Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sanders and Kasich and Disingenuous Math.

John Kasich has 8.4 million LESS VOTES than Hillary Clinton, yet Mr. Kasich claims he would beat Hillary Clinton if he were the Republican presidential nominee.

Bernie Sanders has 3.1 million LESS Votes than Hillary Clinton, yet Mr. Sanders claims he would beat any Republican candidate by a wider margin than would Hillary Clinton, even though it is somewhat obvious that those polls are skewed by Sanders supporters purposely voting for the Republican opponent in the Hillary vs Republican candidate polls.

Kasich and Sanders COMBINED only have 4 percent more votes than Hillary Clinton. I thought men were supposed to have a more natural interest in math than women do, when it comes to disingenuous math, definitely so.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This is what a Hillary Clinton Concern Troll Post looks like.

Red State has provided a marvelous example of a what a Hillary Clinton Concern Troll Article or comment looks like. Concern Troll Articles fake a concern for someone whom they actually despise.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton Action Figure! I Want One!

It's a Kick Starter Project, I assume its legit.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bernie Sanders has yet to win more delegates than Hillary Clinton in any month of primaries and caucuses, yet somehow his supporters think he is gaining on Hillary Clinton.

As far as I could calculate, Hillary Clinton won more delegates than Bernie Sanders in February of 2016, Hillary Clinton has won more delegates than Bernie Sanders in March of 2016, and Hillary Clinton has won more delegates than Bernie Sanders in April of 2016, yet somehow Bernie Sanders supporters believe that Bernie is gaining on Hillary Clinton in the delegate race. 

It is this type of mystery math that makes me worry about Bernie Sanders or his supporters being in charge of any type of budget.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bernie Sanders biggest controversy regarding his tax returns for the past few years, Does he have Credit Card Debt, or not?

The issue of whether or not Bernie Sanders reported large amounts of credit card debt (apparently because of two weddings he paid for) so he could portray himself as having debt like many americans remains unresolved. Did Bernie Sanders use of a credit card debt ruse cause him to make significant interest rate charge payments to the credit card companies that could have gone to non-profits instead? 

Without costing Sanders one penny more, Sanders could have paid off his credit card debt and then used the interest rate charges he would have avoided as donations to dozens of non-profits on an ongoing basis.

If Bernie quickly paid off the credit card debt, then why even bother showing it as debt at all to the press? If the credit card debt needlessly remained long enough so he could posture to the media that he had credit card debt, then Mr. Sanders chose having credit card debt and paying interest rate charges on that debt, over having no credit card debt and using the interest rate charges he would not have to pay, to instead use as donations to non-profits.

So Mr. Sanders, how much credit card debt did you or do you have, and for how long have you had it?

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sanderism falls well short of what makes Socialism Succeed.

If Bernie Sanders actually had a realistic grasp of socialism, he would be less popular with the voters, and he knows it. Sanders brand of socialism, Sanderism, relies on giving out perks without asking for any responsibility in return.

You want a free education, you got it, and you can go on binge drinking and using unprescribed drugs at the same rate as before. In fact, now that you don't have to pay for college, you'll probably have more money for partying and recreational drugs!

Marijuana, hey, maybe it should be illegal NOT to use marijuana.

How about free education and in exchange a pledge to not go into credit card debt? Naw, Sanderism requires giving things to people without really asking that they improve their behavior or responsibility towards society.

Socialism usually has some type of responsibility attached to it. You want retirement income called social security, you work for it prior to retiring. Sanderism means getting chances without showing any type of responsible behavior before getting the chance.

Mr. Sanders, I have met Socialism, and your Sanderism is no Socialism.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

DailyPUMA to Hillary Clinton headquarters. Tried for 2 hours to get through during Sunday hours, never did, is that a good thing or not?

Either Hillary Clinton has so many calls coming into her center they just can't all be answered, or she needs more people answering the phones. I tried calling about 8 times between 3pm and 5pm Eastern Standard time on Sunday and all I got was the same slightly too friendly recorded voice telling me to try back later.

I then called after they were closed, and I could tell the ringing system had changed and I was instantly told by a recorded voice to call back during normal hours. Their password reset system once a person donates does not work either.  I can't get my password to work, and when I ask for a password reset, nothing is sent to me.

Please, fix this stuff.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders on Climate Change exposes his own hypocrisy about Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders has lumped Hillary Clinton in with the Republicans.

And yet, Hillary Clinton disproves Bernie Sanders accusation of being bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry because she believes Climate Change is going on, thereby disproving Bernie Sander's accusation that Hillary Clinton is bought and paid for by the Fossil Fuel Industry.

