Monday, January 20, 2014

Should ObamaCare have been "rolled out" the same way as Marijuana Care?

I am not really a fan of Marijuana for people under the age of 30, I think it makes it easier for people to hide out and simply hang out with others who do MJ as well. Not only that, but do something with your life FIRST, then if you feel MJ is a reward once you hit 30, then I am basically neutral. 

The vision of people in their late teens smoking MJ seems over the top for me. Go fight a war, build a house, volunteer your time for the elderly, veterans, or the terminally ill, then maybe you've earned the right to chill out. I think it makes sense to EARN the right to do something that may be pleasurable.

While I definitely don't think people under the age of 30 need marijuana, I do find the gradual roll out of Marijuana Care one or two states at a time interesting when compared to the rush to get Obama Care up and running right away.

The U.S. has become such an all or nothing country that the idea of gradually introducing something new never seems to be given much consideration.

Perhaps the all or nothing approach has more to do with whether or not a new idea or proposal is a federal idea vs a local idea. A federal idea by its very nature is supposed to be implemented everywhere at approximately the same time, whereas local ideas (state by state) happen when they happen.

Perhaps the fear in rolling out ObamaCare slower than everywhere at once was that there would not be enough revenue if the first states involved in ObamaCare were deficit users. Rather than make every state profitable, the federal government can hope for an overall balanced budget in which the deficit spending states are balanced out by states that run a surplus. lol, that is the dream.

I am personally a proponent of slow but steady wins the race. Many times what we end up with is something new that takes so long to become law that the "slow and steady" approach left the building during the negotiating process between democrats and republicans.

I think it should have taken 3 to 5 years to roll out ObamaCare, with major changes made as new data came in every year. The idea that ObamaCare can be initiated everywhere at once and be up and running and working and successful within the first year is somewhat laughable, and pretentious to boot.

The thing about Marijuana Care is that as a state here or there legalizes marijuana, new, never before seen data will begin to emerge which allows all the other states to consider if, when, and how they delve into legalizing marijuana.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Regarding Don't Ask, Don't Tell, is it time for non gay media darlings to adopt this strategy regarding answering Gay Questions?

Click here for most recent DailyPUMA article.

I have always thought "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was a perfect resolution for the 90's regarding Gays in the Military. With the recent waste of media space regarding responses from both "Duck Dynasty" and now "The Batchelor" stars, should "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" come full circle?

Attention Media, quit asking conservative hetero's what they think about Gay's, Hetero media darlings, Quit telling what you think regarding Gay Issues.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell", It lives!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

DailyPUMA receives huge Spike in Hits over past few weeks.

DailyPUMA receives huge Spike in Hits over past few weeks.

However, can't take any credit for it. I think some entities are testing out how various browsers respond to DailyPUMA's rather bodacious RSS layout. I base this on having over 90% firefox users a week ago, now firefox users are down to 2% and other browsers have taken over. Lots of hits from Europe as well.

My own current articles are getting very average number of hits per day so they aren't really clamoring for my stuff. But older articles of mine are getting large hits.

Could also have something to do with the launch of a Dailypuma in another URL by another entity. But this points out another irony. All the blogs that I feature on DailyPUMA, only a handful have bothered to link back. In the end that hurts you, and also points to a bit of a narcissist edge, no? Why wouldn't a blog that gets hits from DailyPUMA not want to give hits back?

As I have noticed, almost all blogs go through a down time, and DailyPUMA is the first to notice new articles from dormant sites and jump them to the top of their column, helping to spread the word that a dormant blog has now become active again. Yet those blogs never really acknowledge that. lol, many have even banned me, especially the pro Hillary Clinton lesbian sites.

Being a male moderate blogger who supports Hillary Clinton, who in reality is a moderate liberal, galls the progressives, angers the lesbian bloggers who for the most part don't like men, and also seems to inflame conservatives as well.

I think people who have to color every news event from either a conservative or progressive viewpoint only, have much bigger problems than I do. I feel so free being able to take a shot at Rush Limbama in one article, ridicule Christie in another, than criticize Obamaj, or his wife. (The Michelle Obama article is coming soon).

I don't hate any of them full time, I just don't worship them either. Hillary Clinton I admire because I can relate to how the ultra neo cons and the ultra progressives can't stand the idea of a moderate trying to get the best from both sides.

Christie probably secretly blessed the bridge gate gridlock, Hillary Clinton would have built another lane to prevent gridlock because that's what moderates do, they accommodate those they believe to have a good heart and good intentions, even when those same people don't return the goodness back. 

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Chris Christie's office may have committed a Federal Hobbs Act Violation, Extortion Under the Color of Right.

