Thursday, March 28, 2019

NBC News Exclusive: Comey Gives First Interview Since Mueller Completed Investigation, Comey Defends how the FBI turns non law violators are turned into Indicted Defendants.

An intriguing part of the Lester Holt / James Comey Interview occurred when James Comey validated criminally charging people who had broken no laws but would not speak out because it might harm the reputation of others. Comey admits that the FBI forces people to answer questions that will devalue their place, or their families place, or their businesses place in society even if the activity in question did not break a law, wow.


Click here to go directly to 4 min and 51 seconds.

Meanwhile, the FBI won't investigate Patient Dumping, aka a FEDERAL Law Violation called EMTALA that involves seniors and can lead to their death, as is what happened to my Mother at West Hills ER in Los Angeles CA. FBI Los Angeles did not even know what EMTALA was. 

So to conclude the Federal Bureau of Investigation won't investigate a Federal Crime against Seniors, but will indict innocent Americans who are not guilty of a crime, because they don't want to ruin the reputation of others who also have not have committed a crime, wow.

Comey's Quote "People are prosecuted for obstructing justice to avoid embarrassment, to avoid harm to their business, to avoid threats to their families, where there isn't an underlying crime that they committed...and you wouldn't want it any other way"....

Um, yes I would.  When Bill Clinton was asked if he had sexual relations with Monica Lewnisky, it was an inappropriate question. The question should have been, did you have non consensual relations with Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton says "no", they ask Monica Lewinksy, she says "no", end of that line of questioning. 

Instead, Bill Clinton was basically forced into revealing a consensual act that did nothing to prove an illegal act. When Bill Clinton refused to divulge details of a consensual act, he was ultimately found guilty of lying about a consensual act. This is why these investigations don't get to anything, the investigators thrive on getting the person being questioned to lie about a legal consensual situation, the media runs it as earth shattering news, the FBI then hands out Indictments as if they accomplished something of importance, meanwhile my Mother's West Hills ER Nurse in my opinion broke several laws that DIRECTLY led to my Mother's death and no one in Law Enforcement from any agency would investigate.

Below is Lester Holt / Jim Comey Partial Transcript....
05:07     and that's just not been my experience
as a prosecutor for decades every day in
this country people are prosecuted for
obstructing justice to avoid
embarrassment to avoid harm to their
business to avoid threats to their
families where there isn't an underlying
crime that they committed and you

wouldn't want it any other way because

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Collusion vs Consulting Confusion has Probably created a Mess of the Mueller Investigation.

Defining Collusion as getting feedback or intel from Russia regarding a Presidential Election is most likely a double standard. If a Russian Politician wanted U.S. Help, I am presuming we would give it, and if found out, our government would state they were just acting as consultants.

One day we make look back at the Russia Investigation as a McCarthy like situation in which admitting to interacting with any Russian Person meant violation of the law, a ludicrous Investigative Standard to be adhering to. And, what is even more ironic, making everyone afraid to even admit they talked or interacted with a Russian person just meant that nothing could ever really be uncovered that might actually lead to a third or fourth party collusion.

I define collusion as actual Vote Tampering. Anything that actually disrupts or alters how votes are created, counted, tabulated, interpreted, or presented would be Collusion. Anything that prevents a person from having access to other political points of view could also be considered tampering. So if Russia had boots on the ground creating political voting flyers, or misrepresenting themselves as a political party and then  doing something offensive that would harm the entity they were purposely falsely representing, that would be collusion.

But if Russia GAVE Trump valuable intel on what Americans wanted or what would sway an American's vote, as long as the information did not involve or lead to fabricating lies or vote tampering, there is no Collusion, it's CONSULTING.

There was such a rush to see if Trump or people from his administration consulted with Russia that apparently nobody bothered to differentiate Collusion from Consulting, and we are all the more mixed up and divided because of it.

If Trump Pardons those indicted during the Mueller Investigation, the more salient point that the people indicted were being asked to admit to a crime that wasn't a crime, will be lost. Let's hope someone has the sense to challenge the Mueller indictments as being based on an incorrect interpretation and differentiation between consulting and collusion, call it what it was, Consulting/Collusion, Confusion.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Gavin Newsom pulls a Donald Trump Border Wall Directive, Makes Personal Decision to stop all Executions.

One has to wonder about the timing of Gavin Newsom's decision to cease all Executions and to Dismantle the Execution Room. Donald Trump is taking all kinds of heat for wanting to go forward with his Border Wall Funding. 

