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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Real Russia Collusion Probably involved Tad Devine and Paul Manafort and a few others.

If Robert Mueller's Collusion Investigation does not research the ties between Bernie Sanders chief strategist Tad Devine and Trump Campaign Supporter Paul Manafort, actual Russian Collusion may not be found.

The strategy of pushing Hillary Clinton from Moderate to Progressive for the 2016 Presidential Elections was a master stroke of genius that allowed Donald Trump to swoop in and steal millions of Moderates who previously supported Hillary Clinton. As Cannonfire previously reported and warned SEVERAL MONTHS BEFORE THE 2016 ELECTION, "Mirror Imaging and Election Fraud", Devine, Manafort and Roger Stone knew each other from their Eastern Europe Political consulting days following Devine's turn as Al Gore's 2000 Presidential Political Strategist.

The Sanders campaign and the Trump campaign probably colluded to force Hillary Clinton to go way left. Sanders was offering unrealistic promises like free education for all and Pot in every home, and enough Progressives ate it up that it forced Hillary Clinton to backpedal on several issues, including her reluctance to see coal miners die from working in the coal mines. Is what Devine and Manafort possibly concocted together, forcing Hillary Clinton to go wack a noodle left, illegal? I have no idea. Was it collusion if it was a plan? Most likely. If Russia was in any way involved in Manafort's and Devine's possible collusion, would that be considered illegal, I would guess yes.

But there is a but in the room. Hillary Clinton has since embraced her Progressivism. So even if Hillary Clinton was forced from her more Moderate Politics, she has never looked back nor regretted her decision. So if collusion is found between Manafort, Devine, and Russia to force Hillary Clinton way to the left, but Hillary Clinton has embraced that shift in her political objectives, does that nullify the collusion after the fact? 

I don't know if after the fact can ever be considered as a defense to nullify collusion, but it sure adds a tinge of irony to the entire scenario. I would suggest that players in the Russia Collusion are Manafort, Devine, the NRA, The National Enquirer, The Globe, with funding for various endeavors funded by Russian Oligarchs, and Donald Trump's Debt to the Oligarchs, and of course, Roger Stone, also unveiled in several Cannonfire articles. 

If we take Devine, The NRA, The National Enquirer, and The Globe out of the above equation, It will be interesting to see what remains and if a strong enough case for collusion still remains.

And finally, Donald Trump and his cheap ways led him to hire a guy working out of his home to first make Real Estate ads for Trump's Real Estate Business, then ultimately designed Facebook ads down to the street level for Trump's Presidential Campaign. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton went with Hollywood favorites Morgan Freeman and Dr. Maya Angelou to do Voice Overs for her Political ads and had the ads run over and over and over again. It reminded me of a luxury airliner taking off. But where were the agile ads, the ones made on shoestring budgets. There were some, but overall, the Freeman and Angelou ads dominated here in California. Maybe in other parts of the country they went a different way?

I believe the race was ultimately won by what apparently was hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Facebook Street level ads by Trump's Ad person that were literally targeting anywhere from 1 to 5 people with targeted content. Each ad was personalized. Not sure where Trump's Facebook Ad Director found the time to do all of those ads. He was interviewed for 60 Minutes and that is his claim. If true, that is how the election was won. 

For whatever reason, Hillary Clinton was unable to shake old school ways and allow for any type of newer style of advertising disruption, whereas Trump's inherent cheapness  allowed for a disruptor to come in and shake things up with Facebook Micro Ads.

And yes, the second Comey letter may have catalyzed tens of millions of dollars for negative ads against Hillary Clinton to come steaming in over the final 10 days of the campaign, and that definitely had an effect. 

However, if Hillary Clinton had had in place a system of facebook micro ads, she could have instantly volleyed a credible denial. Hillary Clinton's biggest weakness was her ongoing reliance on the media to tell her side of the story whereas Trump kept finding ways to either use the media to his advantage, or go around the media with his Facebook Micro Ads.

