Friday, September 16, 2022

Sheila Kuehl Obstructing Sheriff Alex Villanueva's desire to Police LA Metro Rail may be the underbelly that leads to criminal charges against Kuehl.

Sheila Kuehl really stepped in it, and the local media does not know what to do with the biggest story of 2022 regarding L.A. Crony, Insider Politics.

Kuehl was able to win no bid contracts for a friend that was supposed to assist those who were assaulted on the LA rail system, through a phone hot line service.

However, while Kuehl was creating the questionable business model of bidding just below the no bid contract threshold, Kuehl was also preventing L.A. Sheriff's division from policing the L.A. rail system.

But it's even worse than that, much much worse. Kuehl and her friends on the LA County Supervisor's board, plotted, threatened, and avowed to remove Head Sheriff Alex Villanueva without any type of public vote or initiative.

Respecting women in politics requires calling a woman out when she likely broke the law and used her political position of power to do so. Sheila Kuehl's role in finding no bid contract awards totaling approximately $800,000 for her best friend's non-profit hot line for rail system assault victims resulted in a cost per legitimate phone call that may have run into the thousands of dollars per phone call.

Shiela Kuehl believes she did nothing wrong, illegal, or to personally enrich her friend at the taxpayer's expense and safety. Kuehl allegedly participated in a scheme to...

  • create a method for reporting rail system assaults that already existed in other forms, 
  • use her insider knowledge and skills so her friend could win no bid contracts, 
  • prevent Alex Villanueva and his Sheriffs from policing the Metro Rail System because of an alleged toxic relationship between law enforcement and law violators using the metro rail system.  
  • unilaterally collude to remove Alex Villanueva from power through a Board of Supervisors vote who apparently were in favor 4-1 to remove Mr. Villanueva without the public voting on the matter.

The criminality and insider dealing appears palpable and should include the four Board of Supervisors who approved of a plan to have Mr. Villanueva removed from office without a public vote in what remarkably looks as a way to keep Kuehl's Friend's Metro Rail phone hotline gig eligible to continue to win no bid contracts.

District Attorney Gascon immediately denounced the criminal investigation as being specious. Gascon's public comments can be viewed as obstruction of an ongoing investigation that appears to place Ms. Kuehl center stage to the worst kind of cronyism that most likely endangered the public while also enriching one of Ms. Kuehl's friend.

Karen Bass, what do you say about the matter? 



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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Media screamed when Trump went "Digging for Dirt" in Ukraine regarding Joe Biden's son. That same media cheers Biden's digging for dirt on Donald Trump.

Imagine Obstructing a sitting President from doing a deep dive into the possible illegal activities of his Political Rival's son as being illegal and therefore worthy of that President's Impeachment. Some might consider that an insurrection, no?

Imagine ripping up a copy of the President's State of the Union Address, in full view of cameras, many would consider that an act of sedition.

Now imagine the successful obstruction of additional evidence, that was LEGALLY OBTAINED weeks before the 2020 Election, helps bring about the defeat of the standing President, some might consider that a second insurrection, no?

Now imagine the former President being deeper dived than the person he was accused of digging for dirt, by that same person? Seems like a third cause of action for an insurrection against those who obstructed Donald Trump over the past several years.



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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Gavin Newsom just broke the law of common sense when it comes to mandating 33% of all new cars sold be EV in California by 2026.

When Legislation gets passed that basically says you will consume what we want you to consume, it is imperative that the Government not be engaging in the game of attrition called Jenga.

What is ultimately cruel about the game of Jenga is there is a physical limitation as to how many sections of a pieced together standing structure that can be removed before the entire structure, collapses.

Jenga, meet Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom, meet Jenga. 

 Before ANY EV edicts can be legislated, comparative analysis needs to be done in which the use of rare earth resources are quantitatively compared between different types of uses.

For instance, if the identical amount of lithium and other rare earth resources required for each 50,000 dollar EV car could also be used to create 500,000 dollars worth of I-watches, or 1 million dollar's worth of HD televisions, or 10 million dollars worth of memory cards, then it suddenly becomes both misguided and possibly illegal to demand that EV's suddenly become a mandated top priority.

