Banned by LinkedIn Protest Video.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Hunter Biden and his laptop and Los Angeles City council members caught on tape, both attempt to search out their whistleblowers and either charge them with a crime or sue them!

When I was a lifetime Democrat, I always felt that it was Democrats who supported Whistle blowers. Apparently new age Democrat Politicians only believe in whistle blowing when the whistle blows against Republican politicians or Republican allies.  

But now a new issue emerges involving those who try and evade their own crimes or misdeeds while being enriched by Government wages and access. Laws have been passed throughout the U.S. in which any alleged suspecgt who then harms others while trying to escape from their own crime scene, can be charged with additional crimes.

So just what is Hunter Biden and a small cluster of Los Angeles City Council members thinking?  both Biden and Los Angeles City council members want to sue or criminalize whistle blowers for exposing their private acts that were not in accordance with U.S. Laws and Regulations.

The irony is both Hunter Biden and three Los Angeles City Council members were Politically immersed and were either receiving enrichment or poised to be enriched because of their outside of the law activities. So while a search warrant is needed to search a person's home, why should whistleblowers be "brought to justice" by Politically driven litigants for copying data that exposes plans, agendas or deeds for personal enrichment?

This would be like a suspect who is trying to evade a crime scene suing anyone who tried to stop them or causes them not to get away with their illicit activities!

Of course, it's just not as simple as I am claiming it is. The elephant in the room is why not just record Politicians and family members of Politicians at all times. If they have done nothing wrong, then they have nothing to worry about, and if they have done something wrong, then they deserve what they have coming to them. The problem with that rationalization is the snooper has no reason to NOT document or copy data of a second party as long as the party being snooped is a celebrity or politician.

Digging deeper there is a distinction with a difference when comparing Hunter Biden and the Los Angeles City Council trio with other snooping scenarios. In the case of Hunter Biden, Hunter left his lap top at the store for quite a while. Eventually the store owner has a right to copy the data just to protect themselves against any accusation that might suddenly transpire because time has lapsed. Biden could claim the store owner purposely held onto the lap top, and without any evidence of what was done, the store owner could be put in a bad situation. As for the City Council members, they were on city property conducting city business and the people have a right to know how they think behind closed doors.


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Monday, January 23, 2023

If Tucker Carlson's video segment about Richard Nixon and the CIA is preposterous, why can DailyPUMA only find the responses to the video segment, but not the original segment?

I found Tucker Carlson's screed about Richard Nixon and the CIA intriguing. I found not being able to find the original Fox News segment by doing a google search beguiling. When I did a google search for Tucker Carlson's commentary about Nixon and the CIA, other entities talking and mocking Tucker Carlson's segment appeared, but not the original that aired on Fox News.

How is it possible that a Tucker Carlson video segment about Richard Nixon and the CIA cannot be found via a google search, but pundits mocking the Tucker Carlson video segment about Richard Nixon and the CIA can be  found via a google search? 

When do the rich conservatives get in the act and follow Elon Musk's lead. NOT by starting new social media platforms, but by fighting for the ones that got here first and are still the go to for the majority of Americans.


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Friday, January 20, 2023

Freedom of Speech ends when it is an adult interacting with a minor without Parental or Guardian Consent, this includes Drag Queen Shows.

All I had to do was read the title of this commentary about Drag Queens and Freedom of Speech to know it was disrespecting Parents and Guardians of Minors. 


The article headline is Drag Shows are Free Speech. Not when it is an adult interacting with a minor without Parental or Guardian consent.


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Thursday, December 29, 2022

2023 Republican House of Representative Majority should reopen January 6th Investigation.

Would like to see the 2023 House Republicans reconvene the January 6th hearings and put into the record all the evidence that was purposely left out by the unselect committee.


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Judge allows strange interpretation of misprinted Arizona ballots in the Kari Lake / Katie Hobbs 2022 Governor's Race...

Quoting Forbes magazine...Thompson allowed two of her (Kari Lake) claims to stand: that officials did not follow the proper chain of custody requirements for hundreds of thousands of ballots in Maricopa County and that officials intentionally caused ballot printers to malfunction in order to skew the election results. end Forbes article quote.

The "intentionally caused ballot printers to malfunction in order to skew election results" ruling is somewhat perplexing.  The fact that Secretary of State Katie Hobbs had jurisdiction over Katie Hobbs the Gubernatorial candidate seems to have been ignored by the Judge. Why does it matter if the mistakes were "intentional" or not? 

