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Thursday, December 30, 2010

In Barack Obama's home town of Chicago, Local Banks work with families to Redo predatory loans.

Or, we could re title this article, Things Barack Obama supports for his hometown of Chicago that he doesn't support for the rest of america, certainly not for gun toting, bible thumping, bitter people.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Football: President Obama chats with Jeffrey Lurie, Congraulates him for signing Michael Vick -

There is more to this story. If the only reason Barack Obama had called Jeffrey Lurie was to talk about Michael Vick, that would absolutely freak me out. However, once again Barack Obama dodges a huge faux pas by also talking about the alternative energy plans that Lurie is planning on installing at Eagles stadium.

hey Barack Obama, there are millions of homeowners being foreclosed on every year in this country, and HAMP is bait and switch and probably a violation of the Federal Hobbs act, the extortion clause, lets focus on what matters.

Unless Barack Obama is eyeing the stadiums as foreclosure homes for those he's helping make homeless.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beware, Objects are not what they seem.

What's that saying, there's a bracelet born every minute? If you click on the youtube icon, it takes you to the youtube landing page for the I renew bracelet commercial and you can then read the comments.

The comments are a hoot.

Friday, December 24, 2010

"Barack Obama Congratulates Himself" is a GOOGLEWHACK!


I just don't understand what is going on. I thought I recently saw Barack Obama congratulate himself for doing more in the past two years than any administration has in recent and far away memory. So for kicks, I did the following google search, "Barack Obama congratulates himself", with the quotes wrapped around the phrase which is CRITICAL so that google only looks for those four words in that exact order.

Amazingly, ONLY ONE LISTING CAME UP, and it was from a year and a half ago!
"Barack Obama Congratulates Himself" is a GOOGLEWHACK! (well, presumably now that I have written this article "Barack Obama Congratulates himself" will become a GOOGLETHWACK.)
Am I to believe that no other blogger in the past two years has observed Barack Obama congratulating himself and written those exact four words in that exact order? I kind of wanted to watch the recent video news clip again of Barack Obama congratulating himself over all that his presidency has done in his first two years in office, but I guess it never happened?

What amazes me about Obama's sentiment that his administration has done more in the first two years in office than any recent presidency, assuming I wasn't dreaming, is that Barack Obama has turned his back on over a million HAMP applicants who were the victims of parallel foreclosure. Barack Obama basically prioritized a realistically flawed healthcare program that may be overturned by the courts rather than dealing with the home foreclosure issue head on that is foreclosing on up to 10,000 homes a day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Does ACORN, and all of their NEW NAME offshoots, apologize to Hillary Clinton?

Click here for the most current DailyPUMA article.

I am completely supportive of homeowners in the home foreclosure controversy that has swept the nation for the past couple of years. However, I think I'm starting to see ACORN sponsored foreclosure protestors on television, being arrested, speaking on capitol hill, and so on.

Until ACORN admits to their cheating ways in the 2008 democratic caucus contests that favored Barack Obama and were against Hillary Clinton, they won't be absolved of their past sins, and their complaining about foreclosure won't have the impact it could have.

If ACORN truly cares about the downtrodden and those who are being victimized by parallel foreclosure and other unfair foreclosure actions, they would apologize to Hillary Clinton for their unseemly actions in 2008. Hillary Clinton was the only remaining 2008 presidential candidate that advocated a 60 day foreclosure freeze so the foreclosure issue could be dealt with fairly and squarely.

In the fall of 2008, before the actual election contest against John McCain, Barack Obama favored a 90 day home foreclosure freeze. Certainly looks like another HUGE promise made by Barack Obama that never came to pass.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blame Betty Grable for Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

In the 1940's during World War II, millions of american soldiers had Betty Grable posters pinned up over their baracks bunk beds. Unfortunately, if a soldier was gay, they could not put up a hunky poster of their favorite male movie star.

Whether you google male pinups from the 40's, or female pinups from the 40's, the images are basically all of women.

