Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Infrastructure Projects are a hit and miss proposition when it comes to Stimulating the economy.

Yes, infrastructure projects are a necessary part of government. The problem is, we can't use the acceleration of infrastructure projects to help the economy, unless something else is also done. I'll get to that something else momentarily.

Infrastructure projects should be a constant, steady part of the budgeting process on a yearly basis. To suddenly say we need massive infrastructure projects wrapped inside of a stimulus package means we either are creating busy work, or government skimps on infrastructure projects year after year.

Creating busy work is ok, but NOT when it uses too many resources that could be used to create new job streams and new technologies.
As for our government not spending the proper infrastructure budget on a yearly basis, that means the money that was supposed to be spent on infrastructure every year, has already been spent elsewhere.
So now we are paying TWICE for the same infrastructure project, and therein lies the problem. Paying twice for the same infrastructure project, the first time the money was reallocated elsewhere, is not a good deal and DOES NOT stimulate anything that would help the economy.
There is a solution to avoid paying twice for the same infrastructure project. Any infrastructure project that was previously delayed so money could be reallocated elsewhere, CAN ONLY BE DONE NOW IF IT IS COMBINED with a NEW, PROGRESSIVE, INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT that is generally regarded as helping save energy or resources, or create new products that save energy and or resources.
So if there is bridge that needs to be refurbished, FIND SOMETHING that creates energy efficiency that the refurbished bridge connects to.

Will the refurbished bridge support other types of transportation besides automobiles?

If the refurbishing of the bridge will also create an improved route for other forms of transportation, such as electric bicycles, joggers, and pedestrians, then it becomes an infrastructure project with an obvious purpose other than just trickling down money to us minions on projects that don't make us feel connected to improving our countries method of operating.

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