Daily PUMA Column - Commentary by Alessandro Machi

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Pelosi and FBI appear to have teamed up against Donald Trump during Trump's Presidency, making Watergate look like a 4pm Tea Party Social.

Pelosi Impeaching Trump Violates Trump's Doctrine of Prior Restraint rights to investigate Ukraine. FBI sits on Biden documents investigation during Trump's entire Presidency, then charges Trump with same offense with Biden in Office. 

Makes Watergate look like a 4pm Tea social.



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Friday, February 23, 2024

Obama's Foreclosure Policy Failure Reviewed. Rather than offer Restitution to millions of foreclosure victims, Obamians go after Trump in Court.

Obama's failed foreclosure policies need to be re-exposed now that the decision has been made by Obamians to Policitize Obama's failed foreclosure policy by suing Trump for over 400 million.

How Obama blew a chance to put Americans back in homes after crash

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This is Obama’s biggest failure.

President Barack Obama’s net worth as he leaves the White House | Life



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Saturday, February 17, 2024

500 million dollar judgement total against Donald Trump covers up Barack Obama era Failed Banking Policies that were causing 5,000 to 7,000 home foreclosures a day.

In a Parallel "Back to the Future" Universe, If Donald Trump and Barack Obama had switched order regarding when they were President, the same New York Attorney General who just sued Trump and "won" over 400 million dollars would instead be suing on behalf of all the business and real estate loan applicants that were charged much too high interest rates on their loans during the Trump era Presidency of 2008 to 2012.

Back to reality, if Donald Trump was able to get more favorable loan deals by allegedly supplying inaccurate loan related data, but still did not default on Obama era loans when Bank rules were changed and made entirely too strict and regressive; then that would mean Obama era banks were charging excessively high interest rates to all their "honest" loan applicants that were all the victims of Barack Obama era regressive bank loan policies after the Stock Market Crash of 2008.

Given a choice between helping all the honest business and real estate loan applicants who were either charged excessively high interest rates, and who were damaged when their loan applications were denied, the present day New York District Attorney instead chose to use the courts for Political gain. The New York Attorney has chosen to satiate their Trump Derangement Syndrome even though Trump never defaulted on a loan.

Meanwhile, all the victims of overly regressive banking policies from the Obama era Presidency were never made whole by the New York Attorney General, who instead went for the Trump sizzle rather than making whole deprived and damaged loan applicants, and that is the real crime.

The problem is it has been almost 15 years since the Obama era banking rules were implemented. Many seem to have forgotten the 5,000 to 7,000 foreclosures a day in the U.S. during Obama's first 2 years in office and how honest, law abiding loan applicants who had built up home equity that took decades to accrue, were treated like garbage if they were temporarily unemployed. Untold numbers were forced to sell their homes when being able to dip into some Home Equity, even if unemployed, would have softened the financial jolt they were suddenly feeling that instead led to the loss of their home.



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Friday, February 16, 2024

Collusion between Nancy Pelosi and the FBI during Trump's Presidency MUST be immediately investigated.

The recent FBI Biden Document Hoarding report opens a new Discovery clock to investigate collusion between FBI and Nancy Pelosi to unlawfully protect Joe Biden prior to the 2020 Election, while also undermining Trump's Presidential Authority to investigate Ukraine. 

An investigation into Pelosi / FBI collusion would supercede charges Trump is facing since Trump was under illegal duress during his Presidency, and had the right to do whatever was necessary to fight back against illegal actions that directly undermined and quashed his Presidential authority. 

The Trump sound bites we hear all the time are missing the Pelosi / FBI collusion aspect. When Trump says, "I had the right to do whatever was necessary" (aka total immunity), it rings flat. BUT, when we add Pelosi and FBI collusion to Trump's statement, "I had the right to do whatever was necessary because of collusion by Pelosi and the FBI that undermined and quashed my Presidential Authority", Trump sounds completely logical and correct.


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Did the FBI and Nancy Pelosi collude against Donald Trump during Trump's Presidency?

Way back in high school my social studies teacher drilled into our heads that a President can be impeached without being removed from office. So yes, Donald Trump was impeached by Nancy Pelosi, twice. 
It also appears Pelosi's Ukraine impeachment violated the Doctrine of Prior Restraint. 
The Doctrine of Prior Restraint precludes a political figure from interfering with an investigation and from suppressing the results of the investigation.
Recent Discovery that the FBI was not going to indict Joe Biden for classified documents points to a conspiracy between Nancy Pelosi and the FBI during Trump's Presidency so Joe Biden's potential illegal acts would be covered up, potential illegal acts that would have been used against Biden during the 2020 Presidential Campaign.
The FBI and Nancy Pelosi should be investigated for colluding to shield Joe Biden's indictable actions while simultaneously shredding Donald Trump's reputation when Nancy Pelosi violated the Doctrine of Prior Restraint against Donald Trump.


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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Online Newpapers tottering as they double down on forcing viewers to subscribe or be denied access.

Some do a lot of internet research, a LOT of internet research. Some do so much internet research that sometimes it becomes difficult to find a past reference article, then happily remember the link has already been encapsulated somewhere in a prior article one wrote and the difficult to find old link can be reaccessed through one's own prior writings.

Tonight I was thwarted 3 times by newspaper paywalls to news sites that used to provide access for "free". Wanting to identify different newspaper related issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later as the recent crumbling of the LA Times proves, has probably sent some shock waves to other news sites that are tying to financially survive.

First point, COOKIES SUCK. Cookies slow down one's computer and basically defeat their purpose for existing. It's time for the alleged marketing brainiacs to focus on solid ads and FORGET ABOUT studying every move every human makes while on the internet. 