So, where is the rare earth equivalency list that Mr. Newsom apparently forgot to consult when coming up with his EV mandate. And, where is the gasoline mandate that cars using gasoline become less of an alleged climate change issue when a new gas consuming car gets at least a certain amount of miles per gallon?

So many questions, too little mind.

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Friday, August 26, 2022

How the FED stole 8 trillion in Homeowner Equity and pocketed the Money.

A home that used to sell for 1 million dollars may soon sell for $800,000. 

But, the monthly mortgage payment will not be any less than it would have been before the drop in price because the FED has raised interest rate charges.

The Fed using existing and plentiful Homeowner Equity to back new mortgages while giving these Equity Rich homeowners some residual income every month is a win for all homeowners. 

Instead of rewarding Homeowners with significant home equity, the FED just stole 8 trillion dollars of Homeowner Equity that had accrued over the past few years, equity that could have been used to both back new mortgages and provide homeowners who have ample equity a way to create a modest amount of annual residual income.

It appears The FED has narcissism issues in which they refuse to consider Equity Rich Homeowners and their trillions in equity as a way to both back new mortgages and as an economy stabilizing option.

Further injurious to existing Homeowners, Home Sellers, and Home Buyers. The lower home prices, while not benefiting Homeowners, Home Sellers, or Home Buyers will benefit both the FED and Hedge Funds that do not require FED money to buy a home and have been set up to purchase homes and convert them into rentals.


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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Techno Fascism, the Real Menace of present day society.

My LinkedIn account has been doxxed. Turns out I was "warned" back in May of 2022 about content related to 2000 Mules that I had posted, and to not do it again. If only I had been warned! Linkedin's finest had first removed my content, then warned me. So when I went to see what LinkedIn had removed, it was no longer visible. 

I opened up a complaint with LinkedIn. My request was, "Can I see, see what you deemed offensive so I don't post something like it again". I went back and forth a few times with a LinkedIn representative who danced around the issue of my being able to see what had already been removed. Instead, the LinkedIn representative justified the blatant mistake the technology side of LinkedIn had made by claiming the content was so dangerous it could not exist in any form. But what was "it" that had been removed? I had no idea, and apparently neither did the rep since they were unable to show or tell me what LinkedIn had removed.

Fast forward 3 months and suddenly my account has been "restricted".  After a four day wait a customer service rep contacted me and presented three items related to 2000 Mules from 75 to 90 days earlier and that I must promise to never post fake news again before I would be reinstated.

As you can see in the image above, I now have 118 notifications I cannot view. Stranger still, my connections who happen to want to either message me or read my latest content, will not have access to anything I have ever done on LinkedIn, and may mistakenly assume I blocked them.

I replied to Linkedin's claim about my prior 3 violations that I had no idea about my prior violations and that it was unfair to suddenly say I had three violations when I never got the prior ones. And here is where Techno Fascism again rears its bass ackwards bullying.  Having first wiped clean my first two violations in such a manner that I could never see them, LinkedIn deemed those first two violations my warnings, warnings with no way to view what the content was that had been removed!

So when LinkedIn Techno Fascist software found a third violation, I was deemed me to be non compliant and I would have to admit to violating their agreement terms and that I would not do it again. Of course, I cannot do that. I cannot agree to self libel and self slander my own reputation when I was never given an opportunity to see the first or second posts they did not approve of.

Imagine a stop sign has been knocked down in your local community and is no longer visible in any way shape or form, but a camera continues to monitor who does not stop. Would it be fair to assess several dozen did not stop tickets all at once when there was no sign present? Of course not. The person would need to be warned that although there is no stop sign, one must stop anyways. And that is all I ever asked for. Let me see what it is you deem a violation or I may end up doing it again and again because I have no idea what it was that was deemed a violation.

For the naysayers who are thinking, you must have known and are playing coy, I can 100% say I absolutely did not know which post of mine had been removed for a variety of reasons. I post numerous things every day, and the original warnings did not state a time or date stamp, but even if they had, I still would not know what post I had made without actually seeing it. 

