Monday, May 18, 2015

How the Neo Con and Progressive Media plan on destroying Hillary Clinton's Moderate Based 2016 Presidential Campaign..

I don't recall seeing the newsprint reporting technique being used to derail the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign before, maybe its been done, I just don't recall seeing it done before. The technique involves showing an interaction between the Clintons and ANYONE who is famous, then intercutting that interaction with an everyday person who has a gripe with the famous person that has been attached to the  Clintons and how they can't believe the Clintons would even breathe the same air as that famous person, let alone interact with them.

A reporter does a detailed interview with someone who has what is either a ridiculous complaint, or even a legitimate complaint about the Clintons and through the magic of editing makes it look like the Clintons are hobnobbing with the rich and famous while PURPOSELY avoiding talking to the person that the reporter has questioned.

This "cross cutting" technique is very clever because it gives the illusion that the Clintons have blown off an every day man or woman in favor of a famous or wealthy person. But the reality is there are over 300 million people in the United States, are the Clintons supposed to be able to allow any one of the 300 million people to have instant access to them?

I have a plan on how Hillary Clinton can win the 2016 presidential election and avoid most of the inevitable progressive and neo con media created controversy that is sure to follow her, yet I hold no belief that anyone will contact me, let alone pay me a consulting fee for handing Hillary Clinton the keys to the White House in 2016.

If the Clintons access and consider their own long time supporter's ideas and suggestions they simply increase their own agility to handle  the new world of social media. 

Here is a quick example of the Cross Cutting technique and how grossly effective it is when applied to television. When dead US soldiers were being flown home during our first George Bush presidency, one of the news stations did a split screen showing the war dead's caskets being taken off a military airplane while on the other screen hundreds if not thousands of miles away George Bush was shown laughing at a different event he was at. The initial false impression given is that George Bush was actually looking at the caskets and laughing. This over the top stunt somewhat backfired as the news division responsible had to issue an apology. Although it does make one wonder why then President Bush was not at the airfield where the war dead were.

When this type of implied connectedness, or cross cutting, is done in print, it can be less obvious that the two events really don't relate in the manner that the article conveys.

What is the solution? Those who really feel the Clintons have favored the rich elite over the everyday man or woman should take the time to contact the Clinton Foundation and allow them time to respond to their complaints if they genuinely want to know the truth.

In the meantime, here's hoping the Clintons realize there are people on their side who have good ideas and suggestions and that the Clintons should embrace their supporters rather than keep fending for themselves against an aggressive progressive and neo con media that does not want to see Hillary Clinton as president in 2016.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Message from both Neo Con and Progessive Media to the Clinton Foundation, You can't have your donations and eat them too.

So now George Stephanopoulos is apologizing for donating to the Clinton Foundation? So basically anyone who donates to the Clinton Foundation is bribing the Clintons. lol. Remember, this is what the rotting remnants of both neo conservative media and progressive media do to try and make the Clintons look fallible.

If Robin Hood's last name had been Clinton he would have been remembered as someone who robbed from the rich and gave to those he had first made poor.

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