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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reason Number 16 for a Clinton Media Channel, Trump Invokes "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Regarding his Income Tax Returns.

DailyPUMA finds Donald Trumps Invocation of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" regarding his own past income tax filing a direct betrayal to Trump's ongoing claim that the Clinton brand did nothing when they were in the Oval Office.

Reason number 16 why the Clintons need their own media channel, to point out the hypocrisy of those who condemn the Clintons while borrowing from past Clinton successes.

Could you imagine if Hillary Clinton had responded to Donald Trump's condemnation of her 30 years in public service by reminding him that he was using "Don't ask, Don't Tell" as "the" reason to ignore his Income Tax Returns.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

How Democrats become Republicans, Students violently Protest Anaheim Officer who fired Warning Shot.

Another reason why Progressives should not lead all Democrats down the path of crazy, they cause life long Democrats to suddenly turn Republican. Check out the Warning shot story, How an off-duty cop telling teens to stay out of his yard escalated to gunfire, protests and outrage, if you don't believe DailyPUMA's warning about Democrats shifting to vote Republican over these types protests.

What is now emerging, in DailyPUMA's opinion, is a travel and immigration movement that does not respect property rights. This will simply shift 10% of Democrats to vote Republican in 2020 while present Trump supporters stay the course.

Besides the link above, many interviews were done with the Anaheim protestors, the main thing they cared about was that the off duty home owning police officer fired a warning shot. Absolutely no importance was placed on property rights by these protestors, even though the background to this story includes a neighborhood history of graffiti on homeowners fences and simply invading people's yards and messing them up, as just being no big deal.

The mindset to simply want to walk on people's property and deface it is disturbing. When I went to school and it had just rained, I would throw worms that had gotten stuck on the sidewalk back onto the grass so they would not die. The idea that youngsters nowadays simply want to damage the property of those they walk by, destroy rather than nurture, is basically the act of a future criminal.

Once the Trump Administration figures out how to better align their message, that illegal and rampant immigration is creating a society that disrespects home property rights, Trump will regain his footing.

This is just another reason why Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton need to re-establish their own successful record of the 90's rather than fall in line with the progressive crazies of today.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Clintons at the Crossroads.

The rift within the Democrat Party (yes, its democrat, not democratic, and gasp, DailyPUMA heard the democrat vs democratic take on Rush Limbaugh's show several years ago, the one time every six months DP listened to him) could produce a second Trump term. Already Progressives are bandying about names for 2020, Biden, Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to name the frontrunners.

The problem is Clinton Supporters may not take kindly to Hillary Clinton not being given another chance in 2020, IF SHE IS UP TO IT.  

DailyPUMA would probably vote Trump over Sanders in 2020, since Sander's prolonged screeds against Hillary Clinton in 2016 damaged her just enough to make her vulnerable to the on going fake news attacks she endured. 

Plus, Sanders had a way of publicly supporting Hillary Clinton while using body language that seemed to say "what a tragedy that I did not win" even as he was supporting Hillary Clinton.

There are several things the Clintons should do if Hillary Clinton wants to run again in 2020. 
  1. The first is for Hillary Clinton to get in bad ass shape. I mean run a half marathon shape, or at the very least, exercise on an elliptical exercise machine for half and hour to 45 minutes and be able to do a phone interview at the same time. The jury is out as to why Hillary Clinton was never shown being physically active during the 2016 campaign. Surely Hillary Clinton's personal videographer must have suggested some type of millennial recognized and approved physical activity, no?
  2. Hillary Clinton needs to stop being seen in all the right places and instead focus on Jimmy Carter style of social interaction. Use Clinton Foundation opportunities and meld into the U.S. and into the red states with projects that help people and communities.
  3. Debunk the fake Clinton Derangement Syndrome news stories. Explain Haiti. Make documentaries that show why several policies from the 90's were the best move for that time period.
  4. Fund documentaries that will establish the success of the 90's. 
  5. Learn to not fall in love with the perfect 30 second political ad and instead learn to blitz the opposing side with literally dozens upon dozens of political commercials.
  6. Start a Clinton Media Channel.