LinkedIn also has a method where one can see what post might have been reported as objectionable, and a member can ask for a second opinion. But in these specific instances there was no way to view the posts because they had been permanently removed prior to my getting a warning, and therefore having no way to review the removed content.

Fortunately for me, I managed to stumble across my May 2022 LinkedIn complaint where I made it abundantly clear that I would like to learn what content I had posted that was considered a violation. I have now submitted that trouble ticket and am hopeful that the representative handling my case will see that I made a very legitimate effort to see what it was I had posted that was deemed a violation so I could learn and not do it again.

But, because this is techno fascism, the next issue I may be up against is the customer service representative not having the option to remove my second and third violations until I admit I did wrong, when I obviously had no idea since I was not allowed to see either my first or second violation.

The timing of this doxxing by LinkedIn may have had unfortunate consequences for me as I was working on multiple projects at the same time. And yet, I refuse to bow down to techno fascism, and you should to. Don't just assume you have no rights, make sure you always file a complaint when something happens that makes no sense, and hopefully a real live human will have the authority to over ride the latest brand of techno fascism that reminds me a lot of how truly authoritarian Governments around the world control their people.


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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Conservatives lack of concern for Lesbian Celebrities such as Ann Heche and Brittney Griner is disappointing.

As of Sunday, August 14, 2022, Morning time, Ann Heche's heart is still beating. However, the mainstream media's complete abeyance to the Medical Industry's narrative that Ann Heche is dead, is appalling.

The actual admittance that Ms. Heche is only being kept on life support to see if harvesting her organs is possible should be sending the alarm to Conservatives everywhere that all life is sacred, even a lesbian's life. But based on recent events, the life of a lesbian, be it Ann Heche or Brittney Griner, is not sacred to the vast majority of conservatives.

I oscillate between my frustration with holier than thou conservatives and the brain dead viewpoint of our completely complicit media that will accept Ann Heche is dead even though her heart is beating, and find both despicable.

The fact that a West Hills, CA Hospital facility is involved in Ann Heche rather sudden demise should be sending alarm bells out far and wide. After witnessing my Mother's brutal treatment at the West Hills, ER back in 2018, 

I have kept my eye on that location and without having any contacts embedded there, and even with HIPAA being a huge roadblock for doing research, I can still cobble together a few disturbing incidences that should have had reporters looking for clues to ensure Ms. Heche is getting fair and ethical treatment.

A few months ago I was contacted by a person who could not understand why she had been yelled at by Medical personnel at West Hills ER while her husband lay dying in his ER bed, UNTREATED for SEVEN HOURS, until he did die!

What I learned from my Mother's death DIRECTLY RELATED to her medical mistreatment at West Hills Hospital ER, in front of my eyes as her full time live-in Caregiver, was the sleaziest way imaginable to get around EMTALA rules while increasing profits.

More recently, Kourtney Kardashian's husband, Travis Barker was apparently RUSHED AWAY FROM WEST Hills to Cedar Sinai to receive the proper care, WITHIN HOURS! 

Under staffing an ER causes scenarios to emerge in which if the initial medical readings are made to look better than they actually are, this then means the patient has to wait their turn, no matter how long that wait would be, before seeing if their baseline readings were stable or had gotten worse or better.  That long wait time can cause patients to either give up and leave, be transferred, or die. But since the last recorded medical levels were not dire, the ER has no liability! So the ER profits by under staffing and then by not doing follow up in a timely manner! This also allows the ER to hunt for out of network patients while their in network patients sit and wait!

Now, Ann Heche, within days of being in the care of a West Hills, Facility, not only allegedly has the worst outcome possible, but there seems to be no desire or will to give Heche's body a chance to fully recover from the various trauma's she received before thinking of her as an organ donor candidate.

This is what I find galling, based on the Ann Heche's situation, if a  medical mistake was made, it can be covered up by simply explaining what the medical mistake caused to happen, without admitting to making any kind of a medical mistake. 

