Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NRA ReCount Smoking Gun. How many NRA members were allowed to work at voting locations for the 2016 Presidential Elections?

NRA members should not have been allowed to work at any voting locations since they were dedicated to defeating Hillary Clinton and even had their own Anti Clinton Super PAC that raised well over 10 million dollars.  Wait, make that 31 million dollars.

How many NRA members were permitted to work in some capacity at ballot locations? There are approximately 4 million to 5 million NRA members. The NRA membership represents about 1 in 15 Trump Voters. The typical voting location requires between 5 to 10 people to operate. So statistically speaking, if we use 7.5 people per voting location, one out of every two voting locations would have one NRA member!

Jill Stein should petition each state that they have the right to know if NRA members were manning voting locations and the right to review and recount the results from those locations.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

How Hillary Clinton could win the three recount states and still lose the presidency, Remember Florida and Michigan in 2008?

If there were voting "errors" in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and the "errors" either tip each state to Hillary Clinton or the totals become so ridiculously close as to be nothing more than a tie, one solution could be to split each state's electoral college in half. 

But without recounts in North Carolina and Florida as well, where there may have been some type of ginning of the vote, splitting the electoral college in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would still give Donald Trump a victory, while wink, wink, nudge nudge, North Carolina and Florida are left alone.

Trump could also demand that New Hampshire's electoral college be split as well since that was a very close result in Hillary Clinton's favor.

The Republicans have postulated that the purpose of the three recounts is to delay the electoral college ratification long enough so that Trump does not have enough electoral college votes by the electoral college deadline. 

However the Republicans could have a "plan b" if something  and "generously" offer the three recounted states electoral college votes be split in half were a recount to show significant movement in Hillary Clinton's favor. This "split the recounted states" electoral college votes could also take scrutiny off of why the original vote totals were so far off to begin with.

What would the math look like if the electoral college votes were split in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire. 

So lets do it. Where we stand right now is Clinton has 232 Electoral Votes, Trump has 306.

If the 3 state recount of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania resulted in an electoral college split,  the new totals would be 255 for Clinton, 283 for Trump. This would allow the Republicans to claim they have bent over backwards to accommodate the democrats and independents while diverting attention away from the possibility of who actually initiated the original inaccurate vote totals.

If Florida were recounted and were Clinton to barely win,  t thus splitting the electoral college vote in Florida, the totals would be 269.5 Clinton, 268.5 Trump.

However Trump could legitimately demand that New Hampshire's 4 electoral college votes be split because it was closer than every other state except for Michigan, and that would give Trump 270.5, Clinton 267.5. (Although one could argue New Hamsphire might not have been as close if a recount were done).  

This would leave North Carolina. If NC had a recount and it was deemed either a Clinton victory or too close to call, and its electoral college were split, that would give Clinton 275 and Trump 263.

So the Republicans have a failsafe back up plan in which they can simply offer to split the electoral college in the event the results become so agonizingly close in the three states that apparently are going to be recounted. 

The conclusion is, without North Carolina and Florida being recounted as well, Hillary Clinton may not win even if she barely squeaks out recount victories in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania because the Republicans can counter by "Magnanimously" offering to split the electoral college votes in the three recounted states.

I would like to see Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire added to the recount because without Florida and North Carolina, splitting the electoral college gives the Republicans a false flag of magnanimosity to wave while drawing attention away from what caused the inaccurate tallies that originally favored Trump. Please add Florida and North Carolina to the recounts.

Or…what I would like to see is the democrats do specific precinct recounts in a multitude of states, even in red states that had no chance of going for Clinton. Part of a winning the electoral college strategy is to make sure the popular vote is not too far out of balance.  

If a pattern emerges in which each state had precincts in which more votes were cast for Trump than the total number of voters in that precinct, that would help with the vote your conscience meme that is being floated out to the electoral college community.

For that reason, I would like to see targeted recounts in North Carolina and Florida just to make sure there was no funny business going on, and I would even consider a red state or two as well.

Lets face it, there was so much hate heaped upon Hillary Clinton from the truly vast conservative blogosphere, a conservative blogosphere that is easily 20 times as big as the pro Clinton blogosphere, along with Trump repeatedly calling Hillary Clinton a criminal, and along with the crazy arse stuff that the National Enquire and Globe came out with on average 2 out of every 4 to 6 issues during the campaign season, plus NewsMax and Newsbusters, that DailyPUMA believes there could have been motivation to gin the vote in the rural parts of certain states.

