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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Justice at Last! Justice at Last! Donald Trump channels his inner Martin Luther King as he fights the biggest battle of his life, getting Hillary Clinton.

Oh, the drama, oh the pauses, oh, Donald Trump is actually using a Martin Luther King phrase in his quest to rid the world of that "nasty woman", Hillary Clinton. "Justice at Last, Justice at Last".

Justice at Last, Justice at Last. 

Does Donald Trump really believe he has no female anger and aggression issues? 

Trump's use of the word "Everybody"? "It's Everybody's hope"?

Did Trump really speak in the plural, believing he speaks for everybody? That's really big of Mr. Trump to do the work of "everybody" so everybody can be saved from Hillary Clinton. 

Trump does sound kind of out of breath, I guess he's really working hard as he climbs that mountain in search of justice. This is Donald Trump's Martin Luther King moment!

No wonder Trump's been sniffling through all the debates, he's out of breath from bringing Hillary Clinton to justice. I heard he's gotten some tips from O.J. Simpson on how to pursue his quarry.

Has anybody noticed that whenever Donald Trump goes off its because someone else has stolen the spotlight from him?

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Donald Trump's insane banter about the Clinton Foundation continues.

It is important to note that nobody is actually leaking anything about Donald Trump's emails. And Donald Trump would be the only president over the past 30 years to not release his income tax papers. 

It is also important to note that when Donald Trump received close to 2 billion dollars in debt forgiveness back in the 90's, (around 900 million from the IRS and 900 million from his investors desperately trying to salvage some of the Trump properties that were headed for bankruptcy), that to actually pay back that almost 2 billion dollars in debt would have required AT LEAST another 1 to 2 billion dollars in interest rate charges and perhaps 5 to 10 years to pay back that debt. So in total, Donald Trump received at least 3 Billion dollars in debt forgiveness.

It also important to note that bankruptcy laws were changed and significantly toughened against consumers, and one wonders if there is a smoking gun pointed at Donald Trump's excesses that led to the clamping down on the consumer!

It is important to note the 3 billion dollars in total debt forgiveness that Donald Trump has received has basically allowed Mr. Trump to pay for his 2016  ENTIRE  PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDACY, with about 2.5 to 2.8 billion dollars left over.

So when Donald Trump talks about Bill Clinton being greedy, lets have context. How much money has gone to actually help those in need via the Clinton Foundation, and how much money is still slated to help those in need, and how much money was Bill Clinton paid to speak? What are the ratio's we are talking about? 

If, and I stress IF, Bill Clinton has received 10 million dollars in public speaking fees while the Clinton Foundation collected a billion dollars, I don't see anything wrong with that. As I recall, Bill Clinton is only paid a dollar a year from the Clinton Foundation, so where is his income coming from. Um, Public speaking perhaps?

So lets end the spittle that being paid to speak is automatically some type of infraction and show me the money.  If you can cite that the Clinton Foundation has raised a billion dollars, and Bill Clinton  has received 100 million dollar in speaking fees, that would concern me,  unless the speaking fees were the reason that the Clinton Foundation received the billion dollars, then it would not.

The premise Donald Trump is using is that Bill Clinton is not allowed to be a millionaire because he runs a Foundation, even as Donald Trump has basically being forgiven almost 3 billion dollars worth of debt.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton's lack of acknowledgement of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein now, could cost her the 2016 election.

The Democrat Party, and Hillary Clinton specifically, need to demand that all future presidential polls between now and election day include Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in them, by name. Johnson and Stein followers are already peeved their candidates were not included in any of the nationally televised debates, the final insult is to not include them, by name, in the presidential poll, and this could end up hurting Hillary Clinton on election day.

If Johnson and Stein pull 5% to 10% of the total votes in this year's election, there could be a scenario where Johnson gets 5% of the vote, Stein pulls 3% of the vote, Clinton gets 46.5% of the vote, and Trump gets 45.5% of the vote, but Trump wins the electoral college and becomes president specifically because Johnson and Stein should pull SIGNIFICANTLY more votes away from Hillary Clinton then they will from Donald Trump.

DailyPUMA estimates that Johnson and Stein are likely pulling 65% of their votes away from Hillary Clinton, 10% would probably vote for Trump, and 25% probably would not vote at all if Stein and Johnson were not on the ballot. That 55% spread for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump only exists if Johnson and Stein were to ask their supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton in polls only comparing Clinton and Trump, but when all four candidates are included in the polls, that 55% spread in Hillary Clinton's favor disappears. 

