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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Apparently Donald Trump never met a McCain he didn't despise, including the Battle Ship named after John McCain.

I keep wanting it to be an April fools joke, Donald Trump allegedly did not want to see the Battle Ship named after John McCain on his recent trip to Japan. 

The man who evaded serving his country actually having scorn for a Man who did serve his country? Trump is now deny claiming he knew nothing about the McCain Cover up. 

When Trump takes a walk on the U.S.S. John McCain and can be seen posing next to McCain's name, then his claim will have some merit.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

If All Life is Sacred, then the Government needs to be pampering All Pregnant Woman.

If every life is Sacred, then it stands to reason that a Pregnant Woman's needs, all of them, need to fulfilled by the same Government that is taking away their right to chose regarding their pregnancy.

Once a Pregnancy is diagnosed, the Pregnant Woman should have the right to be taken care of by the State, this would mean, housing, clothing, food, and all healthcare. Since the Pregnancy could affect the Woman's ability to work, the Pregnant woman should also be given a wage that would not be deducted from the Government housing, clothing, food and healthcare that she would be receiving.

Of course the Government would object to this because there would be Woman out there trying to get pregnant for all the benefits they would receive. By the end of a Pregnancy a woman may have been able to bank 10,000 to 20,000 dollars since virtually all of their expenses would be met by the Government and they could keep their earnings while they were pregnant.

Of course many woman would still want the right to choose. The point however remains the same, If the Government is going to restrict medically accepted practices, and if the reason being given is that all Life is Sacred, then the Government needs to also put up the funding that provides the funding to ensure the sacredness of life. 

If the Government can supply funding for abortions as it has in the past, then the Government can also supply funding for the Sacredness of Life.

How would the Judicial system respond to the argument that the State would have to assist woman who become pregnant otherwise their Sacredness motif is not being fulfilled by the State? 

Would not the State have to honor the credo of "All Life is Sacred" that motivated the ban on abortions? It is pretty evident that Government would never agree to provide a significant amount of funding to all woman who become pregnant, hence the ban on abortions would need to be banned because Government did not meet the "All Life is Sacred" credo that generated the ban on abortions in several States.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Democrats and Republicans need to rally together to improve Central America and Puerto Rico's future.

One thing that seems somewhat evident, Opposing Political Parties don't appear able to negotiate anymore. If I were a Democrat, I would agree to suspend the ongoing Financial Corruption issues Trump has likely been a party to and ask Republicans to join in fixing both Puerto Rico and Central America.

Today CNN is reporting Trump and Kushner are working on a Middle Eastern Economic package plan. Trump either seems fixated on a Military economy, or, Trump is simply incapable of doing more than one or two things at a time. 

While Trump may be able to recognize a flank if it appears on his dinner plate, when it comes to regions that flank the United States such as Puerto Rico and Central America, Trump apparently has no appetite for ensuring their stability.

The Middle East is a customer of ours when it comes to military weaponry. Central America is probably not able to afford weapons from the U.S., and Puerto Rico's economy apparently is not large enough to support military operations and equipment, so it appears Trump has no interest helping either region.

Give Trump his wall, suspend the investigation into his alleged financial misdeeds, and in exchange lets fix Central America and Puerto Rico.

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Denying Abortion Rights will create many additional Compliance Issues for the States who are passing Anti Abortion Laws.

Using the "All life is Sacred" meme, Here is a DailyPUMA list of Unintended Consequences Anti Abortion legislation could force a State to comply with. 
"All Life is Sacred" means...
  • No more mandatory military drafts, If all life is sacred, then we can't force anyone to risk their life by being forced to enlist in any Military branch. 
  • Monitoring of Pregnant Women on a daily basis and providing food, clothing and shelter, including three solid meals everyday to ensure they are providing proper nutrition to their fetus.
  • Proper funding of prisons so that inmates have humane sleeping facilities, exercise facilities, comfortable temperature, and healthy meals.
  • Strict Enforcement of all Hospice related companies and locations to ensure that no life is being accelerated to death, Strict Enforcement that is NOT presently occurring.
  • ALL Undocumented would have to be considered sacred as well and allowed access to whatever help they need to survive.
  • Lawsuits against Law Enforcement and the Legal Community for under Investigating and under representing cases involving the Elderly in the area of EMTALA (Patient Dumping), a fact easily proven via statistics.
  • Lawsuits against Unenforced and Un investigated Aged and Vulnerable Abuse, a fact that can also be easily proved via statistics.
  • Lawsuits against Lack of Legal Representation for victims based on their age, easily proven by checking how many lawsuits have been filed annually for Seniors 80 and older.
DailyPUMA will add to this list. If the States who want to eradicate Abortion do not also comply with the list above, then their anti Abortion laws would also need to be rescinded on the grounds of not arbitrarily creating laws they will follow while not complying with the spirit of the same law.

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

When Mom Takes a Break from her Walk with her Son so he can Take Her Picture. Happy Mother's Day to all Moms.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms. Pictured above is my Mother, Fortunata Machi.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Donald Trump and the Democrat House of Representatives won't ask for NATO's help in Central America. Why?

If the United States "stabilizes" Struggling Central American countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala so their citizens don't feel the need to flee, the U.S. would be accused of tyranny. If the United States does nothing, literally millions of Migrants and Undocumented will be on our borders over the course of a year or two.

Something is going on that does not make sense. It is time for the U.S. to ask NATO to step in and Stabilize Central America. Clearly Trump is afraid to step into Central America, which he probably views as a shit hole region, yet Central America is in our own backyard.

Nothing good can result from the United States refusing to Stabilize Central America. As it stands now, it will probably cost more to do nothing and absorb a few million more fleeing Central American Citizens than it would to call NATO in to help.

The U.S. Military Budget keeps being amped up, yet we can't even help Central America become a poor man's Hawaii? 


What is really going on? You should care MORE about Central America and the toxins that are being leeched upon Central American Citizens by alleged Drug Cartels than any other political issue of the day.

By not focusing on Central America, our Political system has been hijacked between two Political groups, one Political group supports a Border Wall, the other Political group is opposed to a Border Wall.

Meanwhile, NOBODY talks about Central America and what it would take to fix the place up so it was a destination spot instead of a place to flee from.

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