If the Clintons don't initiate some of the preceding suggestions and somehow Hillary Clinton gets another chance in 2020, she may lose again to Donald Trump because she will just come off as an even older version of the same candidate who isn't physically fit enough to handle being president. 

If Hillary Clinton does not run in 2020, Donald Trump may win again as it will take a mere 10% of the Clinton voters from 2016 to protest and either stay out of the 2020 race or vote Trump out of spite to the inevitable 2020 Democrat Progressive Candidate.

If Hillary Clinton takes some of the suggestions outlined above, and shows up in 2020 physically fit, she would still be a viable presidential candidate.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Snowden Effect and Hillary Clinton's Emails.

Assuming Russia has access to Edward Snowden's stolen NSA information, what if Russia was able to discover that there were secret agent moles in high Russian places? Rather than simple removing the moles immediately, what if Russia sat on the Russian Mole information and instead started giving out disinformation to the newly discovered Russian moles, actually keeping them in the loop, but in a controlled, disinformation manner?

What if the FBI or CIA, concerned that their Russian moles had been comprised, but unsure, came up with the Hillary Clinton email scandal in an effort to keep the media narrative off of the issue of compromised Russian Moles and onto something that was actually much more mundane?

What if Russia then used their ongoing relationship with Donald Trump and simply started feeding him intel obtained through Snowden's stolen NSA information?

Could the entire 2016 presidential race have been a spy vs spy motif in which the FBI uses Hillary Clinton's emails to subvert discussion about more serious matters while Russia shares their secret intel with Trump, feeding Trump secrets and leaking DNC email in an effort to ensure his 2016 victory?

Was 2016 the year of a Spy vs Spy presidential race? Cannonfire suggests that Trump is in trouble with U.S. intelligence and believes that Trump or persons within his administration gave up several moles within the Russian Government once Trump became president.

Or did those moles outlive their usefulness once Trump was elected president since both Trump or people within his inner circle, and Russian intel already knew they were moles?

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Reason Number 8 Why we Need a Clinton Media Channel, Meet the Press makes Solid Points about the Progressive left leading the Democrats to Doom.

Meet the Press, February 12, 2017 program. One of the final segments of the show basically support the need for a Clinton Media Channel by stating that the Progressive portion of the Democrat party is leading the charge against Trump. Here are portions of the transcript to ponder.