Fast forward to today, and the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. Is it possible that once the pinup posters of Brad Pitt go up in the male barracks, a rift might form among soldiers who are supposed to put aside all of their differences and be there for each other on the battle field, as soldiers?

I would assume that gay soldiers having to look at heterosexual pin ups in their baracks, but not being able to put up a pin up of a male figure that they admire, is discrimination. Is that what the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell is about. Well, yes.

But if you are a commander in the army, you probably care less that 10% to 20% of your soldiers can't put up the pin up poster they want, if it might make some of the other 80% to 90% uncomfortable in such a way that it could subliminally impinge their performance in pre-battle or battle time situations.

You can sit there and say, screw you, you homophobes, that's your problem. But a commander in chief is still going to want what produces the most effective result ON THE BATTLEFIELD. Strengthening the resolve for a much smaller percentage of the troops, at the risk of possibly weakening the resolve of a portion of the majority of the troops, may not be the ideal scenario for a commander in chief.

What I always thought was cool about "don't ask, don't tell", was that even if someone revealed they were gay, in theory, they could not be prosecuted because nobody else was allowed to tell, even if they heard. It was double protection against persecution. However, my perception of what Don't ask, Don't tell, might not actually be how it was followed.

In terms of the military, all I care, as an outsider, is that the entire troop watches out for each other to the max, and I wonder if Betty Grable changed that for all time. Maybe one day only posters of family, or friends of family will be allowed up on a barracks wall, thereby making the issue moot. Oh wait, that won't work either until anyone can legally be married.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Sad Tale of Oprah Winfrey and her farewell Victory Tour while millions of americans suffer foreclosure fraud.

In just the past week, I have seen THREE Oprah Winfrey spoofs, one on Jimmy Kimmel, another on David Letterman, and another on Saturday Night live. While the spoofs are probably meant in fun and jest, in my opinion they are a condemnation of Oprah Winfrey's over the top narcissim during her retirement victory tour that appears to be lasting an ENTIRE television season!

In the past few weeks, without even looking, I have been exposed to Oprah Crying opposite Tyler Perry. Perry was recounting his horrible childhood, and began gushing at how Oprah inspired her, which got Oprah crying. It would be all well and good if Tyler Perry had not been also hawking his new movie, For Colored Girls, and if we didn't have 10,000 people being foreclosed upon every day in this country, many of them unfairly. It's just the wrong time to be making it about you, Oprah and your rich and successful friends.
Can there be anything more pathologically narcissistic than the site of two BILLIONAIRES crying on stage about how hard their lives were growing up, while every day in the United States 10 thousand homeowners are foreclosed upon?
Then there was Oprah crying as she and Whoopi Goldberg confab'd. It reminded me of the almost overdone sit com plot line where the protagonist on the show can't stand it when somebody doesn't like them. Gosh Oprah, how about asking Whoopi OFF CAMERA, why she doesn't like you, and not on! By the way, that may just be why Whoopi doesn't like you, your opportunizing a moment on camera, that could have been more productive doing off camera.

Just what is Whoopi Goldberg supposed to say ON AIR about why she doesn't like you, Oprah?

Then there was Barbara Walters asking Oprah if she was a lesbian and Oprah's vehement lie, er, denial that she was not. "Not that there's anything wrong with that" (a Seinfeld reference), but does anybody really believe Oprah's lesbian denials?

I have never bothered to calculate the percentage, but I believe that at least 50% of all female talk show hosts that have hosted their own television show, have been lesbians, and it could be as high as 75% if you count the couple who never came out. So this isn't really groundbreaking stuff even if Oprah is a lesbian. Anyways, all of these moments were rebroadcast on other television shows as excerpts, and these moments found me, I didn't find them, and I am the worse for it.

Speaking of Oprah's victory tour, she's in Australia for several weeks doing her farewell victory show and just a short while ago Hugh Jackman crashed into a light while making a special entrance for...Oprah Winfrey in Australia!

