Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nancy Drew, er LORI DREW, is ACQUITTED of My Space Terms of Use Violations after Apparently Cajoling a Teenage Neighbor into Killing Herself.

What do to about teen age girls..., David Letterman picks on them, Some teen girls share nude pictures of themselves to the boy they love, then are publicly ostracized and humiliated by the same boy who requested the nude picture be sent by cellphone...
...and then there is...the judge who was forced to rule that a teenage girl's suicide is meaningless by giving no jail time to the adult that may have instigated the teens suicide.
If ever there was a court case in which NO MEN should have been involved, no male judge, no male bailiff, no male jurors, no male attorney's, no male district attorneys, no men anywhere in the courtroom, the Lori Drew vs Megan Meier case might have been the one.

It appears the prosecutors struggled with what to charge Lori Drew with, so now it appears the mother who appears to have cyber bullied her teenage neighbor with the help of her own daughters gets to walk away innocent of contributing to the teenage neighbor's death.

Can men really handle a case that involved a mom creating a false teenage boyfriend who would dump her teenage neighbor who might, because the neighborhood teen girl might have been spreading rumors about faker mom's own daughters?
Apparently a grown up cyber bullying a teenager isn't really a chargeable crime because the charges the prosecution did come up with involved violating terms of use on an internet website.

I guess Lori Drew "suffered" wondering if she would go to jail, but was justice really served here?

Postal fraud charges exist, should not internet fraud charges exist? The judge was concerned that if Lori Drew was found guilty of violating a website's terms of use (My Space), so could almost everybody else on the planet.

What I don't understand is why not go with a charge of internet use to cause emotional distress of a minor? Is that not a crime? What about stalking for purposes to inflict emotional distress?

Another somewhat unique aspect in this case is the people involved knew each other and lived near each other. The close proximity enabled the Drews to pull off a much more elaborate hoax which appears to have contributed to the suicide of Megan Meier.

It is one thing to create a fake character in an effort to deceive somebody else anywhere on the planet, but when the faker lives near the intended target and the faker's daughters can tell the faker what the intended target was wearing that day, or something she did during the day, that will just intensify the reality of the surreal situation that Megan Meier was caught up in.

Maybe I have watched too many Law and Order Television shows, but why not charge Drew's daughters with day to day stalking for the purpose of emotional distress, then allow faker mom to accept a plea deal on a cyber bullying charge to keep her daughters from being tried?


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