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Presidential Concession speeches are based upon a gentleman's and gentlewoman's agreement that there was no electoral college changing mistakes made in the initial election results, to imply otherwise is to be a typical Republican.

The more the Republicans and the Media protest the recount votes, the more I wish recounts could be done in North Carolina and Florida as well. The gentleman's and gentlewoman's agreement is OBVIOUSLY voided if a recount proves the original vote was tampered with to a point that it changes the outcome of a particular state, or, if it changes the result a significant amount.

Furthermore, if a recount proves that Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania shows a significant shift in vote totals, then other recounts for North Carolina and Florida should also be done as well, even if they are after the deadline, they would be triggered by a situation never encountered before. This would give grounds for legal arguments involving equitable estoppel and or tolling to allow additional recounts to occur if the first three recounts reveal anything noteworthy.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to catch North Carolina's alleged DMV voter suppression tactics over the past several months.

There may be a way to determine if intentional voter registration fraud occurred at North Carolina DMV offices. A properly functioning fax machine that is sending an applicant's voter representation data will require a certain amount of time to transmit the data. If the voter registration applications are similar in nature, then the actual time to transmit each fax correctly may be a constant.

However, an improperly working fax machine may either take much less time, or much more time, than the acknowledged average for a functioning fax machine while attempting to send the same data.

Perhaps simply comparing the fax machine times between the districts where the voter registration by fax machines were working properly versus the districts where the fax machines were not working properly might reveal if in fact there was an ongoing scam to thwart voter registration in the districts more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Remember, DMV workers complained incessantly about the problem and were told to ignore the fax error warnings, and that is why criminal actions and intent could be involved if those faxes never made it through. Here is a direct link to the story.

And I recall in 2008 Bill Clinton making the rounds in the small towns of North Carolina, towns that on average had 8,000 to 10,000 populations. If there was voter fraud in Wisconsin, then there probably was voter fraud among all that sea of red in the smaller towns of North Carolina.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Wisconsin Recount a go...

(Update, Dec. 02, 2016, 2:45 am). What is the worst that can happen? The ballots get recounted while no one compares those totals to the signature books. 

So what is the worst that can happen, 2 of the 3 states up for recount swing to Hillary Clinton, Trump barely wins. I would like to see Florida and Arizona recounted as well.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Instead of Exit Polls, how did the Presidential Candidates do when compared to how the Governors did from the same state?

I find it suspicious that North Carolina voted for a democrat governor over an incumbent Republican Governor, but voted for a Republican President by over a 100,000 vote plurality. There may be something going on. 

Instead of just focusing on the exit polls, I would be curious to see how the presidential candidates did as compared to the candidates for Governor in the same state, and then compare those comparisons with previous presidential elections.

However, the fact remains, Hillary Clinton was REInvestigated by the FBI, and Trump was not even Investigated once.  Please sign the Change dot org petition if you want to make sure that Donald Trump is vetted.

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Change dot Org ReAudit Trump Petition reaches 100 signatures in less than a day.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

DailyPUMA Dredges its Swamp, adds a favorites column on the left side top of the page.

Don't give up, please support the Change dot org ReAudit Trump Petition, and keep writing. 

If you are not listed in the Newly Created DailyPUMA favorites section, but are an alleged Hillary Clinton supporter, you can ask to join, however, if you are a douche that has banned DailyPUMA from posting on your site, well, you know what to do before asking to be added.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

ReAudit Trump is now a Change dot org Petition and a Facebook Page.

The Change dot org ReAudit Trump Petition just started, so the petition has one signature, mine. Won't you be the second?

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Friday, November 18, 2016

James Comey FBI Press Conferences about Hillary Clinton's emails, why did all the reporters present miss the Bigger Picture?

During the first and second James Comey FBI press conferences about Hillary Clinton's emails, something didn't seem right. I felt as if the reporters were being one tracked. They were at the press conference to hear about one of the presidential candidates emails.

But what about the other presidential candidate. Are we to believe that the FBI was not investigating Donald Trump about Trump University, about his blatant lying over the airwaves whenever he called Hillary Clinton a criminal, an FCC violation, what about the possibility that Donald Trump may have funded his entire presidential campaign with income tax evasion money? 

Lets not also forget possible FTC violations by the National Enquirer, an avowed ally of Donald Trump that repeatedly flouted their own headlines with over the top, outlandish statements that the Enquirer represented as fact rather than their own opinion. 