It seems to DailyPUMA that it is quite possible to make an intentional error look like an accident, and therefore proving the errors were intentional seems like too high of a bar to have created.

There were misprinted ballots that wreaked havoc and ballot vote delays that apparently would have affected Kari Lake voters moreso than Katie Hobbs voters due to the location where the ballot counting mishap locations were occurring.

Did anyone take responsibility for the misprinted ballot errors?

As for not following the proper chain of custody regarding the ballots, how can such a claim be proven when no one has impartial standing to ensure that chain of custody is not broken?

But getting back to the ballots that were printed in the wrong size causing the ballot machines to reject them, this is such a big deal I can't fathom the judge eventually ruling the discrepancy did not influence a contest that was won by only a .67% margin, especially when one of the Gubernatorial candidates was actually in charge of the ballot and could personally benefit from such a mishap.



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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

One America News Network and Real America's Voice continue to disrupt Republican Solidarity with their views on Abortion and Ukraine..

I have the pleasure of viewing One America News Network, Real America's Voice, and NewsMax II on free TV. I cringe whenever I see the male pundits on OANN and Real America's Voice both chortling about Abortion and that a woman does not have a right to choose her destiny.

When the Supreme Court Trump helped select struck down Roe B. Wade Trump was concerned he would be "blamed" by a coalition of "woke" voters who normally don't vote or are willing to look at the bigger picture before voting, or even deciding to vote.

Trump's future resurgence in popularity will happen when Order 42 is finally ended by an insane Biden administration that just has to go oppo on everything Trump stood for. However, Texas seems to be the burr in Trump's butt that continues to plague Trump's resurgence.

First, it was Texas's Abortion bounty law in 2021 which kicked into high gear in 2022 as Roe B. Wade was being dismantled and given back to the States. While OANN and RAV attempted to convince their base that Texas's bounty law and the brief Abortion time span other States were coming up with were topics that should be avoided, they were NOT being avoided in the real world. Trump was blamed for the Red Puddle wave when it was actually Texas and other ultra Conservative states coming up with Abortion restrictions that would have outraged all Men, if Men could get pregnant.

"Don't even bring up abortion when you talk to others", became the rallying cry at both OANN and Real America News Network. "Bring up gas prices, the economy, inflation, higher and higher taxes, higher and higher interest rates, all the money being sent to Ukraine, just don't bring up the issue of abortion." 

I warned about Abortion being the deathknell of the alleged Republican Red Wave on several LinkedIn comments I made throughout the summer, unfortunately Technofascist LinkedIn censors have canceled my 13 year LinkedIn membership without even letting me give my side of the story, but that is an article for another day.

Texas's second burr in Trump's butt is Order 42. Instead of Texas letting Order 42 lapse, which would have instantly given Trump the Political center stage again, Texas stepped in and filed a lawsuit that has extended Order 42. As long as Order 42 is enforced, Trump doesn't get credit for the millions who have NOT entered the U.S. even as the deceitful Biden Administration and mainstream media angles all sorts of ways they can blame Trump for the Undocumented Border problem.

Meanwhile, the pundits at OANN and RAV have doubled down on the issue of Abortion restrictions and not funding Ukraine. OANN and RAV continue to be the debt that keeps on taking from Trump's political future. Wow.

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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Late arriving mail in ballots, the new normal that is not normal.

Lost among all the controversy over 2020 ballot counting was the Post Office refusing to honor their subpoena's to appear in court regarding strange goings on related to ballot deliveries made by the Post Office. There was the apartment address that did not exist where dozens of ballots were dropped off. There was someone driving around with dozens of ballots that didn't belong to them. Discarded ballots, duplicate ballots, and so on.

All of these scenarios appear related to the delivery of ballots by the Post Office. 99% of all Postal Employees can be as honest as anyone on the planet, it only takes a few Union Loyalists who hated Trump (and they had their reasons based on Post Office Budget cuts) and unwitting Postal carriers being given blank ballots falsely obtained to deliver, to harvested ballots delivered by unsuspecting postal carriers to voting centers with no knowledge they were delivering ballots not signed by the voter the ballot was addressed to.

