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Friday, July 24, 2009


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Edit update (April 14, 2013), I think Heart of the Village is the new Hillary's Village, please check it out and correct me if I am wrong. They have actually been up for quite a while but I just recently realized I should update this older article.  (End of April 14, 2013 update)


I don't know what happened to Hillary's Village. Any information that you wish to share with the rest of Daily PUMA readers, or for other Hillary's Village posters, please do so here in the comment section, (over sixty comments now).

You can post anonymously if you don't have a google account. (update, Jan. 22, 2013)  I apologize, I have had to disable the anonymous function because of too many ad based posts in general.


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Anonymous said...

hey everyone most of the original hv members are now at Stealth Fusion. here's the website link

Alessandro Machi said...

I truly apologize for butting in with my question. I am not seeing a connection between Hillary Clinton supporters and the name of the forum link you have provided. I am in no way implying the link you have provided is not a valid meeting spot, I am just somewhat perplexed how that can carry forward as a Hillary Clinton forum.

But if it is strictly for regrouping purposes, than more power to you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a place for refugees from all the Hillary forums that have fallen apart recently. This shouldn't be construed as anything more than regrouping. HCF and PSP have renamed their forums, no? I miss HV :(

Anonymous said...

Alessandro, not everyone went to stealth fusion forum at all. The mods at HV are working behind the scenes trying to repair the forum because it wash hacked and. Most of us are on twitter and emailing eachother. We are all sticking together and holding out until our home at Hillary's Village returns.

Anonymous said...

No offense but all I saw at Stealth Fusion was a bunch of ex-HV members trashing HV. The HCF admin seems to be in on it as well...not sure how Hillary focused it is either.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, this is freespirit. Don't have a google account yet, so I'm posting as anonymous. What a relief that the mods are working to re open HV. I love the spirit there and miss everyone. I know some of the villagers are connecting at twitter, and mslas4hillary has started a hillarys village twibe.

Thanks for providing this space for us to touch base with each other, Alessandro. Daily Puma is a great site and excellent resource.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's Village has not been hacked if the site had been hacked Freethinker and SadStateOfAffairs would be busy contacting members, and would be in touch with their admins and moderators and members. They are NOT. Instead it is the other way around. Members are trying to get ahold of other members. I'm very disappointed in them.

Anonymous said...

I have emailed some mods and am awaiting reply. I am checking the HV site on a regular basis in anticipation of its reappearance. I wish the mods well in their efforts to fix the bugs. In the meantime, want to thank DailyPuma for providing this spot for us to re-connect. I miss HV.

Still4Hill said...

Like Alessandro, I don't know WHAT happened! Thank you, Alessandro for providing this function here. Very kind of you!

HV WAS hacked. There is no other way all those screen shots from an HV backroom chat would be up on Stealth Forum.

I have no taste for what happened. I also have no taste for the way HV turned into Palin's Village. When I see that, I stop going.

I don't expect HV to come back up. Seems unlikely. It's sad and mean. We had a lot of good material there.

I am glad we PMed each other and got email addys of the best at HV. We set up a chain without really organizing it.

Folks, the goal is simple: Hillary in the Oval Office. Let's make this happen!

Anonymous said...

I hope that HV is back soon. Trying to figure out how to get sign up on their Twitter account.

Destiny said...

Hi Everyone,

In the meantime, we can meet safely on http://www.hillaryvillagers.net/
Thanks Daily Puma for all that you are doing and for allowing us to meet here!

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious as to why some people were e-mailed as to what was happening at HV and others weren't. Some mods and admins were even left out of the notifications from what I understand. Very strange.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Destiny, I can put up a link to HillaryVillagers.net up in the forum link section if you like. I'd rather make sure it is ok however as it will expose that forum to many new people.

Anonymous said...

