Friday, March 16, 2018

My Beautiful and Amazing 91 year old Mother was refused service at her local E.R. for a wheezing chest and died 2 and 1/2 days later. I am Devastated.

91 year old Fortunata Machi was refused service
for a Wheezing Chest by the E.R. even as her
Caregiver Son Alessandro Machi begged
 the E.R. Staff to treat her wheezing chest.
Fortunata Machi and her son were both forcibly
escorted out of the E.R. by Hospital Security.
She died three days later.
You can learn the full story by going to my Facebook Group Page. 


Amarissa, WomenState said...

So, so sorry, Alessandro. What a terrible and sad story, shame on those who refused her treatment!

Alessandro Machi said...

Thank you for taking the time to post. If you are on facebook and want to share the story I would be grateful.

Alessandro Machi said...

According to my hit counter, this site is getting 1,700 hits a day and has been for weeks. Many are from Europe. Are any of you even clicking on article link on this page. Maybe I should call it fake hits.

After 8 years of doing less, wow.

Bob Harrison said...

I commented on your FB page but I will say it again--- no one should be treated the way your mother was. It was wrong on every level. My admiration of you has gone up another notch. Not many people put as much effort into noting a loved one's passing as you have. I hope time and love can heal your hurt, but rest assured I have you and your Mother in mind.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thank you Bob.

Alessandro Machi said...

i wrote eight years of doing less, up above, I meant to write eight years of doing this. Less would mean I would not have written 1000 articles and provided an opportunity for other bloggers to get referred to their site because of the RSS feeds.

Alessandro Machi said...

I have discovered that my mother's treatment in the ER was an E.M.T.A.L.A. violation, yet one attorney will take the case.

Alessandro Machi said...

Yet NOT one attorney will take the caee. I can't believe how often I leave out the word not. Isn't that Trump's defense recently?

Alessandro Machi said...

Today is the day Mom was brutalized in the ER that then led to her death 2 and 1/2 days later. I have learned a lot since. Our government practices Checkbook Justice when it comes to enforcing healthcare laws. The concept of investigating improper handling and abuses of seniors in the ER by an ER Nurse apparently do want any type of actual investigation other than having an excuse to fine anER so the money stays or is returned to the Treasury. Mom was Aged and Vulnerable, Probably had her civil rights violated, most definitely had her EMTALA rights repeatedly violated, and was the victim of an ER Nurses Incitement of other to lawlessness.

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