Welcome back, my next guest is part of a rare and dying breed, a centrist and a moderate. A moderate Democrat. Jim Webb was secretary of navy under Republican President Ronald Reagan. He voted for George W. Bush over Al Gore. But by 2006 he had switched parties to become a Democrat and he won a U.S. Senate seat in Virginia. Jim Webb takes a somewhat more optimistic view of the potential for a Trump presidency. And he joins me now, Senator Webb, welcome back to the show.
Well, nice to be here.
So let's put some context to your words when you wrote an op-ed right before, literally the day before the inauguration in the Wall Street Journal. And it was mostly on foreign policy where you were saying, "There's something about his election is a jolt the system needed or a shock that it needed." What --explain.
Well, you know, in so many words here. I didn't say that the system needed a President Trump. But I've been saying for a long time that the system that we're operating under needs some sort of a, you would call it, jolt. You know, I think both parties have sort of gotten calcified.
And let's remember that if Hillary Clinton had won you would be seeing the same sort of activities that you're seeing now. They would just be focused on different things. There would be people out there saying she belonged in jail. There would be people talking about corruption. Turnstile government, et cetera, et cetera.
So what we're seeing playing out right now, first of all, as the governor mentioned this is a new administration, you know, getting its wheels under it. But at the same time, this is an attempt by President Trump to pull different types of people into the system from the old turnstile government. There's a lot of Republicans that are mad at him who are sitting out there in the think tanks thinking that they were going to come into a Republican administration.
And also he's got a payback I think that he feels strongly about in terms of the people who actually put him over, these voters that were alienated, were not voting. And these issues, controversial issues, that he's putting out in a wrong kind of forum I think are issues of credibility. On the Democrats, first of all, they're looking at 2018. And they don't have a message. They don't have a--
Speak to them as they, by the way.
--well, you know.
You don't say we. Is there a reason?
I'm not in the system right now as, you know, I'm over here with you right now--
Fair enough. Okay.
--bit of my life as a writer and a journalist. And it's a good place to be about making these observations.
Then welcome back. And finish the observation.
Well, you know, there is a campaign going on on the Hill, in the media, in the academia to personally discredit not only Donald Trump but the people who are around him. And, you know, the end result of this really is try and to slow down the process, by the way. You and I were talking a minute ago about the confirmation process, it's slow it down so that by 18 when the Democrats are very vulnerable particularly in the Senate they will not be a record of accomplishment that they can run against.
And at the same time the Democratic Party over the past five or six years has moved very far to the left. You know, when you can't have a Jefferson/Jackson dinner which was the primary, you know, celebratory event of the Democratic Party for years because Jefferson and Jackson were slaveholders, they were also great American in their day, something just different has happened to the Democratic Party.
You think that they're too focused on identity politics?
Well, I think that the message that has been shaped by the Democratic Party has been shaped toward identity politics. And they've lost the key part of their base, the people in, you know, my family history goes back to the Roosevelt Democrats, the people who believed that regardless of any of these identity segments you need to have a voice in a quarters of power for those who have no voice. And we've lost that with the Democratic Party. I'm not saying the Republicans have it. But--
I was just going to say the center's been hollowed out. You can make an argument that the political center in both parties, because right now if you espouse that you were running for reelection, any Democrat were espousing what you just espoused which is, you know what, look, essentially you're saying, hey, start working with him a little bit, accept the fact that he's President, you'd get primaried. And you'd probably lose.
Well, true. Well, I don't know about--
I understand you, but I'm saying Democratic incumbent.
Generally, you know.
Fair enough.
That is a danger to people who would say those sorts of things. But the Democrats have not done the kind of self-reflection that they should have starting 2010. And I was talking about this in the '10 elections. You've lost white working people. You've lost flyover land.
And you saw in this election what happens when people get frustrated enough that they say, "I'm not going take this aristocracy." You know, Bernie, good friend of mine. Bernie can talk about aristocracies all he wants. You know, the fact that you've made money doesn't make you a member of that philosophy. Look at Franklin Roosevelt. But there is an aristocracy now that pervades American politics. It's got to be broken somehow in both parties. And I think that's what the Trump message was that echoed so strongly in these flyover communities.
Let me ask you on the election, you stayed away from saying who you supported in the election. I know that Tim Kaine is somebody you have a lot of respect for. I can't imagine you didn't vote for him.
I voted for Tim Kaine for Senator.
For Senator. At the end of the day, are you comfortable with your vote, with whoever you voted for?
I'm comfortable for my vote and my vote is private to me. But at the same time, you know, I will say that I did not endorse Hillary Clinton. I had a lot of the concerns that, you know, people in my group that I've grown up with have. And the Democratic Party's got to do some real, hard looks at whether or not they are going to expand and get back working people who used to be the core of their party.
Are you done with politics?
I'm over here with you right now.
All right. I will leave it there. Senator Jim Webb apparently coming back to the journalism world. We'd welcome you back--
Thank you.
I am somewhat amazed that Mr. Webb did not understand that Hillary Clinton is a Moderate Liberal who was forced to run as a progressive because of Bernie Sanders. She could have picked Warren as her VP, instead she went with Kaine, who Webb likes, yet Webb still wouldn't vote for Clinton. This is just another man who was afraid to support a female president. But the points Chuck Todd made about a hollowed out center are correct in DailyPUMA's opinion, and point to the Clintons needing to protect their 90's achievements and then move forward from there.
Later on, the following was heard….
And governor (Republican Pat McCrory), I want you to have the last word on this, it's something we discussed in break which is your party pulled you to the right. All right? There's plenty of evidence that says that in some of these things that hit you and cost you your reelection were not things that were priorities for you. But it was priorities for your base. You couldn't-- you felt like you couldn't fight your base. What's your advice to the Democrats?
I think Elizabeth Warren's doing the same thing to the Democratic Party. I think some of the left-wing protesters, the coordination of a lot of left-wing groups are pulling the entire party to the left. And I agree with the senator that there is a purging.
I mean, look at even the Nordstrom's issue with Trump's daughter where those sales are going down because there was pressure on them not to buy that product. The pressure right now on people even attaching themselves to the president and impacting their business is so strong that it's a heck of a campaign. Whether that's a long-term strategy, I don't think it is. It's not a good one.
DailyPUMA agrees that right now what is fueling the Democrats is Progressive Outrage. Moderate Democrats who strongly backed Hillary Clinton quietly delude themselves that the Progressive outrage is over Hillary Clinton losing because of James Comey letter and fake news stories.