Hi all thebword here. I think most people are regrouping and reaching out through Twitter and the new forum Hillarysmygirl has set up until HV can reopen. http://hillarysworld.activeboard.com/. As far as anybody can tell the HV forum WAS hacked. It is the only thing that makes sense to me. They never asked for or took any money from any of us (unlike other Forums). They did not open Hillary's Village up to sell advertisements (unlike other Forums). They never threatened to close or close without notice (unlike other Forums). They DID post a thread right before the Forum shut down. It stated that they had been HACKED for the 2nd time in the last week and NEEDED to close for all of our safety. If they could have I'm sure they would have posted the thread and notified us all ---- BUT as they were being HACKED I think they did the BEST they could, and I thank them for that. Also they NEVER betrayed confidences (with screen shots of private messages) or trashed the other sites administrators or moderators - even when it is obvious that those people were not as honorable. We all can see with our own eyes former admins and mods over at the other site posting private IM exchanges dating as far back as Feb. Clearly FT and SSOA need to repair their site and regroup after the HACKING . If they can read some of the nasty stuff other sites have posted this last week I would imagine they also have to be asking themselves if they WANT to get involved in all this backstabbing nonsense. Their silence to me doesn't prove their guilt of any wrong doing. Their silence to me signifies that they are unable to fix the problem at the moment. My thoughts and prayers are with FT and SSOA, until I know otherwise I feel they are the victims of a HACKING. I won't judge them until we know all of the facts that lead us all to this point.

Anonymous said...

Another good site is


For both Hillary and Sarah supporters and it's nonpartisan.

I miss HV, hurry back online !

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Pantsuit Politics is now an Independent Forum - fiscally conservative and socially liberal. It's called Party Free Party. Pantsuit Politics has their new url posted there: http://www.partyfreeparty.com/

No idea what happened to HV, I used to visit daily.

Anonymous said...

As thebword says, a lot of the old faces are over at:

HV should be back up soon. Until then everyone is meeting over there.

Anonymous said...

i just joined Stealth Fusion from someone's email invite but i didn't see anyone online at Hillary's Word?? :(


I heard a rumor they were legally told to took down the forum because they were using Hillary's name without her consent or authorization and are being sued because of that and can't talk to anyone about it.

Anonymous said...

No idea what happened but based on what I saw this is about fights between Hillary forums. I read a thread at CG about how HV stole their HCF name a week or two before the closing. Then I went to Stealth Fusion and saw private messages from HV posted there to try to discredit them. Then I saw the admin from CG posting and promoting Stealth Fusion. The answer seems pretty obvious to me - the most obvious answer is usually the right one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to b word for an excellent post. SSOA and FT, along with others provided us an excellent place to gather, and they asked nothing in return. It's truly regrettable that people on both sides of the issue were hurt. Having been with many, both at HCF, and later at HV, my impression of all involved has always been that they are decent, caring people. However, I, too, believe it was a mistake to post private conversations on a public forum. At the very least, it erodes trust and raises serious questions about the motives, intent, and ethics of those who did so.

My hope is that HV will be up and running soon, and we can began again to focus on our mission and goals.

Anonymous said...

The question to ask is "Who benefits from all this?" Answer that and you'll have the people behind it. There are two forums that seem to be benefiting: HCF (no longer about Hillary, now CGP) and Stealth Fusion. Too bad the one person that lost the most in this seems to be Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a week. HV down, other forums popping up all over. No real explanation from anyone. Hard to know what to think. I enjoyed HV immensely, but the backroom stuff always bugged me. I knew they were there because occasionally someone would slip up and mention them. Kind of gave me that "some are more equal than others" feeling. Sadly, I've looked at a few of the sites above and at least for now, have to say I don't feel I fit in anywhere anymore. Good luck to all of you, hope you each find your place in the cyberworld...wherever that may be. Thanks for the fun!

Alessandro Machi said...

Anonymous, I think the Sarah Palin angle has been both a blessing and then a curse.

Sarah Palin was able to attract Hillary Clinton supporters, however, there are also Palin supporters who hate the Clintons and always will.

So when one factors in Obots, Clinton supporters trying to give Obama at least a year to see what he is about, and Palin supporters who hate the Clintons, one can see how a forum can dilute from its original intent.

It doesn't mean that people changed, rather, the chemistry of the forums changed as newer members represented non Hillary Clinton supporters.

Perhaps Hillary's World may have the highest percentage of Hillary Clinton supporters and also be set up as the type of forum that many are used to visiting.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
The question to ask is "Who benefits from all this?" Answer that and you'll have the people behind it. There are two forums that seem to be benefiting: HCF (no longer about Hillary, now CGP) and Stealth Fusion. Too bad the one person that lost the most in this seems to be Hillary.

