Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monolithic Domes may be as close to tornado proof as one can get.

Some storm chaser's cars have rounded edges and drop down flanks that almost touch the surface of the road. The low to the ground approach may cause a Tornado to swirl over the storm chaser's car rather than lift it up off the ground.

Simply allocating insurance rebuilding money so people can make the same type of tornado unsafe home design that they had before the tornado qualifies for the definition of insanity, (doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result).

This is another example of change we desperately need, but when will we see it?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Observations from Missouri from World Vision.

Observations from Missouri: "Editor’s note: Joplin, Missouri, is a small town in the U.S. Heartland. Its official population is 50,150. But now, it is tragically smaller in every sense, after the May 22 tornado that left 122 dead, 750 injured, and more than a quarter of the town destroyed. Phyllis Freeman, our domestic emergency response director, is on ..."

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weather Disasters anyone?

Can Tornadoes be tamed? Can Mississippi River flooding be curtailed, reduced, and even prevented? Not unless you treat it as an enemy combatant as dangerous as Osama Bin Laden.

Well, we know that ain't happening, and certainly not under the present administration.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Barack Obama knowingly cut Mississippi River dredging budget in late 2010. Is Barack Obama's Munchausen's Disease by Proxy flaring up?

Barack Obama has been repeatedly forewarned about the Mississippi flooding resulting from cutbacks in the Mississippi River Dredging budget as far back as January of this year and still refused to undo significant 2011 budget cuts to
the Mississippi River Dredging budget that were already in place.

According to Dredging Today...

Reps. Steve Scalise (R-La) and Jerry Costello (D-Ill.), along with more than three dozen other lawmakers, have written to President Obama urging that he weigh in on the dredging shortfall. Obama's proposed 2012 budget included an overall $57 million cut in Corps of Engineers funding.

"While River conditions have improved, the dredging policy put in place by the Army Corps of Engineers ... and ensuing draft restrictions have had a negative impact on commerce and remain a serious concern," the lawmakers wrote in their letter. -Dredging Today, March 25th, 2011

- end quote.

Later on in the article it mentions that there are only 4 dredgers available instead of the normal 7.

We have a president who is so in over his head that even after 3 DOZEN POLITICIANS WROTE TO HIM ABOUT THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER DREDGING UNDERFUNDING, Barack Obama did nothing and now he's about to flood thousands of homeowners and business people out of their homes and businesses.

We have a president who knowingly cut 40 million dollars from the Mississippi River dredging budget and which will probably result in over A BILLION DOLLARS IN homeland damage and heartache for tens of thousands of americans, business people, farmers, retired people, people on fix incomes, many who soon will be homeless because of the Mississippi River flooding, flooding that is PREVENTABLE by dredging the bottom of the Mississippi River.

Watch over the next week, as President Obama galavants up and down the Mississippi River, telling Mississippi River flooding victims, (a victimization caused by THE PRESIDENT'S oversight), that he will now help rescue them with low interest rate government loans.

Will anybody from the media dare to ask President Obama about "The Letter" from 36 politicians about the Mississippi River Dredging budget underfunding?

Our president has exhibited an equivalent incompetency towards homeowners in regards to HAMP, yet yesterday he got on television and BRAGGED ABOUT HAMP at a town hall meeting.

HAMP most likely violated the Federal Hobbs Act, the extortion clause, by taking property under the color of right. HAMP ACCELERATED the loss of a MILLION Americans' homes by luring them to a taxpayer funded HAMP program, causing A MILLION HOMEOWNERS to BOTH lose their homes and damage their credit rating in an accelerated manner!

If you are a homeowner, the present president continues to come up with ways to endanger your well being, and your home. Whether Barack Obama means to or not, does it really matter?

I also would not have much faith in the Republicans when it comes to HAMP.

Hillary Clinton was and probably still is the best option for this country. If only Barack Obama would accept that he is bought and paid for by too many people behind the scenes to be a good president at this time and step down and ask Hillary Clinton to run in 2012.

(Article update, February 5, 2014).