By the way, Aussies have been coming to the U.S. and gleefully buying up Florida properties for pennies on the dollars. Glad to see Oprah so in tune to her own countries troubles, snark, or that of Haiti's in their struggle to get any of that money that the United States allegedly raised for Haiti, but has held onto. But rumor has it that Oprah did fly over Haiti on her way to Australia and gave Haiti her blessings.
Has there ever been a television personality with the reputation and clout of Oprah Winfrey who has frittered away their final year in daytime programming by focusing on their own narcissistic journey, when the country and the audience that made her famous needed her to protect them from predatory banking and foreclosure practices that have been surfacing at an alarming pace?
Oprah Winfrey could have used the final year of her television show to expose the dastardly deeds of her own business acquaintances, such as those of Jamie Dimon of Chase Bank, but instead we are treated to a trail of Oprah's tears as guests tell her how much she has meant to them...meanwhile, TEN THOUSAND homes are foreclosed upon every day in the United States, and many of them are not being fairly treated.

The closest Oprah Winfrey went to addressing the home foreclosure issue that I can recall seeing is her focus on how YOU could take control of your own finances. That is fine and well, but what about predatory lending, foreclosure fraud, parallel foreclosure that americans are being victimized by Oprah? That woud require Oprah doing battle with the business establishment, and apparently, those who are Oprah Winfrey's closest friends.

I have a theory as to why Oprah Winfrey seems to have developed a weak spine. I think when the Texas Beef Council sued her for slander in the late 90's, and she had to go to Texas, (ironically, this was how she met Dr. Phil and he ultimately earned a shot at his own show), Oprah Winfrey was really really scared she could go to jail. She might have lost it if not for Dr. Phil.

It's my opinion that Oprah probably had a relapse of fear when the girls orphanage in South Africa that she funded ended up with accusations of abuse. I guess Oprah lives in fear that she will be sued if she gets involved in noble causes, and the result is a shell of what she could have done in her final year in the daytime television spotlight.

And of course, there is Barack Obama. Oprah Winfrey is quite proud that helped a racist country (that embraced her whole heartedly 25 years ago) elect Barack Obama, irrespective of his actual experience, to the presidency of the United States. Oprah did a show after the 2008 elections where she talked about Barack Obama being elected president as being as big of a deal as B.C. and A.D. (before christ, after death). I recall that Oprah show, she literally repeated herself two or three times on how miraculous it was that Barack Obama had been elected.

G'day Oprah.

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Agenda video "Searching for Sexism" offers some disturbing images, and maybe some "change".

The first video clip of the very young kids dancing is really, really, creepy.

If I could sheepishly suggest a title change to your series. I would call it
"Escaping Sexism".

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jonathan Alter Tributes Elizabeth Edwards, Alter also ridiculed John McCain for praising Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.

I am fuming right now. But, rather than spew here, read what AN ARSEHOLE Jonathan Alter was in 2008 when he visited Keith Olberman's show and spent over four minutes ridiculing John McCain after McCain made an incredibly eloquent speech about Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the media attacks she had to preservere through.

So I guess Alter can tribute women who have passed while piling on the BS against strong, successful women who are alive. Newsweek, and Alter, you stink.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shouldn't documents be stolen and leaked from ALL COUNTRIES before discussing punitive actions?

The belief that because top secret documents were stolen from the United States, and therefore whatever they reveal should result in punitive actions, does not allow for a comparison to be made to all other countries and their top secret documents.

It is silly to demand that one country be punished for leaked top secret documents when no one knows how they compare to the unleaked top secret documents from all other countries.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

UPDATE: Plight of Family With "Tacky Lights Tour" House Gets National Attention

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Nancy Pelosi is the poster child for the abolition of gerrymandering.

Nancy Pelosi is only one of 8 DEMOCRATS that increased their margin of victory in 2010 from 2008 within their own voting district.