One thing I never saw over the mainstream media gaslighting hyperbole regarding possible ballot fraud was actually showing a ballot from when it was received at a voting center all the way through the final step. I did read about people in cubicles who would batch upload the paper ballots tallies to a central voting location, and that the batch uploaders had some type of mysterious power to "determine" if a ballot had been properly filled out. There were allegations that a ballot batch uploader, who worked alone in their own cubicle,  could "correct" voting errors.

During a 60 minutes interview immediately after the 2020 elections, the head of the 2020 Voting Security, Christopher Krebbs, admitted there were some voting discrepanices on the day of the election but that they did not involve outside forces from other countries manipulating the vote totals. Ok, so instead of China, Russia, Germany, or Venezuela affecting the vote, Mr. Krebbs appeared to be admitting the cubicle people could have sway over vote totals.

How much time did the mainstream media devote to investigating either the Post Office's role in how ballots were delivered or how much influence the cubicle people had when tallying vote totals? How about ZERO.

Vote tampering stories seemed to always focus on the number of paper ballots being input equaling the number of paper ballots that were submitted with little research regarding all the steps that occur before the ballot actually being tabulated.

The news stories always focus on legitimate paper ballot tallies. The conversion process of provisional ballots to legitimate paper ballots is never discussed.

There are claims that some precincts had more votes than voters, an issue that also was never really addressed.

And then there are the ballots that arrive days after the actual day of voting that are not being inspected. Trailing Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass received 160,000 votes AFTER polls had closed while Rick Caruso received only 98,000 mail in ballots, catapulting Bass to a come from behind vote to determine the two Mayoral Candidates.

The problem with not scrutinizing where the Postal Delivered Ballots are coming from is all other vote tallies have already been counted and made public so it is KNOWN how much a candidate is trailing by BEFORE mail in ballots stream in for several days after the election. 

I asked the County Registrar how many mail in ballots came in on a day by day basis after the Los Angeles Primary Mayoral Race had ended, and they had now answer because they were not tabulating daily mail in ballots received after the voting polls had officially closed.

Are we to believe that it is impossible to back date a mail in ballot? Did the Mainstream News Media ever cover the possibility of back dating mail in ballots? 

Is it really so impossible to simply add a couple of boxes worth of additional ballots to a vehicle that is delivering the votes to a voting center after the final voting day to ensure the right candidate wins, and to do this day after day since mail in ballots can arrive up to a week after the last day to vote has occurred?

Why do ballots trickle in up to a week after the postmark date? Seems that with just a bit of effort one truck could be assigned to each city to pick up all ballots from the ballot boxes and bring them straight in to the voting centers.

As for those who use the actual post office to mail their ballots, why not do a straight delivery to the Voting center, why does it take up to a week for ballots to arrive at the voting center? 

In Los Angeles, we may see Rick Caruso with a 75,000 vote lead at the end of election day that magically gets cut into as mail in ballots stream in for up to a week after the polls close until suddenly Karen Bass wins the Mayoral election by 10,000 votes.

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Friday, November 4, 2022

Why voting Democrat for the 2022 Elections is the most selfish thing you can do.

As a former life long Democrat, Democrat Politicians of today are remarkably different from the Democrat Politicians of the 1990's. Move on dot org helped destroy the Democrat Moderate base and in turn forced Hillary Clinton so far left she is a shell of who she was in her prime. 

The reaction to Musk taking over Twitter is hilarious. He's barely owned it for less than a week and the amount of crying among Democrats just proves how brainwashed Dem loyalists have become. 

The inability to even look at conservative news sites without pretending they are kryptonite is palpable. I could list several dozen moments during Trump's presidency where the mainstream media completely misrepresented and even would switch around Trump's words to create the polar opposite meaning. 

News Media loyalty is the quickest way to rot one's brain. It took the repeated EMTALA violations that led to my Mother's premature demise at West Hills ER Hospital and the absolute complete indifference from the Democrat Political stranglehold for me to wake up. 

I feel sorry you don't know the truth. $777.00 a day to house one Undocumented child. Over $600,000 to medically care for a premature birth to one Undocumented couple. Meanwhile our government can't even come with a Kinship Fostering program that might pay grandma or grandad 20 bucks a day to help Single Mom or over worked parents to watch their kids when they can't be home. 

With each passing year government programs dilute their resources for Americans so they can accommodate the Undocumented and the drug addicts being given one way tickets to California, who are then being fed their drugs through mules hidden among the 2.5 million Undocumented coming into our country every year under Biden. 