When Conservatism is not blind to the type of person being afflicted or who may be in need of rescue or at the very least, a second opinion, Conservatism cements itself into never being a majority viewpoint among all Americans because of their own prejudices.

When Conservatism does not fight for Ann Heche's right to have a few weeks to see if maybe some miracle will happen, because she is a lesbian, the public should realize there is no side fighting for what is right. What both political parties fight for apparently is always based on what will directly benefit their own cause and the people they approve of.

There is another issue in play here. Should not an organ donor be allowed to state on their organ donor card how many days they wish to be kept alive to see if they are showing signs of recovery BEFORE their organs are harvested?


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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Thing about Guns.

The thing about guns...
Anything I ever wanted to try, do, accomplish, learn, achieve, or master required I started at the bottom. Be it my first watermelon planting consisting of dropping an entire packet of watermelon seeds into one large outdoor planter, my first bicycle, Be it my first job (selling customized Christmas Cards door to door at a way too young age), my first...and only, tennis racquet, my first car, In every instance I was using a either a hand me down or a very crappy version of the real thing. EVERY...TIME.
So why when it comes to guns suddenly it is any gun at age 18? Everyone one of those who sits there and says, "It's criminals that use guns illicitly, not me", why compare oneself to a criminal, that's a pretty low bar comparison in my opinion.
The path to responsible gun ownership can include not allowing any idiot out there to buy a gun at age 18.
Just as any veteran of war who slogged through mud and rain in a foreign land, lost a body part, came back to the U.S. with PTSD that may never go away, hearing loss and loss of health; most likely did not go to all that trouble so someone new to the gun game could buy a gun relatively easily and effortlessly and kill others, not up close, eye to eye, but by using a scope, soft pull, once per second firing privilege.
Hanging one's hat on, "When guns are taken away from citizens is the first step to Government aggression towards its citizens", is ABSOLUTELY a valid argument to make. The over two dozen mass murders of people by the tens of thousands to well over a million around the world by their own government or a coup government proves that. But that is a far cry from the first time user of a gun who has been given approval to buy or purchase ANY gun.
First time purchasers of a gun should be limited to something that can't be used from a far distance with a scope, that can rapid fire kill people they never knew or ever looked in the eye. Even the amount of ammo should be limited on a first time purchase.
The January 6th politically driven agenda in which one party has so dominated the hearings is the REAL REASON people will just go out and make a name for themselves, they know the political game is rigged and that political leaders are all in it for themselves and their own survival.
So until we can find a political system that is not all about Politicians like Nancy Pelosi and her narcissistic motivations, brakes and tamps need to be put on first time gun purchases thanks to the talons of people like Nancy Pelosi and her 82 year old self entitled drunk husband and their never ending lust for what they feel self entitled to over all else.
When Politicians like Nancy Pelosi connect justice to their own personal motives, others see the futility of their own future and we get mass shootings as a form of protest to the Nancy Pelosi's of the world.

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

California Governor Gavin Newsom crows about a record 97 billion dollar surplus caused by rising property tax assessments while 20 mega million mansions go up in smoke because they were built too close together.

In what should garner Governor Newsom the Obtuse Award of the year, Gavin Newsom had the gall to gloat about a 97 billion dollar budget surplus during the loss of 100 million dollar loss to fire ravaged homes that were caused by a corrupt system that has placed tens of thousands of homes, or maybe 100's of thousands of homes too close together to competently fight off fires.

After having built the homes too close together to save from a fire, suddenly it's global warming's fault.

If Gavin Newsom had actually showed up for the Laguna Nigel Coastal fire, he would have had to answer why the destroyed Mansions were built so close together. The answer is quite obvious, the more land versus open space that is covered by homes and buildings, the more the State of California collects in Property Taxes. The more the State of California collects in Property Taxes, the more Gavin Newsom can crow about record setting Budget Surpluses.