Sadly, the Progressives are just wildly angry and thus and will fight for anyone BUT Hillary Clinton in 2020. This in turn will offend millions of Clinton supporters who may rather vote for Trump for a second term rather than vote for Sanders or Biden or Michelle Obama. The present situation just cries out for Reason Number 8, Why we need a Clinton Media Channel.
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Friday, February 10, 2017

Reason Number 7 Why we need a Clinton Media Channel, ZERO Shares for One Week Old Clinton Foundation Press Release written by Bill Clinton, Millions of Supermarket checkout line views for latest Globe News Clinton Hate Headline.

Zero Shares for a Clinton Foundation Press Release one week after it was written and released by Bill Clinton, Zero Shares?  
                  Click Image to Enlarge

The RSS feed for Bill Clinton's Foundation article is listed in two different columns on Daily PUMA with an average audience of 350 to 400 visits every day. So not even Clinton loyalists feel it important to share it on their facebook page. Wow.

Meanwhile, Back at Globe Magazine, MILLIONS saw the following headline in their local supermarket checkout line.

Click Image to Enlarge
DailyPUMA was probably the only one to flip the Globe Ragazines around and show the backside of this fake news story at their local supermarket. Zero Shares for a Bill Clinton press release, millions of views at the local supermarket line regarding fake news about Hillary Clinton.

DailyPUMA warned about the corrosive effect the National Enquirer and Globe Magazine would have during the 2016 election yet the Clinton campaign did nothing to combat it.

Trump would never tolerate this type of treatment without having his own response outlet, and he became president.  

Perhaps the Clinton's are just too tired and defeated to fight back because of their own health issues. Perhaps they never learned how to truly delegate authority. Maybe they are too focused on making money rather than preserving their legacy via a Clinton Media Channel?

If you feel personally hurt about what happened to Hillary Clinton, why doesn't Hillary Clinton feel it back by at the very least defending the Clinton record of the 90's since that is what was twisted upside down and backwards by the Progressives to shut her up during the campaign. Rather than the Clintons be thanked for programs from the 90's that worked, the progressives rewrote history during the Sanders campaign and the Progressive media backed them  up. Clintons popularity, which had been at an all time high prior to Bernie Sanders, slowly sank over a several month period of time.

The Progressive backlash about the 90's probably influenced Hillary Clinton not to go to Wisconsin, spend more time in Michigan, and avoid certain  unions from other blue collar states that she lost support from because of the distorted and incorrect view of NAFTA. The unions who should have been supporting the Clintons would have supported Hillary Clinton her if NAFTA had been properly vetted by a Clinton Media  Channel, which unfortunately continues to not exist while the Clinton's slowly drift into the distance.

But hey, at least Donald Trump forgave Hillary Clinton for being a nasty and horrible woman, at least she has that to fall back on. (that was snark for those who don't get it.)

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Reason Number 6 why we need a Clinton Media Channel, Exposing the Trump Trap.

Donald Trump appears to be creating parallel universes from which he can bounce back and forth from in an effort to make his supporters believe he is protecting them, even when Trump Policies may likely make his billionaire friends wealthier. DailyPUMA calls it the Trump Trap, in which the public views Trump's actions as pro middle america when they first and foremost benefit Trump's billionaire buddies.

Mr. Trump probably believes that slowing down migration intake into the U.S., both legal and illegal, is protecting U.S. Citizens from migrant terrorists, drug cartels, along with donor recipients being prioritized over U.S. Citizens. 

Mr. Trump might also believe slowing down Foreign migration coming to the U.S. may also help slow down Foreign Students from first taking enrollment opportunities from U.S. Citizen Students, then enabling those same foreign students to use their education to take high paying U.S. Jobs from U.S. Citizens. But the parallel Trump Trap truth is that most of Trump's policies will create obscene wealth for the top 1%. 