JUL 25, 2009 10:29:00 PM"

Yes but only one of the two listed above had the INSIDE knowledge needed to hack into Hillary's Village.

I spoke to an IT wiz yesterday about this subject. He laughed at the suggestion that it was a outside hacking. He said all that stuff you see in the movies of people hacking into sites blindly is CRAP. He said the numerical encryption security codes are so long and random it would take 44 years for even the simplest codes to be cracked. He stated the only way sites are Hacked is with insider with insider help. In other words the Hillary's Village hacking had to have been done by someone who had working knowledge of how their site and it's security system operated.

Now ask yourself which of the two listed above as benefitting by HV closing also had working knowledge of HV computer system? There is your answer.

Anonymous said...


I completely agree with your assessment of who had the knowledge and means to do the hacking (they are giving it away with posting those private messages). Just know that the other site mentioned is supporting them and with them 100% (just check out his promotion of them and the fact that he posts there)- likely he knew exactly what was going on and supported it - he's not innocent and never was in other things either. Sadly the private PMs posted don't reflect nicely on HV either. So all three sites don't reflect well on Hillary.

Here's how I think of it, if those two sites would do this to someone what would they do to me? The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Hillary's World is probably the best site for Hillary supporters not wanting in on the drama.

Anonymous said...

No NO NO most of HV peeps are not going to Stealth fusion.

This forum popped up as HV was being attacked from within and forced to close.

Hello any one?

To protect the village and there peeps they were forced to closed down the HV forum was under attack.

2 mods gone rouge have started the Stealth fusion site.

Using photos of moderation efforts to discredit the people at Hv and start another forum to steal the people.

Divide and conquer the HV site was the plan.

HV was started to give us all a home to go to without harassment. The HV people were protected from persistently torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually from bots pester;and persecution.

However some people got evil and attacked the forum and our goals.
to keep us from staying together as Hillary suggested.

The village gave us a home we all appreciated after the election fraud.
The village was taken advantage of by people who did not have the same goals.

The village is Hillary supporters who worked very hard in the election. Sidelined and called scum we came together to defend Hillary and other women.

HV was shut down to protect the site and villagers.

For this reason it is unkown when the HV will be back.

Use caution as to where you go and post.
Do not trust others with personal information.

Go where you want but remember this the spirit of the village will survive.

Thats the way it is!

(walter Cronkite)

Anonymous said...

The private IM's of FT & SSOA exposed on that other site read to me as two people trying very hard to make tough decisions on the running of HV. Clearly their concerns for "kitty nc" ( Pepper on the other site) were spot on. They were RIGHT - she was not trustworthy. They were also right to question ACE on his plans to open a forum over Mother's Day weekend. Yes they knew about it but the IM's back up that they were told it was temporary for the shut down only. We all know now that that was not the truth. ACE lied to them. He planned the HV maintenance shut down to launch his own site. He was tricked them (and therefore us) in believing that he cared enough to give us a spot for the 3 day shut down.

The PM's Pepper and Ace are exposing prove that they (FT & SSOA) we absolutely correct in making the decision to BAN both of them. Considering that the two of them so clearly breached all of our personal information and trust I don't understand how anyone is faulting HV's owners. It is beyond comprehension why anyone would register with their forum. Their motives and intention are completely suspect.

As for CGP being involved - I don't think he is smart enough to come up with the idea. However he is an opportunist, so he would use the chaos to his advantage. He is trying to be a mover and shaker again in the forum world. But he and his forum's ever consistent identity crisis has made him and his site irrelevant.

But we all seem to be overlooking that all three of these people could have been bought. Now who do you think would be interested in buying off someone so they could take down Hillary supporters? Who would wants us to just shut up and go away? That would be the Dems., most especially -- Obama supporters.

Anonymous said...

Sorry on my post above it should read - "I don't think CGP is smart enough computer wise to come up with the idea."

Anonymous said...

