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Friday, August 31, 2012

New Blog from Alessandro Machi, Debt Neutrality.

If you want to really find out what is going on with the world's economy, just follow my debt neutrality blog. It appears that the entire world's economy is based on consumer debt levels, population growth, and resource depletion.

Interest rate charges are actually accelerating resource depletion. 

Follow Debt Neutrality to see the ongoing and ever increasing damage the billionaires and trillionaires of the world are wreaking by insisting that their money always get the best return and that it always goes to the front of the line for reinvestment.
The uncomplicated bankster premise of "Debt Restructure requires a default" is the mantra that will kill off as much as 80% of the population within a hundred years time.
Society's demise is being set up now by the constant chattle to keep doing what we have been doing, without real change or progress. However the economic death spiral has already begun. 

I believe we are at a tipping point for the world in which going forward as before will mean a very sudden demise, it will happen so fast no one will believe it. Read here if you want a bit more convincing.  Global warming might cause the release of stored carbon as frozen tundras melt, and as trees die as well.

That is why when I watched Paul Ryan say, "We can get GNP back up to 4%, We can do this", he looked and sounded like a child to me. GNP only has to grow to appease the rich elite who simply want their financial ponzi scheme to go on forever. We can have a sustainable economy WITH NO GROWTH, if the interest rate charges are thrown out of the equation.

Imagine you were the wealthiest person on the planet back in the 1500's. Where would your wealth be tied up? In land of course, but where else? In a militia to PROTECT your wealth. That protection could cost 50% of your wealth, assuming your military general didn't just chop your head off and take it all.

So the concept nowadays that the richest are supposed to keep getting richer and their money is somehow more valuable than all others, is not only ridiculous, it will destroy the industrialized world. 

I think the best compromise that can be reached is the richest of the rich get the lowest automatic return on savings held in a bank, not the highest, and the rest of us with the smallest savings get the highest rate of return. This would free the elite to truly put their money into NEW technologies and possibly even more green friendly energy projects, or they can just have a good time and spend their money.
If you don't believe that the rich elite and their pampered money are destroying the industrialized world, you should really study the crap/fake/gambling casino style of investments that wall street trots out for the rich elite, knowing that if they fail, the government will bail them out, not us.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Republicans consider Audit the Fed as part of their platform, Obama removes Glass Stegall from the Democrat Platform. Obama is a banker posing as a populist.

We know that Romney is basically a banker. However, most Obama voters don't view Obama as a Banker President. Isn't it more dangerous to have a banker president who many people think is a populist, versus a president who we know is a banker?

The obvious answer is I'd rather have a president who we know is a banker rather than one who has managed to avoid the label of banker president. However, the republicans seem more ready to go to war at this point in time, and that makes it a tougher call once again.

Obama the banker president has really carved out a nice niche for himself. 
  1. A meek and ultimately failed effort to get Elizabeth Warren the stewardship position of the Consumer Protection Financial Agency.
  2. Arrogantly Declares that Parallel Foreclosures, a violation of the constitution and the Federal Hobbs Act, extortion under the color of right, are legal.
  3. Prevents retirees and those close to retirement age access to their built up home equity if they don't qualify based on income, even if the equity from their home would allow them to either live out their lives comfortably and without endangering the bank's loan, or even as a financial bridge until they find work.
  4. Removal of Glass / Steagall advocacy from the 2012 democrat  platform
  5. Turning a blind eye towards offering any real incentives to help consumers pay down consumer debt.
  6. Investigation of Goldman Sachs turns up no wrong doing!

Repeat after me, Barack Obama is a Banker President, Barack Obama is a Banker President posing as a populist, and the closest he seems capable of helping Main Street is to cram down more debt to small businesses in the hopes they will magically pay off that debt while hiring more people who will in turn take on more debt to help the economy.


Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Vanessa Bryant, living the dream of being a nightmare.

So here is Vanessa Bryant's quote, (Kobe Bryant is Vanessa Bryant's husband).
"I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can’t win championships. If you’re sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year."
Ah yes, once again it's time to trot out the infamous Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves magical saying..."If the pleasure remains, does it remain a pleasure?"  The somewhat obvious answer is, no.  

I think every man on the planet should thank Kobe Bryant for keeping Vanessa Bryant, occupied and sparing the rest of us from having to interact with her. If only she were the only one who thought that way.

You can read the full New York Magazine article by clicking here. And Kobe, your wife was not even the lead interview of the article she appeared in, I suggest you dump her since she finished second.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Apparently, no intelligent people were harmed in the making of this running of the bulls video.

Or, should we call this, The Ramming of the Bulls? 

As you watch the video, ask yourself these questions, Why is the rope so long, who controls the rope, and why do they do such a poor job of controlling the rope?

As much as I enjoyed rooting for the bulls, every now and then someone got it that did not deserve it. It makes one wonder, could I ever end up in a situation where I never really wanted to be in but went because friends were going, and suddenly there is this massive bull about to gore me.

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Romney picks VP on the same day that 44,000 union workers come to Philly for a Protest Rally, gasp, talk about a bad "P.R." move.

I wonder about the timing of Romney's announcement of Paul Ryan for Vice President. I find it insensitive that Romney picked his running mate the same day that 44,000 union workers showed up in Philly for a national union rally.

I'm not happy that over the past few decades state unions have sold their vote to the politicians that gave them the best pension deals. However, I am still curious, did Romney know about the union rally in Philly?  

