Friday, January 27, 2017

Reason Number 5 - Why we need a Clinton Media Channel. Use it or Lose it.

I am momentarily upset with the Clintons for just not getting the Internet and its role in politics and history. 

DailyPUMA had the Clinton backed site "Correct the Record" on here via an RSS feed. Today I noticed it was in what I think was Japanese or some other language that I just don't recognize.

I clicked on the RSS feed link for Correct the Record, and my computer was attacked by malware or ransom ware. I can't say for sure it was because I clicked on the site, but the site really wasn't working correctly and the little that was on there took forever to load, and then the ransomware note came up when I clicked the facebook icon located at the top of the page. 

Why I am upset?  The Clinton Campaign apparently had 1.5 billion dollars to spend, and apparently none of it is available after the election to either Correct the Record or Protect the Record???

If indeed it was Malware on the Protect the Record site that ransomed me, then I have to say that this is the type of stupidity that is just not permitted in this day and age from anyone who wants or wanted to be president, or, who simply wants history to not be altered to continually paint them in a worse and worse light.

Basically, any former Clinton URL that was not or is not being renewed is probably going to be purchased by some entity and then targeted with malware. The ultimate F.U. to the Clinton supporters hoping the Clinton's rebound in some way to re harness the power of moderate liberal reasoning and action.

This is just another REALLY BIG REASON why we need a Clinton Media Channel, the CNMC would be the vanguard to preventing these types of slip-ups from occurring while preserving the truth of what was good about the 90's.

So, Correct the Record is no longer on DailyPUMA because there is no Clinton Media Channel to Vanguard it from desecration.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Reason Number 15 - Why we need a Clinton Media Channel - Humorous responses to Sean Spicer's Alternative Facts and Math.

I would love to turn to a Clinton Media Channel and see a headline like this… "Donald Trump merges The Ministry of Silly Walks with the Department of Alternative Facts", says "its going to be great". Show a short clip from the following video.

Then show pretty much any clip of Sean Spicer speaking about Alternative Facts and Alternative Math. Then show the following clip from the Netherlands.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Reason Number 14 as to why we need a Clinton Media Channel. First it was Hand Size, now it is Crowd Size, we need a Clinton Media Channel before we get to Mushroom Cloud Size, Lies.

First it was Hand Size, now it is Crowd Size.  

DailyPUMA worries about size when we get to Mushroom Cloud Size. Will we get the reverse lie about size, "It was just an itty bitty size Mushroom Cloud", or "Mushroom's are delicious, I eat them all the time".  This is not not meant in jest, I'm seriously concerned specifically because of what Greg Sargent writes in his Washington Post Crowd Size article.

DailyPUMA is also worried that when...
Trump forces his spokespeople turned minions to spit out lies about the size of the Inauguration Day Crowd, or that nobody cares about Trump not revealing his income tax returns when the public actually does care, that these fabricated versions of what actually is the truth can be seen as a form of Trump brain washing his spokes people.  
Spicer and Conaway may only be following orders, but looking the media in the face and saying "One plus One equals whatever Donald Trump says it is", is not a good thing. 

Reason number 14 why the Clintons need to start a Clinton Media News Channel, to fight back against Trump lies about  Math, be it I.R.S, Crowd Size, or number of jobs being "saved".

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reason Number 13 why we need a Clinton Media Channel, The Day the Music Died for Moderate Democrats, February 7, 2011.

Approximately February 7, 2011 was the day that the Democratic Leadership Council died.  This has in turn led to the growth of intolerant progressivism and the Progressive revisionist view of the Clinton Accomplishments of the 90's.

The Progressive revisionist rhetoric caused Hillary Clinton to keep quiet about the 90's during the 2016 campaign which in turn led to the charge that she had no message.

If you voted for Hillary Clinton, if you seethe at the thought of Sanders running in 2020 and not Hillary Clinton, you are probably a moderate democrat, not a progressive.

Reason number 13 why a Clinton Media Channel is needed.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

DailyPUMA declares 2017 Inauguration day, Free TV day, aka Free Antenna TV Day, because...