CGP probably didn't hack anything (we all know who probably did) but based on what I observed he was talking with and working with the two people involved at 1-2 weeks before the hacking. I would surmise he knew and approved of the plan and is happy to be reaping the benefits now, and if people are going to go back to CGP for more of the same I guess that's their problem and his gain, he'll continue to take advantage of them (money, ads, drama created to get hits) just as he always has. And congrats to him on his manipulation skills I guess if people are that easily tricked.

Anonymous said...

All the nasty comments seem to be coming from Hillary's World. What everyone really wants to know, why have Freethinker and SadStateOfAffairs NOT contacted any of the Moderators, Super Mods or admins? Ace and okbiograd did not hack Hillary's Village. All of this anger seems to be coming from Hillarysmygyrl16 and gang.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Ace.

I have to laugh at the insane comments posted by everyone LOL. This includes those from CGP, PFP, HW, and even SF.

Let's try and get a couple of things straight.

Hillary's Village was not hacked by me nor okbiograd. All the information provided in the form of screen shots were given to use by admins/mods including some of the back room people who had asked where I had went.

We had to be the whistleblowers and call out what we saw as wrong at HV. Yes, we knew this would hurt people by telling them the truth but it was necessary.

SF has nothing to gain from anyone. SF lists all the above websites actively in its lounge so people have a choice of where they want to go. SF does not put up ads like CGP or HW but we understand why there are ads there, but it doesn't phase us because those are not our sites.

To those making up IT stories, or seem to be, hackers have better things to do than hack small websites. They go after huge targets like the Pentagon, government websites, banks, or other huge websites. The Pentagon undergoes a minimal of 1,000 sophisticated hacking attempts a day.

Just to give you an idea on the dangers of hacking, a hacker would not just go for the site, they would go for everything. This includes your name, address, personal information like social security numbers and credit card information to use at their disposal. So far no one has reported any of the above symptoms of being hacked.

What we're actually trying to do that no one else has yet attempted is to actually contact the Webmaster that helped close the site. From what we know one of his recent projects included creating a site for an upcoming California state Republican Senate candidate.

We'll give you an actual update when we learn something instead of going by rumors.

Thanks for listening. Try not to keep it crazy LOL

Anonymous said...

For your information :

There was a last thread by Admin HV that they were hacked and forum going down.

You have not been contacted by admin because they are still resolving the source of the Hacker or Hackers.

The forum has to stay down until the site admin can determine it is safe. For all users and peeps.

Some one hacked and stole information from HV PM s and peeps were compromised had the village not shut down.

Remember this the village had been together for a long time and who ever did this there true colors will be revealed. The village protected peeps by shutting down and fast.

Also remember this on the STEAL fusion site they are the ones that are crucifying:

To put (a person) to death by nailing or binding to a cross.
2. To mortify or subdue (the flesh).
3. To treat cruelly; torment: crucified the awkward child with teasing.
4. To criticize harshly; pillory

The Hillary Village site.

I am going to say for now would you trust a site that in advance pre meditative took great lengths to copy photo and then attack Hillary village.

They attacked and divided people and then made this public.

Sorry tactics and degrading ethics.

You will know them by there actions they say.

There mo is the same as bot behavior and tactic used in the primary election. Divide and conquer.

No anger here!



Anonymous said...

Got to hand it to the smooth belying addition post by ace.

Any one with an excuse and depth they were trying to save the village and tell the truth by posting information he photoed weeks in advance than belie the admin of that site is hypocritical and pathetic.

To entice villagers to go to his site. And there by take over.

The explanation of a hacker was so perfect though you got to hand it to Ace for his tech skills.

Anonymous said...

The hacker post above proves that whomever took down the village was an insider there..wait..what? hmmmmm....what could that mean? The who did it is obvious (someone doth protest too much), now we just need to know who all knew about it.

Anonymous said...

But the motives for hacking HV was NOT for profit. As Ace stated it was too small to be bothered with by a professional hacker. So the only other reasons would be personal or political. Unfortunately, Ace, both of those motives put you in the center of suspicion. Your explanation of the mind of a hacker, sheds an even brighter spotlight onto you. If you didn't have anything to do with the HV shutdown, you to stop commenting on this matter. You are only making yourself look more guilty.

Alessandro Machi said...

Of course the words of Rodney King come to mind, "Can't we all just get along".

