can help.

Daily PUMA encourages you to check out the PUMA blogs located on the right two columns of this page who will be posting articles all week long about both Bill And Hillary Clinton, including Bill Clinton's 64th birthday wishes.

Learn how you can help make Bill Clinton's 64th birthday wishes come true this August 19, 2010.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Will Bower and Fox N Friends Expose Democratic Change Commission as no change in sight in regards to Democratic Caucus Cheating and Fraud.

The documentary "We Will not be Silenced" has led to Fox n Friends reviewing the 2008 democratic caucus contest results. It will take someone who is not a bought out democrat to review and help "change" democratic caucus contests or the thousands of reported complaints that occurred in the 2008 democratic caucuses will most likely happen again in 2012 (although this time people may be more vigilant).

Will Bower nailed what is wrong with the democratic party when he used the word Fraudulence, the new word for flatulence. The same old democratic party guards, Claire McKaskell and James Clyborn want minimal changes, the caucus system works just fine they say. Fat cat democrats who benefited as a direct result of caucus cheating certainly don't appear to want "change".

If you want the real truth, check out Caucus Cheating and Fair-Reflection for some eye opening articles that lay out 2008 democratic caucus fraud and how Barack Obama won because of it. If you want to view a preview version of We Will Not Be Silenced, or support the finishing of that documentary, click here.

Let us not forget that Illinois moved its 2008 democratic primary voting date up from the end of March, 2008, to the beginning of February, 2008. The result was the overwhelming delegate victory that Barack Obama received in Illinois, along with the freezing of the Michigan votes, REVERSED who was actually leading in early February just before close to a dozen caucus contests started voting.

In my opinion this gave additional cause for caucus cheating as Barack Obama supporters could justify cheating in the caucus contests because Barack Obama was already leading anyways.

Caucuses are.... "One of the most corrupt systems and most damaging to our system of government". -Will Bower

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