Does Gavin Newsom ever visit a site in California that has suffered an economic calamity? Be it the loss of 100 million dollars worth of fire ravaged Mansions that apparently were built too close together, to the churning out of as much as 100 million dollars a day in fraudulent unemployment checks from a State run Unemployment Office that was sending out fraudulent claim checks for anywhere from one month to six months and resulted in anywhere from 10 billion to 30 billion in fraudulent check disbursements, Newsom seems to stay away from any California Disaster site as he primps and preens for his 2024 Democrat Presidential run.

California needs a Governor who will advocate for a sane amount of space between homes, and a Governor who will get Home Insurance companies and the pool pump fire fighting industry in the same room to iron out group discounts to homeowners and insurance reduction premiums for anyone with a pool who also has pool pump fire fighting gear.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Beware FAKE Dr. Seuss book being published by the same people who recently canceled several Dr. Suess Books

May 02, 2022 is the day that an apparently fake Dr. Seuss book will be released to the public. The book is called "Oh What I've Learned" and apparently it's an endearing ode to all Teachers. But who actually wrote "Oh What I've Learned" 

What is shockingly hypocritical about this apparently fake Dr. Seuss book that mixes Dr. Seuss sketch art with the words of others is the same group that canceled several Dr. Seuss Books is now using Dr. Seuss's fame for their own agenda. 

What is also shockingly hypocritical about this apparently fake Dr. Seuss book is Dr. Seuss did write a book about Teachers called Hooray for Diffendooer Day, but apparently Hooray for Diffendooer Day is just not proper in this age of cancel culture and is being replaced by "Oh What I've Learned" 

The same cancel culture that wants Teachers to teach sex education to 5 through 8 year olds now wants to remake Dr. Seuss in their own image. It appears to me that "Oh What I've Learned" is possibly just one more way to brainwash kids into trusting their teachers more than their parents. 

There seems to be this fixation regarding not hurting the feelings of Transgender and Gay Teachers while escalating the narcissism of Transgender and Gay Teachers who apparently are ready to burst at the seams if they cannot share their personal life stories with their 5 to 8 year old students. It is disconcerting that Teachers who see themselves as "different" seem to require that their students MUST know about their being different. 

Isn't it ironic how far society has evolved to be "fair" to those who are different, only to have it shoved in their face by having those who are different sharing their personal life choices with their young students when that is NOT the Teacher's purpose for being in the classroom. It's about teaching students, not about viewing students as their own personal audience in which they are the performer.

Whereas 50 years ago there may have been pressure to force people to conform to the majority viewpoint, now the pendulum has swung so far in the opposite direction that simply getting a teacher who view's themselves as "different" to teach an established curriculum without having the class be about their own personal narcissism is becoming harder than pulling teeth.

As for what appears to be a fake Dr. Seuss book called "Oh What I've Learned", perhaps its time to come up with a better balanced  custodial group overseeing Dr. Seuss's legacy of books. Perhaps it's time to find a custodial group who has no trouble respecting Dr. Seuss, as Dr. Seuss, to over see Dr. Seuss's legacy of books rather than canceling Dr. Seuss books and usurping his name recognition for their own personal fame and gain.

Notice how "Oh What I've Learned" actually puts the word TEACHERS in caps and has no writing credits on the Cover. If you look at the actual image on the link provided, 
The "book" looks like someone took a 99 cent note book pad and affixed the image below squarely in the middle. This book is probably being printed, perhaps for the first time, as I write this.

Whereas Hooray for Diffendooer Day clearly gives co-writing credits and uses actual Dr. Seuss writings and slight polishing of Dr. Seuss's words to finish the book. A big difference.
Don't you agree it's time for a different set of "Custodians" to watch over the Dr. Seuss collection before it "evolves" into something only the cancel culture can embrace?

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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Give it Back California, time to expose various ways California sucks the life blood out of their Homeowners, Small Business owners and Renters.

In the next few months I will be exposing the billions of dollars that through the magic of California give it back ism gets diverted from Programs for Seniors and Homeowners.

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The Keep Your Home California Program that was designed to help Distressed Homeowners may be causing losses of as high as 400 million dollars.