Meanwhile Governor Gavin Newsom does the exact same thing in regards to Capital Punishment. Will someone in the media at least acknowledge the timing of Governor Newsom's Mirroring of Trump's Executive Action?

Republicans still have no clue just how devious California Democrats have become at diluting Senior Benefits and diverting the money to undocumented issues. So while Trump is excoriated for using his Presidential clout to declare a Border Emergency, Trump fails to tie the ends together in a bow that lack of a Border Wall is crippling California's Budget.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Bribery Denied College for the More Deserving, but did it have to? Meanwhile 500,000 Annual Undocumented Dilutes California Senior HealthCare.

There is a correlation between Bribery being a pathway to a prestigious College Enrollment, and 500,000 Annual Undocumented Eventually Resulting in Diluted Healthcare For California Seniors and higher taxes for all.
Democrats refuse to admit that Trump is right regarding a Border Wall. California Democrat Politicians expose their own form of Bribery when they support compassionate issues in exchange for the votes they receive in return. These same California Politicians then conceal who is being hurt by their compassion, namely California Baby Boomers and Seniors through the Dilution of Healthcare programs so funds can be "redistributed" to Immigration related issues.

As for the College Bribery "Scandal" it's sad to see every swallow the FBI's version of events. There is something else going on here that of much greater importance.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Wow, AIPAC really does Run Congress.

I have mixed feelings about Muslim Religious Influence on Politics in America. While I have trouble with any religion that forces its members to dress a certain way in public at all times, I recognize it's a way of being authentic and open about how they believe. The difference when Nuns do it is Nuns actually live separate lives because they are Nuns.

Forcing a Hajib on women when in public seems to be a defiant reminder that there will aways be a difference between Muslims and others.

In the case of Ilhan Omar's recent allegedly controversial remarks about Israel, I didn't see the remarks as being controversial since ALL lobbying groups use money to do their talking.

Here is a review of the alleged controversy regarding Ilhan Omar's recent comments that have been overblown by politicians from both parties. Clearly AIPAC reaches into both parties, which is exactly the point that Omar was making.

There is a lot of posturing going on among the Media and Politicians over Omar's remarks. The ironic part is, Sharia Law gives me the creeps, big time, bigly even. Yet in this instance Omar has been treated unfairly by all.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Why did Trump's Associates lie about Russia when there was no reason to do so?

Someday people may look back and wonder how the media created so much fear regarding talking to anyone from Russia among Trump's higher echelon associates. I am not understanding how consulting with Russia over the 2016 Presidential Election equals collusion.

According to 60 Minutes, Trump might have won the 2016 Presidential because Facebook was literally at Trump's Headquarters educating members of Trump's campaign ad team on how to use Facebook Micro Targeting Ads during the 2016 Presidential Elections.
Hillary Clinton refused to advertise on Facebook. If Hillary Clinton had matched Trump's marketing efforts on Facebook, she would have probably won the popular vote by at least 5 to 6 million votes and most likely also won the Electoral College vote.

It seems like the Russia collusion bar has been lowered below ground level. As long as Mueller can show interactions between Russia and Trump's people, it will somehow mean collusion when the reality is it might just have been consulting work, just as Manafort, Devine and Stone did in Eastern Europe 10 years ago.

Ultimately, Trump's personal drive to always be the winner is bad for what it mean to be President of the United States. Trump is ok with losing as long as publicly he can say he won, this is a very dangerous psychological trait to have as the President of the United States. 

But I agree the Border Wall is necessary to prevent the ongoing dilution of Healthcare Services in California along with the ongoing desire to create more and higher tax revenue streams in California. Just recently Democrat Presidential Candidates sided with the Striking Teachers in California. Now a new Parcel Tax is on the ballot in California to pay for smaller classrooms, a situation directly related to 500,000 undocumented coming into California on a yearly basis.

So what may be called Russian Collusion, may actually be Consulting, and that concerns me, it should concern you as well. Hillary did an amazing job in 2016 considering she did have some health issues, was trying to keep Obama's coalition intact by not attacking Sander's per Obama's request. But Hillary Clinton probably chose to not surround herself with non yes people who could have given her cutting edge advice.

Twice now Hillary Clinton was in part defeated by opponents who latched on to Media Disruptors. By not admitting she erred by not using Facebook Micro Ads, we may see another Trump term because Democrats are too focused on rewriting 2016 rather than reaching out to rural America, and agreeing that a Border Wall would curb undocumented entry and allow for America to Breath again without having to keep raising taxes to accommodate all within our borders.

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Seth Meyers confuses Collusion with Consulting.

