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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday, America's version of Running of the Bulls?

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I had a feeling that if I googled "Running of the Bulls" Black Friday, something like the youtube video below would pop up.

Isn't it fascinating how opposite sides of the planets behave in an opposite way?  We love dogs and eat cattle, in India, dogs are eaten and cattle revered. 

In the U.S., we condemn the lack of separation of Church and State. In the middle eastern muslim countries, many think nothing of it when church and state merge together politically.

The U.S. generally condemns the running of the bulls, but we do it to ourselves now via Black Friday.  More fun links herehere and here.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Move On Dot Org Donald Trump Petition and my response to Move On Dot Org.

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For the record, I did not actually sign the petition, but below is what I wrote up above on the left (ha ha)...

Dear Mr. Trump, 
I am sorry that Move On Dot Org is so bat shit crazy. I think your 5 million dollar offer to Barack Obama in exchange for him offering truthful information about his college days was entirely appropriate.
We were all screwed when Move On dot org, an organization that exists because of how badly Bill Clinton was treated in the late 90's, went out of its way to sabotage Hillary Clinton's presidential chances in 2008. Yet Move On dot org continues to claim that republicans hate women.
When it comes to the Clintons and you, Insanity rules the day at Move on Dot org. You hang in there, Mr. Trump.
However, I'm not happy about internet photos of your sons with their guns and their trophy animals. 
- Alessandro Machi

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Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Republicans need a dose of Seinfeld to go along with their contract with God.

Yes the last two republican conventions being shortened because of God Like bad weather conditions, and Hurricane Sandy just before the 2012 presidential elections, ARE A SIGN FROM GOD that republicans need to just slightly change how they think about things.

Otherwise, the classic religious story about the person stuck on a roof after a flood who three times says no when help comes because the person is waiting for a sign from God, only to hear God say, "I sent you help three times, what are you waiting for", has no meaning.

It's called separation of church and state, FOR A REASON. "The Bible says" should NOT be used as a primary reason to have a political conviction. Most of the ten commandments are backed up by law anyways, so there is no need to use the bible to combine church and state.

If we are to believe that a separation in the middle east between their religious beliefs and their own governments is warranted, then it's also warranted in the U.S.

Rather than relying on the bible, this means republicans have to come up with an intellectual reason as to why such politically charged issues such as Gay Marriage should not be legalized. If they can't find a non religious reason to be for or against something, they shouldn't take a position. 
But it also means that if republicans don't use the bible to dictate their political beliefs, they then can't come up with straw hat arguments simply to preserve what they think the bible says about Gay Marriage or some other controversial social issue.
That is the tricky part, to actually have a conviction without it being solely rooted in religion. 

I can find social references in the "Seinfeld" TV series that are absolutely every bit as valid as references to the bible when it comes to real life issues. "The top of the muffin" Seinfeld episode is the an absolutely perfect analogy of non renewable but easier to harvest Petroleum (the top of the muffin), versus renewable energy resources such as wind, solar and ocean tides being viewed as the bottom of the muffin (less tasty). The Seinfeld conclusion, you just can't minimize or pretend that the bottom of the muffin does not exist.

So going forward, if republicans can separate their personal religious views from their political agenda, they become a more reasonable alternative to the whack a noodle democrat progressives who are suffocating the much more reasonable moderate democrats.

I tried searching for the total precinct victories for each 2012 presidential candidate, but was unable to find it. I think republicans probably won more precincts than democrats did in the 2012 presidential race, so to imply the republicans lost by a huge amount would be a mistake.

There is some type of growing disconnect between more rural counties and those with more dense populations. Republicans must reconnect with the more population dense precincts, and do it without relying on the bible.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Media Misrepresenting Bill Clintons fiscal record, here is the correction.

While it may be true that Bill Clinton went more center because the republicans had a majority in Congress, it is also true that Bill Clinton LOWERED the annual budget deficit EACH AND EVERY YEAR HE WAS IN OFFICE and was the only president in the past 80 years to do so!

On 2012 election night announcers from various channels keep saying that Bill Clinton attacked the budget deficit during his second term. Nope, not true. Bill Clinton started attacking the budget deficit from his first budget and stayed the course for 8 straight years.

The best Barack Obama may be able to do in the next four years is to not keep running up the debt, but still leave office with a huge debt anyways. Obama did huge damage during the first four years trying to curry favors with those who supported him in 2008, and that move basically averted any chance Obama would have to put a dent in the budget deficit.


As the numbers keep coming in after Romney's concession speech, Ohio creeps closer and closer together,(I based this observation on a Fox news graphic that showed Obama and Romney almost tied, but that may have been an erroneous graph) and apparently Florida was slowly going to Obama, but may now be slightly swinging back in the other direction, so why was Romney forced to concede so soon?

If Barack Obama can be declared the "presumptive nominee" in 2008 (a made up phrase to justify Obama getting the nomination over Hillary Clinton when the race was still too close to call), why is Romney forced to give up when two huge states are still too close to call.

Instead of concession speeches, why not give a presumptive concession speech in which one agrees they have probably lost, but they still reserve the right to be eligible for the presidency based on all the votes being counted.

What concerns me is that once concession speeches are given, I wonder if the remaining uncounted votes are actually still accurately counted.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Main Street in Revolt

Main Street in Revolt by Salena Zito of Real Clear Politics discusses what could give Romney the victory this coming Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

If Obama wins, I will think it will be because Romney was much too piggish on his energy position, mentioning nuclear, shale, fracking, petroleum and coal in the final debate, and purposely leaving out solar and wind energy.

Romney's energy position is so dense that if Romney had been around when petroleum was first being introduced as a possible energy product, Romney would have dismissed it saying that mules, oxen and ponies were a far better value for the money, and that until petroleum could stand on its own two feet profitability wise, there would be no point in investing in petroleum.

This was a huge tactical mistake by Romney no doubt based on Obama's Solyndra 500 million dollar apparent boondoggle. How ironic it will be if Obama's Solyndragate caused Romney to so distance himself from renewable energy he gave Obama just enough of the independent vote to win.

Between Romney's invisible passion for renewable energy, and the apparent ample gathering of Republican military advisors from prior republican administrations, Romney appears to be another George Bush waiting to happen.

On the other hand, when one compares Romney to McCain, and Obama's penchant for running up the deficit while not actually giving many on main street any REAL solutions on their foreclosure and debt situations that was caused by wall street, it seems like a no brainer that Romney should improve dramatically on McCain's electoral college result in 2008, dramatically.

So what could still give the edge to Obama? Possibly that there are more younger voters than older voters, and every year older voters die off while more younger voters get the right to vote.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Everybody's talking at me, I can't hear a word their saying, 2012 presidential election version.

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(Edit Update, February 08, 2014) This is a political parody of the Glen Campbell song "Echoes of my mind" aka "Everybody's Talkin at Me." The parody below was motivated by the upcoming 2012 presidential election and the drama being posted online about who one should vote for.)

Everybody's twittering/posting/commenting at me.
I hear all the words they're saying,
along with the echoes of voting blind.
People sobbing and scaring,
Despair on their faces,
Pac shadows Fill in their disguise.

I'm going where global warming is The Shining, part II
Thru' the poor in pain,
Going where the talking suits won't reprise,
Backing off of the North East Hurricane Sandy,
Sailing on a global warming summer breeze
And skipping over the ocean like hard rock candies.

I'm where the sun never stops shining because of Global Warming,
Thru' the poor in pain,
Going where the empty suits don't know the way,
Backing off of the North East wind is impossible to do,
Sailing on a summer breeze of mountain dew,
And skipping over the ocean like I'm stoned. 

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