Sunday, July 14, 2013

Why additional charges should be filed against George Zimmerman.

I knew from the beginning that the confrontation on the ground between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman would cloud another equally important issue. An armed dude playing unofficial security cop pursued an unarmed person who apparently had not broken any laws, and the armed dude never even identified himself.

I think George Zimmerman should be tried for impersonating a  security officer, abuse of power, and for not properly identifying himself to Trayvon Martin.

It seems like court cases that get played up in the media are being turned into a "contest" between two extreme points of view, in this instance, the extreme positions are did Zimmerman murder Trayvon Martin, or was Zimmerman "standing his ground"? 

How about Zimmerman was emboldened because he had a gun into pursuing an innocent person; Zimmerman never properly identified himself to the victim; nor did Zimmerman properly warn the victim he was armed. 

Zimmerman was so bad at his unpaid job of unpaid security officer that his actions directly led to the demise of another human being.

Doing an enforcement job poorly must be a violation of some aspect of the law, not to mention civil damages as well. If Zimmerman were smart, he would ask for a short sentence of two or three years in exchange for no civil suit being filed. I think Zimmerman is responsible for Martin's death because of Zimmerman's actions PRIOR to their confrontation on the ground. Evidence that was not allowed in this trial will probably be allowed in a civil trial.

I don't want the armed George Zimmerman's of the world following me or you because they think you or I did something wrong. I don't want the armed George Zimmerman's of the world not properly identifying themselves to me or you.  I certainly don't want the armed George Zimmerman's of the world emboldened because they have a hidden weapon on their person that I know nothing about. 

Poor security officer skills should be worthy of additional charges being filed against Mr. Zimmerman, perhaps charges such as impersonating a security officer, or incompetently acting as a security officer and causing the death of another human.

I think other law enforcement types would have a FIELD DAY pointing out all the things that Mr. Zimmerman did wrong that day.

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