Seth Myers Confuses Collusion with Consulting. It's only collusion if actual ballots or votes were tampered with by Politicians or Russian Consultants.

Seth Myers on his Valentines Day, 2019 Closer Look...
This isn't just some sort of so-called process crime.....
06:16.  that has nothing to do with
06:18.  the core question of Russian collusion.

06:19.  Mueller's office said Manafort's lies go to the heart

06:22   of what the Special Counsel's office is investigating.

06:25.  For example, Manafort lied about the fact he shared

06:28.  Trump campaign polling data with a longtime associate of his

06:31.  who the FBI thinks has ties to Russian intelligence.
06:33.  He shared polling data with a guy
06:35.  tied to Russian intelligence

06:37.  while Russian intelligence was helping Trump win the election.

06:40.  That is the definition of collusion.
06:41.  If someone said, "I don't understand collusion."

06:43.  Can you give me an example?" You could say that.
End of Myers Commentary.

Meyers is mixing up Consulting with Collusion. It's only collusion if actual voters or votes were tampered with. While a case could be made that if Russia paid for facebook ads to help Trump win, might be considered collusion, the problem is Hillary Clinton did no Facebook ads, and should have. 

If Hillary Clinton had done Facebook ads, and lost because both Trump and Russia were doing Facebook ads, then that could be seen as collusion by Russia. 

Unfortunately Hillary Clinton refused to do Facebook Targeted Micro Ads. It's like a golfer forgetting their putter, but because the other golfer was given golf clubs by Russia, the other golfer is disqualified. If Hillary Clinton had her putter, and still lost, then maybe make a case that Trump got help he was not supposed to use. But if Hillary Clinton did not put forward the logical counter move, then too bad for her. Take responsibility for not being able to be agile enough to understand the value of Facebook targeted micro ads.

The bottom line, in my opinion, is Hillary Clinton would have won the popular vote by 5 to 6 million votes if she had done Facebook Targeted Ads.

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Steve Kornacki with Amazing Hardball Editorial from February 27, 2019 Explains Donald Trump to the Befuddled.

Kept waiting for the Hardball February 27, 2019 episode so I could view Steven Kornacki's editorial close. Was unable to find just the Editorial only but I did manage to get a Transcript of it. Kornacki's Editorial explains Trump and his supporters exceedingly well. Kornacki only said his name at the very beginning of the Hardball episode, then. never said it again. I had never seen him before and didn't know who he was. Incredible how protective Chris Matthew's people are over not allowing a guest to even say his name or have it flashed on the screen. Best Educational and informative Editorial goes to Steve Kornacki while filling in on Hardball on the February 27, 2019 episode.

.......Welcome back. 

The scene the whole world
witnessed in front of the House
Oversight Committee today would have
rocked any other presidency to its core
Michael Cohen called Donald Trump a
criminal a fraud and a racist and
suggested federal prosecutors may be
putting a case together from a legal
standpoint there are obvious open
questions here we will see what special
counsel Robert Muller does or doesn't do
we will see what if anything emerges
from federal prosecutors in New York
maybe even from the New York State
Attorney General action on any of these
fronts could dramatically change Trump's
presidency but when it comes to the
politics it is still far from clear what
effect if any a day like today will have
the charges from Cohen were absolutely
explosive no question but were they
actually surprising this is one of the
things that makes the Trump presidency
so different from those that came before
it most voters including many of trumps
own supporters already believe that
Donald Trump had exceptionally low
character even before he became
president in the 2016 exit poll just 33
percent of voters said they considered
Trump honest one in three of his own
voters considered him dishonest only 35%
said he had the temperament to be
President just 38 percent said he was
even qualified for the office in polling
before the election only one-third of
Trump's vote of voters said that Trump
shared their values 59% said they agreed
that quote Trump talks in a way that
appeals to bigotry 44% said they
considered him an out-and-out racist
remember the Access Hollywood tape
Trump's comments about what he could get
away with because he was famous that
tape played for the whole world to hear
just weeks before the election and yet
here we are by the slimmest of margins
and with huge numbers of Americans
convinced he was a lousy person Donald
Trump was still elected president and
while there is no evidence he has gained
any support since becoming president his
numbers have been pretty stable an
approval rating that never really falls
lower than somewhere in the high 30s
never really gets hire than the mid 40s
just like his support in the polls
during the campaign so yes the kinds of
things we heard today would probably
have been ruinous for
past-president but what was shocking in
the past may almost be expected in the
Trump era that's hardball for now

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