This helps explain how one becomes a narcissistic power monger in Congress. Gerrymander your own district to the point where you could win under almost any circumstance, grab power by intimidating those around you because they all know you will be back term after term, and then do whats best for yourself and your political cohorts even if it hurts millions of american homeowners being victimized by the very president she helped cheat to get into office in 2008.

Nancy Pelosi's sidekick, Harry Reid, was also able to win against a somewhat scatterbrained, fast talking unknown who actually should have won, and no doubt, once again, gerrymandering made the final difference as the race was not even that close. (edit update: Nov. 28, 1:53pm, 2010 lol, I just realized that gerrymandering doesn't affect the Senate, only the house.)

Nonetheless, Democrats are dumbocrats for allowing gerrymandering to continue as it allows the truly crazy to stay in power for far too long.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pelosi, Reid retain their leadership seats, Pelosi minority mode style, but something just does not make sense.

Pelosi is beyond narcissism. Just today she talked glowingly about JFK, and how Barack Obama was like JFK. It is so clear that Pelosi, like Arianna Huffington and Oprah Winfrey, could not stand the idea of another female, Hillary Clinton, one upping their places in history.

But besides that, can someone, ANYONE, explain why the democratic LOSERS are determining next years minority leader of the house, NOW? Does that make any sense to anyone?

When there is upheaval in congress, I can see the "winning" side voting before the newer party members arrive next year because the argument can be made that it was the work of those already in that helped pave the way for their gains (although this year it was more the democrats dropping the ball then the republicans earning it).

But the democrats LOST. They lost BIG TIME.
Why is the democratic party voting before next years democrat herd comes in? Why are the SAME DEMOCRATS who helped LOSE the House Majority getting the opportunity to vote on who runs things for the NEXT 2 YEARS?
I don't know how long this style of voting has gone on before next years class of politicians comes in, but it is clear to me that the winning side should go before the new class comes in, and the LOSERS wait until next term to select their minority "winner".

I wonder if that is the way it used to be and somewhere along the way somebody just changed it.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Misogynistic, Racist Wrongness of Jeremiah Wright revisited two years later.

This four minute video of Jeremiah Wright talking about the plight of the black man versus the white privileged Hillary Clinton was minimized by the media back in 2008. Yet two and a half years later and the racist, misogynistic message has been upstaged by something else.

What the heck does ANY OF IT, have to do with being president of the United States?

Ask yourself that question as you watch this video, what does any of the blather by Reverend Wright have anything to do with being president, and being a GOOD president.

I seem to recall that Caroline Kennedy is seen as "privileged". Is Reverend Wright putting Hillary Clinton into the same class as Caroline Kennedy? Really? Can there be a bigger slap in the face then to imply that Hillary Clinton and Caroline Kennedy are the same type of people when they have led entirely different lives?

Who is Reverend Wright to start lumping entire races of people into one type? And to do it to the Clintons, of all people, is just beyond insane verbosity.

It saddens me that some PUMA's, rather than fight for their own party, chose to switch, and in the process, allowed lunatics like Wright to continue to win.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taylor Marsh, almost as bad as wonkette, a disaster who faked support for Hillary Clinton in 2008 and then turned against her PUMA supporters.

It's important to remember the 2008 Hillary Clinton poser supporters who to this day won't apologize for their stupidity in supporting democratic fraud in high places regarding the 2008 democratic nomination race.

Taylor Marsh can't seem to recognize her own duplicitous demons, so she attacks PUMA's instead. Her premise in attacking PUMAs is they so hate Barack Obama, and have so idolized Hillary Clinton, that PUMA's can't think logically or reasonably anymore.

The problem with Taylor Marsh's position is that it involves "moving on" and forgetting criminal behavior from 2008. I think the past two years have demonstrated that "moving on" only postpones the inevitable backlash that cheaters, liars, and exaggerators, aka Wall Street, bankers, and their minions subject their targets to.