Yet none of the reporters present had the presence of mind to enlarge the scope of the James Comey, FBI Hillary Clinton email press conference to ask the million dollar question, are you telling us that Hillary Clinton is under investigation by the FBI, but that Donald Trump is not? Just this one question, one question, would have created a more balanced press conference because as soon as Comey answered it, either way, it would have opened up the floodgates as to the possibility the FBI was targeting Hillary Clinton while giving Donald Trump a free ride.

Why was the media so caught up in the feeding frenzy of the moment to not ask the bigger picture presidential question, on two different occasions? The Answer is probably Social Media. Social Media seems to have created a publicity feeding frenzy in which the reporter who firstt reports about a press conference is considered the winner, irrespective of how poor a job that same reporter did trying to scope out what is being bypassed at the press conference.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donald Trump Fires Chris Christie for Prosecuting Tax Evading Son-in-Laws Father.

The Plot thickens as Donald Trump, the possible billion dollar tax evader who would have been able to fund his entire presidential campaign with that tax evasion money, fires Chris Christie for prosecuting his son in law's tax evading father back in 2004. 

Firing a man for doing his job, when that job was going after a Tax Evader, sure points a smoking gun at Trump's own income tax peccadilloes.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to Delay Donald Trump's Inauguration, yes, it's possible.

The IRS may have let Donald Trump walk away with a billion dollars of taxpayer money. Donald Trump may have funded his entire campaign with tax evasion money. This too needs to be audited by someone outside of the IRS. Reaudittrump

The FBI had no investigations on Donald Trump? Is that possible? If the FBI had an investigation on Donald Trump, why did not James Comey mention that at his press conference on Hillary Clinton's emails? If the FBI had no investigations on Donald Trump, then, WTF!

Donald Trump most likely violated FCC rules when he kept stating that Hillary Clinton was a criminal. This like yelling fire in a crowded room when there is no fire, Hillary Clinton has never been charged nor convicted of a crime. The FCC must be prodded into action over what Trump did.  

Please don't rely on the Occupy Movement to help, they don't give a crap about Hillary Clinton, those protests have very little to do with Hillary Clinton. YOU have to make a difference by joining the ReauditTrump Movement.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ReAudit Trump is now online on Facebook, Please Join.

Most of the info shared here will also be shared on ReAuditTrump. Please click the link and like the Facebook page.

Lets create a constructive movement with a tangible mission, did Donald Trump bully his way into almost a billion dollars worth of IRS income tax evasion deductions, more than enough money to fund his entire presidential campaign?

If the answer turns out to be yes, then the FBI must then explain how Hillary Clinton was being investigated in regards to her emails while Donald Trump was not being investigated regarding his income tax issues.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Donald Trump puts on his Poker Face during his Sixty Minutes Interview, states nobody cares about his income taxes.

Donald Trump bluffed his still losing hand on Sixty Minutes last night. Trump stated that nobody cares about his income taxes.

Of course it's hard to care about Donald Trump's Income Taxes when he refuses to make his IRS filings public, just as it is easier to care about Hillary Clinton emails when FBI director James Comey twice calls out Hillary Clinton as being under investigation and holds a press conference each time to do it.

Write letters to Loretta Lynch, ask her to have Donald Trump's Income Taxes Audited by an Independent Tax Committee. Whether or not Trump is found to be a tax evader, immediately write James Comey asking why the FBI either suppressed their Income Tax Investigation on Donald Trump from being made public while Hillary Clinton's email investigation was made public, twice, or…. why did the FBI perhaps not even have an investigation on a possible tax dodger who used his potentially tax dodge money to run for the presidency of the United States.

Also ask Loretta Lynch, why is it ok for a candidate running for president to openly lie about his opponent by calling her a criminal when she has never been indicted or found guilty of a crime. Yelling fire in a crowded room when there is no fire is supposed to be illegal, what Donald Trump did was the same thing, he called his opponent a criminal even though she has never been indicted or been convicted of a crime.

The Tempered Glass Ceiling is to some degree shatter proof when the good old boys network stands on it from above. To shatter the Good Old Boys who stand above the Tempered Glass Ceiling, it will actually require women to break through, not the men who are already in power.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Occupy Protest against the 2016 Presidential results and Donald Trump need a Next Step, as in Protesting the IRS and the FBI.

One problem I have always had with the Occupy Movement is the inability to manifest empathy for others, someone not exactly like themselves. The Occupy Movement is first fueled by personal anger at a perceived injustice, but that anger does not seem to translate in such a way that truly creates change.