Chris Christie's apology/denial can either be believed, or not, it is strictly an opinion each of us can have as to whether or not we think Chris Christie is telling the truth when he says he knew nothing about Bridge Gate (aka Traffic Gate).

However, it is important to give context to what Chris Christie's office has done regarding Traffic Gate. Let us first not forget all the good will Mr. Christie received from the country when he and Barack Obama were shown together after SuperStorm Sandy had leveled parts of New Jersey. Some believe the Christie / Obama harmony propelled Mr. Christie to the top of the Republican presidential field for 2016 even though some Republican were disgusted by it. 

But for all the goodwill created in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Christie basically gave it all away when his own office chose to punish another politician who did not support Christie in his re-election bid.

The spirit of cooperation demonstrated by Obama and Christie after SuperStorm Sandy was crushed when Christie's office chose to punish VOTERS for the beliefs of the politician they elected. And it is the punishment of the common man/woman that could lead to Federal Hobbs Act Extortion Under the Color of Right charges being filed against Chris Christie's office.

By punishing another politician who did not support Christie's re-election, and using political might and federal roadways to do it, somebody in Christie's office could be charged with a Federal Hobbs Act violation. Since Mr. Christie is the actual political figure his associates work for, it could end up that Mr. Christie is charged even if he did not know about Bridge Gate.

New Jersey is a tough place. I read allegations that the fire on Jersey Shore after the rebuild had started was retaliation for Christie not using union only workers for the rebuild.

Maybe the toughness needed to be a leader in New Jersey makes it difficult to always do the right thing. I just don't like it when retaliation actually hurts the working man/woman.

And for those who want to remind the world that Benghazi was far worse than Travel Gate, let us not forget that 22 veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY in the U.S., and that far outweighs either Benghazi or TravelGate.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fox Television continues to Offend, Enlisted coming to Television January 10, 2014.

The denialists from the conservative republican party continue to believe they stand for God, America, and Capitalism. I think Fox also stands for, moral depravity for profit. Witness the Fox television show "Enlisted" that is premiering January 10, 2014 on Fox Television.

22 U.S. military veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY in the U.S., almost one every hour of every day.

Saddles for Soldiers PSA from Sandra E Varona on Vimeo.

How does Fox show their concern for the issue of veteran suicides rates, they make a new TV show called Enlisted, which, in their own words is "an Irreverent and heartfelt single-camera comedy about three brothers on a small Floriday Army Post, and the group of misfits who surround them".

When corporate entities are just empty inside, they come up with ideas like Enlisted, programming that I call denial hyperbole. Deny  and ignore the 22 veterans who commit suicide EVERYDAY in the U.S.A., then create programming that attempts to portray Enlisting in a comedic way. Below is the entire "Enlisted" description taken right from the Enlisted website. Fox television favors the political party that will probably spend millions reliving Benghazi even as 22 veterans commit suicide every day.
ENLISTED is an irreverent and heartfelt single-camera comedy about three brothers on a small Florida Army post and the group of misfits who surround them. Charming, funny and a natural-born leader, Staff Sergeant PETE HILL (Geoff Stults, “Ben and Kate,” “The Finder”) was on a path for a huge military career until one mistake overseas got him booted stateside to Fort McGee, the post in Florida where his two younger brothers are stationed. Now, as their platoon sergeant, Pete must serve both as big brother and military boss. Corporal DERRICK HILL (Chris Lowell, “Private Practice,” “Veronica Mars”) is the middle brother – smart and sarcastic, he likes to stir up trouble and doesn't really care about being a Soldier. Private RANDY HILL (Parker Young, “Suburgatory”), on the other hand, loves it. He's the hyper-enthusiastic, hyper-goofy – just plain hyper – youngest brother who wants to be the gung-ho “G.I. Joe” military ideal.    
The Hill brothers all serve in the Rear Detachment (Rear D) unit, comprised of the Soldiers left behind when everyone else is deployed, who mow lawns on post, sort mail, wash tanks and find lost dogs. But the Rear D's main job is taking care of deployed Soldiers' families. Whatever they need, the Rear D Soldiers do. It's a job that shifts each moment from the thrilling to the mundane to the emotional and back again.Fort McGee Rear D is run by Command Sergeant Major DONALD CODY (Emmy Award winner Keith David, “Cloud Atlas,” “The Cape”), a firm but fair man who served with the brothers' late father. Sergeant Major Cody promised to look out for them, so he brought all the brothers to the post to fulfill that promise. Cody has seen it all and lost a foot to prove it – which no one can forget, since he never misses an opportunity to bring it up. Also under Cody's command is the confident, funny, tough and beautiful Staff Sergeant JILL PEREZ (Angelique Cabral, “Friends with Benefits”), who is the same rank as Pete and leads another Rear D platoon on post, all the while challenging Pete's decisions at every turn.A military-set family comedy, ENLISTED centers on three brothers who, when the best of the best are sent overseas, stay behind to try to keep the post in order. Between clean-up duty at a parade, human-grease-bowling and assorted soldierly pranks, they will inadvertently discover the key to strengthening their long-lost childhood bonds. ------end of quote.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rush Limbama's Profiteering on the backs of Real Life Misery, I just don't get it.

