Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How TV Land could affect the 2012 presidential campaign.

It became pretty obvious to Hillary Clinton supporters during the 2008 democratic nomination process that Hillary Clinton was the only major presidential candidate without a television channel.

We know that MSNBC conspired against Hillary Clinton and for Barack Obama. Fox Television was for the republican candidate while the major networks tried to give the appearance of unbiased reporting. However those same "unbiased" major networks tethered their own female talk show hosts into remaining silent about Hillary Clinton in most instances, and then there was Oprah Winfrey, gasp.

The male television talk show hosts all took more shots at Hillary Clinton than her male political counterparts. Jon Stewart will never admit that he took ratings over truth as it endeared him to his younger skewing audience, and as a result he took it to Hillary Clinton far more than Barack Obama.

Even with all the caucus cheating by Barack Obama's side, with the shady dealings of the democratic higher ups cozying up to George Soros and their back room back stabbing deals against Hillary Clinton, the reason Hillary Clinton could not get that final push to victory was because she had no real television base.

Even most female talk show hosts were afraid to show real support for Hillary Clinton because their audience also skewed younger and most of the female hosts were on channels that supported either Barack Obama or the republican candidate. Which brings me to TV Land. I would love to see a 1/2 hour cutting edge evening news / talk show, sort of like a John Stewart show, that skews towards the older demographic, say 40 years and up.
Hillary Clinton supporters are among the nicest and most caring group of voters and Clinton supporters also don't believe in uncontrolled governmental spending either, yet they have no television base.
If you could poll all the rioters after the Lakers 2010 championship victory, (rioting after a championship victory - unreal) I am absolutely certain that 98% either didn't vote, or voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Without any kind of a nightly television base, the best part of america, Hillary Clinton voters, the kind of voters that don't riot after their team wins a championship, will continue to be under represented in the political arena.

I have had a chance to study TV Land and am amazed at how strongly they promote their own original programming. TV Land also skews towards the ideal audience that presently is NOT being represented politically on television, the Hillary Clinton supporters. If TV Land would have the guts to launch a nightly 1/2 hour political talk show for the older crowd, we could begin to see some true balance in how every political demographic is being represented on television.

Until Hillary Clinton supporters get their own 1/2 hour nightly political news and talk show on television, we will continue to be ignored by the demonic party and disrespected by the repuritanical party.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oprah Winfrey's Debt Diet, has Oprah become a crafty woman who focuses on the weaknesses of her fans rather than the tyranny of her rich friends.

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Over the past year I have started several blogs that focus on the sinister actions of Chase Bank and Jamie Dimon, along with other banking practices and maneuvers that are helping to create new foreclosures at rate of 10,000 foreclosures a day. These Financial Terrorism Warning blogs include Swarm the Banks, Wall Street Change, Parallel Foreclosure, Daily-Protest, Bloggers against Chase Bank, and Robots Against Chase

Over the past two years I've written over 1,200 articles about the corrupt democratic party leadership (and yes, I'm a registered democrat), and the corrupt banking industry, and it would not surprise me if both asses have the same head. And I did this while still being an always there for them CareGiver for both of my parents, and their pets.

One thing I've noticed about articles focusing on credit card debt, foreclosures, unfair banking practices and such, is there will always be at least one person in the comments section who blames the debtor.

Oprah Winfrey's debt diet may help self absorbed debtors who can't control their spending habits without help, but the help that Oprah Winfrey is providing comes with a huge price to those who have led honest lives and suffered a huge economic calamity and need a break from the rich banksters.

What Oprah Winfrey has done by profiling self obsessed irresponsible spend what they don't have middle class debtors is divert attention away from her rich bankster friends such as Jamie Dimon of Chase bank.

But it's even worse than that, Oprah Winfrey has now given ammunition to those who respond to financial crisis articles and blame all of the debtors for their woes.

The depth of Oprah Winfrey's self absorbed affair with the well to do, celebrities, and anyone famous, while pretending to feel the pain of her "average american" audience, has become an embarrassment.

What saddens me about Oprah Winfrey's debt diet is that it comes off as intellectually progressive. If you follow Oprah's debt diet advice, you might eventually get out of Debt, but what you won't get is Oprah actually taking on the rich banking elite in this country for making the debt battle much much harder to get out of. Oh wait, that would require Oprah actually standing up to a rich scumbag whom Oprah would rather just fawn over and perhaps keep as her own financial resource.
Hey Oprah, how about you get the banksters to also follow your advice. Maybe you could suggest they not screw over honest americans who are losing their homes and the built up home equity they accrued over the years.
Maybe you could actually have Jamie Dimon on your show, along with other banking elitists, and challenge them to not grab every last nickel, including the ones they don't earn, but just get through deceit and questionable late fee and penalty practices, or changing terms on a million customers and denying them the full benefit of their already offered low interest rate loans, as Jamie Dimon did in 2009.
How bad are banking practices, in 2008, Bank of America paid out less money in interest than they collected in penalties and fees! Jamie Dimon acquired WAMU for 2 cents on the dollar, but refuses to lower the principal on any of his homeowner mortgage accounts. Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jamie Dimon, all from Chicago, can it get any sleazier?
In the future, when you see those snarky replies in the comments section about people who are in debt, you can thank Oprah Winfrey for shining a light on the minority of debtors who fit the wasteful profile that the snarksters refer to.

And don't be surprised if Oprah dines aboard Jamie Dimon's private jet while looking down at all the little people she helped save.

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.

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