Lost among the Occupiers who feel personally threatened by Donald Trump is their lack of empathy for the slander that Trump projectile vomited on a speech by speech basis at Hillary Clinton. Calling someone a criminal, when that person has never been convicted of a crime, is basically a slanderous and possibly criminal act if either the projectiler is rewarded by their act of slander, or the recipient of the slander is harmed in some way.

The real threat to all of us, including Trump voters, is the possibility that a very wealthy man may have paid for his entire presidential campaign with what could actually be tax evasion money, while simultaneously being buttressed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that saw fit to report on the Hillary Clinton email investigation, twice. The FBI never mentioned if they  had even bothered to investigate Donald Trump's potential tax evasion money that so significant it was more than enough to run for president.

People talk about Trump being given 10 million dollars by his father 50 years ago and how he then turned that 10 million into billions of dollars as not being much different than taking the original 10 million and simply putting it into stocks and bonds back then and letting it multiply.

In the newest version of that scenario, how about being given close to one billion dollars to run for president, money that was not earned, but money that was actually deducted from 20 straight years of income tax filings. It appears the FBI is ok with a potential tax cheat recycling money to run for president, money that maybe was never really theirs, with nary a peep as to whether or not such an act would be a cause of concern to the FBI.

A tempered glass ceiling pattern does emerge. Martha Stewart, a female, went to jail when a male acquaintance encouraged her to invest in his company, then allegedly warned her to sell her stock just before the stock crashed. Meanwhile Donald Trump may have bullied his way into an almost 50 million dollar a year tax deduction for a 20 year period of time, and there isn't even an investigation by the FBI?

It seems like a tempered glass ceiling does exist, one which allows males to bully their way until they get what they want while woman continue to walk on egg shells when they are under investigation.

If the Occupiers know how to pivot, they would be pivoting to the IRS and the FBI, demanding a new audit of Donald Trump's entire 20 year, almost one billion dollars in income tax deductions. They would also want to know why the FBI did not feel it necessary to vet Donald Trump to make sure he was not funding his entire presidential campaign on what could turn out to be a phony tax deduction scheme.

The IRS Statute of Limitations has not run its course from Trump's original 1995 filing simply because the IRS statute of limitations clock does not begin until the last tax deduction benefit that is in question, has been taken. In Trump's case, that may be just a year or two ago and therefore still subject to review.

Just look at the facts, Martha Stewart goes to jail when a male business owner first confides in her to invest in his company, then warns her when things go South. According to Donald Trump (another male), claims Hillary Clinton is a criminal even though she has never been convicted of a crime. Meanwhile another male, James Comey of the FBI has to literally trump up the Hillary Clinton email investigation to the public on two separate occasions. Yet Donald Trump may be the one who committed such an outlandish act of Income Tax Evasion to the point where he was able to fund his entire presidential campaign, and Comey is nowhere to be seen when it came to notifying the american people if Mr.Trump was under investigation.

The Good Old Boys Network continues to rule if protestors don't get focused on the core issue, has Trump been properly vetted over his IRS tax filings and why wasn't the FBI letting the American People know that Mr. Trump was also under investigation.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Good Old Boys Network at the IRS and the FBI Gifts Donald Trump the 2016 Presidential Election.

Are you curious how the IRS vs Donald Trump, 50 million dollar a year, 20 consecutive years tax deduction write-offs negotiations were conducted?  

Some good old boys tax attorneys from the IRS mingled with Donald Trump's good old boys attorneys. They discussed, they laughed, they agreed that Donald Trump can deduct close to 50 million dollars a year for the next 20 years, starting in the mid 90's and ending perhaps around 2015. Was an investigation ever done to make sure no quid pro quo occurred? I bet Martha Stewart would interested considering she went to jail for a far less egregious act then possibly tax evading 50 million dollars a year for 20 straight years.

Donald Trump was basically able to run his entire 2016 presidential campaign on what might actually be tax evasion money that the Good Old Boys Network agreed Donald Trump should have. 

Meanwhile the average American cannot restructure a debt without first being placed into default, forced to pay penalties, and then have their credit rating hurt for seven years and interest rate charges amped up for a new loan. Do you think any of those things happened to Donald Trump?

But the Good Old Boys Network was just beginning. The FBI twice exposed Hillary Clinton's FBI email dossier during the presidential campaign, the second one actually destroyed all the momentum Hillary Clinton had attained from her three debates with Donald Trump. 