The Trump Trap allows Trump to take actions that help his billionaire friends while simultaneously looking like they are actions being taken to protect American Citizens from Foreigners. The Trump Trap creates the appearance that Trump is protecting American Citizens from a Migrant Invasion and that those rabidly opposed to Trump are part of the problem as well, whereas Trump detractors see Trump's actions as a con designed to give his own billionaire club untold future riches.

Without a Clinton Media Channel to identify the Trump Trap strategy, Progressive Democrats are running the risk of creating enough backlash from their rabid early hate of any action that Trump takes. This may cause Trump to be seen as a hero by his very loyal supporters as he fights against all odds to preserve economic opportunities for americans. 

Without a Clinton Media Channel to innovate better ideas than what Trump is supporting, Democrat Moderates are blindly following the wrath of the Democrat Progressives who in turn create a backlash of stronger and stronger support of Trump from Trump supporters. Trump may only need to swing 10% of his detractors by next election to win re-election.

Is Hillary Clinton's next gambit, writing a book? 

DailyPUMA was incensed by many of the accusations thrown at the Clintons from the Sander's camp during the 2016 democrat nomination race. But one thing that I am concerned about, it seems as if Hillary Clinton is attracted to high paying gigs either on Wall Street or through book deals more so then other options open to her.

Perhaps one critical difference between the Clinton's and Trump is how they use their lawyers. DailyPUMA's theory is that while Trump uses his lawyers for economic gain and has apparently filed over 4,000 lawsuits prior to running for president, perhaps the Clintons forage for money wherever they can get it in the event they need to hire lawyers to defend themselves from generally malicious shot in the dark lawsuits.

But this would just be another reason to start a Clinton  Media channel in which the Clintons put their ideas, their experience, their intelligence and their vision out in full view so the masses can actually become passionate Clinton supporters, rather than fans who can manipulated by rapidly changing social media winds.

DailyPUMA would like to point out that everything is more interrelated and complicated then is being currently portrayed by the mainstream media, which can't seem to get beyond documenting the protestors and into the core issues regarding both migration and illegal immigration.

Below is a list of questions regarding migration and illegal immigration that the media has not been able to focus on and address because of the constant protests against Trump  they are instead following, aka the Trump Trap.
  1. Do Foreign Students take away college enrollment positions from U.S. Citizens?
  2. Do Foreign Students from wealthy families spoil U.S. colleges into charging higher tuition to all? 
  3. Does Foreign Student enrollment subsidize U.S. College Enrollment costs for U.S. Citizens?
  4. Do Foreign Students who remain in the U.S. steal jobs from U.S. Citizens, or do their innovations create even more job opportunities and more than make up for the jobs they acquire?
  5. Is the U.S. actually stealing the brightest and best minds from other countries and then further enriching itself when those minds become working, Naturalized Citizens in the U.S.?
  6. Are other countries losing their best students to U.S. colleges and gaining no benefit once those students matriculate and stay in the U.S.?
  7. Is it true that newly immigrated or illegally immigrated residents cause U.S. citizens to wait longer before receiving an organ transplant?
  8. Do U.S. citizens share state & federal funding programs with newly immigrated or illegally immigrated residents, in some instances causing U.S. citizens to be denied state and federally funded programs because funds have dried up?
  9. Is it possible that educated immigrants are a huge plus to the U.S. economy and basically offset any potential negative costs that uneducated, illegal immigrants might be creating?
  10. Was NAFTA really a disaster, or did it just need some tweaking as time went by?

A Clinton Media channel could tackle migration and illegal immigration questions and issues head on and in the process establish itself as the moderate liberal position that the MAJORITY of citizens in the U.S. clamor for.

Once the above ten scenarios are explored, the Clinton  Media Channel could then address the U.S. role in providing guns and armament to  the Middle East that could be one of the ongoing reasons that the region is so destabilized.

But then there's that book deal Hillary Clinton has to tend to. 


I am curious if Donald Trump's family or friends of Trump have benefited from Foreign Doctors and Physicians who are now Naturalized Citizens.

                     Click here to go to above website. Click on Image to Enlarge. Add three zeros to the number totals on each line when reviewing the above graphic.

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