For an article in opposition to Dredging Rivers in general, please click here.  However, I would like to add a response to that article below that was written in their comments section by vrager
"I am amazed at the ignorance displayed by people who know nothing about water management. Put some Dutch people in charge and they would dredge the river and put the silt and mud on the banks as levees so that the capacity of the river is increased by deepening it and raising the height of the banks.
That’s why there are dykes on both sides of rivers in Holland and in the Fens. It the most simple physics: you expand the capacity of water outflow to the sea by raising banks and dredging bottoms.
It’s been pouring with rain in Holland and there isn’t any flooding, despite the land being below the river levels and the river levels are higher than usual.
The Environment Agency replaced the Drainage Boards which were established to keep the water off the land and to prevent flooding. The prime aim of some in the Environment Agency is to increase wildlife habitat by using the circular argument that wetlands attract waders and migrant ducks geese etc, and to protect them, the man made habitat created by neglecting flood defences needs to carry on being flooded. Where the cattle, sheep and crops are supposed to be is of no concern to them as their livelihoods are paid by taxpayers and they couldn’t give a hoot about farmers and landowners who over centuries have reclaimed this land from marshes and the sea."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why does the U.S. Government allow the Mississippi River to flood dozens of cities on a regular basis? Why won't Barack Obama do something about it?

Barack Obama promised Change, and Change is what I want, darn it!

I wanted a supposedly intelligent president emboldened by his team of rivals to change how the U.S. problem solves recurring issues such as reducing and minimizing the affect of Mississippi River flooding.

I did a little research and the Army Corp of Engineers pre-ordains how deep the Mississippi River will be dredged based on how deep the biggest ships bottoms that traverse the Mississippi extend below the surface of the Mississippi River. The biggest ships may sit 40 feet deep so the Army Corp of Engineers adds seven feet for safety, for the boats!

Isn't that special.
Is it possible the Army Corp of Engineers actually is satisfied with dredging the Mississippi River to a depth that allows shipping lanes to flow freely, but won't go the extra five or ten feet that might prevent virtually all imminent Mississippi flooding that may cause over a billion dollars in damage?
Has a cost / risk dredging versus flooding benefit analysis been done?

If the Federal government spends 40 million to a hundred million dollars a year to dredge portions of the Mississippi river, what would the benefit be if that amount was increased an extra 50 million dollars?

If this year's flood produces a billion or two billion dollars in neighborhood flooding damage, wouldn't spending 50 million extra on the front end be a wise investment if it saves one to two billion dollars on the back end?

Is it possible that the dredged Mississippi River mud might have value as potting soil or for people's gardens? What about calling the dredged up mud Mississippi Mud and selling it across the country?
What if the extra 50 million dollars used to dredge the Mississippi was used to pay returning war veterans to actually assist in the dredging of the Mississippi River?
Yes, a jobs program that creates IMMEDIATE, TANGIBLE jobs and SAVES THE COUNTRY MONEY by REDUCING FLOOD DAMAGE, while also creating a NEW PRODUCT that benefits americans all across the country!
Instead, Barack Obama, (just as George Bush before him), will photo op along the Mississippi River in the coming couple of weeks, grimacing, telling flood victims that the U.S. government is here to help them with low interest rate loans to help repair their flood damaged homes, flood damage that most likely could have been prevented in the first place.


Monday, May 9, 2011

What Barack Obama said on Sixty Minutes about Bin Laden that was offensive to Daily PUMA.

Barack Obama's final comment to Steve Kroft of Sixty Minutes on May 08, 2011 about Bin Laden's death.
"As nervous as I was about, this whole process, the one thing I didn't lose sleep over, was, the possibility of taking Bin Laden out.
Justice was done.
Uh and, uh I think that uh ANYONE who would question that the perpetrator of mass murder, on american soil, uh, didn't deserve what he got, uh, needs to have their head examined." -Barack Obama
(Obama nods in agreement with himself). end quote.
I give Barack Obama credit for one thing, Barack Obama is adept at reframing the discussion to his position, even when his position leaves out so many important facets of the issue that are being discussed. Let's breakdown Barack Obama's final comment from his Sixty Minutes interview with Steve Kroft.
"As Nervous as I was about, this whole process, the one thing that I did not lose sleep over, was, the possibility of taking Bin Laden out".
Huh? "I did not lose sleep over the possibility of taking Bin Laden out"? Wasn't that what the MISSION WAS ABOUT!

What Barack Obama leaves out is the REAL core issue, the truthful, self damning realization by Barack Obama, something he would never admit to, would have been to admit to the following statement.
"As nervous as I was about this whole process, the one thing that I did not consider was the possibility of Bin Laden peacefully surrendering"
As I stated earlier, Barack Obama is adept at framing the question to his position, even when his position leaves out so many important facets of the issue being discussed.

Barack Obama then states,
"Justice was done."
Barack Obama has a history of using any legal technicalities he can extract from the mud to win his political races, the comment "Justice was done", in my opinion was an insult to the entire american judicial system.

