Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Why is it ok for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to admit no mistakes regarding the 2016 election?

The way the game is played in Washington is whomever is President is repeatedly attacked until they grovel on their hands and knees. Disagree? Let's start with Bill Clinton. Republicans were furious that Bill Clinton was using some of their ideas to try and create a zero annual budget deficit. Progressives were angry that Bill Clinton dared to even consider, let alone use, any Republican based political construct that put extra pressure on the poor. 

George Bush Jr. was repeatedly assailed for many things. His Wars, inability to come up with an immigration plan, recycling his Father's cronies into his own administration, Cabinet Choices, Mispronouncing words.

Barack Obama was attacked for ObamaCare on the right, and from Moderates for basically getting way too much help from the Media to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2008. Obama's Immigration policies were also attacked on the left as being far too aggressive and on the right for being fake attempts to look tough. There were also allegations of gun running, and amazingly enough, the fall of several Middle Eastern Countries Leaders was celebrated worldwide, yet condemned by Conservatives. And then there was the chirping over Benghazi while these same Conservatives kept quiet about the 20 daily Veteran Suicides in the U.S.

Now Donald Trump is being pilloried by Progressives, Democrats and the Media. Any reason for an Impeachment is fine by probably 40% to 45% of those taking part in these types of polls.

But a Trump Impeachment will just create Political Forever Gridlock going forward. And if we think about it for a moment, wouldn't Political Forever Gridlock, PFG, make Russia proud that their actions created an Impeachment that then created Political Forever Gridlock in the U.S. Political system?

Donald Trump is massively proud of his Presidential win in 2016. Hillary Clinton is still fuming mad about "What Happened".

People keep calling Trump selfish. I would suggest that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are just as selfish for trying to create an image of being the reasonable ones and the good ones and that Trump stole the 2016 Election. The reality is, Obama gave Hillary Clinton flawed advice about how to deal with Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton screwed up by having no Facebook Political Micro Ads Strategy while Trump went big time on Facebook Political Micro Ads.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could go a long way towards healing America if they both admitted they screwed up the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign. That is just as likely to happen as Trump admitting he has done anything wrong. 

We have a situation where the Baby and the Bathwater have both been tossed out and all that is left is an empty Bathtub being banged on top of everyone's head, courtesy of Russia.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

The Case for not impeaching Donald Hillary Clinton.

Back in 2008 a lot of weird things happened during the Democrat Presidential Nomination process. I recall at one point a court challenge was made in one of the caucus states. It might have been the Nevada Caucus, it could have been because Florida and Michigan's votes were discounted because they moved their primary dates into January, even though that was beyond the control of the candidates, or it might have been the collusion between Obama and two Democrat candidates who tricked Hillary Clinton into remaining on the Michigan Ballot, then blasting her in Iowa as being an opportunist for remaining on the Michigan Ballot after they had removed their own names at the last minute without telling the Clinton Campaign.

Whichever incident caused the hearing, I recall the judge saying something that applied to all three situations, "They are your rules, if you don't like them, you change them".  While it is pretty clear what the Judge was saying, it bears repeating. You are just a political party within a political system, if you are playing shenanigans you get together and fix your own shenanigans.

There are a couple of interesting dilemma's in play. In 2008 it was Democrats screwing over Democrats, with Hillary Clinton getting the brunt of the abuse by her male political counterparts. In 2016 it was Trump creating fake news and lies and over exaggerations and possibly collusion from Russia, and once again making Hillary Clinton the brunt of the false accusations.

But there is a but. Ultimately, Trump apparently was able to guide his followers via low cost Facebook Micro ads. Targeted Facebook Micro ads cost as little as one dollar a day and can reach a couple hundred people within a targeted region or demographic. For not much money a campaign could reach a million people a day.

Hillary Clinton apparently showed no interest in running Micro Ads on Facebook, and it cost her dearly. It's not just fake news that did Hillary Clinton in, it was an inability to respond to her detractors with lightening quick responses to her own supporters via her own Facebook Micro Ads as a way to quell crazy accusations. Facebook Micro Ads would have recharged Hillary Clinton's base. There were times in 2016 where Hillary Clinton just took it, and did nothing, especially from Bernie Sanders. As an all in Hillary Clinton Supporter in 2016, I was kind of upset that she did not see how bummed out her own followers were at her inability to give back as much as what she was receiving. 

In other words, Hillary Clinton did not feel the pain of her supporters watching her being attacked and savagely targeted. Kind of weird in a way, kind of oxymoronic as well. A Political leader that cannot feel the pain of the people who support her that is being caused by the attacks the Political leader is absorbing and brushing off.

