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Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Real Quid Pro Quo behind Donald Trump's actions in Ukraine.

Because of Hillary Clinton's alleged distrust of Russia, and Donald Trump's affiliations with Russia, Ukraine, to some extent, supported Hillary Clinton before the 2016 Presidential Elections.

When Trump took office he wanted Ukraine investigated, 2 and 1/2 years before the Democrats crafted 2 impeachment charges against Trump.

This changes everything. You can't accuse a President of interfering with the 2020 election when they were investigating the 2016 election and was repeatedly rebuffed by American Diplomats who were defending their own actions prior to Trump being elected.

Oh wait, Jason Crow just did accuse the president of interfering in the 2020 election by ERRONEOUSLY claiming that Trump was on board with assisting Ukraine for the prior 2 and 1/2 years Trump was in office.  The Jason Crow piece starts 30 seconds into the video and lasts less than 30 seconds, but it powerfully shows that his premise is WRONG. Crow asserts that Trump magically was against Ukraine one week after Biden entered the race, yet Politico has provided proof that as early as January 11, 2017, Trump wanted to know why Ukraine tried to help Hillary Clinton win. 

This needs to be repeated, The Politico article dated from January 11, 2017 clearly shows that Trump wanted Ukraine investigated for their veiled role in trying to help Hillary Clinton win. 

Crow is completely wrong in the Seth Meyers clip up above.

We can go on and on about Trump's character disorders but the Democrats still won't admit the truth, Hillary Clinton REFUSED to get in better physical shape so she could do more actual campaigning instead of relying on fundraising in Hollywood and appearing on Television shows, refusing to do Facebook targeted and, and in certain circumstances using landing on runway in a State and having an Airport campaign stop as being equivalent to actually visiting the State.

Trump out campaigned Hillary Clinton and DID do facebook targeted ads. The worst thing for our country would be to impeach Trump so that Democrats can falsely rewrite 2016 history. 

The best thing that could happen in 2020 is Democrats agree on a wall, and agree that Earned Entitlements need to be PRIORITIZED over Instant Entitlements for the newly arriving.

If that impossibility actually happened, I might consider voting Democrat after my eyes were opened to just how corrupting having a Democrat supermajority in California has become.

Below is a picture of my 90 year old Mother. She was still walking 1.1 miles with me by her side when an ER Nurse refused to treat her pre pneumonia and when I pulled out a camera to document that West HIlls ER was not going to recheck her declining vitals, she called a code gray on me and we were forcefully removed from the ER and dumped on the curb in the rain. Mom died in my arms 2 days later at home as I made multiple attempts to get someone else to help me get her back into an ER. My mother, at age 90, could probably walk farther than Hillary Clinton could at age 70. Presidents should have some aspect of physicality to their being, otherwise they become too self absorbed.

Below is tied for the most Nightmarish day of my life. My mother in her ER bed, patiently waiting to be assessed for her oncoming pneumonia, and a West Hills ER Nurse who may have broken up to 15 laws by refusing to document my Mother's decline in condition.

California needs a Political Enema. The 45 democrat, 7 Republican Supermajority has created all kinds of public posturing as being the good guys while behind the scenes the number goons figure out every which way to either take back funds meant for seniors so they can be repurposed for Undocumented Immigration issues, or ways to create more taxation, or, ways to ensure that there is more of the general fund available for the bloated California Pension system.

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Trump's "take her out" comment about Marie Yovanovitch exonerates him.

Now we find out that Donald Trump wanted Marie Yovanovitch removed well over a year earlier than anyone knew. Has anyone noticed a pattern here?
  1. Trump requests partial funding for his wall because that is why he was elected, Nancy Pelosi smugly says no.
  2. The media ridicules Trump saying he was never serious about the wall.
  3. The media taunts Trump stating that Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall.
  4. The media does not bother to ask Trump voters if they still want a wall even if the U.S. has to pay for it because they already know that 99% of all Trump supporters who want a wall don’t care whether Mexico or the U.S. pays for the wall.
  5. The irony is that the reduction in the newly arriving because of the wall will REDUCE Instant Entitlements and over time will provide savings equivalent to the cost of the wall.
  6. Trump threatens a Government shutdown if he doesn’t get partial funding for his wall.
  7. Trump is again mocked by the media and Nancy Pelosi.
  8. Trump shuts down the Government.
  9. The Media and Nancy Pelosi blame Trump for the shutdown when the resolution is very easily accomplished by providing funding for the wall.
  10. The media shows families suffering, because of Trump, not Pelosi’s arrogance.
  11. Trump relents.
  12. Smug Pelosi and company mock Trump.
  13. Media blusters that Trump is still not serious about a wall.
Now lets move forward to Marie Yovanovitch.
  1. Marie Yovanovitch is a career diplomat who is loyal to the prior work she has done.
  2. She resists any attempt to LEGITIMATELY investigate the Biden Family. Recently it is revealed in a new book FIVE Biden family members may have been assisted by the White House during Biden’s time as Vice President.
  3. Rather than follow the wishes of her boss, she steadfastly must hold to a higher authority than the president, her own timeline of work, but no one calls her narcissistic or above the law by ignoring the wishes of her own President, which are lawful.
  4. Once again time passes, nothing changes, and Trump gets annoyed and plays it heavy handed.
  5. Then the people who ridiculed, ignored, and refused to compromise with Trump jump into action to hold Trump accountable for his actions while diverting attention from their own roles in how we got here.
  6. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi’s own district is being swallowed up by homelessness and lawlessness, soon in Pelosi’s District there will be NO BAIL for any criminal activity.
  7. Pelosi encourages the unending undocumented flowing into California, curries favor for their vote by giving them Instant Entitlements at THE EXPENSE of long time residents and their EARNED ENTITLEMENTS that take decades to manifest.
  8. And California and their dysfunctional and harmful ways for taxpayers has resulted in a super majority of 45 Dems and only 7 Republicans in California.
  9. And in the rest of the country? The Impeachment vote was 190–185 NO in the House. Without Dysfunctional California added into the mix, there is no impeachment.
  10. Meanwhile, California demands that Trump bail them out of their homelessness mess they created and catalyzed when they went full force against the building of a wall.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Trump supporter killed by co worker in Orange County, Florida.

Will this make the main stream media news? 

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

The NFL appears to be Gaslighting their Football Players.

Both Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns and Cody Ford of the Buffalo Bills have been Gaslighted by the NFL. Each was fined without an independent video forensics review that would have easily shown the NFL was full of it.

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