I have created a Quora Space devoted to California's penchant for taking back something after they have given it out to homeowners.  called Keep Your Home California.  Keep Your Home California is using a junior lien leverage to decimate the original purpose of the program, which was to help distressed homeowners pay their mortgage for 18 months because of a poor economy several years ago. However, the Keep Your Home California program is possibly causing losses of as much as 400 million dollars among formerly distressed homeowners because of the five year junior line that program has slapped onto everyone who participated in the program.

I contacted the Keep Your Home California Program and they did not seem interested in removing the five year junior lien even after the Federal Government recused themselves from the Program.

Any homeowner in the Keep Your Home California Program has to pay off their junior lien if they are trying to be responsible and reduce their mortgage costs with a re-finance.

I will be going into more detail in the future as this program was made FOR YOU and for people you know who happen to be homeowners who had a bad spot that was directly related to the Wall Street crash of 2008 and subsequent economic doldrums that lasted for a few years afterwards.

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Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon may reverse course on some of his key policy decisions as Public Anger rises.

One wonders if the daily George Gascon exploits by KFI-640 AM co-hosts John and Ken were the difference makers in finally getting Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon to rethink his penchant for seeming to be more concerned about the well being of repeat offenders than their victims. 

The boiling point for Los Angeles residents finally occurred after a  one a day murder tragedy that involving stellar members of the community being murdered by mentally impaired homeless people who while walking the streets; began stabbing, punching, shooting or kniving to death working members of the community along with attacking those famous for their philanthropy as they resided in their home late at night.

The George Soros funded invasion of Public Defenders posing as District Attorneys has surfaced in several major cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City. Maybe the compassionate approach would have worked in Los Angeles if Progressive values did not include waving in as many Undocumented into California at such an alarmingly fast rate one can actually count more Undocumented entering California every year than the total number of California homeless.

Clearly there is a correlation between attempting to provide for an ever burgeoning Undocumented Population and a now dug in Unhoused Population that doesn't want those who live differently, telling them what to do or where to go. George Gascon has become more concerned with the Unhoused and the Undocumented than those who have had a modicum of success who are now wondering why their own concerns and fears are not being considered equivalently by Gascon, aka the victims of crime.

I do not think it is possible to provide for every homeless person in California while the Undocumented continue to enter California every year in higher numbers than the total number of homeless.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Alessandro Machi runs for 2022 California Governor.

I have lived in California for over 40 years after moving from the Midwest. I still am loyal to my Cleveland Sports Teams, but I was so lucky to watch my folks build their backyard from dirt as hard as concrete into an exotic blend of fruit trees.

During those 40 plus years I was able to go to College at Cal State Northridge, win a prestigious Internship Scholarship with the Academy of Television Arts and Science, have my own video editing and video camera services production company for over 10 years, then be a full time live-in Caregiver for both of my Parents.

My parents had given so much to me, and since I had no children of my own, I was honored to take care of both of them after they had allowed my creative passions to take root and manifest.

While both of my Parents have now passed, I think of them and am reminded of them everyday because I never left the nest. Along the way I have learned so much about how California seems create amazing opportunities, while being sluggish when it comes to really supporting our Seniors.

Over the next 3 months (March, April, May) I intend on making dozens of short videos that detail how I can make California better for homeowners, small business owners, and renters. These videos will all reside on this page.  I intend on keeping everything I post on here, up, because my long vision intention is to correct what California Politics seems to get wrong when it comes to treating their homeowners, small business owners, and renters, with more respect and fairness.

I am on a deadline right now. I have about 24 hours to collect 100 Petition signers so I can qualify for California Governor. I will have already paid a non-refundable application fee of approximately $4,300 whether I reach my petition goal, or not, within the next 24 hours.  

If you are reading this, give me a chance to shine a light on dozens of issues that somehow never get mentioned in the media that involve our Homeowners, Small Business Owners, and Renters.

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Monday, March 7, 2022

Trump was right about Tik Tok after Tik Tok stops service to Russia because of the Ukraine Invasion.