The original migration from HCF to Hillary's Village seemed to happen as a direct result of the desire for HCF to be a more inclusive forum of all forms of political thought.

I think Murray was legitimately concerned that anything Barack Obama did would be criticized because his forum was originally for Hillary Clinton.

However, by allowing Obots and Republicans who hate the Clinton's into HCF, the migration to a new forum that still focused on Hillary Clinto for those who still were for Hillary Clinton seemed like an inevitability.

After that, I have no idea what happened. I tried to visit both HCF and Hillary's Village at least once a week but over the past couple of months my Daily-Protest and BloggersAgainstChaseBank blog, along with family matters, have caused me to miss out on the change, evolution, demise, whatever we may call it, that has occurred.

All I can suggest is that the lack of reciprocity between Pro Sarah Palin supporters and Hillary Clinton was the equivalent to a time delay time bomb set to go off.

Is there any irony that Hillary's Village suffered a problem so soon after Sarah Palin left Alaska? Coincidence?

A lot of you have invested quite a bit of time in HCF and HV, please don't let it end bitterly if you can help it. If HV comes back up, it might be wise to take a view only approach and review the hundreds of topics each of you may have already responded to in the past to get a new, fresh perspective.

Anonymous said...

Well a fresh perspective is not needed but an FBI agent is sure going to get to the bottom of this.

Don't mess with the Hillary villagers.

Anonymous said...

An FBI agent? For what? I'm so confused.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's MotherofThree here. I'm so glad to find you. I miss HV. There are so many Obama gaffes right now, and no one to laugh with and say "I told you so."

Ha ha ha

Oh, and even though I'm a Palin fan, let me truly apologize for any of my ilk who were disrespectful toward Hillary. It is my mission in life to set the record straight among my fellow Republicans. The Clintons were HARRASSED by political operatives just as Sarah Palin is enduring similar tactics from ruthless people who can't win in the field of ideas.

And I always stand up for Hillary. She is doing a GREAT job as SOS. I stand for women, against sexist slurs at all times.

Is there any way this hacking could be an Axelrod thing? You know, too much critism of Obozo, and with Hillary's name associated?

Anonymous said...

No mother of Three its not Axelrod.

The hackers could be bots though.

All eyes are on Stealth fusion which posted harassing messages on there forum against admin of HV.

These where pm messages that were hacked from the site.

Be careful where you put your trust now.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI....attacking other blogs,forums or websites publically is not real cool. In fact, it can make your own look foolish and people will avoid it. I've never had a problem with any site that has ever linked to Daily Puma. Ever. Now I'm suspicious of those who play meanspirted games here....how is it helping YOUR website? I love you all, now play nice....hoping for HV's speedy recovery...in the meantime, aren't we all on the same "team" :)

Anonymous said...

I'm an original poster from the beginnings of HCF. I am going to choose to remain anonymous for the sake of privacy and my personal information. There are too many sharks in these waters and I have no idea who to trust anymore.

HV was not hacked. Anyone that read those private chat conversations on SF knows this. It's plain as day. Ace is the techie who installed a 'hack' on HV to read members' private messages. The admins wanted this 'hack'. They were SNOOPING on all their members. Believe it. ACE saved all those convos to save his own ass and to recruit members to his own (lame) site.

Now is this fair? Who's to say. HV did the same thing to HCF. They stole Murray's members. They engaged in backstabbing and flamed Murray so turnabout is fair play. Karma and all that. I will say both forums have backroom private member only areas where they talk about their members. If you post at those forums chances are you are talked about. A LOT. That's just what they do.

HV had an agenda and were controlling asswipes that gossiped and invaded their members' privacy. THATS WHY THEY CLOSED THEY WERE CAUGHT. It took ACE to come clean about the private message hacks for them to close. THEY WERE READING YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES PEOPLE. Don't think this isn't going on at ACEs board either.

Good luck to all and if you care about your privacy and personal information stay far far FAR away from HCF, HV and ACE.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think the village will reopen? I haven't joined any other sites after reading these messages. I'm afraid to now. I was a member at the village and it was a respectable place to post. I miss it. I think I will keep reading before making a decision and see what transpires. I wish the Admins would post something, anything?