The implication that PUMA's exist because Hillary Clinton "lost" and they can't accept that is ridiculous. PUMA's exist because they saw how the top of the democratic party pulled strings behind the scenes to override the will of democratic voters. Lets not forget that ALL OF THE DEMOCRATIC ELITE MANIPULATION that went on in 2008 only produced a popular vote tie for Barack Obama.

Without the democratic manipulation, the final popular vote would have shown around 52-53% for Hillary Clinton, and 47-48% for Barack Obama.

Once I know that Barack Obama only won because of the disrespect that the higher democratic party elite showed Hillary Clinton and her family, I don't easily forget. For Taylor Marsh to try and spit on PUMA's at this late date just shows her to be a minion in desperate need to keep her day job being a lemming for a still corrupt, unapologetic democratic party.

And by the way, Barack Obama is now responsible for over A MILLION HOMEOWNERS losing their homes because of HAMP (Home Affordable Mortgage Protection) and the parallel foreclosure that actually accelerated the loss of homeowners homes as they tried to enroll and qualify for HAMP.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wonkette is the worst piece of progressive arrogant trash, may you wonks rot inside your own fetid feces and enjoy it.

Edit update - January 22, 2011 9:16 am - A Wonkette reader actually copied this article without having the acumen to include the link located within the article. The link is the entire reason this article was written. Instead, a wonkette cut and pasted the article as is, rendering the link as just a sentence with no attribute. Should we be surprised that the democratic fringe that saw nothing wrong with Barack Obama supporters using pre-paid anonymous credit cards in 2008 can't even copy someone's article without altering the meaning? And when I posted a comment explaining this, the comment never appeared.

Edit update - January 22, 2011 11:48 pm - A reader from Wonkette graciously added my comment from above, something the ADM was too aloof to do by allowing my response to appear there. However, they still have not put two and two together. I was upset by the condescending comments found in the Hillary Clinton article, not the article itself.

Wonkette sucks, period. I think I recall seeing wonkette on some of the allegedly pro Clinton boards. What a load of progressive crap they are. Die, all of you wonks, the sooner the better. Seriously. You've done more to damage this country in as short of a time as possible, and you just don't get how arrogant and conceited you are.

Real PUMA's hate wonkette and the progressive idiocy they embody. And the comments section is JUST AS DESPICABLE. These are same rotten imbeciles from 2008, trying to kick anybody to the curb who supports Hillary Clinton.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hillary Clinton would have limited the economic devastation that has hit Main Street under Barack Obama's Guidance.

Don't give up, Hillary Clinton fans. People in high places, such as Robert Reich, are sending out public smoke signals (caution, link to goes to Robert Reich article on Huffington Post, one of Hillary Clinton's biggest enemies in 2007 and 2008) that Barack Obama is not up to the task of standing up to Wall Street. They aren't exactly saying that, but they are using statistical data to show that Barack Obama is incapable or unwilling to help main street even as wall street "recovers".

Nor does Obama even have an inkling on how a main street economy actually fuels Wall Street.Obama thinks it's the other way around, that wall street fuels main street, and millions of americans are unnecessarily losing their homes during his presidency because of his backwards thinking.

What I wrote in response to Robert Reich's article,
Thank you for speaking the truth. The HAMP program, apparently started under Bush and propagated by Barack Obama, is an illegal government program that violates the Federal Hobbs Act. Both George Bush, and now Barack Obama, should be impeached over HAMP.

Taxpayer funded program requires american citizens fall behind 3-4 months on their mortgage payment, causing parallel foreclosure to kick in even for the consumer to become eligible for HAMP, and this is a VIOLATION of the Federal Hobbs Act, the extortion clause.

Friday, November 5, 2010

While Barack Obama "agonizes" over constituents letters he reads each night in the White House, he's responsible for a million HAMP home foreclosures.

The reporter who did this story does not know about parallel foreclosure, which is the reason these home owners now face foreclosure when all they did was follow the HAMP Program guidelines. The reporter also does not know about the Federal Hobbs Act that Barack Obama has been violating for the past year and a half that has resulted in over a million homeowners prematurely losing their homes.

