Thursday, June 14, 2018

Donald Trump's intentional abuse of the Media and why his Supporters love it.

The low point of Donald Trump's Presidency was shown on the John Oliver show. Donald Trump held up a huge envelope allegedly from North Korea and talked glowingly about the huge envelope and the contents inside of it for a minute or so. Less than 10 minutes later, as Trump was walking off, someone asked what was in the large envelope from North Korea and Trump admitted he had not seen the contents of the very Envelope he had raved about less than 10 minutes earlier.

This is what happens when the left throws everything at the president in an ongoing barrage, Trump can do really unacceptable things like talk glowingly about the contents of an envelope that he has not even read, and his supporters just won't care. 

The immigration and racism accusation simply draw Trump Supporters to Trump in greater numbers because the accusations reveal a flaw in the left's attack. The left wants to do away with privilege, all privilege, to level the playing field, and they then call racist anyone who disagrees with them. The problem is there such a thing as "Earned Privilege". Earned Privilege means someone has already been in this country for 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, years or longer and they don't want to be victimized or lose existing benefits or privileges so that others who are much younger can cut into their benefits. They recall paying their dues when they were younger, and now they would like to be granted the benefits they were promised  years ago.

However, it should be pointed out that the reason there is so much migration going on is because of wars that have decimated other parts of the world, and that does muddy up what many who support Trump see as a clear cut issue.

DailyPUMA would just like to point out to the left that Law Enforcement DOES NOT get involved when an ER commits elder abuse. The FBI, Department of Justice, and the Police, so far as DailyPUMA can tell, have no desire or will to investigate. So while the left calls the right racist for not protecting Migrants, the right and the left are not protecting seniors, and nobody seems to care. Once again, both sides suck and continue to do so by harping at each other with the same old talking points even as new issues emerge such as senior abuse, Harvesting and over drugging by Hospice Centers, and E.M.T.A.L.A. violations by the E.R. that go unrecognized.

It's Ageism to only concern oneself with people who are younger or within a rather narrow age window, and Ageism is an issue that neither party wants to acknowledge. Meanwhile Donald Trump has mastered the art of annoying the media to the joy of his own supporters.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sixty Minutes reveals why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in 2016.

In the end, it came down to physical fitness as the main reason that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential Race. Hillary Clinton's campaign refused to do true micro targeting on Facebook, Donald Trumps side embraced it.

So why did that happen? Donald Trump's Real Estate website contacted a hard working young man who began making nice web designs for a very low price.  Apparently the web designer made Donald Trump's for President first website for $1,500 dollars and took two days to do it. The more work he did, the more the Trump team relied on him. Eventually he had a staff of 100, plus Facebook employees teaching Team Trump how to make micro targeted ads.

Before Facebook Cable TV was the King of Micro Targeting. Rather than pay a broadcast channel several thousands of dollars for a thirty second spot that would reach areas that were just too far away for some prospective advertisers, Cable TV allowed advertisers to target in smaller regional areas.

However, even Cable TV advertisers ended up being priced out in terms of being a one store on one corner location wanting to advertise. Car dealerships did the best on Cable TV.  And small businesses with a couple locations within one Cable area also had a better chance to do well with their advertising.

It was obvious the trend to micro targeting was the next big thing. I knew it several years ago. Facebook was allowing advertisers to spend as little as one dollar a day on target ads. The targeting options were endless.

I just can't see Hillary Clinton having the physical strength to just move fast and handle shit. I see her as being smart enough to do everything that needed to be done, just not mobile enough. In 2008 one of the frustrating things Hillary Clinton had to deal with was acknowledging her long time supporters while welcoming the upcoming young money and influence.  In the end the ones who could not be fit at the table simply went over to Barack Obama. And by the way, Barack Obama's speech writer was someone who apparently bumped into Obama after a speech, before Obama was famous, and made some suggestion that caught Obama's ear and he was suddenly on his writing staff.

The ability to have a main point of focus while having the agility to recognize shooting stars and up comers has now twice thwarted Hillary Clinton. Sadly, she will never learn the real lesson, be mentally alert AND physically fit is what it really takes to be a winning leader.

I still believe that if Hillary Clinton reinvented herself and was able to turn back her physical fitness clock people might see her as a 2020 candidate. Although the damage may have already been done by all those micro ad Facebook torpedoes the Trump team shot at her without her ever knowing much about them because micro ads literally go to the person they are targeted for and no one else may ever see them.

Yes, I believe there was a lot of dirty shenanigans at the gubernatorial level by Republican Governors who controlled most of the country. Yes the James Comey second letter made a huge difference. But what actually created instant incredulity and outrage over anything Clinton was in part due to the micro targeting that made Trump supporters feel like they were directly connected to him.

Imagine if instead of all that money spent showing the same darn couple of ads with famous Hollywood Talent doing the voice overs, Hillary Clinton had actually targeted Republican leaning areas within her Democrat strongholds.

I believe if Hillary Clinton had promised REHELOC's via facebook ads to anyone who had an expiring interest only HELOC that was about to reset after the interest only 10 year period had run out, she would have won the election.

Micro ads may have been the best way to counter the surprising hostility that Hillary Clinton kept encountering from a media that was supposedly pro Democrat. But without being physically fit, Hillary Clinton probably just did not have the ability to stumble upon new ways of doing things.

Factor in that Bill Clinton was running the Clinton foundation which had a couple thousand of employees, were they ever asked how if Facebook Micro Ads were worth doing? Oh the irony in not asking Bill Clinton's team how to deal with Facebook, or Chelsea Clinton as well.

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