Think of the Star Trek Prime Directive for a moment, do not interfere with the everyday life of the species being studied. The same rule should apply to the Internet. You don't know why I am looking up the word "brassica", so, quit trying to figure it out. Why does this matter? If all the cookies were not stuffed down out computer's throats, causing our computers to run deathly slow, people would find it easier to search out what they wanted, without having it shoved in their face via prying nanny cookies watching us 24/7 so reams of data can be used to force feed us what they think we want based on our prior internet travel.

Newsflash, sometimes people do searches to help out a friend or relative with information they might find valuable, rendering nanny cookies following our every move a waste of time.

As for newspapers, they don't need to try and target every readers "visit" with the "right" ad scheme. Newspapers also don't need to trick their readers with 1 dollar for 3 months ads that simply piss off the subscriber, who has no intention of paying 5 dollars a week once the special offer is over but becomes subscription ambushed into a much higher subscription rate because they forgot the low offer trial offer had expired.

According to Pew Research center, Newspaper Advertising peaked in 2006.

2006  49,275,402,572 Billion advertising, 10,548,344,000 Circulation revenue.

2022   9,760,830,024 Billion advertising,  11,606,129,049 Circulation revenue.

In 2022 newspaper advertising revenue had dropped by a factor of 5 times its highest level while Circulation Revenue has remained remarkably stable, so it's not all bad news. The peak advertising dollars I think was also the peak of color printed ads, which had its own production and distribution cost issues contributing to the peak advertising year of 2006.

While I do think there are solutions for stabilizing and improving newspaper income, what is the point when the mainstream media started a massive downward spiral in 2008 with an incredibly ham fisted intervention into the Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama Democrat Nomination race.

The mainstream media's hamfistedness was further hampered when the Obama Administration ended the Moderate think tank around 2013. The mainstream media's remarkably slanted news coverage included a 94% negative reporting of Donald Trump during his first Presidency in 2016, and has continued to this day.

The problem with letting the mainstream media die is, no matter how one sided the news reporting was, the reporters and articles still allow for historically relevant information to be used for research purposes. 

My solution for newspaper stability is for each newspaper to start printing two versions of the same story, one slanted towards Progressives, the other towards Conservatives. While ideally the news should provide both viewpoints within the same article, that can make the articles very lengthy and bland to read. Rather, a Solid Progressive viewpoint, a Solid conservative viewpoint, perhaps side by side on the same screen, perhaps a red blue tab button that allows the reader to instantly review either news perspective. This should allow readers to venture out of their Ground Hogs day desire to repetitively always go to the same sided view of the news.

I am an Internet Researching Unicorn with 23 years experience as an unpaid internet researcher. I have never been put in a situation where I was forced to slant my coverage or risk losing my job, nor was I hobnobbing in a work environment where everyone was instructed, acted and had similar viewpoints. 

Today, I can read practically any biased news story and immediately see what is being left out. News sources have gone so far left and so far right that the old practice of manipulating a news story with a mismatched headlines that doesn't match the story content has dramatically decreased over the past few years.

I have offered an instant solution above that would create balanced news reporting by offering a red and blue clickable button so each newspaper could cover both perspectives on Politically driven content.

And here is an idea to improve residual advertising income. Just create a text box that allows the reader to type in something they are interested in buying, they are transported to a known and trusted partner site, and if they buy the item, the newspaper gets a 5% residual. 

As it stands now, newspapers are beholden to Coders and Marketers who try and match ad content with each reader's interest. The Coders and Marketers have made themselves indispensable at the expense of their client's having readers being bombarded with pop up ads when simply asking the reader to view an ad page they write they would like to visit, would be just as effective, and would cut out the ad people who rely on number of ad image views even when the ad image views slow down the site, are highly repetitive, or are showing products that were already purchased a day or two earlier!

Newspapers should have Amazon dot com, Target, Walmart, Costco, all bidding to be the ad provider for a news site. But there are additional ad revenue streams that I won't reveal at this time but would happily reveal if the newspapers are really serious about preserving their historical relevance, rather than just simply disappearing as if they never existed.

One thing is for sure, forcing the public to pay to read one sided news is like hanging on to a malfunctioning parachute when the emergency cord was there for the picking.


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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Was Doctrine of Prior Restraint Illegally circumvented by Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives to both Impeach and Obstruct Trump from digging for evidence in Ukraine regarding the Biden's?

At best, sketchy evidence was provided by Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives that Donald Trump engaged in an illegal activity when he was digging for evidence against Joe Biden in Ukraine. 

It appears Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives Illegally exercised Prior Restraint by Impeaching Donald Trump which directly obstructed Donald Trump's right to investigate Ukraine. The Illegal actions by the House may be considered an act of Prior Restraint against a sitting President. 

Prior Restraint against a sitting President may be considered an act of Sedition, Insurrection, or Treason.

If in fact Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives are guilty of Prior Restraint against a sitting President, then Trump's impeachment and all additional confrontational actions and charges filed against the President would be null and void. 

Action's taken by Pelosi, the House, friends of Pelosi and House members would be the result of a Fruit of the Poisonous Tree series of obstruction activities Pelosi and the House themselves continuously perpetuated.

Please explain why Pelosi and the House of Representatives should or should not IMMEDIATELY be charged with the ILLEGAL act of Prior Restraint against the President of the United States for the purpose of destabilizing the President, the Presidency, and the United States so Pelosi and the House could install their own person in the White House in the next Election.


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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Democrat Party and Mainstream Media Bitch Slapped Hillary Clinton in 2008, and they are about to do it again in 2024 even though she won't be running.

The 2008 Democrat Nomination Race featured 3 Male Candidates, the recently deceased Bill Richardson, John Edwards, and Barack Obama, creating a false flag event regarding the Michigan Primary. Michigan, desperate to be taken seriously due to the then demise of their automotive industry and their struggling economy,  moved up their Primary date into January. Michigan's move into January created an excuse to concoct a reason known as the Michigan Maneuver to freeze Michigan out by not have their Primary delegates be counted until the Democrat Nomination race was already decided.