Yet the good old boys network at The FBI suppressed their Donald Trump IRS dossier.

Oh wait, maybe you think there isn't a Donald Trump FBI dossier on his possibly using close to one billion dollars in tax evasion money to fund his entire presidential campaign. 

If there is no FBI dossier on Donald Trump's close to 50 million dollars a year tax deduction for 20 consecutive years, that would just prove there is a Good Old Boy's Network. If there is a Donald Trump FBI dossier on his close to one billion dollar possible tax evasion, then why was it suppressed during the presidential campaign while Hillary Clinton's FBI email dossier was twice exposed? The Good Old Boys network, that's how.

Women in Obama's administration better stand up and protect Hillary Clinton, because Barack Obama probably won't go against the Good Old Boys Network. Instead of waiting for orders from Barack Obama, orders that may never come, Attorney General Loretta Lynch should order a review of how the IRS and Donald Trump's attorney's handled Trump's almost one billion dollars in tax relief. 

No, the IRS statute of limitations has not run out in regards to Trump's close to one billion dollars in Questionable Tax Relief. U.S. vs Irby found that the statute of limitations clock begins after the last tax evasion has ended. If Donald Trump has been taking close to 50 million dollars a year in tax deductions starting around 1995 and continuing through 2015, then all of his claimed deductions can be revoked, and he would have to pay fines and penalties as well. He could possibly face criminal charges as well.

Loretta Lynch, don't wait for a male to tell you when to do an investigation against other males. It's bad enough that the FBI suppressed their intel on Donald Trump's massive IRS tax break, what's worse is they felt no reticence when it came to twice publicly reporting their investigation of Hillary Clinton emails while suppressing their dossier on Donald Trump's IRS tax dodge.

The Good Old Boy's Network doesn't think its a big deal that the FBI suppressed Donald Trump's FBI dossier over his possible one billion dollars in tax evasion money, enough money to run for president of the United States. Yet the Good Old Boy's Network twice exposed their internal investigation into Hillary Clinton, and put Martha Stewart in jail for simply selling stocks at the advice of the person who first sold her the stocks.

This needs to be made right. Donald Trump's income tax returns need to be vetted by an outside source, and the FBI needs to explain why they suppressed their own dossier on Donald Trump possibly using Tax Fraud to win the presidency of the United States.

Are we really supposed to believe the FBI would allow any billionaire to fund their entire presidential run on potentially fraudulent IRS tax deductions? Even the good old boys network can't be that accommodating, can they?

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Stunning Revelation, FBI suppressed Donald Trump's FBI Dossier during the Presidential Campaign while Publicly Exposing Hillary Clinton's FBI Dossier on Multiple Occasions.

Is the good old boys network still in play? What else can be said for the FBI suppressing their dossier on Donald Trump while publicly revealing their dossier on Hillary Clinton throughout the presidential campaign, you know, when millions of americans were trying to decide who was a more ethical candidate?

The FBI publicly revealing Hillary Clinton's FBI email dossier on multiple occasions while suppressing  Donald Trump's FBI Tax Evasion dossier created an un level playing field in which Donald Trump could chortle at every stop he made that Hillary Clinton was under criminal investigation, and therefore a criminal (a slanderous leap I might add) while Hillary Clinton could not counter that Donald Trump was under investigation as well, because the FBI suppressed their Donald Trump dossier.

In case you missed it, the IRS has apparently allowed Donald Trump's 20 year, almost 50 million dollar a year tax dodge without any real investigation. The US vs IRBY court case from 2012 specifically states that the statute of limitations for Income Tax Fraud does not start until the actual tax evasion act ends. 

So even though Donald Trump filed for his almost 1 billion dollar tax write off 20 years ago to the tune of around 50 million dollars a year for 20 years, the statute of limitations on Donald Trump's filings don't start until the last of his tax evasion efforts have been completed, which may have been in just the past year or two, well short of the six year or ten year statute of limitations that apply to most cases.

Meanwhile, FBI director James Comey suppressed the FBI dossier on Donald Trump possibly funding his entire presidential election run with tax evasion money from the American People even as James Comey was publicly  commenting on numerous occasions about an FBI investigation against Hillary Clinton.