There was "NO JUSTICE", there was revenge, there was avenging, there was NO PROOF that Bin Laden acted alone that would allow Barack Obama to flog the meaning of the word justice in the most brutal and anti american way imaginable.

Go watch Bonanza, dude. Even when known criminals were being accused of new crimes, there were the Cartwrights demanding the alleged person be given a trial.

Do not flout the word "justice" and mix it into your reasoning for justifying the invading and murdering of an unarmed man.
Uh and, uh I think that uh ANYONE who would question that the perpetrator of mass murder, on american soil, uh, didn't deserve what he got, uh, needs to have their head examined." -Barack Obama
(Obama nods in agreement with himself). end quote.
This sounds like delusional thinking to me, no trial, no proof presented, no chance to hear from the accused, summarily executed with no warning, and anyone who questions this mode of action should have their head examined!

"So how is that Change" working out for ya.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rashard Mendenhall said nothing controversial about Osama Bin Laden.

I thought what Rashard Mendenhall said regarding the Osama Bin Laden assassination was very eloquent, thought provoking, and spot on. In a prior Daily PUMA article, I too stated my concern over celebrating the killing of an unarmed man without any intent for a trial.

I first raised my concerns on Wall Street Change just after I saw the celebrating.

Mendenhall has lost one corporate sponsor, the corporate sponsor apparently does not agree with questioning the celebration of a pre-ordained human execution without a trial.


No matter what you believe about the WTC tragedy, there are suspicious circumstances to consider that could mean that Bin Laden did not act alone. Number one for me is that the buildings came down at 10:00 and 10:30. That's the kind of thing someone who would be detonating a bomb would do.

The mathematical odds that both buildings would come down on the hour or half an hour (lets say 9:59, 10:00, 10:01, and 10:29, 10:30, 10:31) would be 1 out of 20 x 1 out of 20, also known as 1 out of 400 that both buildings would actually fall on the hour or half hour.

It has been reported that a week or two before the WTC tragedy that the WTC went dark for a full day, and the building was closed for "repairs". Putting a transponder in the buildings would have made it much easier to autopilot a plane crash into each building.

But who could authorize the closing of particular floors for the planting of either a transponder or implosion bombs? How about Marvin Bush, George Bush's brother, who was a higher up for the company that did "security" for the WTC at the time the planes crashed into the WTC.

Building seven was "put down" on orders, (meaning detonation) and this admission was made on the Larry King show a year later. Unlike the WTC, personnel from buildings 6 and 7 were immediately evacuated after the planes hit the towers. This is kind of a big deal since it was building 7 that was "downed" later in the day. Was building 7 downed so that ongoing investigations would have to start over because of lost evidence?

Why were portions of the WTC "powered down" just weeks and days before 911? This would mean that security cameras were not in operation. There are reports that bomb sniffing dogs were also removed from the premises as well.

A huge array of one of a kind documents were lost in the downing of the buildings, particularly building seven, which included ongoing investigations related to Wall Street fraud.

The WTC used a huge amount of energy to keep it heated in the winter, and cooled in the summer, and apparently the heating and cooling costs made a huge dent in the overall real estate value of the building.

Clearly the crashing of the planes into the WTC was an ACT OF WAR, ACT'S OF WAR are NOT covered by insurance, yet the owner of the WTC was cut a check for several billion dollars for his loss even as the first responders who have suffered ongoing health problems from being at ground zero have not been helped.

In the book "Pigs at Trough", by Arianna Huffington, there is mention of a secret August 2001 meeting at the Bush ranch during one of George Bush's extended vacations, and there were rumblings at that meeting of trying to do something big to stop the precipitous fall in Mr. Bushes popularity ratings, which had fallen faster at the beginning of a term for any president in history.

Who made money from the WTC Tragedy? It seems like the rich got richer, and those with military connections and investments got the richest of all. Now one person who might have shed light on anything not heard of, is assassinated without a trial.

My point is, this is NOT an open and shut case of one person masterminding what happened on WTC, and to punish people for bringing up THIS VIEWPOINT is not something that should be done in a nation that claims to be for freedom.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So the Mission was to "Kill Bin Laden", not "Capture Bin Laden".

Did we cross a line by not capturing an unarmed suspect, but instead, summarily shooting him in the head?

Maybe this was a big favor to the world. If Bin Laden had been taken alive, the amount of media time spent on every little detail about Bin Laden would have dominated the news for far too long. It is possible that hostages could have been taken in exchange for the release of Bin Laden. And, at every step of trial process, threats would probably have been made.

And yet, there's something about shooting an unarmed man without a trial, that just seems wrong.

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