What was the Michigan Maneuver? Possibly one of the most clever political stunts ever seen, with Hillary Clinton left behind by 3 male Democrat Political Predators as the lone wolf left howling in the wind.

The Michigan Maneuver consisted of Richardson, Edwards and Obama waiting until the final Michigan filing day, late afternoon, to take their names OFF of the Michigan ballot. Hillary Clinton had no idea the three male candidates were removing their names off of the Michigan ballot because they waited in concert until the last day to do so. 

Once the Michigan Primary filing date had passed, Richardson, Edwards, and Obama pilloried Hillary on the campaign trail in their campaign stops in, you guessed it, New Hampshire and Iowa. Hillary Clinton was scape goated by the three male Political amigos. 

The 3 Democrat Male Political candidates were able to incite both New Hampshire and Iowa voters against Michigan's move into January by using their campaign stops to remind New Hampshire and Iowa constituents that the Democrat Presidential candidates would have to dilute the time they could spend in Iowa and New Hampshire, because they would have to also campaign in Michigan.

What made the Michigan Maneuver such an incredible coup was not only did it damage Hillary Clinton in both New Hampshire and Iowa, but the ruckus the 3 Male Democrat Politicians created resulted in Michigan's Primary results being set aside to be dealt with at a later date. This from the party that CONSTANTLY champions women's rights.

While some claim Barack Obama might have done well in Michigan if he had kept his name on the ballot, Hillary Clinton's overall strength was her name recognition which was most effective in you guessed it, the Primary State contests versus the Caucus Primary State contests. Hillary Clinton's popularity dropped down several notches right out of the gate in Iowa, and New Hampshire because of the Michigan Maneuver. Without Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire comeback tears saving the day, the mainstream media would have already pounced and demanded she get out of the 2008 Democrat Race after only 2 Democrat contests had been held!

So while Hillary Clinton campaigned and easily won in Michigan, the victory would prove pointless as the delegates were not counted until so late in the Democrat Nomination Race that they became inconsequential. Richardson, Edwards and Obama had their cake, and ate it too, when they profited by not only embellishing their success in Iowa and New Hampshire at Hillary Clinton's expense, but the added insult of not even allowing Michigan to count makes it a remarkable moment in Democrat Nomination Races History of the absurd.

Incredibly, Illinois, which was Barack Obama's hometown, had its Primary date moved up from the end of March to the beginning of February. So while Michigan was blunted for moving into January of 2008, Illinois launched Barack Obama by a 2-1 margin of victory over Hillary Clinton by moving its Primary date up from late March to very early February.

Even though Hillary Clinton would go on to win 54% of all the Democrat Primary votes, the mainstream media led by MSNBC's Chris Wallace and Keith Olberman's nightly verbal aggression against Hillary Clinton, trumpeted the February Caucus contest "winning streak" as somehow proving Barack Obama should be declared the winner of the Democrat nomination process by mid February. 

The mainstream media conveniently left out that the red state caucuses were in red states, held at night, and took hours to conduct in the middle of the winter, all conditions that benefited the younger caucus participants over the older caucus participants. The calamitous weather conditions and time required to vote in the Red State caucus contests favored younger voters, who were going more for Barack Obama than Hillary Clinton. In 2008 in the dead of February winter, MSNBC began trumpeting Obama's consecutive caucus winning streak in conservative states as cause for Hillary Clinton to get out of the race. 2008 may have been the year when Fake Election News officially launched.

What also failed to get much attention in 2008 is poll after poll in the caucus contests always showed Hillary Clinton either tied or well ahead of Barack Obama, until the caucus voting happened and Obama would win by a 2 to 1 margin of victory! 

Lol, some things never change, aka, vote totals that don't fairly reflect the will of the people while the mainstream media remains silently complicit.

Fast forward to 2024 and Joe Biden is taking a page out of the Richardson, Edwards, Obama playbook. Biden is going to ignore New Hampshire and Iowa, and declare South Carolina as the first State he will participate in. It's the same type of tactic Richardson, Edwards and Obama orchestrated in 2008 when they just changed the rules to fit their own strengths, and the mainstream media will probably go along with Biden's strategy in 2024, cuz that's what they do.

But here's the creepy part. Biden comes out tactically ahead if he repeats the strategy that Rchardson, Edwards and Obama followed. Biden will get to campaign in South Carolina and no matter how he badly he loses in Iowa and New Hampshire, he will more than make up for it with the added love and support he will receive in South Carolina. And if Biden gets more than a morsel of support in Iowa and New Hampshire, then that will also make him look like the comeback kid because he did not even campaign in either State yet still received overwhelming support, and thus be the only viable candidate. Biden is literally going to be Pee Wee Herman flying over his bicycle handle bars and after crash landing on the ground in New Hampshire and Iowa, will look into the camera and say, I meant to do that as the mainstream media minions all applaud and call it a politically brilliant move.

Meanwhile, the media keeps trying to demean and belittle Donald Trump for not participating in the Republican debates. Trump is too smart and knows any made up or alleged misstep in the Debates and the mainstream media will pumped it up a hundred times in an effort to ever so slightly erode his support so they can create a false momentum meme that Trump is losing support.

And we should not forget Hillary Clinton, who did the right thing in 2008 and campaigned in Michigan but was defeated by a trio of Democrat Male Politicians behaving badly. Now the same formula is being used in 2024 so Joe Biden can recreate the Democrat Nomination process in his own image. Hillary Clinton was ostracized for campaigning in Michigan in 2008, Joe Biden apparently will be a man of conviction for not going to either Iowa or New  Hampshire in 2024. 