This  has to be made to be right. You protestors need to focus your protest on the IRS building and the FBI building.  The IRS needs to be held accountable for trying to fix massive Donald Trump tax evasion fraud issues behind closed doors with a wink, wink, nudge nudge, and the FBI has to be held accountable for not publicly disclosing their dossier on Donald Trump and his tax evasion issues in a manner comparable to how they publicly "handled" their Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Don't believe the FBI when they deny they were investigating Donald Trump. Anyone who tax evades a billion dollars and then uses that tax evasion money to run for president of the U.S. has a dossier with the FBI. Why the FBI chose to suppress their Donald Trump tax evasion dossier while publicizing their Hillary Clinton email investigation is something the FBI and James Comey need to explain, immediately.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

How Donald Trump Tricked the Media and the Clinton Campaign with his refusal to accept the Presidential Voting results if he had lost.

Donald Trump used his eight years worth of experience as host of Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice to trick his oppponents regarding whether or not he would challenge the results. Trump's actual goal was not just to reserve the right to challenge the results, Trump's other goal was to make sure that the democrats would not challenge any aspect of the campaign or the result by getting the democrats to demand that he accept the results. 

The Trump "it's rigged tactic" may protect him from prosecution in his almost one billion dollars probable tax evasion audit. The Democrats would look pretty foolish now if they did challenge any aspect of the results, so it appears Donald Trump the Billion Dollar Tax Evader who used his income tax evasion money to run for president, will not be charged with any crime even as he called his counter part a criminal over and over and over. Nor will Trump have to pay back about 3 billion dollars when IRS penalties are tacked on.

One technique that is commonly used yet never noticed on television shows like the Apprentice is the "go back" technique in which a host can ask a question days a comment was made by a respondent. The "go back" allows the host to have an intelligent question inserted preceding a comment made by a respondent. When Trump stated he felt the election was rigged, he got the media and the democrats to demand  Trump accept the results, which basically meant the democrats ceded their own right to challenge the election. Trump created a "reverse go back" in which the media and the Clinton campaign cannot challenge anything.

The reason this is a big deal now is Trump's refusal to release his income tax returns meant no one would figure out that because of U.S. vs IRBY court case of 2012, Trump was still liable for the probable income tax fraud that netted him close to a billion dollars in income tax evasion over the past 20 years.

The intertwining issue with Trump's income tax evasion that has not been brought up, why wasn't the FBI reviewing Donald Trump's probable income tax evasion since the amount of money that was evaded was MORE than ENOUGH to pay for his entire presidential campaign. One presume's income tax evading enough money to pay for one's entire presidential election would be cause for the FBI to investigate.

One would think it would behoove the FBI to monitor and evaluate if Donald Trump was using income tax evasion money to run for the presidency while making it look like he to his supporters that he was funding his campaign with his own money.

If the FBI had no dossier on Donald Trump and his Income Tax Evasion actions, why not?  If the FBI had a dossier on Donald Trump and his Income Tax Evasion actions, why did they keep quiet about it while going on and on about Hillary Clinton's emails?

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Twisted Number from the 2016 Presidential Election...

Hillary Clinton's margin of victory in D.C., (yes, 3 delegate rich DC), was so large that if one added the total votes together for Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and D.C., Hillary Clinton would win the combined popular vote of those four contests.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What the 2016 Presidential Polls Missed.

About 90% of the 2016 Presidential Polls missed, were the people they missed. People that don't answer their phones,  that are out in the yard hanging up their clothes, sitting on the porch talking with neighbors, the ruralists.

What the Pollsters also did was oversaturate California. If I were polling the presidential election, I would have ignored California entirely, making my results instantly better than 90% of the other polls.  

California was a 55 delegate stronghold for Hillary Clinton and that was one state she was not going to lose.  Including California in any poll simply pushes the poll too far into Hillary Clinton's corner.

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Donald Trump commits ballot fraud in California, calls himself Republican, American Independent, on ballot.

Just as there is no crying in baseball, there are no comma's next to a mainstream political party's name, unless the person doing the comma ing is Donald Trump. A Third party can get away with an and, such as Peace and Freedom, maybe a third party could even call itself Peace, Freedom and a slice of cheese party, but Democrat is Democrat, and Republican is Republican.

Hillary Clinton should challenge Donald Trump's use of Republican, American Independent because Trump IS NOT American Independent. Donald Trump is such a manwhore he will do anything to get elected and Mr. I will challenge whatever I want, should be challenged for falsifying his ballot resume.

What a douchebag.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Forbes Article Proves Donald Trump could face Income Tax Fraud Charges and Billions in Penalties if Trump loses the 2016 Presidential Election to Hillary Clinton.