I recall getting lots of requests to make Donations to the Hillary Clinton Campaign and I did make some contributions. I don't recall ever getting a Facebook Micro Ad from Hillary Clinton responding to any of the insanity that Trump or Sanders put out during the 2016 Presidential Race. One would think that at the very least, contacting a donor on facebook, so the donor could at least post to their own timeline if they chose to, would be a no brainer of a way to effectively rebut false claims that were being circulated in the Media.

Perhaps the reason Trump revels in his 2016 victory so much is he figured out at some point that Facebook Micro ads were going to really help him. And he probably was amazed that Hillary Clinton was not doing the same. Think of it as finding a secret door to a place that no one else seems to know about. I think to this day Trump will never accept any wrong doing about anything because he knows in the trenches, he came up with a strategy that Hillary Clinton completely missed, Facebook Micro Ads, and he used it to defeat her.

Sadly, prior to Trump's antic's Barack Obama had asked Hillary Clinton to not attack Sanders and instead keep the peace. The problem was Sanders lied repeatedly about how close he was in the race, using Trumped up Caucus results to mislead his followers and paint a very false picture that the race was rigged. Sander's people went so far as to state that if the super delegates were not counted, Sanders would be winning, and his supporters sucked up the lies. The bigger the lie, the more it appeared that Sanders supporters ate them up.

If Hillary Clinton had had Facebook Micro Ads in play, she could have disputed Sander's claims on a more localized level instead of hoping the Idiotic Media would be fair.

Congress nor the Judicial System should take away Trump's 2016 win. Hillary Clinton should have won by 6 to 10 million votes. I believe Hillary Clinton's lack of physical fitness affects her political methods. A frantic person, someone like Trump, probably saw the value of Facebook Micro Ads, the ability to buddy up with people on a literally  one on one basis whereas Hillary Clinton, a non frenetic person, probably saw the Facebook Micro ads as a waste of time, too much busy work to deal with. 

To this day Hillary Clinton wants to be vindicated, she wants to hear that she was wronged. This too is the foible of a non sports minded person. Instead of admitting to what she did wrong, and that she could have done better, she wants revenge, and redemption. This type of "I was wronged mentality" is not what I want in a President.

I see Hillary Clinton as a Battleship cursing through the water while demanding respect from Submarines, Bombers, Rocket Launchers and Dynamite loaded speed boats. It just doesn't work that way. Political Agility is the key, and Hillary Clinton, because she is physically lazy, does not have that attribute. And, no one in her inner circle has the guts to tell her to get in shape, not one. Heck, I'm even afraid to put the prior sentence in bold.

Yes, lack of physical fitness and energy can torpedo a politician into not welcoming the concept of Disruption that a candidate needs to understand, to win. Obama Disrupted his campaign with a rather adventurous let's go to the Frigid February Caucuses attack plan. Unfortunately the lack of true fairness in caucus contests made Obama's momentum streak in 2008 over inflated, but none the less effective. Also, to his credit, Obama personally met his speech writer after an early campaign stop, and hired him right then and there! This was political agility in action. 

Trump showed his political agility with lies in the Media while playing buddy buddy with his followers via Facebook Micro Ads. The person who came to his campaign to do the Facebook Micro Ads was first drawn in by a Trump Real Estate associate because Trump wanted his own real estate ads to be made as cheaply as possible.

Talk about agility, some guy who was really good at making internet ads from home first gets swooped up into Trump's Real Estate Business, then is offered the job of ad campaigns for Trump's Presidential run. I think Hillary Clinton wanted to prove she was one of the boys, and in the process never really got the inside scoop on what that meant. The Majestic "voice over political ads" she chose to pin her hopes on were indicative of her Battleship methodology in action.

I still believe if somebody got through to Hillary Clinton, and got her to realize that physical fitness is key to winning, and she embraced the concept, her mental and political agility would rise to the challenge of being worthy of being president in 2020. I fear that Hillary Clinton is still waiting for vindication that she was robbed in 2016, and if that is the case, then she has shortchanged herself and the country, and is not Presidential Material.

Unless Hillary Clinton admits to screwing up in the 2016 Presidential Race and gives specific reasons why she screwed up, she won't grow anymore as a politician, nor will she have any chance of winning back any of her Moderate Base that Manafort, Stone and Devine probably conspired together to make sure she would lose to Trump.

Apparently Donald Trump is tripling down on anything about Hillary Clinton that he can convince his cronies to do an investigation about. Hillary Clinton would be wise to set up a Facebook Micro ads account and put a million or two million in a reserve, and hire a few people to be rapid Facebook Micro Ad Responders, whether or not she runs in 2020. It would also be a sign of appreciation to her millions of followers who continue to respect the heck out of her and feel angst at her repeatedly being used as fodder by the right.

Is Trump guilty of anything worth being impeached about? I would suggest that Trump is the epitome of the Fox guarding the Hen House. However, what High Powered politicians out there are not guilty of the same?

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