Since the pollsters sampling all four candidates apparently are NEVER spoken of in the mainstream media, the four way polling results are being hidden, and that cannot be a good thing for Hillary Clinton. As stated by Jack Nickelson in a Few Good Men, "can Hillary Clinton handle the polling truth," now, and in the process give some respect to Johnson and Stein which in turn could soften their voters into rethinking who they will actually vote for on election day, or will the Clinton campaign happily continue to exclude Stein and Johnson from having their names spoken when presidential polling data is released every day or two?

The polling being done these days EXCLUDES Johnson and Stein, so Hillary's actual narrow margin of victory looks more comfortable at around a 5% lead when it may actually be a lot closer. Some Johnson and Stein voters might reconsider and vote for Hillary Clinton if Hillary Clinton came forward NOW and requested that all future polls until election day showcase all four candidates. IGNORING Stein and Johnson in the polling now after also being ignored for all the debates could lead to Hillary Clinton losing the election as Stein and Johnson supporters want to make it clear that one way or the other, their vote matters.

As the old Fram commercial used to say, "You can pay me now for an oil filter, or you can pay me later for an engine rebuild". DailyPUMA believes that Johnson and Stein desire to be acknowledged either now via polls that include them, or they will be heard on election day (aka later), even if it means a Donald Trump presidency.

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Are ObamaCare Premiums going up 25% in 2017 in part because of Social Media Advertising?

Is Social Media driving ObamaCare Premiums higher? 

Back in the mid 1980's Taco Bell created a Thelma and Louis Style of commercial in which a car with two ladies in the front seat jumps through a moving train. The commercial was shown once on TV, and then Taco Bell agreed to not air it anymore after the public complained about the commercial. 

I was on the location set for that Taco Bell shoot and in my own youthful, prideful, obtuse manner, expressed to one of the ad agency execs during a break that their commercial was going to get banned, and I was right. 

The problem I have had over the years is when I am right about something, I just am ignored afterwards, perhaps even considered a threat of some kind, and therefore ignored. Nobody in power who I have ever made a useful insight to has ever said, you know, that guy had some good insight, we should consider him as a consultant in the future, it's NEVER happened. 

But I digress.

Thirty Years after the Taco Bell commercial and Google Pixel releases a commercial featuring a motorcyclist standing on top of their moving motorcycle, and they call this stunt, "freedom". 

Wow how times have changed!
Apple also recently released a commercial featuring a motorcyclist gliding out of a garage and into a night time rainstorm as being an idea whose time has come because their new Apple product has been waterproofed! 

It's no longer about the risk to the human body, today's advertising is about how limitless our lives are now that technology has advanced in so many ways. As for our bodies, that is of no concern to the social media manufacturers.

Health insurance companies have even joined the fray with commercials in which everyday people do funny actions in everyday situations that look  somewhat harmless at first but end in spectacular pratfalls, but the pratfalls are presented in a comedic way! Everytime I see these commercials I wonder if the person who crashed for fell to earth was really hurt, yet the commercials seem to glorify the accident as some type of badge of courage.

These types of social media adventure ads are most likely targeting Millennials. Ironically Millennials were supposed to be "The Group" that to some degree subsidized the entire ObamaCare HealthCare System, and then as they aged they too would benefit as the newer wave of post millennials entered the healthcare system. 

But if Social Media continues to glorify dangerous adventure videos, then Millennials may no longer be the glue holding together ObamaCare. Millennials are likely becoming the banged up, bruised and bandaged generation in search of crazy video stunt monetization. Which could mean that millennials may be costing the healthcare system as much money as they put in. Ouch!

We are witnessing a social change in which prior generations went out to see professionals do something in a pre-rehearsed albeit impressive manner while the audience remained seated, watching. Nowadays social media is wagging the dog and we have literally tens of millions of people searching for Pokemon, and millions more attempting to make the next great viral video. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, but as the trend continues healthcare costs will most likely rise.

Either way the social immersion meme is probably overall a more adventurous and therefore more susceptible to injury message, and this fact should not be discounted when determining why Obama Care rates appear to be rising.

Of course there are many other factors that may be causing ObamaCare to potentially rise in cost, but the "exploding interactive social media adventure advertising as a contributing factor" paradigm cannot be discounted or ignored any more.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Third Debate:Trump Vs Hillary Clinton THE FINAL WORDS (CLOSING STATEMENT)

Which will you vote for, the Sour Puss on the left, or the Distinguished Stateswoman on the Right?

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Friday, October 21, 2016

U.S. Internet Attacked earlier today, Oct. 21, 2016. DailyPUMA has sudden spike from Poland. Yes, Poland.