When Donald Trump and his tax attorneys pulled a 20 year, 50 million dollar a year tax deduction out of their collective arses back in the mid 90's, they exposed Mr. Trump to auditing until at least six years AFTER the last deduction was taken. It has been reported that Mr. Trump has been taking that 50 million dollar a year tax deduction right up until very recently, perhaps as late as 2015.

The Forbes article cites an actual court case in which the statute of limitations doesn't start until after the Tax Benefit ends. 

The court case U.S. vs Irby, states that the IRS statute of limitations does not start until the tax benefit has been completed. Therefore Donald Trump is STILL LIABLE for the entire 20 year, 1 billion dollar tax deduction that is most likely a slumbering tax fraud issue that could come back to haunt Mr.Trump were he to lose the 2016 Presidential Election.

From a psychological profiling vantage point, it makes perfect sense for Donald Trump to continually assail Hillary Clinton and accuse her of actions that require jail as a way to project Mr. Trump's own guilt onto another.

Donald Trump does not just want to win the 2016 presidential election, Mr. Trump HAS to WIN so he can basically call off the IRS against himself.

The ongoing nihilistic language and demeanor that Donald Trump has projectiled towards Hillary Clinton on a daily basis has left me wondering on many occasions how Mr. Trump can get away with making such outlandish and acidic comments towards his presidential competitor. The answer is Donald Trump is literally been going for broke. 

If Donald Trump loses the 2016 presidential election, he may be the one in jail while also owing the IRS a couple billion dollars in back taxes.

Lock him up.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Donald Trump Bombshell. The Real Reason Donald Trump won't release his Income Tax Returns, Donald Trump may face IRS Tax Fraud, Income Tax Evasion, Billions in Penalties, and possibly Jail Time.

The undiscovered reason Donald Trump has gone all out on Hillary Clinton and even threatened her with a special prosecutor and jail time is because Donald Trump may be facing the same consequences if he loses the 2016 presidential election.

The reason Donald Trump refuses to release his own Income Tax returns has to do with the 20 year get out of debt card Donald Trump played back in the mid 90's.  

Even though Trump's likely fraudulent IRS tax deduction of 900 million dollars was claimed around 20 to 23 years ago, it was to be taken over a 20 year time period. 

According to a Forbes Magazine Article about how far an IRS Tax Audit can go, The statute of limitations for the IRS to come after a person such as Donald Trump for making up tax deductions that don't exist does not end on the date he first filed his taxes claiming a 20 year, almost 1 billion dollar deduction, the IRS statute of limitations would begin when Donald Trump took the last of his annual write-offs, which was probably around 2015, and run for an additional 7 or 10 years, all the way until around 2022 to 2025.

So when Donald Trump says he can't reveal his Income Tax Returns, it is because as soon as Mr. Trump publicly reveals his prior Income Tax Returns, a tax expert may realize that Mr. Trump HAS NO IRS TAX FRAUD IMMUNITY regarding his  annual tax write-offs that he took right up until possibly 2015. Therefore, the IRS Income Tax Statute of Limitations clock would start from the moment the final write off was taken, which was probably around 2015.

Hence, Mr. Trump is ironically speaking the truth when he states he cannot release his Income Tax Returns because it could then be a slippery slope to the revelation that his filings are not up to a legal standar.

What Mr. Trump doesn't say is it may be a slippery slope to Income Tax Evasion and Fraud charges, along with HUGE, HUGE fines with interest tacked on to each most likely unlawful write off that he took each year for the past 20 years. We could be talking 20 years worth of 20 to 40 million dollar or more per year of ill conceived write-offs, ALL with compounding interest rate penalties that could easily double or triple the total amount Trump could owe.

Donald Trump, if he loses the election, could be facing billions in back taxes, indictments and time in jail, and that is why Mr. Trump cannot reveal his prior Income Tax Returns, and that is also why Donald Trump continues his belligerence against Hillary Clinton; usually the guilty try and find someone else to lay the blame on.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

George Bush Sr. and Jr. need to be interviewed about the "Ignore Subpoena Policy" that George Bush Jr. followed while in the White House.

One of the problems facing Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton is that they actually honored their subpoenas. During the Bush administration George Bush Jr. and his cabinet basically ignored all subpoenas. The result is there is a subpoena video history on both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton that is continually exploited by neo conservatives with Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Is there any video of George Bush Jr., as president, in front of Congress because of a subpoena? I've never seen it. Nor any video of his staff. I'd like to see if either Bush would admit that answering a subpoena is a more honorable pathway to take, but one that will plague any politician for the rest of their career.