But then again, that is how Democrat Politicians win, they pre-create the conditions they need to win by changing rules all have previously agreed to follow.




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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Progressive News Prejudice against Hispanics in plain view as Biden begins to build Trump's Border Wall.

This might come as a shock to Progressive News Media, but not every Hispanic in America supports Undocumented Migration, nor is every Hispanic in America against a Border Wall. In what appears to be such as an obtuse move it may actually help Joe Biden's popularity, Anti Border groups are condemning Joe Biden for building Trump's Border Wall as the mainstream media keeps pumping up the prejudiced meme that all Hispanics are anti-border wall. 

CBS comically addresses the Border issue Latino's want more aggressive action on Immigration,

but then spends most of the article quoting anti-wall naysayers before FINALLY admitting that...

Another recent poll commissioned by the center-right Latino group LIBRE Institute also found that Latino voters broadly back legal immigration pathways and legalizing "Dreamers" — 87% and 82%, respectively. But the same survey found that 65% of 1,000 Latinos surveyed indicated that more needed to be done to control illegal immigration along the southern border. The Immigration Hub-commissioned poll also found 63% of Latino voters support increased border security." end quote.

Fascinating way to tip toe around the issue of an actual Border Wall by calling it "border security", and, that a "center-right" Latino (should it not be Hispanic?) group did the polling.

Maybe it is time to ask Hispanic Americans if they would either support a Border Wall, or support some type of earned amnesty after a Border Wall is first built. If such a Border wall poll were conducted, the numbers supporting a Border Wall among Hispanic Americans would probably higher than the Progressive Media would want to report, so it is doubtful Progressive media would do such a poll, and if a Conservative site does such a poll, the mainstream media can then raise doubt about the polls accuracy.

Over 99,000 Americans die each year because of preventable medical error in the U.S. As more and more Undocumented are let into the U.S., the available medical care most likely becomes more and more diluted for all.

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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Voter ID Warning by California Attorney General Rob Bonta against Huntington Beach has one Ugly Conclusion.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta wants the world to believe it is a violation of human rights to require a human show Government issued ID when voting. What is perplexing about Mr. Bonta's position is these same humans require Government issued ID to qualifying for any and all available Government Programs.

Is Rob Bonta advocating people not have Government ID so they also cannot have access to, or qualify for, Government Programs? 

Or, is the real issue, and quite an ugly conclusion, that anyone who does not have a Government issued ID but has a physical address can qualify to vote, whether or not they are an actual California / U.S. Citizen?

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Terry Francona, Manager of the Cleveland Guardians, gives Cleveland Sportswriters the "It's me, not you" speech for temporariy retiring after the 2023 season.

The couple of times I have heard Terry Francona talk about allegedly retiring, I hear something different than what the Cleveland Media and the Fans are hearing. 

The Cleveland Media and Cleveland fans are hearing, "Terry Francona is retiring, we have to give Mr. Francona the biggest, best send off ever". 

What I hear when Terry Francona speaks about retiring is something entirely different. I hear Terry is so frustrated at his current health situation that if his surgery or surgeries go well, and if he feels good, and if he is bored sitting at home, he's coming back in 2025 to manage an MLB baseball team.

Terry knows it would be unfair to ask for a full year off, so he won't, but if Mr. Francona were given the option to come back to Manage the Guardians in 2025, Mr. Francona would most likely accept that option.

If the Guardians make a Terry Francona tribute statue, they should consider putting it on wheels so it can follow Terry to his next managing gig.

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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Belgian Judge misinterpts Video of Cyclist hitting little girl, awards damages to "The Watch where I'm Going" cyclist.

As a self proclaimed video forensics expert (who has earned his stripes), I can explain how the judge got their defamation ruling incorrect in the video below.


The key is as much in the audio as in the video. The cyclist, coming up from behind, failed to slow down in a safe manner. He seems to be saying "watch out, watch out, watch out" as he approaches. 

Apparently the Judge has ruled in favor of the "Watch where I'm going" Defamation lawsuit filed by the cyclist over being "defamed" by the showing of the video when all he alleges doing is watching out for the welfare of the young child by speeding up from behind and then using his outstretched knee to create a safe space between himself and the child.

One important job for any judge to consider when deciding standing is, was anyone acting illegally, or without good judgment. If the Judge had considered if anyone was acting illegally, or without good judgement, the cyclist's defamation lawsuit would have had no merit for the following reasons...

1.  Cyclist was traveling too fast when coming around a blind turn. What if someone had slipped and fallen across the pathway, his speed would have been too great to control his bicycle in a safe manner.

2.    Upon taking the blnd turn and seeing a common obstacle in the roadway known as people walking in the roadway, Cyclist kept pedaling, actually picking up speed as he approached the obstacle known as people in the road.

3.   Without having enough time to assess the situation as to why there was an obstacle in the roadway, Cyclist used the equivalent of a car horn, his voice, to yell "watch out, watch out, watch out", or as can be referred to as the "Watch where I'm going" Defense.

4.   After violating the safety of the above three conditions, the cyclist zoomed by the obstacle in the road known as a young child, unexpectedly nudging the victim to the ground as a way to ensure no contact was made with his accelerating bicycle and the previously stationary child now falling towards the ground after contact.

5.   The verdict should have been, cyclist failed to maintain a safe speed and control of his bicycle while assessing and navigating roadway pedestrians, and therefore has no right to any form of empathy, right to sue, or compensation.

The Victims should be counter suing....

1.   The child was put in a no win situation when the cyclist yelled out "watch out, watch out, watch out" from behind her where she could not see him approach. 

A.   If she had gone to her right, she would have possibly suffered life long injuries if the front of the bicycle had hit her from behind.                                                 

B.  If she had stayed where she was, she gets knocked to the ground without advance notice of any kind, 

C.  If she had gone to her left, she would have avoided any contact. The child basically had a 1 in 3 chance to avoid contact with someone who she could not see because they were behind her.