Either the mainstream media is lying again, or Tik Tok is incredibly stupid, or China told Tik Tok to stop sending internet videos to Russia. Instead, we are being spun a story that Tik Tok is boycotting Russia. 
One of the only ways to shake up Putin is if all of his constituents realize he is brutalizing a neighboring State for personal reasons.

What better way to get though to Putin than showering the Russian people with videos of people in Ukraine begging Putin to stop destroying the country of Ukraine? What better platform than Tik Tok to do the informing?

Are we really to believe that Tik Tok took proactive steps to punish Russia by stopping Tik Tok service to Russia? I can't think of a dumber plan than preemptively cutting off Russia from Tik Tok instead of having Russia cut off Tik Tok.

Maybe Russia had already cut off Tik Tok so the West spun it around and said that Tik Tok was boycotting Russian Internet? 

Either way, either the media is lying about whom cute off whom between Tik Tok and Putin, or Tik Tok's parent company located in China did Putin a favor by cutting off Tik Tok to Russia, or Tik Tok screwed up a chance to win the hearts and minds of Russians in what might be the best way to get Putin to back down from his invasion of Ukraine.  

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Monday, February 28, 2022

Lew Rockwell's defense of Russian Invasion of Ukraine misses 2 key points.

Lew Rockwell's column attempt's to explain why Russia is right and the rest of the world is wrong. However, what is missing from Rockwell's analysis is Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons. Even if Ukraine became a NATO ally, as long as Ukraine never has nuclear weapons Russia does not have to feel "surrounded". 
Also not sure how Putin's Russia, the country with the largest amount of land and the largest exporter of Oil and Petroleum has to feel "threatened" and surrounded by NATO when Russia could kick everyone's butt economically by having a superior budget surplus, and sharing more wealth with its populace because of its booming petroleum and gas export trade.

Instead, Putin's Russia has chosen to not help its own people even with a Budget Surplus by instead waging an unnecessary war. Defending Russia's actions because Russia is AFWAID of doze dastardly Westerners is highly ridiculous when Putin is riding high with his Petroleum and Gas Exports. 

Only a coward would feel sorry for Putin when he could could be doing so much more for his own people. Putin even raised taxes during his booming Gas and Petroleum empire. Putin is an Arse hat for not doing Russia better than the U.S. is doing Capitalism. 

The fact that Putin can't see his winning hand when it is already in his hands without going to war somewhat proves Dictators will always be flawed as they crush dissenting viewpoints because of an inflated sense of self importance.

Putin's Russia already has an export windfall that only an Angry Dictator would be too obtuse to see.

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Friday, February 25, 2022

How Environmentalism and Global Warming Advocates gave Putin Free Money to build up his Military and go on the Offensive.

While I support the efficient, non wasteful use of Petroleum resources, the reduction of U.S. production of Petroleum helped pave the way for oil prices to rise. Since Russia's economy and military economy rely on oil and gas exports, the higher the price of petroleum, the more export profits Putin can put into his military.  While the U.S. created inflation with more and more trillion dollar bailouts, Russia was creating higher profits from higher priced tangible oil exports.
Putin is playing with free petroleum money as Russian petroleum export profits continue to rise. While petroleum conservation can actually lower petroleum prices, as petroleum suppliers other than Russia drop out, Putin and the Russian military, win. Russia's war in Ukraine was funded by the ever increasing profit margin Russia gets from exporting Petroleum. 

In 2016 Barack Obama said....Russia “doesn’t produce anything that anybody wants to buy except oil and gas and arms. They don’t innovate.” - Barack Obama

When one considers that George Soros funds most of the adrenalized, anti-America sentiment in the United States, including ending the use of Petroleum, the anti-petroleum sentiment has now brought the world, war. If oil prices keep going up, this will continue to fund Putin's War efforts going forward.

Petroleum consumption reduction in the U.S. while exporting more oil at lower prices could help reduce Russia's profit margins from their oil exports, otherwise Russia's big three exports of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Arms will apparently be enough for Putin to profitably continue his war efforts.

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Monday, February 21, 2022

Whenever the Media calls Trump's claim of a rigged 2020 election false, they always say there was no "Widespread" Voter Fraud.