Alessandro Machi said...

Quote from Anonymous to follow ( By the way, for you bloggingsoftware developers, it would be interesting if all Anonymous comments could be consecutively numbered as they appear on a comments section so people know which anonymous comment is being replied to.)

Anonymous quote "Just an FYI....attacking other blogs,forums or websites publically is not real cool. In fact, it can make your own look foolish and people will avoid it. I've never had a problem with any site that has ever linked to Daily Puma. Ever. Now I'm suspicious of those who play meanspirted games here...." end quote.

Daily PUMA's purpose in providing this comments section was providing a place to give out updates to those who were, or who felt cut off when HV down.

When HCF closed the first time back in November of 2008, I realized that I had some articles posted on HCF that I had really researched and that did not exist in their final form anywhere else on the internet. I did not like that feeling of helplessness.
Murray answered all of my emails and thankfully the forum did not lose those old posts when it came back online.

I think it is important that people have a chance to update what is going on, and that is why I started this topic.

I was hoping for a "happy landing", where people would regroup and go forward as a team.

My take on everything I have read on this comments section is this, "YOU CAN'T SPY ON Personal Messages". If that was happening, then that one issue overrides everything else.

On the other hand, on the internet I live by one simple rule. I ASSUME everything I PM or email is for public consumption whether I like or not.

However, my philosophy does not excuse the possibility that spying on PM's was going on. If spying of PM's was going on, than it is unacceptable.

If PM spying was going on, and no admission and apology comes forth, than we have a situation where we the people are no different than the politicians we so easily condemn.

Unless we view those PM spys as being just more politicians.

I suspended writing any new articles this past weekend out of respect to the members of HV and those who came from HCF to HV because this must hurt them the most, to see their place suddenly close shop and they are left out in the internet dust.

If DailyPUMA had posted a new article this past weekend this article would have dropped down on position. Rather than do that, DailyPUMA wanted to make sure enough people saw it higher on the page first.

I personally did not want to throw more fuel on the fire. DailyPUMA is hopefully a place where everybody might know to go and check out to see what was going on in regards to HV.

DailyPUMA did the same thing when HCF first closed down last November, DailyPUMA provided HCF updates. Here is the link to that specific article. Hillary Clinton Forum Update

Please don't think there was any sinister reasoning in DailyPUMA doing the same thing now for Hillarys Village.

And lets also understand that one or two very private ulterior motives does not have to sink an entire ship.

Optixmom said...

Holy Frijoles! This is a busy place.

It is time to take some deep cleansing breathes here. Alessandro, thanks for opening up the channels for communication here.

I don't know if the HV will return and if it does when.

We all have to remember that the internet is not a private place as much as we would all like it to be. Text messages are easily misinterpreted and it is also easy to see anger where there is none. It is also easy to change the context of a text by just leaving out certain sections for display.

It is an individuals choice where they frequent on the internet. Many good places have been set up in the absence of the HV and I welcome you to make your choice as you see fit. I personally only visit for the food (pie in particular), but that is just my weakness.

If the Village does comes back up, we know how to contact Alessandro here at the Daily Puma and will alert as many people as we can of its return. I don't want to stifle the dialog here, I just want you to know as a previous Admin from the HV that we want what is best for you; and that is whatever you want it to be.

Anonymous said...

OMG will this never end?

1 - Murray's "members" were NOT stolen from him by Hillary's Village or anyone else. Murray posted that his Forum was CLOSING on Nov. 5th. And it did. Hillary's Village did not go behind his back and steal members. They did inform members with PM's, late evening on Nov. 4th the information about their site. In other words Murray can't cry over the loss of something HE threw away. HCF was a wonderful site - but Murray's own actions is the reason that so many members left, not the actions of others.

2 - The IM messages on display were between FT, SSOA, Ace, and Pepper (okbiograd). So therefore they are NOT proof of spying on other members. Screen shots were taken by Ace and Pepper NOT FT and SSOA. And if the "hack" on PM is true it was installed by ACE. So why do you believe him that he did it for them and not for himself? He is the computer wiz - he would be the only one who even knew that such was even possible. Not to mention he is the only one admitting to do so.