2.   The child will forever have a memory of standing still, and suddenly being hit to the ground by a stranger she never saw coming, just a violent hit to the child's upper body that knocked her to the ground.

3.  The Father will forever have a memory of helplessly watching his child be struck, in front of his eyes, as he stood by and filmed it, most likely producing PTSD type memory of the event.

4.  Getting therapy for his PTSD by raising public awareness of the incident, the Father was further damaged and harmed by the defamation lawsuit and the judge now further victimizing the Father by proclaiming his guilty and culpable when  he did not initiate the series of reckless acts that led to the defamation lawsuit.

What should happen,

The judge should recognize there were extenuating circumstances and give the cyclist a choice, be found guilty of reckless handling of a bicycle that resulted in harm to a child and the child's parents, and the public who has viewed the video...


The Judge should offer the cyclist a choice, either publicly apologize and agree to do a public service announcement cautioning the public that speeding by human obstacles can be dangerous and should be avoided, 
a $10,000 restitution fine and payment to the Family he sued for all legals fees on both sides, for bringing the defamation lawsuit to court.


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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Ken Burns and Steve Schmidt appear to Gaslight 2020 Election Controversy and Republican Party.

When Poll Watcher's have no standing, the vote counting process becomes compromised. 

When Civil servants are told by their Bosses who also work for the Government to ignore their subpoenas to appear for a deposition, as did the U.S. Postal Union regarding some strange mail in ballot related incidences, the vote counting process becomes compromised. 

When Vote Tabulating Uploaders are given private kiosks to do their Vote Tabulation Uploading while also having the power to unilaterally interpret provisional ballots, the vote counting process becomes compromised. 

When no one will first show HOW votes could be compromised, then show how that compromised vote counting process is prevented from happening, the vote counting process becomes compromised. 

When cameras were legislatively ordered to monitor ballot drop off boxes were either never installed, were not turned on, or were on but not recording, the vote counting process becomes compromised.


When Ken Burns and Steve Schmidt wax on about how to "change' The Republican Party for the good of the U.S., without analyzing the above scenarios, they become gaslighting truth changers, not truth seekers, in my opinion.


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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Hunter Biden's Toking Gun, where will it lead?

At some point, a cost analysis of all the coke Hunter has toked in his adult life needs to be calculated. A cocaine cost calculation. If the dollar amount of all the coke Hunter has toked is in the several millions of dollars, then there would appear to be a toking gun regarding the Biden International Family Business that may have co-mingled Joe Biden's political influence with Hunter Biden's coke addiction, which could then lead to income tax evasion for Hunter Biden.

Total speculation about Hunter Biden's deceased brother, who by Joe Biden and Hunter Biden's accounts seems to have been a stand up guy. Should we go there to see if maybe Hunter's brother was actually sick of what Hunter was doing and had to be permanently shut up, before Hunter goes missing as well? The medical tragedy Hunter's brother may have suffered was probably totally real, I just would like a third party verification, because Joe Biden has shown an affinity regarding lying about a lot of stuff regarding his own achievements.

More speculation, when Joe Biden brings up family tragedies and how hurt he was by them, we only know Joe's version of events, and now I am suspicious. Several of our Past Presidents or their wives have had brushes in which they accidentally caused the death of others, possibly making them compromised Presidential couples and thus preferred Presidential Candidates? To clarify, I am not speculating all the deaths were intentional, just that they make the people involved compromised going forward.

I could not find one article that listed all of the tragic accidents, but besides Laura Bush, Edward Kennedy did not get elected but was directly involved in the death of a young woman while driving her home, possibly drunk. Marilyn Monroe's death may not have been voluntary, Joe Biden was involved in a car accident that killed his wife and one child, and I think the list may go on regarding many of our Presidential Candidates and their wives.

As for Hunter Biden, how many millions of dollars has Hunter Biden spent on Cocaine and how much could Hunter Biden been able to afford based on his annual income tax filings?

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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Dagwood Bumstead explains the illogic of High Interest Rates in the 1940 film "Blondie on a Budget".

Dagwood Bumstead from the 1940 Movie "Blondie on a Budget" explains the economy, climate change, global warming, and the sin of Fed mandated high interest rates in one fell swoop sentence... "I bought a suit once a dollar a week and I wore out the two pairs of pants paying for it".

As I wrote on one of my websites over a decade ago, higher interest rates require people with high interest rate debt consume a higher amount of natural resources  (which allegedly causes climate change and global warming) paying back their debt.


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Friday, August 11, 2023

Abortion, why it is complicated.

One of the problems with discussing the abortion issue is the most adamant on both sides believe they are 100% in the right. Progressives believe it is a "my body, my choice" decision while Neo-Conservatives believe every beating heart inside a woman has the right to be born. 

Ironically, Trump thinks the Neo Conservatives have gone too far with their six week time period to get an Abortion. 

There are many micro discussions about abortion that complicate the issue. 

One MAJOR Human flaw that about 99% of the population engages in is prioritizing those who they have had sex with, are having sex with, or may have sex with in the future, over their friendships and those who maybe they respect but would never have sex with. 

Women who use abortion for healthcare (I'm not talking about have an abortion or die situation) have life and business career advantages over Women who try and not create a situation where abortion is required, and as a result engage in less sex or no sex unless they are in a serious relationship. 

Even the area of allowing abortion in the case of rape is sketchy. 

If a woman is desperate to have an abortion, and can get one by claiming she was raped, I am pretty sure a cottage industry in the legal profession will crop up where woman are accusing men they had sex with of rape in order to get an abortion. 