I have noticed that every time the Mainstream Media accuses Trump of Falsely claiming that there was "widespread 2020 Election Fraud",  they use the word "widespread".

But what about "Targeted" 2020 Election Fraud? There were around 155 million votes cast in the 2020 Election, less than 100,000 targeted votes could have changed the outcome. 100,000 targeted votes is .000645 of the total votes cast. Is .000645, or .0645% of the 150 million votes cast really considered widespread vote fraud? 

.0645% is one vote out of every 1,500 votes cast could have changed the Presidential Election outcome. Is altering one vote out of every 1,500 votes considered Widespread Voter Fraud? And, if a vote was simply flipped from Trump to Biden, then one in 730 Trump votes would be needed to be flipped to give the Election to Biden. I just don't consider flipping one vote from Trump to Biden out of every 730 Trump votes widespread fraud when one Ballot Harvester could have been harvesting dozens of ballots in Sanctuary cities for Biden.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Seattle eliminates bicycle helmet law because it allegedly is a form of racial or economic profiling.

On first glance many might say it is ridiculous to not enforce a bicycle helmet law that apparently has cut bicycle head injuries in half, and to then blame the removal of the Bicycle Helmet Law on racism seems even more appalling. However, Police apparently pull over and cite minorities at a significantly higher rate than White Bicyclists.

Before going back and forth on this issue, let's go to the end game, the kids. Kids ride bikes. When kids see many adults not wearing helmets when the Adults are riding their bikes, the kids may wonder why they have to wear a helmet. This to me is the number one issue. A head injury to a child may be more lethal than to an adult because a kids skull is still maturing and thickening up. The neck muscles of a kid are not as strong as an adult, so when a kid falls off of a bicycle, the damage and medical cost may be extraordinary. Think of the kids as the cons of the Helmet law are discussed below.

Homeless and Minority bicyclists are cited by the Police at a much higher rate than White Bicyclists for not wearing a helmet. What if a bicycle helmet citation had no financial penalty, but was more of a pep talk to encourage the cyclist to wear a helmet and "by the way, if you can't afford a helmet, here is this nifty coupon you can redeem at the bike store for a free helmet"? Would that be so terrible? Some would still yes because it would still give the Police an opportunity to "snoop", "harass", or monitor the comings and goings of minorities who ride without wearing a bicycle helmet.

So Law Enforcement actually positively acting to help ensure the safety of minorities would still be considered a bad thing? Perhaps some Racial Justice Advocates may believe that if the same un helmeted minority is repeatedly cited for not wearing a helmet, even if there is no actual fine imposed, it still be a way to track the helmet less cyclist's movements and could be used to profile the helmet less cyclist as evidence of a lifestyle that is short on safety and long on carelessness? 

Or perhaps the helmet less homeless cyclist might keep selling their free helmet for food, clothing, bike repair, or drugs?

Strangely, this situation reminds me of Voter ID laws. For some reason requiring everyone to have a Photo ID who wants to vote is considered racist, even if the Photo ID were given out for free and even though ironically a Photo ID is required to apply for any Government related entitlement or program.

Ultimately, this may be less about race and more about the right to live among those who comply with bicycle helmet laws while not complying with those same laws. It appears that the goal is to be less traceable in public, and I believe that is proverbial elephant in the room that hides under the cover of racial profiling where none was intended.

When Racial Justice Advocates lobby for the rescinding of laws and ordinances that actually do reduce accidents and serious head injuries, I think mostly of the kids and how they will be influenced to be less careful because the rights of less responsible adults have to be respected.

However, not requiring a bicycle helmet DOES become a teachable moment for responsible Parents regarding a discussion they should have with their kids..."Whenever you see someone riding a bicycle without a helmet, either they are too poor to have one, or they don't want to do their part to avoid tragic head injuries. Either way, you wearing your helmet helps the Hospitals to afford taking care of those who don't wear a helmet and get injured."

I am not sure reducing Head injuries by wearing a helmet allows resources to be spent on the more careless, but at least it's an explanation in a world where adults just don't care how their actions negatively influence kids.

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