3 - FT and SSOA are silent -yes but maybe for good reasons. We just don't know. If they were the victims of a former employee hacking or sabotaging their site they might NOT be able to speak.

4- None of this changes the one fact we do know - Ace by his own admission took screen shots of private IM exchanges and then posted them all over his site. There is no way to authenticated them. But if they are true - HE AGREED - and put on a hack program and - HE AGREED to MONITOR - the members PM's. Now why would you use his site?

Anonymous said...

There are some good points made here. In the heat of the moment

We forgot to thank Daily Puma for allowing us to post here so let me thank him as a member of the Village.

A lot of people got hurt and for the sake of being fair we do need to regroup. Get the message out to villagers to meet at designated spot so we can stay together.

Lets not forget who we are, we are Hillary Villagers.

Independent of forum SF who posted HV private information to trash HV
mods. Independent of other forums associated who may have prejudice.

As far as PM go and private info mod room you can't just take it claim you are blowing a whistle or play God and decide to hurt people for the good of all which you are a part of and only after being banned then use it against the village. And tear every one apart.

These actions are subject to internet law. Private communications are considered and addressed. You can't just go in and take it. Private communications are not public.
These actions must be evaluated by investigators.And they will evaluate how and when the forum was attacked.

As we hurt the HV admin and mods must hurt worse not to be able for there side to be heard. Close the HV forum for our protection to safe guard our information Remember they protected us and kept us safe never asked for money to run the site.

What we have here is a take over and peeps have to decide what they want to do so lets get some sound suggestions so we can continue as a group.

Yes we can go where we want but dose some one have a sugg?

So we can stay together and help each other.

So we can leave Peace here at Daily Puma.

Sorry Puma for drama, again Thank you for putting up this thread.

Anonymous said...

Sound Suggestions? Regroup Here: http://hillarysworld.activeboard.com/

Anonymous said...

My suggestion would be to stay as far away as possible from anything associated with or having any kind of ties in any way with HCF or HV presently or formerly. I just saw the latest and greatest trashing over at Stealth Fusion. This just makes them look worse and worse (and it doesn't look good for HV either). Everyone looks bad, and Hillary looks horrible.


And for those thinking CGP is innocent in this...in this thread he posts a link to the drama. And that guy never does anything not in his personal best interests. He’s out to trash HV in any way possible.


It just looks like a giant forum war and nothing beyond that.

Anonymous said...

All Hillary & No Drama:


Anonymous said...

I was in the backroom at HillarysVillage. Contrary to a previous poster here, there was little to no "gossiping" about members there but rather the backroom was utilized for longterm members (many who have known each other since the inception of HRC's campaign) to discuss personal celebrations/tribulations in their own life without confusing/boring new members who came to discuss Hillary and other political issues. I was thankful for the backroom so that I could update longterm members about my non-political goingson... my backroom posts were quite boring to anyone who did not know me.

I miss HV and hope for its return.

Anonymous said...

There was the Backroom at HV but there were also 5 other private areas not everyone was a member of or allowed to view. That place was gossip central. The owners snooped on members, did background checks on them, read their private PMs and google'd potential new members.

They should be sued and put in jail for the amount of invasion of privacy they conducted. Reading private PMs is the same as hacking into their email. What didn't they understand about the word private?

What a bunch of crazy criminal losers.

Anonymous said...

I've seen no such "forum wars", at least nothing as bad as I've seen posted in this thread? They're all great places to visit, as is every blog listed on Daily Puma. Trust me, I'm still a member of DU and dKos! Just a few minutes of wallowing in Obama slobber makes me appreciate the heaven that are Puma blogs :)

Alessandro Machi said...

I think now might be a good time to post a new article to DailyPUMA. This will simply lower this topic down one step. It can still be easily viewable while no longer being the top top story.

I did not want to drop too soon, and I don't want to leave it at the top too long either.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, it's SugnSpicesMom from first HCF and then HV. What in the living heck has been going on? I went to get on HV a week ago and poof - it was completely gone. I kept going back thinking it would be back on line but nothing. I hadn't posted in forever there - I just don't have the heart to anymore, I guess. But, I went there every day, several times a day in most cases to keep up with what was going on. I just couldn't bring myself to post for some reason.

