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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Barack Obama's pattern of dismissing women's contributions to real life situations has reared its head again. The latest controversy involves an african american Harvard College Professor/homeowner and a white policeman, and two unsung female heroes that were completely ignored by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and the White House.

Ironically, the people being taken off the bus and marginalized in this latest public imbroglio are neither the overemotional home owner, or the police person doing his job. The two people who have been marginalized regard GatesGate were, women!

According to Lucia Whalen, the woman who actually called 911 to report two men trying to barge into a home through a closed front door, she was first told about the suspicious break in by an elderly woman.
"I just saw it from a distance and this older woman was worried, thinking, 'Someone's been breaking in someone's house. They've been barging in.' "
Both women were BRAVE ENOUGH to witness (and yes, it takes bravery to witness a possible law breaking act that is occurring since you may be seen by the perpetratorssss) a possible break in, keep their cool, yet Lucia Whalen had to keep walking on by while observing the two potentially hostile creatures (edit note - the phrase "possibly hostile creatures" refers to anybody on the planet that one would feel justifiably fearful of approaching to ask a question).

THEN, at some strategic distance past the home that looked like it might be being unlawfully entered, Whalen had to CALL 911 to report what she saw.
The reward both ladies received courtesy of Barack Obama was to be ignored by Barack Obama. lol, maybe being ignored by Barack Obama IS A REWARD.
Barack Obama's first response to the original Crowley vs Gates issue was to create a racial divide where one DID NOT HAVE to exist. Naturally, Barack kisses and makes up with the men, and only the men! Men, Men, Men, Men, Men, manly Men, whooo hooo, hooo hooo hooo. Mennnnnnnnnnnn. (reference is the theme song from 2 1/2 men).

Our president attempts to show everybody how much of a peace maker he can be by inviting the TWO MEN to the White House so Barack Obama can solve a problem HE ESCALATED himself!

But were the women who called in the report invited to the white house? Nope.

"Well, we were going to invite them, but I was told that if we put aprons on them and had them serve us the beers that some people might think that was uncouth." (sarcasm alert).

Maybe timing is everything. Barack Obama was ridiculed for his throw to home plate before the All Star Game. His jeans were made fun of as well. In both instances, he was compared to a girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that. So imagine if Barack Obama had invited both women to the White House instead of the men.
You know what, it's STILL NOT A STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION to imagine Barack Obama inviting the two ladies INSTEAD of the two men to the White House. Honoring people who care enough to get involved, even when they themselves may not have the physical strength to fend off two people behaving oddly, who could notice them looking and attack them, is HEROIC.
So much for the "taking personal responsibility and doing your part to help make your own neighborhood a better place" speech that Barack Obama likes to give in inner city areas about How to make your own neighborhood better by actively participating.
And where was Michelle Obama to step in and perhaps offer to host a meeting a the White House with these two very brave, and very caring ladies? (hint, hint alert).

If ever there was a time for clueless women who voted for Barack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton to be gently grabbed by the collar and mildly shaken by their fellow woman and asked WHY? WHY?, now may be that time.

What were you female OBOTS thinking?

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