Then when Americans say America first, they are called fascists by media brainwashed Democrat followers. 

Instead of spending $600,000 per apartment to house a homeless person in California, our State could buy a home for $100,000 in another State and give it to a homeless person to live in with incentives towards eventually owning the home. 

I can tell who is a Democrat so easily, Democrat voters have an excellent health insurance policy and a well funded retirement pension. 

Voting Democrat in 2022 is the most selfish thing one can do. My mother's death spiral image with embedded words at West Hills Hospital ER is provided below. 

If you are offended by this post, how do you think I feel witnessing my Mother's repeated medical abuse at West Hills Hospital ER that directly led to her death in my arms at home 2 days later. Then discovering that NOBODY cared among a Political Democrat Centric Los Angeles County, along with a Democrat Mayor and Democrat Governor. 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

In Praise of Moms with Amazing Parenting Skills and Ideas.

Perhaps the best article you will ever read about Parenting, and it is short!


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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Gay Wedding Cakes and Civil Unions.

The battle wages on regarding whether or not a cake maker can be forced to make a wedding cake depicting a gay couple. In this latest round, the cake maker won the right to deny service to a gay couple.

History seems to have forgotten the rapidly growing popularity of civil unions before gay marriages became legal. The irony of groups of people who did not want to be scorned or denied their right to be legally recognized as a couple because of their sexual preferences also demanding to be just like those they viewed as close minded and prejudiced seemed to be lost on everyone, yes, everyone, but me.

Paraphrasing..."I can't stand your rigid, judgemental, prejudiced ways....but I want to be just like you when it comes to marriage". It's such an oxymoronic position it defies logic.

Another oxymoronic position is the steadfast belief that a gay marriage is identical to a heterosexual marriage in which the couple can conceive children. The two are not the same. The reality of a fertile heterosexual marriage is the couple has to remain vigilant at all times regarding when and how many kids they plan on bringing into the world. Fertile heterosexual marriages actually have to alter their sexual practices routines. Do gay marriages ever alter their sexual practices out of fear of having an unplanned pregnancy?

So there is a distinct wedge between what a fertile heterosexual and a gay marriage is. The gay movement's demand that they be allowed to have the exact same term applied to their unions was from my point of view, embarrassing and sad.

What might have happened if the gay movement had stayed the course and popularized civil unions while also fighting for the right to have all the same government related benefits that a conventional marriage is given? 

I think a civil union alliance comprised of non-fertile heterosexual couples, couples with different religious beliefs, civil rights advocates,  progressive minded heterosexual couples, gay couples, bi-sexual couples would have combined to create a civil union majority in which perhaps 60% to 70% of all unions would be civil unions and only 30% to 40% would prefer to have a conventional marriage.

Pioneers do not follow a path already taken, they make their own, and when it came to forging a path for civil unions to become the dominant form of recognized coupling, the ball was dropped.

On a personal level, were I to ever marry someone of a different religion, or if we could not conceive a child, I would be quite fine with having a civil union instead, as long as all the same government rights were granted.

As it stands now, the perpetual battle between gay marriages and cake makers wages on, creating perpetual hostility and anger that is all so unnecessary.


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Sunday, October 23, 2022

I guess I should be grateful that Google hasn't shut down my blog for some made up reason, but these new article stats are almost just as bad.

When I wrote my previous article about the Los Angeles City Council hidden audio recordings, I decided to post it on various sites of mine on the web. Over the first couple of hours I had over 170 views and I ended up around 217 views over the first 24 hours. Usually when an article gets a higher hit count early on that tends to create a modest influx of hits over the next few weeks. 

However, since that first day and the 217 views,  the article about LA City Council has gotten NINE views total over the next 3 days. That is laughably low. Remember, out of the first 170 hits, I created those by posting a link on other sites of mine and they eventually created around 217 hits for the first 24 hours. In other words, Google literally provided ZERO VIEWS to my site.

Twice in the past year or two I have suddenly gotten hundreds of views for a spoof article I wrote 10 years ago about Arianna Huffington. After each visit by a few hundred visitors to the Huffington article, my daily total blog views suddenly dropped in half and stayed that way. The first time Huffington Bots arrived I was averaging around 250 to 300 views a day. Overnight my views were down to around 125. 