There are so many channels that don't have any newscasts on them.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Reason Number 12 why the Clintons should create their own Media Channel, The Inaugural Boycott,

John Lewis inadvertently started an unplanned but growing boycott of the Trump Inauguration. Lewis's main reason was how the election was stolen from Hillary Clinton by the second James Comey letter AND the FBI not notifying anyone from the Democrat Party for a YEAR that they were being hacked!

However, it was Trump's Twitter response to Lewis which got the Democrat boycott going. So even tough Mr. Lewis was boycotting out of respect to Hillary Clinton and the illicit method's used to treasonously steal the presidency from her, the boycott message has been altered to Trump insulted Lewis. The problem with that meme is that Trump supporters can correctly state that "Lewis started it".

See what a mess gets created when democrats rely on MSNBC and CNN and other media to shape the Inaugural Boycott meme?

Hillary Clinton does not get the credit for the democrat boycott of the Trump Inauguration as a sign of respect, but she may get blamed for any inappropriate protesting that may occur. Snowball anyone?

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Reason Number 11 why the Clintons need their own Media Channel.

Via Cannonfire, the New York Times is reporting that the White House Media may be moved. If ever there was a vacuum for counteridiocy news, this is the time. 

The Clintons, in DailyPUMA's opinion, and if they are up to the challenge, do owe their supporters a more transparent method of reporting their endeavors. aka, the Clinton Media Channel.

DailyPUMA craves for an intelligent review of NAFTA, Don't Ask Don't Tell, the Super Predator comment, Why its ok to have personal beliefs that differ from public positions, Why the Clinton's laid low during Barack Obama's second term in office, Explanations about how some legislation was veto proof during Bill Clinton's terms in office and the best move was to get the bill modified rather than simply veto it and have it approved anyway, and so on.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Barack Obama picks up dropped ball and begins to dribble it!

Good for Barack Obama. Faced with the mounting evidence of just how truly deplorable Don's Deplorables really are, the Department of Justice internal Investigation arm will be investigating itself and James Jesus Comey over Comey's role in getting Donald Trump elected by sending out a second, needless letter about emails to nowhere.

Hopefully Donald Trump's income taxes will be vetted as well since Donald Trump may have funded his entire presidential campaign with Income Tax Evasion money.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Yes, Barack Obama dropped the Ball by not Vetting Donald Trump's Income Tax Filings.

Back in 1992 during the final week of the Clinton / Bush race, Lawrence Walsh filed charges against members of the Bush Administration regarding Iran/Contra. This apparently was a politically motivated move to help quell Bush's momentum. Most think Bill Clinton would have won anyways, but the timing made Bill Clinton's victory probably larger than it would have been.

So, is it tit for tat now? 

Did Comey do to Hillary Clinton in 2016 what Lawrence Walsh did to George Bush in 1992? Perhaps it is tit for tat, but the elephant in the room is still Barack Obama. Obama basically did not vet Donald Trump and the reason that is unacceptable is specifically because Trump was a private citizen who could easier hide illegal or unacceptable behavior versus what a politician can hide or be adversely judged upon.

The difference in effectiveness between the Trump Foundation and the Clinton Foundation is of Trumponian measures, yet the Clintons took far more heat than Trump did for his apparently ineffective Foundation versus the Five Star rating the Clinton Foundation received.

DailyPUMA believes that Donald Trump should have been vetted, at the very least, over his IRS filings.

Even if others were "doing it", (Donald Trump's excuse for 20 straight years of filing deductions that may not have actually been legal), the "others" Trump speaks of were not funding their own presidential campaign with what could be income tax evasion money.

Barack Obama is a stickler for rules and regulations, yet he let Trump walk without first vetting him. The investigation did not have to be a ploy to target Trump, it just needed to clear him of income tax evasion shenanigans that a private billionaire citizen could get away with, but not a political candidate for president.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Reason number 10 why the Clinton's need their own Media Channel.

Please go to the comments section of the article found on Nate Silver's Polling Website, 538. The Anti-Clintonites not only come out to post their vitrol, but they suspiciously use the same three word phrase under multiple names.

