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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Judge Hurls Misogynistic Screeds about Lori Loughlin's career and her accomplishments, will anyone notice besides DailyPUMA?

Will anyone rebuke the Judge's comments about Lori Loughlin's career Achievements besides DailyPUMA and Alessandro Machi?

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Gomer Pyle episode casts doubt on whether or not the Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo Logo is racist.

                                                                 -Gomer Pyle.

If there are other reasons to have gotten rid of Chief Wahoo, perhaps they did not stack up high enough unless "racist depiction" was added to the list.

I have never thought for a moment that anyone with a big toothy grin was being portrayed in a racist manner. Just ask anyone who has missing teeth, gapped teeth, or misaligned teeth if they do not covet having a real nice smile, with "lots of teeth".

The Cleveland Indians Logo of a smiling Native American was not racist. Subtracting racist from the list of reasons to eliminate the Cleveland Indians logo probably would have meant some type of agreement could have been worked out.

Once again, the nervous nellies who believe all depictions of any minority or ethnicity is racist, wins, and society loses.  I'm with Gomer Pyle on this one, "He had a real nice smile, lots of teeth", is not a racist depiction when discussing a human being, or discussing Chief Wahoo. Or, is it only a racist depiction when discussing non white members of society, but not racist when the person is white?

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Republican Socialism is BETTER for America, here's why.

If the Republican Party can scrape down far enough they will find this post and realize their winning slogan for 2020 is 

Republican Socialism is BETTER for America.
                                                     -Alessandro Machi

Every year over 50,000 newborns to Undocumented are born in California. The newborns of Undocumented are considered citizens and instantly entitled to all Socialism Benefits. Because the offspring of the Undocumented are usually born into an impoverished situation to Undocumented parents who remain on the down low, their average medical costs can exceed those of the average American Citizen Family.

Have you ever wondered how many times a year offspring of the Undocumented have been prioritized for an organ transplant or medical procedure while a U.S. Citizen had to keep waiting for an organ donation that never came in time to save their own life?

Democrat Socialism is about protecting all newly arriving into the United States while simultaneously denying healthcare services and benefits to Seniors and Citizens who worked their entire life to acquire.

The stealthy siphoning of resources from the aged to the Undocumented and their citizen offspring is rarely admitted to because of Medical privacy laws called H.I.I.P.A that deny access to medical records of U.S. citiens who have been denied procedures due to cost and resources availability.

One of my Parents was medically abused and died as a direct result and close to a dozen different California Democrat Super Majority Government and Law Enforcement entities refused to investigate or forward my story that I personally witnessed to those who would investigate.

I would rather see the Democrat Party fight for Republican Socialism that benefits long time American Citizens than watch the Democrat Party slither into the night having diverted funding from long time American Citizens to the Undocumented and their Citizen offspring. In essence, buying votes with Instant Socialism with Tax Revenue that was meant for those who have lived and worked in the United States for a long time.

Republican Socialism is BETTER for America.
                                                                    -Alessandro Machi

Let's hope the Republican Higher ups realize Republican Socialism is superior before the 2020 November elections.

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Friday, August 14, 2020

Kamala "Rosa Parks" Harris may owe her VP selection to a false busing narrative.

When Kamala Harris delivered her busing "left jab right hook" story to Joe Biden in the first 2019 Democrat Presidential debate she became an instant media darling.
Stephen Colbert could not stop gushing about Kamala Harris and her "second girl to be bused" story.

The problem is Kamala Harris may have misrepresented the entire busing issue just for her temporary moment of Democrat Debate fame and the instant bump in the Presidential polls that it produced.

The underlying reason why politicians were flip flopping on the busing issue back in the 70's and 80's, and presumably Joe Biden was one of them, was the issue of distance busing. Parents of all races were most concerned about how far in terms of mileage and distance their children were being bused. 

Kamala Harris's "second girl to be bused" story most likely falls completely apart were we to discover that she was only bused a few miles from home.

Kamala Harris created a Rosa Parks narrative and applied it to herself during the first 2019 Presidential Democrat debate. It will be interesting to see if Donald Trump picks up on Kamala "Rosa Parks" Harris and reminds the world that being "bused" a few short miles has virtually nothing to do with the underbelly of busing and the students who were bused anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes twice a day in what possibly was a seat beltless, pollution belching, quivering, vibrating, loud bus that was not even conducive to reading.

Kamala "Rosa Parks" Harris owes her Vice Presidency selection to her second girl bused meme and maybe it is time to call her on it in the name of honesty and respect to the students and their parents who did not have the right to accept or deny their children taking a 30 minute to 90 minute bus trip twice a day in a possibly carcinogenic spewing mode of transportation.

One of the untold anguishes of busing were the students who had to forfeit after school programs, including the sports programs, because there was no later bus to take them home. Meanwhile, Kamala "Rosa Parks" Harris was apparently bused a very short distance by comparison and most likely has no right to hijack what it meant to be bused for her own political gain.

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Monday, August 10, 2020

How the NFL and the NCAA can save their 2020 fall Football Seasons.

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