Then there are those who state, "ok, you can have an abortion, but before you do, you have to watch five minutes of a video of the beating heart of your child / fetus before you make your decision". That sounds fair, the child / fetus gets to make their case for living, and the woman has all the facts, not just selective facts, before deciding what to do. However, being forced to watch such a video can then create PTSD like symptoms for the rest of their lives as they unrealistically imagine they could have had the child and still had their career or other life fulfilling experiences they warmly regard.

Ultimately, I do agree that men are playing too big of a role in the decision making process regarding abortion legislation. 

However, Men have been put in a submissive position in terms of if the woman has the child, he MUST pay child support if she demands it.

However if the "Sperm Donor" is willing to completely cover all the child's financial needs until age 18, he still does not gain any additional rights as to whether or not the child is aborted, or not aborted.

Perhaps the issue of Abortion will only be resolved when the day comes where a fetus can be removed from the Woman who does not want to carry the fetus to term, and safely implanted in the Male Sperm Donor who then carries the fetus to term. 

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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Apparently some of the excessively high July 2023 heat wave reports may have been false.

Apparently there have been remote reports of excessive temperature readings because of climate change that were falsely reported.

I feel as if the California weather over the past year has mirrored weather from 40 years ago, with the weather producing record rains and maybe slightly colder weather during the winter.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Flash Mob of 50 to 75 descend on a Seven Eleven Store, what they do at the end is hilarious.

There's something about a flash mob of 50 to 75 taking what they want from a Seven Eleven Store, and then when they leave the store they conscientiously pick out their own bicycle out of dozens strewn in front of the store, that gives us hope for the future.


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Monday, July 3, 2023

Supreme Court June 2023 Ruling "303 Creative vs. Elenis Ruling", Proponents on both sides of the legal ruling miss the bigger picture.

News Outlets are comparing the June 2023 Supreme Court "303 Creative vs Elenis" ruling to a precedent setting court case from 30 years ago in which a Gay Couple was refused Photographic services at a Class Reunion with the most recent ruling in which a Web Designer refused to design a web page for a Gay Couple.

The problem is there are so many distinctions with meaningful differences between the two cases Daily PUMA is somewhat surprised no one is digging deeper to explain the distinctions and the differences, therefore Daily PUMA will.

In the case of not being photographed at a public event, I think the Supreme Court was right in ruling 30 years ago that the couple's rights were violated. This was a public event, publicly sanctioned, and the members who were denied their photo had standing since one of the two was directly connected to the event. For the photographer to have the right to not film them, the photographer would have needed to print a warning ON EVERY SINGLE piece of company related printing that they do not film gay couples under any circumstance. This would give the photographer standing, but most likely, would have resulted in a significant drop in overall business and most likely they would NOT have landed this particular gig.

In the case of the web designer not wanting to design a web space for a gay couple, this is electronic work, it is not work in the physical world, and that is a distinction with a difference. In what universe do we allow someone to be FORCED to do work in THEIR OWN WORK SPACE that goes against their beliefs? The answer is, we don't. 

What about the wedding cake designer who refused to design a cake for a gay couple? Again, in a person's own private work space, they have the right to refuse service of their own personal work skills if they choose to do so, to anyone. However, they should make such a notice presently visible in their work space, or, at the very least, be required to make such a posting upon their first enforcement of their rule.

When it comes to the sale of refrigerators, appliances, food, I do not think the provider of those goods can discriminate against someone who has different beliefs because this goes beyond the scope of their own work space. What about a repair shop, can they discriminate? ONLY IF they have it visibly posted on their site and also on all of their advertisements. The prevailing hope would while a small percentage would support this decision, the vast majority would be disgusted and the loss of business would allow competing businesses who do not discriminate, to thrive.

Both Progressive and Conservatives have tried to own the "303 Creative vs Elenis Ruling" for their own political gain, and lost in all of this political gain posturing is the Supreme Court has ruled correctly in all three instances. Those accusing the Supreme Court of politicizing gay rights issues based on these three cases are the ones who are politicizing the issue for their own agenda.

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Sunday, June 25, 2023

The Mainstream Media will NEVER Challenge the Trans and Pride Movement no matter what the Movement says or does.

Apparently this is fake news. "We're here, we're queer, we're not just shoppers", is what is actually being sung. The very first stanza either the camera person or someone near the camera microphone says "we're coming for your children", but each verse after that, it sounds like the word shoppers is being used, as in, "we're not just your shoppers". 

The sound byte clip seemed so perfect when I first heard and saw it it I was suspicious, but the woman with her breasts showing influenced me, she seemed so in your face that along with the caption below the thumbnail I fell for it. I was reviewing Twitter comments under the original Tweet and a Twitter commenter explained the word shoppers was being used. I reviewed the video clip and I agree...."We're here, we're Queer, we're not just your shoppers."

This level of frenzied self righteousness will continue to go unchallenged by the mainstream media, remember that the next time the mainstream media is all in on the next Trump Hunt. 


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Monday, June 12, 2023

Unless the FBI arrived to pick up classified documents with or without a search warrant, and were PHYSICALLY DENIED ACCESS to pick up the classified documents, then Trump has done nothing wrong or indictable.

Sometimes the Washington Swamp loves to convolute the law so they can force their intended target into a court of law, which now includes the former President of the United States. 

Allegedly Trump has denied, stalled, ignored and avoided dealing with repeated requests to return classified documents to the FBI and the present Government.

It appears the FBI, knowing how Trump would respond to being forced to do something, entrapped Trump for the purpose of arresting and indicting him when all they had to do was show up and take what they felt was theirs. Yes, it's really that simple.

What if the FBI had just appeared one day at Mar Lago and said they were there to retrieve all the classified documents Trump had in his possession? If Trump lets the FBI in and the FBI retrieves all the Classified Documents, then has Trump committed an indictable crime? If the answer is no, then once the FBI showed up and as long as they were allowed in to remove classified documents, then Trump did not violate any laws. 