Just Google in quotes "George Bush" subpoena, and you will find literally thousands upon thousands of articles denoting all of the times that the Bush Administration ignored their subpoenas to appear in front of Congress.

If you really are planning on voting for Donald Trump, think real hard about his lack of transparency regarding his income tax filing, his incredible debt relief from his investors, Trump's debt forgiveness from the IRS which may have eventually led to a clamping down of rules against the average consumer to make up for the debt forgiveness given to billionaires like Mr. Trump.

And, there is the possibility of a conservative Supreme Court in your future, and the retraction of Roe B Wade.

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Donald Trump Claims to be Financially Brave, Trump escaped from Debtor's Prison whereas John McCain could not escape his captors. Is Donald Trump braver than John McCain?

Donald Trump can't seem to give a compliment without giving one to himself at the same time. So when Mr. Trump was naming medal of honor recipients at a North Carolina rally, he called the military men braver then himself. However, Trump then added, "well, I am financially brave".

Donald Trump financially brave? 

Perhaps Trump is brave with other people's money, so he has that. And when he loses other people's money, he simply files for bankruptcy. All told, Donald Trump is basically running his entire presidential candidacy off of the loot he didn't pay  back in the 90's to the IRS, his investors, AND the interest he would have paid on all of that debt before theoretically eventually paying it off, with about 2 to 3 billion dollars left over.

After Donald Trump chided John McCain for being captured, and therefore not a real war hero, does Donald Trump consider himself braver than John McCain, but not as brave as a medal of valor soldier who was not captured? It sure seems like it.

A Trump presidency would mean spin on anything Trump places his hands on, beyond comprehension.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Donald Trump vs the Occupy Movement. how soon the Occupiers seem to have forgotten.

Surprised the Occupiers that wanted Bernie Sanders so badly seem to think there is no difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, here is a reminder of their differences.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Did Sheldon Andelson wait until the last possible moment to donate 25 million dollars for defamatory Clinton ads so he could not be vetted?

Sure seems suspicious that Sheldon Andelson waited so long to donate 25 million dollars for hostile TV ads against Hillary Clinton. Did he have something to hide so he waited until the last minute to donate so he could not be more closely vetted?

We have one casino owner helping another casino owner (whose Casino filed for bankruptcy) in their bid to become president. The Clinton campaign needs to fire back against each and every television ad. I am very worried that the Clinton campaign is too slow to respond to this last minute commercial ad attack.

If Hillary Clinton loses, and it is in large part to these last minute ads her side did not respond to, then many can say, well, if she could not respond to the ad ambush with ads that tear apart the claims being made, maybe she was not ready to lead after all. 

A president has to be able to delegate. QUIT RUNNING THE SAME DAMNED Television commercials over and over. Make 50 different ads and run them all. Quit trying to make the perfect television commercial and think one perfect television commercial can survive a carpet bombing approach. 

Trump billionaire supporters are actually doing  what he claims Obama should have done in Syria, that is not announce his intention and instead just do it, carpet bombing the airwaves with several anti Clinton commercials while the Clinton campaign appears to be slow in response just 10 days before the election.While the Clinton campaign fiddles, her lead may be burning up, and not in a good way.

I am guessing that the Clinton campaign is going all out on a 
grass roots approach in each state that includes signs on lawns and so forth. However, the 25 million dollar ad campaign by Andelson over the final 10 days of the campaign MUST NOT be ignored. Each attack commercial MUST be responded to.

Good News to report. Daily Newsbin reports Hillary Clinton set records for donations over a three day period following Comey's recent stunt. Now the question is, is Hillary Clinton even aware of what Sheldon Andelson is doing, and she is responding in kind?

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Real October Surprise, 25 million dollars for last minute commercials in swing states by Shithead Adelson.

Update: Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 11:29 pm)
Even the NRA is placing television ads through their pac, in California, where a proposition for background checks for ammo purchases is running is ahead 2 to 1. Yet the NRA is proudly using their name in their anti-Hillary Clinton ads. I wonder if the NRA  is getting some type of IRS deduction for wasting money by prominently stating who they are in their ads.  (end of update).

It is DailyPUMA's opinion that the television ads being made and run by A pro Trump Pac are slanderous, and pretty awful. 

Isn't it sad how rich people who got rich at the expense of the little guy are now ramming their will against Hillary Clinton and attempting to destroy her record.

May their heads explode as soon as possible, fuck them.

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