If Romney didn't know about the Union Rally, then it solidifies the message that he is out touch with main street. If Romney did know about the rally and chose to hog television coverage by announcing his V.P. on the same day, then that would make Romney kind of a bad guy in my eyes.

Romney's timing of his VP pick completely blunted news coverage of that union rally, and that is just further evidence of what some americans are afraid of, Romney is not for the middle class.

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.

Friday, August 10, 2012

President Obama: You're no Bill Clinton

Cal Thomas of the Chicago Tribune hits a home run with this piece. Here is just one morsel.

In 2008, candidate Obama praised Ronald Reagan above Bill Clinton when he told the Reno Gazette-Journal's editorial board that under Reagan the Republican Party was "the party of ideas" and that Reagan had "changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way Bill Clinton did not."

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Click here to see originating source.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is Mitt Romney part of the 99% of Millionaires that pay within a certain range of taxes, or part of the 1% that pay virtually nothing?

Mitt Romney is right that once he releases his income tax results, no matter what he paid, the Obama camp will attempt to skewer him. 

A discussion needs to take place between the media and other millionaires as to what percent they are paying on their income taxes, so that a standard can be in place PRIOR to Romney releasing additional income tax information.

I just want to know that Romney is within a range, a widenormal percentage range, of what 99% of millionaires pay. None of us knows what that widenormal percentage range is. Is it 5%, 8%, 12%, 15%? 

I won't be too thrilled if Romney's percentage of income tax payment is not within the percentage range of what 99% of other millionaires pay every year. And Romney can add in the percent he pays in charitable deductions as well if he likes, as long as that is factored in for other millionaires.

Have I missed something?

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Barack Obama asks Bill Clinton to be his 2012 convention baby to prevent a Hillary Clinton uprising.

Thwarted Assassination

The Dead Zone

Barack Obama asks Bill Clinton to be his 2012 convention baby to help prevent a Hillary Clinton uprising. The things Obama does just to stay in power at a job he intentionally does badly so the bankers can continue to steal main street's wealth.

Very scary indeed.

Friday, August 3, 2012

PUMA PAC loses it, actually changes the words to my comment.

I wrote the following on PUMA PAC regarding PUMA PAC's article about the mass murder at a movie premiere of the Batman Movie.

...DailyPUMA 08.03.12 at 1:21 pm
Are you sure there was no other way to discuss the mass killing than simply saying that all men are scum? I would like to point out that your blog does not endear itself to male Hillary Clinton voters. So I have to ask, are you really Hillary Clinton supporters since her popularity dips among men who connect her to blogs like yours?

I then wrote something to the effect of.... 

Many men died in that theatre that night taking a bullet for their beloved, actually diving in front of the bullets to save the life of the person they loved. Why not write about them?

The comment above in bold underline was deleted without my consent or knowledge, presumably because it made them realize how much they hate men. 

I DID NOT write what is below, someone with access to the comments edit function added it in.

Before I go, I’d like to sincerely apologize to the women of and on this blog, and other blogs created and attended primarily by women, for my harrassing behavior. I realized recently that I have a tendency to bash women on women’s blogs while I’ve given males and male bloggers enormous latitude. I’ve always felt impotent and controling and brow-beating women was one of the most effective ways for me to feel powerful and all-knowing, even if wasn’t the truth. Actually, many of the women in my life turned away from me for this very reason. This, of course (and obviously) angered me. I felt I was an unwitting victim. As a result, I tend to lash out at, criticize, lie about, disresepct, and generally degrade women.

Once again, I am truly sorry. You will not be hearing from again.
Best to all of you.

What kind of "journalist" changes someone else's words? In my opinion, not one who is mentally well. "PUMAPAC, hating men since they started blogging", and taking Hillary Clinton down with them. Even the "you will not be hearing from me again" they falsely attribute to me simply means they banned me from responding.

The irony is on another blog called "Stupid PUMAS", I posted comments several times calling the moderator out for defaming Murphy while not using their own real name, but the moderator never posted my comments.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why is the state of Illinois the home of some the ugliest news stories? Man charged with filming police, could have served up to 75 years!

I suppose the good thing that has come out of this story is the charges of video eavesdropping were apparently dropped and the judge issued a solid, logical, and reasonable ruling. 
According to the youtube site hosting the video above...The charges were dropped in this case:Sep. 20, 2011
"...a state judge declared the charges unconstitutional. "A statute intended to prevent unwarranted intrusions into a citizen’s privacy cannot be used as a shield for public officials who cannot assert a comparable right of privacy in their public duties," wrote Circuit Court Judge David Frankland. "Such action impedes the free flow of information concerning public officials and violates the First Amendment right to gather such information.""
SputnikFive 20 hours ago 25 
On a personal note, I have been reluctant to film police because it means I am pointing something at an officer who could believe it to be a weapon and respond accordingly. In this instance, the man was documenting police conduct before, during and after they "confiscated" cars he was refurbishing because the cars were not registered.

The state could argue that all cars should be registered so that they can be tracked regardless of their status, otherwise they could more easily be used as car bombs.  

However, isn't there a non-op status in which a person does not have to pay registration fees if the car is not being driven on the road? Or is non-op status not allowed in Illinois as well?

Either way, I wonder what it cost him to defend himself against these tyrannical charges?

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.

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