Isn't this kind of a giggle in a weird sort of way. This reporter spent a month or more on this story, PROVED beyond a reasonable doubt that parallel foreclosure exists and is being practiced by all the banks, yet does not know about Parallel Foreclosure nor the Federal Hobbs Act that Barack Obama and his team of rivals are violating on a daily basis.

But this reporter is not alone, and I commend this reporter for doing an excellent job of proving "Parallel Foreclosure" even if she did not know Parallel Foreclosure exists.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

47% of Democrats say Barack Obama should face challenge in 2012 primaries.

It would be interesting to see if the percentage of democrats who believe Barack Obama should face a political challenge in 2012 from another democrat increases from 47% after the election results later on today, Nov. 02, 2010. If the number rises to over 50%, should not Barack Obama consider stepping down after this term?

Asked another way, what was the percentage of support all other presidents have received from their own parties voters two years before their re-election bid. It would be amazing to have a chart that compares Barack Obama's re-nomination popularity versus all other presidents from the past 50 to 60 years.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Has Barack Obama violated the Federal Hobbs Act with HAMP, and if so this felony action should be an impeachable offense.

Has Barack Obama violated the Federal Hobbs Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 1951 [1994]) which...
...makes it a felony for a public official to extort property under color of office. Trading campaign contributions for promises of official actions or inactions are also prohibited under the act.
It sure looks like Barack Obama has extorted property under the color of office based on HAMP (home affordable mortgage program).
It is pretty clear to me that forcing homeowners to default on their mortgage before offering them a tax based government relief program is extortion, while using that same program to garner favorable public reaction by implying that the president is "helping people", when he is not, is a Hobbs Violation coming and going.

If there is a loophole in the Federal Hobbs Act, it might be that Barack Obama has extorted property for the benefit of others, rather than for himself, but, is that really a distinction with a difference? And, if any of the benefactors of extorted property make a political donation to Barack Obama, then the loop would be complete.

So just how has Barack Obama possibly violated the Federal Hobbs Act? Barack Obama and his administration offered a taxpayer funded program to economically struggling homeowners (HAMP), but for a homeowner to just attempt to apply for the program required that their home be put into Parallel Foreclosure.

Parallel Foreclosure basically means the banks have a justifiable reason to foreclose on your home and can begin processing all paperwork to kick you out of your home and resell it, while in the process leaving you financially devastated for years to come.

To apply for HAMP, a home owner MUST BE 3 TO 4 MONTHS behind in their mortgage payments. Ergo, Barack Obama and his administration are using taxpayer funds to lure homeowners into parallel foreclosure prior to any HAMP assistance being offered. It sure looks like the present administration is using taxpayer funds to extort property, and I believe this is a clear violation of the Federal Hobbs Act.
Some may argue, "but, the HAMP program had good intentions and you can't impeach a president for having good intentions". The key here is the good intentions are simply the sound bites that we heard that promoted HAMP as a good intention. There can be no good intention when to access a government program you have to agree to give up your home, especially when the purpose of the program was to SAVE your home from foreclosure.
I have believed for the past few months that Barack Obama has committed an impeachable act, but I did not know about the Federal Hobbs Act. I just learned about the Federal Hobbs act after googling the term "quid pro quo". I just felt that the HAMP program was a quid pro quo, and I was curious if that violated the law in anyway.

George Bush Sr. referenced quid pro quo during his time in office to deny that "quid pro quo" occurred in regards to arms being exchanged for other benefits. I don't recall if it involved the release of hostages or if it was some other benefit that Bush was denying had taken place.

So suddenly I see the Federal Hobbs Act listed under a definition of Quid Pro Quo, and the very definition of the Federal Hobbs Act is exactly what Barack Obama has done wrong. I knew that HAMP was wrong, and that the initiators of the HAMP act must be held accountable, but now I can attach a legal, rule of law definition to it, the Federal Hobbs Act of 1951 and 1994.

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