I poured my heart and soul into Hillary's campaign and then flipped to McCain/Palin. I have to say that the political environment is the filthiest, most vile arena and when it was all said and done I was completely exhausted and just wanted to retreat. But, I wanted to know what was going on, too and we all know we can't trust the media to tell the truth. So, I hung out lurking at HV to keep up but I knew nothing of all the drama that appears to have been going on. But, I am not going to judge any of the moderators or anyone else in charge there because I do not know what happened. I miss it though. I managed to find my way here via CGP (what a cess pool but I didn't know where else to turn. I'll at least give Murray credit for posting some places we could go in light of HV closing down).

I have to say that the closing of HV just completely deflates whatever was left of the wind in my sails. Watching the media trash Hillary and then Sarah Palin was horrible and with each passing day I felt like I was just drowning in hateful rhetoric against the two of them. And then HV closes down amid accusations of all kinds and I'm beginning to wonder if I am living in the twilight zone.

Anyway, I'm going to check out a couple of the other forums and see who all is there. I have missed all of you even if you haven't realized it!

Anonymous said...

If you ask me SF is teaming up with HCF for some odd reason and they are bashing Hillary's Village and it's members. It is messed up!

The only Hillary forum left is HW. The only Puma forum left is HW. The only forum left that wants to work toward the goals that we did from the primaries is HW.

Anonymous said...

First, nobody "stole" members from Murray. He chose to open his site to Obama people and people left for that reason.

As for Fusion, posting those chat logs was a really sorry thing to do. It reflects on Ace and Pepper and nobody else. If they are taking screen shots at the Village, how on earth can anyone trust them now????

We have been given only the Fusion's side of this, and the fact that they publicly posted private info speaks to their character and trustworthyness.

Anonymous said...

People for the love of Mike! This is a political forum, it is a tool to use to collect information and prepare ourselves for the 2010 elections. This soap opera that is developing here of he said/she said is so out of proportion it is unreal. The finger pointing, the accusations and the melodrama are enough to drive sane people away from ALL Blogs! This is beginning to read like a cheezy dime store novel and it is making those of us that post there look like morons! Cut it out! We're becoming the laughing stock of the entire web!

Alessandro Machi said...

Actually calling yourself the laughing stock of the internet is the biggest poison of all, and I respectfully disagree.

Most people have moved on. This one topic was just a moment in time for people to try and figure out what happened.

The mere fact that anonymous people were allowed to post (I didn't want to force people to have to join google to post) means there can be no indictment of anyone.

It just is what it is. The obots are far more laughable these days.

Barack Obama invites Barney Fife and Fred Sanford to the White house while SHUNNING the two BRAVE WOMEN who reported what looked like a possible burglary, and they get ignored by Barack Obama.

Now THAT is laughable.

Barack Obama Excludes Females from White House Visit

Anonymous said...

I know Pine Ridge Reservation was discussed a number of times at the Village. Just found this photography site with some fascinating photos that truly give you a glimpse of life there.


Anonymous said...

People, think about this. SSOA and FT are silent. WHY? Because they are protecting the privacy of their members from further violations by Okbiograd aka Pepper.

Okbiograd/Peopper was an admin. She was taking screen shots of private info weeks before the Village had to close. SHE took advantage of her position/access to members info, to gain email addresses. SHE alone took the Village down.

Who knows what her motives were? Her reasons given at her Fusion site clearly shows she cannot be trusted, that she was taking advantage of her mod position to "steal" private info. She caused the Vilage to be shut down to prevent her further access to info because even though she was justifiably banned, she had back room members sending her info.

Anyone from the Village who has joined her Fusion site, watch your back. She killed the Village. She violated her position and she violated trust.

Alessandro Machi said...

In case anyone is having trouble making their pop up view of the comments go away so they can leave a comment, expand the image to full screen, this allows for a small space to appear at the top of the pop up so one can click there and the ability to actually post a comment is enabled. it took me a few minutes to figure it out. Gasp. Almost 10 years between comments. California Democrats have disillusioned me to the point where I have unregistered as a lifelong Democrat, and I am disappointed that Hillary Clinton never accepted blame for refusing to run Facebook Micro Ads during the 2016 Election.

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