About a year later, the Huffington bots arrived again and now I average around 80 hits a day.

Study the stat hits below for my Los Angeles City Council article, it is basically impossible to have this kind of a stat flow for an article unless the views are being blocked by some outside, or, inside Google source. 

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Committee Engages in a Population Insurrection.

The recent discovery and publicizing of secretly made recordings over the Los Angeles City Council Redistricting committee's prejudiced and racialized comments have created such backlash that the underbelly may never be investigated.

What we apparently have in Los Angeles is a population insurrection. 

The use of population by Los Angeles City Council Politicians to demand more political power suddenly makes the drive to keep the borders porous collateral serious issue.

But the discussion will never go towards this being a Population Insurrection in which the same Politicians who demanded porous borders with Mexico are the same Politicians who verbally attacked those who wanted a Wall and portrayed those who wanted a wall as being prejudiced and racist. 

The underbelly of using ethnic population numbers to demand more political power while also enforcing a porous border is worthy of an insurrection investigation.  

Ironically, the drop in percentage of African Americans in the city of Los Angeles over the past few decades is related to the porous border with Mexico as most people being let in are generally considered to be of Hispanic origin. 

So, when the three Politicians can be heard on tape bemoaning that they only have 33% Latino representation when Latinos make up 52% of Los Angeles, the issue of a Population insurrection takes on new meaning. 

Los Angeles City Council Politicians who view their constituents as being nothing more than ethnic population numbers and percentages so they can extract more political power, while still greasing the wheels for MORE to enter California through California borders, is a far greater insurrection than what occurred on January 6th.


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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Atlantic Monthly obtusely gives over half a dozen reasons why the U.S. should build the wall without even realizing it.

This article in the Atlantic goes on and on about COVID and all the ways the U.S. is deficient when it comes to pandemic preparedness. Ironically, all the reasons the Atlantic gives can all be used to justify building Trump's Wall.

Progressive Obtuseness at its finest.

One other thing to consider, the 2017-2018 flu/pneumonia season had senior death numbers adjusted downward from 80,000 to 60,000, AFTER coroners were told in early January of 2018 to not list Senior Flu Deaths on the Senior's death certificate. Instead of death by flu or pneumonia, deaths to Seniors were to be listed as death by Natural Causes, Heart Failure, or Respiratory Failure. 

The result was an instant drop in Flu deaths spanning the final 3 weeks of January 2018 and going all the way through April of 2018. Clearly, if all Senior flu / pneumonia deaths had been properly recorded for the 2017-2018 flu/pneumonia seasons, the total would most likely have been 100,000 to 125,000. Which interestingly enough is where COVID has now nestled into on a yearly basis.



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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

How Putin can end his war with Ukraine with his pride intact, ask Donald Trump to intervene as a Peace Broker in the Russia / Ukraine conflict.

If Vladimir Putin wants to end his war in Ukraine, he should have Donald Trump broker a peace deal. If Trump can pull off a Russia / Ukraine peace accord, Putin can take satisfaction knowing he will cause massive discord in the U.S. between the Mainstream Media, the Democrat Progressives with the American People by having Trump prevent World War III.


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Friday, September 16, 2022

Sheila Kuehl Obstructing Sheriff Alex Villanueva's desire to Police LA Metro Rail may be the underbelly that leads to criminal charges against Kuehl.

Sheila Kuehl really stepped in it, and the local media does not know what to do with the biggest story of 2022 regarding L.A. Crony, Insider Politics.

Kuehl was able to win no bid contracts for a friend that was supposed to assist those who were assaulted on the LA rail system, through a phone hot line service.

However, while Kuehl was creating the questionable business model of bidding just below the no bid contract threshold, Kuehl was also preventing L.A. Sheriff's division from policing the L.A. rail system.

But it's even worse than that, much much worse. Kuehl and her friends on the LA County Supervisor's board, plotted, threatened, and avowed to remove Head Sheriff Alex Villanueva without any type of public vote or initiative.

Respecting women in politics requires calling a woman out when she likely broke the law and used her political position of power to do so. Sheila Kuehl's role in finding no bid contract awards totaling approximately $800,000 for her best friend's non-profit hot line for rail system assault victims resulted in a cost per legitimate phone call that may have run into the thousands of dollars per phone call.

