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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

HILLARY CLINTON Shuts Down, then Opens back up!

The Daily PUMA has greatly benefited in its first five days in operation by publicizing DailyPUMA on Hillary Clinton Here is the message I found on the site just a few minutes ago. Click on image to make it larger.

-----------Update----------- Hillary Clinton forum is currently back up. (Nov. 18, 2008).

Additional update, Hillary Clinton forum shut down on Jan 01, 2009, and for the time being is read only. Murray the Moderator had desired to open up the forum to all political sides. However, since the forum was initially born out of support for Hillary Clinton, this proved difficult.

Murray may resurrect another forum in the future, or he may not, in the meantime, Hillary Clinton is read only.

-----------Update----------- Hillary Clinton forum is back up! (as of January 25th, 2009)


Infidel753 said...

Looks like you showed up just in time to pick up the torch.....

Alessandro Machi said...

Rather thank kick myself for not creating the DailyPUMA earlier, I can look at it that way. Thanks.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Wow! That was a very popular site. I hope the posters were given some sort of heads up.

Alessandro Machi said...

I think it was the posters that assisted in the shutting down of Hillary Clinton will probably take up some of the slack.

I felt that was an incredibly important hub for the PUMA movement. But the forum was changing directions so that seems to be why it is currently down.

And who knows, may re-emerge as Commongroundpolitics in next few days, the closure may, or may not, be a permanent thing.

Anonymous said...

Hillarys Village is about as close as you can get to the original intent of HCF. We are trying to rescue as much of the research as possible from there. It'd be a shame to try and reinvent the wheel. I suspect Murray is just tired, and wants to resume as much of his former life as possible. Who knows, it may come back in a while and be better than ever.

Alessandro Machi said...

It would be nice if the Hillary Clinton Forum site was left as "view only" for the time being. That way Murray won't be subjected to additional abuse from people who did legitimate research and posted the results there and now can't access those results.

FreeMeNow said...

Murry- Remember me?- I will remember you! You got me started blogging you know when we found each other on the streets of NY- I just went off in a new direction too with this big mouth of mone - I'm sure you remember that ! and I do know what you mean about how things are right now- - come to the show Monday at 8 - let's talk-

Alessandro Machi said...

I hope Murray reads your comment.

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