Poland had half of the hits to DailyPUMA today. Poland?  And stranger still, for the week Poland has 120 hits, but for just today, it is 117 hits. 117 hits on the same day that the U.S. Internet is attacked, from Poland!  Not one hit from Russia! Although it would not surprise me if somehow Russia manipulated the attack via Poland.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Will Somebody do a 30 second Political ad for Hillary Clinton about Donald Trump, Using the Following Song?

If I wasn't so busy I would seek out the video footage of Donald Trump "Talking too much" and edit it. 

Here is the song. It had to have been inspired by Donald Trump even though the song is 56 years old. Maybe this is proof that "Back to the Future" is for real, someone went to the future, saw this election, and it inspired them to go back in time and write the lyrics for "You Talk too Much".

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Christian Broadcast Network says Character, Demeanor, Integrity, Potty Mouth and Humility don't matter, what matters is who is going to elect the next several Supreme Court Justices.

This is the hail mary for the religious right, it is IRRELEVANT what Donald Trump says or does or has said and done, or what he will say and do, what matters is that Mr. Trump will get to pick the next several Supreme Court Justices.

That is the Religious Conservative battle cry from here until the election, only a cheating, cursing, conniving, self obsessed Republican politician can save the country and its family values from having a democrat pick the next several Supreme Court Justices, and in the process destroy family values.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

President Barack Obama would be wise to take Bill Clinton's "Crazy" comment to Heart and Fix One very big Affordable Care Act blunder before he leaves Office.

The reason Donald Trump has a loyal core that will never change their mind about him is they truly believe Barack Obama purposely ignored them over the past 8 years. Probably over 75% of Donald Trump supporters believe that Barack Obama has prioritized federal funding for the very poor, for progressive issues which are not their issues, for immigration issues both legal and illegal, and for Obamacare which seemed to leave many with the impression they were paying more, for less.

From the 2009-2010 Death Panels that may have instructed Health Care Hospital Overseers to ask if their elderly patients or the family members who brought them to the hospital wanted to die via Home Hospice Care rather than be healed through legitimate Hospital Care, to the Affordable Care Act in which Bill Clinton recently noted that it appears there is a hard working group of small business owners and over achieving middle class workers striving to get ahead, who get no break from the ACA program, a case can be made that Barack Obama did stick it to the core group of americans that actually did help make America Great the first time around.

So if Barack Obama wants to help preserve his own legacy as a president who was able to reduce military expenditures overseas which in turn helped reverse course in this country economically while also helping the middle class, he will ask that legislation be written and proposed that makes one simple but essential change to MediCaid programs run by state governments on behalf of the federal government throughout the country. 

Barack Obama needs to insist that enforceable payments made to the States, such as sales tax and home and business property tax payments, payments that if not made would result in an inability to purchase essential everyday goods AND in the case of home and business property tax payments, the forfeiture of one's home and or business via tax liens placed on these structures, the allowance to DEDUCT these payments from a person's stated annual income.

The present system insanely ignores what can end up being anywhere from a 5% to 20% tax on any american's income that if not paid results in the forfeiture of their property. The 5% to 20% tax that is not acknowledged or deducted when individuals state their annual income is pushing millions of americans out of MediCAID and ACA programs and DailyPUMA believes this core group is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore.

The introduction of these new, and clearly earned stated income deductions would allow millions upon millions of hard working middle economic class and hard working lower economic class along with small business owners a fairer opportunity to qualify for lower cost ObamaCare and MediCAID for themselves and their workers.

The gig is up, Donald Trump makes a valid point when he states that he pays all kinds of other taxes. The counter punch to that position is to allow legitimate home and business property tax payments along with sales tax expenses to be deducted from a person's annual stated income when evaluating what government programs that person may qualify for. 

The Lack of these legitimate deductions is the "Stick it to the middle economic class and the upper lower economic class of hard working americans who helped make America great" the first time around.

If Barack Obama and the Democrats do not propose home & business property tax payments (for the small business owner when applicable) before the 2016 November elections, then Barack Obama's long term legacy will be marred, especially if Donald Trump is able to squeak out a victory this November.

Even if Hillary Clinton wins in November and fixes the home property tax, small business property tax, and sales tax as a stated income deduction issue, it will simply be a reminder of a glaring oversight the Barack Obama administration either refused to correct, or was too obtuse to discover and fix, and neither would be helpful to his presidential legacy.

Hillary Clinton needs to do more than praise the Obama's in her speeches, she needs to suggest tweaks to Obama's past legislative decision to Barack Obama in private that will allow President Obama to go out at the top of his game if she wants to have the best possible momentum going forward.

Hopefully President Obama and Hillary Clinton will heed Bill Clinton's words rather than try and bury them as a misunderstanding.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Deplorable Donald Trump creates new Superhero, The Mark of Zero.

