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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Good Old Boys Network at the IRS and the FBI Gifts Donald Trump the 2016 Presidential Election.

Are you curious how the IRS vs Donald Trump, 50 million dollar a year, 20 consecutive years tax deduction write-offs negotiations were conducted?  

Some good old boys tax attorneys from the IRS mingled with Donald Trump's good old boys attorneys. They discussed, they laughed, they agreed that Donald Trump can deduct close to 50 million dollars a year for the next 20 years, starting in the mid 90's and ending perhaps around 2015. Was an investigation ever done to make sure no quid pro quo occurred? I bet Martha Stewart would interested considering she went to jail for a far less egregious act then possibly tax evading 50 million dollars a year for 20 straight years.

Donald Trump was basically able to run his entire 2016 presidential campaign on what might actually be tax evasion money that the Good Old Boys Network agreed Donald Trump should have. 

Meanwhile the average American cannot restructure a debt without first being placed into default, forced to pay penalties, and then have their credit rating hurt for seven years and interest rate charges amped up for a new loan. Do you think any of those things happened to Donald Trump?

But the Good Old Boys Network was just beginning. The FBI twice exposed Hillary Clinton's FBI email dossier during the presidential campaign, the second one actually destroyed all the momentum Hillary Clinton had attained from her three debates with Donald Trump. 

Yet the good old boys network at The FBI suppressed their Donald Trump IRS dossier.

Oh wait, maybe you think there isn't a Donald Trump FBI dossier on his possibly using close to one billion dollars in tax evasion money to fund his entire presidential campaign. 

If there is no FBI dossier on Donald Trump's close to 50 million dollars a year tax deduction for 20 consecutive years, that would just prove there is a Good Old Boy's Network. If there is a Donald Trump FBI dossier on his close to one billion dollar possible tax evasion, then why was it suppressed during the presidential campaign while Hillary Clinton's FBI email dossier was twice exposed? The Good Old Boys network, that's how.

Women in Obama's administration better stand up and protect Hillary Clinton, because Barack Obama probably won't go against the Good Old Boys Network. Instead of waiting for orders from Barack Obama, orders that may never come, Attorney General Loretta Lynch should order a review of how the IRS and Donald Trump's attorney's handled Trump's almost one billion dollars in tax relief. 

No, the IRS statute of limitations has not run out in regards to Trump's close to one billion dollars in Questionable Tax Relief. U.S. vs Irby found that the statute of limitations clock begins after the last tax evasion has ended. If Donald Trump has been taking close to 50 million dollars a year in tax deductions starting around 1995 and continuing through 2015, then all of his claimed deductions can be revoked, and he would have to pay fines and penalties as well. He could possibly face criminal charges as well.

Loretta Lynch, don't wait for a male to tell you when to do an investigation against other males. It's bad enough that the FBI suppressed their intel on Donald Trump's massive IRS tax break, what's worse is they felt no reticence when it came to twice publicly reporting their investigation of Hillary Clinton emails while suppressing their dossier on Donald Trump's IRS tax dodge.

The Good Old Boy's Network doesn't think its a big deal that the FBI suppressed Donald Trump's FBI dossier over his possible one billion dollars in tax evasion money, enough money to run for president of the United States. Yet the Good Old Boy's Network twice exposed their internal investigation into Hillary Clinton, and put Martha Stewart in jail for simply selling stocks at the advice of the person who first sold her the stocks.

This needs to be made right. Donald Trump's income tax returns need to be vetted by an outside source, and the FBI needs to explain why they suppressed their own dossier on Donald Trump possibly using Tax Fraud to win the presidency of the United States.

Are we really supposed to believe the FBI would allow any billionaire to fund their entire presidential run on potentially fraudulent IRS tax deductions? Even the good old boys network can't be that accommodating, can they?

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