Wednesday, July 15, 2009 needs your help in regards to keeping your internet flowing fast and affordable.


Apparently, Free Press dot net has one lobbyist in Washington while the big internet service providers have over a hundred. Why this may be important to you is the insatiable appetite corporations have to make more and more profits, or fire the people who can't make higher and higher profits for them and higher bonafide jerks who can.

What could happen over time is internet service gets stratified into several layers, each layer with a cost point and of course, better and faster service the more one is willing to spend. I'm not saying that will happen, however, would you be surprised if it did? The United States is presently 22nd in providing broadband to its citizens. lol, We're number two, twice!

And, our service is considered slower than many other countries that we would consider ourself equal to in the internet world.

A couple of analogies to consider, arbitrators tend to favor whomever hired them, food processing inspectors tend to favor whoever hired them, and if internet service providers don't have any bonafide consumer groups opposing them, they probably will get rules and guidelines passed that favor themselves over the consumer.

I don't personally know, but I thought they make a compelling case for internet representation.

HOW YOU CAN HELP! MAKE A sign and put it where others will see it. signs can be placed in a storefront window, a bulletin board at work, or a countertop. Raise curiosity and awareness about how Chase Bank is harming a LOT of of their BEST customers by making a sign.


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