Rather than making a letter Z with his sword, Mr. Trump prefers to make the mark of Zero, as in Zero Income Taxes paid, Debt Forgiveness so high on his previous debts that investors who forgave Trump debt, primarily hope that eventually they can get back to zero on their Trump investments.

Having received between 1 to 2 billion dollars in overall debt forgiveness, Deplorable Donald Trump slashes his Zero's wherever he goes, proud of how ingenious he was for his debt forgiveness gains. Is Donald Trump the biggest charity case of all?  I have no idea. 

Why didn't Donald Trump ever consult with the U.S. government on how to fix loopholes that he took advantage of? Apparently being a citizen means never have to ask what you can do for you country, but what you're country can do for you, and I find that Deplorable.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bill Clinton brings up key ACA criticism without giving a solution, here's one solution.

Bill Clinton stated that there is a core group of small business owners and hardworking middle class people who don't qualify for ACA and are paying twice as much and getting half the care.

What Bill Clinton didn't say is many of these fringers pay Home and Business Property Taxes and are not allowed to deduct them from their annual stated income, and that may be why they are being left behind. 

Lets bring the issue of DEDUCTIBLE Property Tax Payments into the limelight. I find it outrageous that people who are FORCED to make Property Tax payments or lose their property via lien and foreclosures, are not allowed to deduct those payments from their annual stated income.

For once, lets not make this about Bill Clinton upsetting the apple cart and instead add on to his observation and come up with an intelligent solution. Allow ALL property payments to be fully deducted from a person's stated annual income when determining if they are eligible for government programs. 

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Donald Tump Chortles, "Catch me if you Can", proving he is one of those Deplorables in a Basket.

Donald Trump is never wrong, and Donald Trump is always clever. Donald Trump is at his most clever when he can game bankruptcy laws and the tax code and come out 2 billion dollars ahead, and then pat himself on the back and tell everyone what a genius he is and how stoopid the politicians are for not correcting the tax code mistakes he gamed. 

And if the politicians did fix the problem as in making bankruptcy laws tougher for the common person (which they did), can Trump take credit for that because the IRS had to make up for all the money he gamed off the system at the poor consumer's expense? If Trump hadn't gamed the Bankruptcy system, they never would have fix it! So basically, no matter what Trump does or how he does it, he is always winning and always the genius even as the common person were the ones that ultimately suffered.

Did it ever occur to Mr. Trump to come forward himself, you know, the way that con men and car thieves have been known to do so they can educate others on how to improve their product from theft? 

So to recap, Donald Trump first basically retains 2 billion dollars via debt foregiveness and Income Tax forgiveness, then tells everyone how clever he is and how stoopid everyone else is for not fixing the problem that he gamed. I just had no idea how gallant Donald Trump really is.

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Understanding Free Loaders according to Genius Donald Trump.

If you are poor and a free loader, Donald Trump finds you disgusting and you might even need to be deported.
However, Donald Trump, who has probably had 2 billion dollars worth of debt plus income taxes forgiven, is a Genius.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

GOP Website Declares Victory in 2016 V.P. Debate 90 minutes before Debate Starts.

Sure seems like Republican Politicians are the party of the entitled, be it getting 900 million dollars forgiven on taxes, or another 900 million forgiven via debt restructure, not releasing income tax statements and then bragging about it, ignoring subpoenas, blasting the Clinton Foundation which is not only universally loved, even ultra conservative NewsMax owner Christopher Ruddy has raved about the Clinton Foundation, to claiming victory 90 minutes before the V.P. debate event actually takes place, Republican politicians proudly associate themselves with a myriad of issues and events most americans would walk across the street just to avoid being associated with the Republican Politician perspective.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Donald Trump, the Gift that Keeps on Taking.

Check out what DailyPUMA wrote back on August 08, 2016 about Donald Trump's 900 million dollar debt forgiveness back in the early 90's, which apparently is only now bubbling to the surface of the main street media.

When we add up Donald Trump's forgiven debt of 900 million dollars, plus what he probably should have paid in income taxes over the last 20 years, but didn't, might we find that Donald Trump has basically walked away with anywhere from 1 billion to 2 billion dollars in wealth that he actually owed to Banks, Investors and the U.S. Government?

No wonder Donald Trump thinks he is better than everybody else. lol.

As for the claim that Donald Trump has paid a lot in property taxes, it would not surprise me if that is not true. If we could look at those property tax numbers might we would find some type of property tax related loophole that meant he paid way less then the going rate versus what others were paying.

Donald Trump, the Gift that keeps on Taking.

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