Why didn't the FBI send a couple of agents over to review and discern which documents had to be returned, and which ones did not need to be returned? Unless Trump physically denied access to the FBI agents, Trump has not done anything worthy of any indictments.

Doesn't Trump have his own Secret Service in his presence? Seems like the Classified Documents could have been picked up by verified FBI Agents at any time with no threat to the FBI's safety, and no need to indict Trump.

As for Trump "returning" documents, how is Trump to know what he can keep, and what he must return? Isn't it logical to presume the only way the documents could safely leave Trump's possession would be to have the FBI retrieve and transport them, which in the end, is exactly what they did, but with a whole lot of Swamp Drama attached to the situation.



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Friday, June 9, 2023

When Donald Trump Speaks, he allegedly commits crimes, is that how it is supposed to work?

There is something about the perpetual attacks against Donald Trump going back to 2015 that I find perplexing.

Whenever there has been a breaking news story about something Donald Trump has "done", it seems to involve something Donald Trump allegedly said, not something Trump actually did. 

Whether it's Donald Trump pleading with Georgia to find him some votes to offset the tens of thousands most likely fraudulently collected ballot harvest votes, or stalling the Secret Service as to when they can collect Presidential papers, or refusing to answer questions about an alleged encounter that has no date attached to it, to allegedly falsifying tax returns in a way that is no different than how many others have done, the entire actions of our present regime seems like an insurrection against our prior President.

I recall when Donald Trump wanted to find out if a private citizen named Joe Biden who had not yet announced his plans to run for President, had any financial ties to Ukraine, Trump was laughably accused of "digging for dirt".

Possibly the moment we lost our democracy was when the mainstream media actually claimed that "digging for dirt" was a legal term to be taken seriously, and that Trump was in violation and thus should be impeached. 

Ever since "Digging for Dirt" gate was concocted, we have all been taken down a rabbit hole in which everything Trump says is illegal, and therefore subject to an investigation and now prosecution, when the reality is, if it is not a written order, IT DID NOT HAPPEN because the person receiving the verbal command has the right of refusal until the order is put in writing.

As Trump is repeatedly tried on a multitude of alleged violations of the law, remember this, ASKING, or TELLING, someone to do something, is NOT ordering them to do it, unless it is in writing, or a threat of being fired actually becomes a firing, I don't think Trump has broken any laws.



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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Are we to believe we cannot convert "excess" Carbon Dioxide into anything useful?

More sky is melting rhetoric from Juan Cole. Cole shows charts that reveal CO2 is allegedly at record levels. Then Cole begins discussing what CO2 levels were 200 years ago, and also what CO2 levels were millions of years ago. Cole never explains how he knows what CO2 levels were 200 years ago, nor how CO2 levels were known from millions of years ago, but we should just believe him anyways. 


Even if Cole is correct, Cole's article avoids discussing if there are any ways to convert excessive CO2 to something else. Are we to believe that over the next 10 years all of civilization cannot figure out how to tame and safely convert CO2?

Are any billionaires offering a reward for the first CO2 "invention" that allows "excessive" CO2 to be converted to something more environmentally safer?

If the end of the world is upon us because of excessive CO2 already in the upper atmosphere, and not one reward is being offered by a billionaire to incentivize a way to reduce CO2 that is already in the atmosphere, then, I can't come up with a then, can you?


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Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Republican flaw regarding how they view, Abortion, Gun Rights, Global Warming, Caregiving, and Popular Vote.

Having been a former life long Democrat for several decades, I can see why I now usually loath present Democrat Progressive policies, when the Policies don't work, we are lied to and told they do work. However, it appears that Republican Politicians have an inability to innovate better options and solutions to Societal and Environmental Issues Democrat Politician seem to be bungling.

While Democrat Politicians want their first place trophy for attempting to bring feel good solutions that do not work, they manage to so offend Republican Politicians who know the Progressive ideas are not working that the Republican Politicians walk away without offering a better solution other than to fall back on the "Constitution" or the country is a "Republic, not a Democracy".

I cannot do all the topics stated in the title, Abortion, Gun Rights, Global Warming, Caregiving, and Popular Vote, justice in one article. Instead all I can ask anyone who reads this article is to question why each Political Party seems reluctant to outdo each other with great ideas, and instead are comfortable simply jousting against each other at every turn.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

MSNBC Durham Investigation Rebuke misses the there there there while mocking the there there.

While MSNBC attempts to discredit the four year Durham investigation regarding the conspiracy to connect Donald Trump with Russia, MSNBC creates a new there there without realizing it.

Quoting from the MSNBC biased editorial masked as news analysis...

"All of the substantiated claims that he (Durham) makes were likewise previously acknowledged in a 2019 report from the department’s inspector general that found that despite some serious concerning mistakes, the Russia investigation was justified."
end quote.

51 Former Government Intelligence Officials signed a letter less than 2 weeks before the 2020 Presidential Election claiming the Hunter Biden lap top was a ruse and most likely Russian disinformation. This last minute fraudulent claim of fraud concocted by the Biden Presidential Campaign helped put Joe Biden over the top in 2020, yet MSNBC not only ignores this reality, but attempts to gaslight the Durham Investigation by claiming a report released a year before the 51 signature fraud somehow negates everything in the Durham investigation that has been ongoing for the past 4 years.

How does a 2019 Inspector general report negate facts and stories that emerged a year later, also known as Hunter Biden Laptop Gate just before the 2020 Presidential Election? 

The Gaslighting of the Truth never seems to end with MSNBC.

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Friday, May 12, 2023

What we can all learn from the Jordan Neely, Daniel Penny Subway Choke Hold Tragedy.

I am not against what Daniel Penny initially did to ensure that Jordan Neely's verbal threats in an enclosed area were met with resistance. Unfortunately the news failed to mention if and when the train reached a stop during the 15 minute choke hold.

