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Sunday, January 31, 2016

I was going to make my second donation to Hillary Clinton's Campaign, but...

I donated once before to Hillary Clinton's campaign for what for me was a big chunk of money. This time I was going to make a more modest donation. But when I clicked on the link from the email I received and then checked the amount, it then asked me to fill in all of my personal info.

I already get double or triple of the same messages from different email accounts, if I put my personal info down once before must I do it every time I make a donation? 

Am I going to be put on ANOTHER e-mailing list and then get duplicates in the mail for the Hillary Clinton campaign?  For once I would hope there is someone from the Hillary Clinton campaign that would actually answer my questions in the comments section.  

I don't understand why when I respond to an email that even mentions me by name that my personal info (not including the credit card info) isn't going to be auto completed since I already made a prior donation.

(Updated May 06, 2016) Not that it matters but I have made a couple of additional donations since posting this article. My questions were never answered and I could never get my password to update.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Excellent Explanation on why Hillary Clinton is a better choice than Bernie Sanders.

Well worth the read, this article logically explains why Hillary Clinton is a better candidate than Bernie Sanders.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

More Ridiculous nonsense over Top Secret Emails and Hillary Clinton.

So the email controversy goes like this.  

Unsecured emails were sent by Hillary Clinton and some claim they contained information that would later be classified as classified.

"How did we find out about the unsecured emails"?
Hillary Clinton told everyone 4 years later.
"If the emails were unsecured, shouldn't we see them and judge for ourselves if they should have been unsecured"?  
If the unsecured emails were deemed to have classified information, no, you can't see them BECAUSE THEY ARE CLASSIFIED.
"But if I can't see the unsecured emails that might have had classified information, then how do I know what the content was"?    That's EXACTLY the point, you don't know and therefore there was no breach.

You will only know what the content of the unsecured emails was if the emails are released to the public. If the emails are released to the public, THEN THE EMAIL'S WERE NO BIG DEAL, if the email's are not released to the public, then you aren't supposed to know about them and you will only find out the content IF THEY ARE LEAKED BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN HILLARY CLINTON. The emails would have to be LEAKED NOW for you to know what the classified information was.  

But what if some hacker figures out how to go back in internet time and find the unsecured emails. Well, I guess that is the plan, isn't it, to make as long as possible of a whining sound until some hacker gets so sick of the nonsense they go back and find unsecured emails that nobody would have known about if not for the Rat Fucking Constricted Republican neo conservatives bellowing about it forever.

Only rat fucking Republican heho's used for inbreeding with real rats will keep prolonging this issue as long as possible because they have Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Do  you rat fucking Republican heho's know what is a real email scandal? A government official directly sending classified secrets to other government officials from other countries FOR PERSONAL GAIN in which they PERSONALLY gain. 

But But, the Clinton foundation. What if Hillary Clinton says  hello to a foreign dignitary and later on that dignitary gives money to the Clinton foundation and that is used to save lives around the world? 

Well, then you have your next rat fucking scandal, don't you.  lol.  

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Joe Biden's "Hillary Clinton late to the Income Inequality fight" comment is Incomprehensible.

When Joe Biden says Hillary Clinton is "late to the Income Inequality fight", That's Joe being Joe. 

HIllary Clinton lost the 2008 democrat nomination to Barack Obama specifically because she was not going to cowtow to Wall Street and their home mortgage gambling shenanigans. 

Hillary Clinton had already proposed a 90 day moratorium on all home foreclosures until a solution could be worked out. President Obama's mortgage solution included Parallel Foreclosure in which any homeowner requesting any type of mortgage restructuring would also have foreclosure proceedings commence by the same bank that was allegedly helping to restructure the home mortgage. Parallel Foreclosure is why many homeowners were asked to keep resubmitting the same paperwork over and over by the bank allegedly helping them to avoid foreclosure so the banks could buy time until the foreclosure action was consummated. 

Agreeing to a Parallel Foreclosure policy was the price of the Democrat nomination in 2008 and Hillary Clinton did not go along with that deal, Barack Obama did. So for Mr. Biden to now say that Hillary Clinton is "late to the game" regarding income equality is "Joe being Joe" and displays an insane level of obtuseness on the part of Joe Biden.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Occupy Wall Street, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire when they claim that Move On Dot Org has been a tool for the Clintons.

It is amazing how quickly ignorant, people can become about the not so distant past, aka the 2008 Democrat Nomination. Here is a Move on dot org recruitment letter by Occupy Wall Street to its members….

Friends –
Last August, we asked you who you planned to support in the 2016 election. The results were overwhelming: Nearly 3/4's of you (74%) responded that you plan to vote for Bernie Sanders. Since then, Bernie has ramped up his anti-Wall Street rhetoric even more: renewing calls to break up the banks, limit ATM fees, take on inflated student loan debt and establish nationwide interest rate caps.

We know: is a tool for the Democratic party, and hasn't always been on our side. They have operated like clicktivism is more important than on-the-street-action. They’ve been too slow (or unwilling) to take on the big fights – let’s change that. Bernie brings an independent fervor to the party, and this endorsement could propel him into the White House. The possibility of that happening is exciting enough for the 99% that we think it's worth 2 minutes of your time to sign up for free before noon to vote. (Plus, you can always unsubscribe later on if all those emails annoy you!) 

MoveOn has been the voice for the Clinton Dynasty which it was created 17 years ago to defend. Today, though, we have a chance to close the books on the Clinton-Bush era and bring in a strong, independent democratic socialist voice:we think it's time to #MoveOnToBernie! 

And keep fighting, comrades.
The OccupyWallSt.NYC Team 
End of Occupy Wall Street Missive.   End of Occupy Wall Street "missive" to its "comrades" quote.
For the record, Move on Dot Org has NEVER supported the Clintons. Move on Dot Org is a progressive group and Occupy Wall Street's claim that Move on Dot Org is a front for the Clinton is a manipulative, ignorant, lie. 

See, THEY ALL LIE, even the alleged truth speakers. 

I would happily help Hillary Clinton win the democrat nomination but it would cost her campaign one million dollars. The progressive millennials may be Hillary Clinton's undoing and I know how to get them in her camp, and for a million dollars I would share the information with Hillary Clinton or her people. Expect a strategically timed smear involving email gate, the Move on dot org vote supporting Bernie Sanders, and a possibly too close loss or even victory in New Hampshire to help amp up unwarranted opposition to Hillary Clinton in her quest for a democrat nomination. 

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