One of Rush Limbama's "radio tirades for ratings and profit" during the 90's was to make fun of the non profit group that was trying to reduce the number of land mines that inevitably injure and kill people all over the world. It may have been the Heather Mills inspired Adopt a Mine Field that Limbama was ridiculing. Land mine injuries and deaths continue on years after wars are stopped in a specific region.

Why Limbama chose to ridicule the topic of land mines is probably known between him, his four wives (presumably not at the same time), and his drug addicted mind.

I recently discovered that Limbama apparently thinks that Benghazi is a battle cry for the Republican party and the 2016 presidential election. 

I found an article on CNN that discusses Veteran suicide rates (22 a day, or higher). The article highlights several vet suicides, including one vet who was haunted by the image of a little girl coming forward for the bottled water he had offered her as she accidentally detonated a land mine under her feet, dying before she reached him.

Levi Derby was so haunted by the death of this little girl that after coming home he refused another tour of service, was unhonorably discharged, and then committed suicide. Levi Derby wasn't even counted as a vet suicide because of his unhonorable discharge.

ANYONE who thinks Benghazi comes even remotely close to conservatives DOING NOTHING for 22 vets a day who are committing suicide is a FUCKING IDIOT, and Rush Limbama is your toilet ring leader. Go fuck yourselves with a landmine.

How much money will the conservative pac machine spend in 2016 on Benghazi commercials while non profit groups that are making a difference treating returning vets go ignored by these same pacs.

Saddles for Soldiers PSA from Sandra E Varona on Vimeo.
Levi Derby felt so much pain from the unexpected land mine death of a young girl he had just offered bottled water too that he didn't back down from his own conviction and did not go back to serve another tour, was first punished by his own military with a dishonorable discharge (rather than the counseling he rightfully needed), then committed suicide by grief over that little girl's death. 

Levi Derby is far above what Limbama will ever be in his own life. It will be interesting to see how much money the conservative party spends on Benghazi while ignoring the 22 vet deaths that occur every day in the U.S.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Rush Limbama's January 03, 2014 Hillary Clinton Tirade.

Rush Limbaugh puts together a poor group of reasons as to why Hillary Clinton should not be president. 

Limbaugh apparently believes that because Bill Clinton may have slept around, Hillary Clinton should not be president. Yet in the same article, four time married, drug user Limbaugh states that Hillary Clinton will get her chance specifically because she did damage control and has been a good soldier. 

If Hillary Clinton had not been a "good soldier", Limbama would be using that as an excuse to relabel Ms. Clinton as a "Polarizing" presence. Concisely put, no matter what Hillary Clinton had done, Limbama would have used it as a reason to cast aspersions toward another Hillary Clinton presidential run. I can't stand that type of catch-22 pseudo analytical BS.

Even when Limbama mentioned that the democrat higher ups preferred Obama to Hillary Clinton in 2008, he makes it seem like it was a wise decision made by wise people. Yet Limbama rants daily about these very same democrat higher ups. It would seem to me that Hillary Clinton not being preferred in 2008 by democrat higher ups who Limbama considers to be dolts would actually be a card in Clinton's favor. Limbama can't even get his talking points to mesh.

Then Limbaugh brings up "Benghazi". Any person who brings up Benghazi while giving George Bush and obscene War profiteer V.P. George Cheney a pass for FORCING U.S. soldiers into unarmored Humvees in Iraq, inadequate bullet proof vest supplies, not properly filtering the soldier's drinking water and everyday water while in Iraq, and allowing absolutely SQUALID military hospital conditions upon the soldiers return to the U.S., IS A BIG FUCKING IDIOT. 

If you repeat the word Benghazi without acknowledging Bush and Cheney's war crimes against their own country's soldiers, you are fucking douchebag, idiot nincompoop.

And then Limbama brings up Hillary Care? What the fuck is that? There is no Hillary Care. There is Obama Care that is to some degree derived from Romney Care.

Maybe the caller from Rochester that was mentioned in the linked article above is on to something. Limbama does want Hillary Clinton to win so he can make up all kinds of stuff for the next four years. 

If I were Bill Clinton, I would clock Limbama now for slamming Hillary Clinton so nonchalantly after chumming up to Mr. Clinton during the 2008 democrat nomination race.

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