Was the Train in an actual Train Depot waiting for the Police to arrive? Was the train in between stops and there was no way off the train? Was the Train Moving? 

My suggestion is in this type of situation, and assuming the train was not moving and the other passengers had a safe way to leave the specific train where the stranglehold was going on, the specific train should have been Immediately evacuated and Mr. Penny and the other people detaining Jordan Neely should have then left so Mr. Neely would be all alone inside the train cab, presumably still alive.

While it is easier to come to such a conclusion after the fact and from a distance, this was not an airplane where the passengers had no where to go. Maybe it is time for Subway services to make passengers aware of evacuation options when a situation is occurring involving a physical confrontation, and it is safe to leave the actual train cab.

I hope the New York Subway system begins to offer evacuation instructions when it is safe to do so since not doing anything might have created a problem, while doing something with no end in sight created a tragic outcome.


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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

How can the E. Jean Carroll trial go on without an actual allegation date attached to it?

Every Detective Show I have ever watched asks one simple question, "Where were you on the night of", or "the afternoon of", etc. This allows the alleged suspect an opportunity to prove where they were at that specific date and time.

The E. Jean Carroll lawsuit against Donald Trump apparently has no specific time or day attached to it. How can anyone mount a defense if no specific date or time is attached to the accusation?

Appearing as a defendant under such loose guidelines would basically allow the plaintiff's attorney to ask any question about anything that might relate to proving that at some point in time Mr. Trump was at the location in question.

It's just such a silly premise under which to have a trial that it may be setting a dangerous precedent. Remember, these are two adults, so it is not as if this was a child who can't remember the exact time and date of an incident. 

I wonder if a dangerous precedent has been set in which in the future, an allegation without an actual date attached to it will still be allowed to go forward. 

I suppose there are cases where someone states..."On or about", but even in that scenario, the on or about I would presume is related to a specific date. If "On or about" is allowed to be used to describe something that happened during a specific year, or decade, it seems like that would both weaken the ability to mount a defense while placing the defendant in peril of having to answer all kinds of questions in an effort to pinpoint a time the defendant may have been at that location as if that would somehow prove something happened. 

There seems to be a nefarious purpose to this lawsuit in which every American can now be accused and tried without attaching a specific moment in time to when the allegation actually occurred. 

Carny was once explained to me as playing a game where the entry fee costs more than the most valuable prize a contestant can win in return. This E. Jean Carroll lawsuit sounds like a carny trial, and we are all the worse for it no matter what the verdict is.

If an appeal has to be filed by the defense, How about the Defendant was unable to mount a defense against an accusation that had no date attached to it? 

Meanwhile, CNN makes no mention of the ginormous elephant in the room, the lack of a specific time and date attached to accusation. And the assertion that E. Jean Carroll no longer had a social life because of this alleged encounter, was this only brought up in the closing statement, because E. Jean Carroll co-founded a dating site called "Greatboyfriends.com" 

Did the defense protest the statement made by plaintiff's attorney that E. Jean Carroll went decades without dates or being married and having children because of the Trump encounter, because this was easily refuted and I hope Trump's lawyer challenged the claim.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

How Reporters screw up basic common sense comments regarding January 6th.

Before anyone can claim no "Credible Evidence" regarding the 2020 Presidential Election and possible vote tampering existed, one would presume that investigations would have been done. There were no credible investigations regarding the 2020 Elections by the mainstream media, not before, during, or after. 

There was no follow up investigations from the mainstream media regarding the many complaints that were cited, depositioned, and then basically ignored by the Judicial system that began claiming no one had 'standing". 

Postal employees ignored their subpoenas to appear for questioning.

Basic questions about how much "power" the vote uploaders had to change a vote, or to reupload the same ballots over and over, or why ballots existed with no folds, which if they were provisional in nature should have still been connected to an actual voter but may not have been, were all issues worthy of investigating.

This article link literally has no understanding of how Ted Cruz is using the phrase "credible evidence"   

Christopher Krebbs admitted during a 60 minutes interview that were problems on the ground, but dismissed them without mentioning what they were.  What type of investigative journalism is this?

This constant MSM gaslighting about the 2020 Elections when no real investigations went on just creates more and more suspicion that there probably was something going on that needs to remain covered up or the news would be earth shattering.



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Friday, April 14, 2023

Delusion and Hostility regarding Kyle Rittenhouse proves how damaging the Mainstream Media has become, or has always been.

An insane Facebook message was sent to me about Kyle Rittenhouse. I cannot reproduce it because I was blocked.

My response below.

Why are you lying? Rittenhouse was there to protect businesses from being burned down. It was THREE CONVICTED FELONS who attacked him. One was a SERIAL child molestor. BLM should be supporting Rittenhouse because there were no fires the night Rittenhouse was out there. People lose their lives when their businesses are burned down. You're probably another live off of taxpayer funded job self who spits on them when someone tries to protect the very businesses that FUND YOUR JOB. Wow.

The reply below from what appears to be a brainwashed MSM liberal.

You are a fucking moron worshipping a cold blooded MURDERER.
VIGILANTES are not the law
Go polish your guns, TRUMP HUMPER. And be sure to send him all your money !
Below is the image of the comments followed by a final commentary...

At this point I was blocked from responding. How can the mainstream media have done such a horrible job telling the truth about Kyle Rittenhouse? 

News Reporter Brittney Hopper was recently fired / quit from KCBS because she tried to use honest phrasing while reporting the news. The result of what the news crews have unleashed is revealed by the comments up above by a highly misinformed person. By the way, I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Donald Trump in 2020.

I apologize for the grammatical errors I made in my Facebook post, those narrow margins and small typing areas really are not conducive to writing with minimal to  zero grammatical errors.



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