You can't have it both ways Bernie. You can't state that the fossil fuel Industry has bought both the Republicans and Hillary Clinton when the Republicans believe Climate Change is not going on, and Hillary Clinton believes that Climate Change IS going on. 

Of the money given out by the Fossil Fuel Industry to various campaigns, Republicans have received approximately 97.75%, Hillary Clinton 2%, and Bernie Sander's .25%

Link to Video Clip.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

If Bernie Sanders has no Super PAC, then what the Heck is Move on Dot Org?

I get messages from Bernie Sanders via my Move on dot org email soliciting me to donate money. Move on Dot Org is a non-profit group that has a million or more members. Bernie claims to not have a Super PAC. Move on Dot Org IS A SUPER PAC pretending to be a non-profit group.

How the heck is Move on Dot Org using their email list so Bernie Sanders can message and ask for money any different than a Super PAC? Non Profits are NOT supposed to be for one candidate over another FROM THE SAME POLITICAL PARTY, but that is what Move on Dot Org has done.

How is the following email that I received as a GENERAL member of Move on dot org, NOT a member of any subgroup that Move on dot org may choose to start, not a Super PAC for Bernie Sanders?  Sanders and Move on Dot Org are friggin liars and I can't believe the crap they continue to say about a political candidate who has WON woman of the year 20 TIMES and the last 14 in a row!

Hi Alessandro—
Bernie Sanders won a HUGE victory last night in Wisconsin. Next up is Wyoming. And after that comes a large and important primary: New York.

Winning there on April 19 would fundamentally reshape the campaign and put Bernie on a track to win the nomination. But it's going to take more resources to compete there than in any state so far. So now is the moment to give—or give again.
For more on this enormous victory, see Bernie's email from last night, below:

Alessandro—We've just won another state for our political revolution, and it's a big one: Wisconsin.
The corporate media and political establishment keep counting us out, but we keep winning states, and doing so by large margins. If we can keep this up, we're going to shock them all and win this nomination.
Wyoming caucuses in just three days and New York votes in two weeks. You can bet the financial elite of this country won't give up without a fight. They're going to throw everything they can at us. But if we stand together, we're going to keep winning.
Last night kicked off the most important three-week stretch of the campaign and we're starting off with another overwhelming victory. If we can keep our momentum going through the states that vote and caucus over the next three weeks, we’re going to win this election.
Amazing win last night. It wouldn't have happened without you. That's the absolute truth.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders


This email was sent to Alessandro Machi on April 6th, 2016. To change your email address or update your contact info,click here. To opt out of "MoveOn for Bernie" emails, click here. To remove yourself from the list, click here.


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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton Spent 39% of what Bernie Sanders spent on Television Advertising in Wisconsin.

Can Bernie Sanders, the allegedly populist candidate of the people who spent 260% more than Hillary Clinton on television advertising in Wisconsin for a victory, continue to be called the populist candidate?
A candidate really can't have it both ways, if they can afford to spend almost triple than the alleged insider candidate in Wisconsin to win, they are not the populist candidate. The Populist candidate is the one who gets more votes for less money. Sanders is simply the candidate who to win has to spend double or triple, or as in the case of Washington, Hawaii and Alaska, 27 times more money than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton continues to be the candidate that gets the most votes for the least amount of money spent, and that in my book is the populist candidate. If the News Media correctly called Hillary Clinton the populist candidate based on the exiting statistical evidence, it would put an end to the populist label Bernie Sanders continues to falsely flaunt.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton voted Woman of the Year 20 Times, 14 in a row. Bernie Sanders Male of the Year, Zero Times.

Not sure why Bernie Sanders would continue to assault a woman who has been voted Woman of the Year 20 times, and 14 times in a row. Hey Bernie, how many times have you been voted Man of the Year that gives you the right to assail Hillary Clinton's character.

Oh yeah, you're a man, so it's ok to assassinate Hillary Clinton's character and imply false innuendo because she only won Woman of the year, not Man of the year. Hey Bernie, maybe Hillary Clinton bought the Women of the Year award each and every time, yeah, that's it! 

Now run with that Bernie!

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Why didn't anyone ask Donald Trump the obvious follow-up question to his "abortion should have consequences for a woman", comment?

Donald Trump apparently stated that if a female gets an illegal abortion she should face consequences, yet no one asked Mr. Trump if the male who impregnated the woman should also face a similar consequence as the woman would face.

Sure Mr. Trump has already created an absurd scenario, but it would be interesting to see how he explains if the male has or does not have any culpability as well, no?

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