DailyPUMA wrote the "Comey turned the election" comments.  Clinton Supporters never really show up to fight in the comments section because they didn't hear the truth, they don't hear the truth because there is no Clinton Media  Channel, but there should be.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Change Dot Org Five Million Signature Petition asking Electoral College Electors to Change their Vote from Trump, a Fail being spun as a Victory by the Petition Creator.

DailyPUMA contacted Daniel Brezenoff, the creator of the almost 5 million signature petition on Change dot org (a petition that was asking the Electoral College Electors to change their vote away from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton), asking that he encourage his petition signers demand that James Comey answer certain questions at a press conference before the Electoral College Electors voted.

DailyPUMA even created an article and a Change dot org petition with the 14 questions Mr. Comey must answer before Electoral College Electors Vote, and sent Mr. Brezenoff the links. Mr. Brezenoff, a Bernie  Sanders supporter during the primaries, only responded to my original request to submit my idea to him. After that, DailyPUMA never heard back nor was DailyPUMa's Facebook friend request acknowledged.

For those of you who think Mr. Brezenoff is a Hillary Clinton supporter, DailyPUMA's own opinion is that he is a Sanders Supporter who wants to hold on to his almost 5 million petition signers so he can at a future date enlist them to vote for Sanders in 2020. His Petition may be just another instance in which what appears to be a grand gesture on Hillary Clinton's behalf is really not that at all. DailyPUMA just can't believe the Clintons are that obtuse when it comes to political media and how the media is not their friend and never really has been.

If the Clinton's don't get involved in political media, the democrats will probably lose in 2020 to Trump or any other Republican presidential candidate as the democrat party splinters between Biden, then an independent pretending to be a democrat named Sanders, a prominent african american candidate, and Hillary Clinton supporters who won't forgive or forget.

DailyPUMA begged Mr. Brezenoff to message his almost 5 million petition signers and demand that James Comey answer questions before the Electoral College Electors voted, but he was either not interested in that idea or did not read it on his facebook page where the message was left a week or more prior to the electors voting. DailyPUMA thinks the Electoral College Petition movement was a failure simply because Comey is THE reason that Hillary Clinton lost the election and Mr. Brezenoff never conveyed that message to  his followers.

However, Mr. Brezenoff is still claiming victory? Hillary Clinton actually lost by a BIGGER Electoral College margin because of Brezenoff's petition, yet Mr. Brezenoff is trying to champion his petition as a win. DailyPUMA stayed quiet but hopeful that the Brezenoff Petition was a penetrable brick wall that would consider outside ideas through private channels. That brick wall proved not to be made of glass, that is for sure.

DailyPUMA believes the loss of votes for Clinton because of Comey’s "second email letter about nothing" 10 days prior to the election, when the final 10 to 20% of voters were making up their minds is UNPRECEDENTED.

Clinton not only got ZERO percent of the final 10 to 20% of the voters casting their votes, she actually went backwards, the catalyst being Comey’s second letter and then The FBI twitter account suddenly activating with tweets praising Trump’s father and other tweets slamming the Clintons, triangulated with Trump calling illegally calling Clinton a criminal on a daily basis to top off the deceit.

Letting Comey off the hook from answering any questions about what he did and why he did it, then allowed the republicans to simply view the Electoral College petition and the Russia Hacking protests as sour grapes.

DailyPUMA just don’t understand how the populist political petitions are the ones that don’t follow the logical events needed to make their petition successful. The Electoral College petition might have actually been successful if the almost five million members had pressured James Comey to hold a press conference where the press actually asked hard hitting questions. Comey most likely would have muffed his answers and that might have actually created a torrent of media focus on why Comey manipulated the presidential race to Trump.

DailyPUMA's own petition, demanding that James Comey answer specific questions before the Electoral College Electors voted, may have only gotten 480 signatures, but in DailyPUMA's heart it was the correct next step BEFORE the Electoral College Petition would have a chance to succeed.

Instead Comey has been let off the hook and in turn the Electoral College Electors STOOD strong, posting an even bigger Electoral College differential between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump versus if the Electoral College petition had never existed.

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