Shiela Kuehl believes she did nothing wrong, illegal, or to personally enrich her friend at the taxpayer's expense and safety. Kuehl allegedly participated in a scheme to...

  • create a method for reporting rail system assaults that already existed in other forms, 
  • use her insider knowledge and skills so her friend could win no bid contracts, 
  • prevent Alex Villanueva and his Sheriffs from policing the Metro Rail System because of an alleged toxic relationship between law enforcement and law violators using the metro rail system.  
  • unilaterally collude to remove Alex Villanueva from power through a Board of Supervisors vote who apparently were in favor 4-1 to remove Mr. Villanueva without the public voting on the matter.

The criminality and insider dealing appears palpable and should include the four Board of Supervisors who approved of a plan to have Mr. Villanueva removed from office without a public vote in what remarkably looks as a way to keep Kuehl's Friend's Metro Rail phone hotline gig eligible to continue to win no bid contracts.

District Attorney Gascon immediately denounced the criminal investigation as being specious. Gascon's public comments can be viewed as obstruction of an ongoing investigation that appears to place Ms. Kuehl center stage to the worst kind of cronyism that most likely endangered the public while also enriching one of Ms. Kuehl's friend.

Karen Bass, what do you say about the matter? 



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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Media screamed when Trump went "Digging for Dirt" in Ukraine regarding Joe Biden's son. That same media cheers Biden's digging for dirt on Donald Trump.

Imagine Obstructing a sitting President from doing a deep dive into the possible illegal activities of his Political Rival's son as being illegal and therefore worthy of that President's Impeachment. Some might consider that an insurrection, no?

Imagine ripping up a copy of the President's State of the Union Address, in full view of cameras, many would consider that an act of sedition.

Now imagine the successful obstruction of additional evidence, that was LEGALLY OBTAINED weeks before the 2020 Election, helps bring about the defeat of the standing President, some might consider that a second insurrection, no?

Now imagine the former President being deeper dived than the person he was accused of digging for dirt, by that same person? Seems like a third cause of action for an insurrection against those who obstructed Donald Trump over the past several years.



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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Gavin Newsom just broke the law of common sense when it comes to mandating 33% of all new cars sold be EV in California by 2026.

When Legislation gets passed that basically says you will consume what we want you to consume, it is imperative that the Government not be engaging in the game of attrition called Jenga.

What is ultimately cruel about the game of Jenga is there is a physical limitation as to how many sections of a pieced together standing structure that can be removed before the entire structure, collapses.

Jenga, meet Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom, meet Jenga. 

 Before ANY EV edicts can be legislated, comparative analysis needs to be done in which the use of rare earth resources are quantitatively compared between different types of uses.

For instance, if the identical amount of lithium and other rare earth resources required for each 50,000 dollar EV car could also be used to create 500,000 dollars worth of I-watches, or 1 million dollar's worth of HD televisions, or 10 million dollars worth of memory cards, then it suddenly becomes both misguided and possibly illegal to demand that EV's suddenly become a mandated top priority.

So, where is the rare earth equivalency list that Mr. Newsom apparently forgot to consult when coming up with his EV mandate. And, where is the gasoline mandate that cars using gasoline become less of an alleged climate change issue when a new gas consuming car gets at least a certain amount of miles per gallon?

So many questions, too little mind.

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Friday, August 26, 2022

How the FED stole 8 trillion in Homeowner Equity and pocketed the Money.

A home that used to sell for 1 million dollars may soon sell for $800,000. 

But, the monthly mortgage payment will not be any less than it would have been before the drop in price because the FED has raised interest rate charges.

The Fed using existing and plentiful Homeowner Equity to back new mortgages while giving these Equity Rich homeowners some residual income every month is a win for all homeowners. 

Instead of rewarding Homeowners with significant home equity, the FED just stole 8 trillion dollars of Homeowner Equity that had accrued over the past few years, equity that could have been used to both back new mortgages and provide homeowners who have ample equity a way to create a modest amount of annual residual income.

It appears The FED has narcissism issues in which they refuse to consider Equity Rich Homeowners and their trillions in equity as a way to both back new mortgages and as an economy stabilizing option.

Further injurious to existing Homeowners, Home Sellers, and Home Buyers. The lower home prices, while not benefiting Homeowners, Home Sellers, or Home Buyers will benefit both the FED and Hedge Funds that do not require FED money to buy a home and have been set up to purchase homes and convert them into rentals.


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