So even if Hillary Clinton is somehow vindicated when the Mueller investigation is over, will that be a good thing? If she hasn't been able to analyze and fix what her own weaknesses are and instead wants to keep focusing on Trump's behavior, then her effectiveness as a leader is compromised. Get in shape Hillary Clinton. My 91 and 1/2 year old mother was still walking 1.1 miles and if the ER had not violated 9 laws that led to her death, I believe she was still on an upward trajectory in terms of her endurance. And fight for Middle America. Winning a couple of large states by large majorities while losing vast swaths of America by not so close margins is not something I would be proud of. 

If Hillary Clinton had been in great physical shape, and if she had used Facebook Micro Ads to tell her story, she could have won the 2018 election by 5 to 10 million votes.

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Monday, November 5, 2018

How Donald Trump's scorn of California may backfire on him in regards to Tomorrow's 2018 MidTerm Elections.

It chaps Donald Trump's behind. Hillary Clinton won the 2016 popular vote by almost 3 million votes. California alone was in favor of Hillary Clinton over Trump by 4.3 million votes. A stunning almost 2 to 1 margin in the state with the largest population of voters of all 50 States.

Trump resorted to claiming that there were massive amounts of votes cast by illegal or non residential immigrants in California. So in his pettiness, Trump has used California as a whipping post whenever he feels the need.

But now Trump's pettiness could come home to roost, against himself. There are five California races in Republican strongholds that are neck and neck. These five races in California, were they all to go Democrat, could shift the balance of power in Congress.

However, while this is good news for breaking up the Trump monopoly, it is not necessarily good news for California. The truth is, the ability for Republicans to put up some fight against over taxation from California State Democrats is what has saved the state from even bigger budget deficits and even higher taxes.

Union, Environmental, Immigration and Educational support have given California a Democrat State stronghold that has to constantly find new sources of "revenue" to appease all the groups Democrats are beholden to.

I don't mind a Democrat Majority in California, not at all. I do fear a Democrat veto proof super majority in the California State Legislature as it will lead to more taxation and more prioritizing of immigration rights over senior rights, all because Trump could not play nice with California. So what could be good for the country, breaking up Trump's Congressional monopoly by California voting out some Republican politicians, could be bad for California as it becomes a Democrat Super Majority.

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Older Folks are more afraid of the Democrats than the Republicans.

Back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton ran against Barack Obama for the Democrat Nomination, Clinton had a diverse base of support. Back in 2008, Small business owners supported Hillary Clinton, Women supported her, Ethnicities supported her, I think even the elderly supported her. The one group she was losing was the younger people, even with Chelsea Clinton campaigning on campuses. Democrat elites were convinced that Obama could win over all of Hillary Clinton's supporters, while also appealing to the younger crowd who clamored for change.

10 years later and Hillary Clinton seems to have dived into the very group that she had the weakest support, the millennials and younger. While some may see that as a daring move, I see it as a betrayal of people her own age who don't have the wealth that Hillary Clinton has but have steadfastly stood by her for the past 25 years or longer.

As I venture into the guardianship abuse issues that are pervasive around the country, Barack Obama seems to be getting a significant amount of the blame among those who have lost loved ones to corrupt public guardians who basically get a court order and seize an elderly person from their own family, sons and daughters, and then spend the elders wealth.

I do believe that Obama and his administration tried to deal with the most difficult aspect of healthcare, those who are younger and healthier and were gaming the system by only getting catastrophic health insurance. It was a lose lose proposition as there really is no way to convince somebody who upped their hospital only insurance coverage deductible from 1,000 dollars to 5,000 dollars per event and in the process dropped their monthly premiums in half.

A person with a high deductible, Hospital only policy could reach the break even point in 2 and 1/2 years and from then on would be saving a massive amount of money year after year even if they had one Hospital Event within that 2 and 1/2 time span. The Medical industry argued that this was a form of Top of the Muffin abuse. Avoid doctor visits and wait until something grave happens that could have been prevented with doctor's visits but now requires hospitalization, which is then covered under the catastrophic, high deductible, low premium plan. A perfect storm of Top of the Muffinness.

However, there were millions upon millions of people whose premiums went up and the only way to qualify for lower cost, affordable healthcare was to lose one's job and be covered by a spouse's healthcare plan.

I think Trump's plan is pretty simple, he will continue to be the target and keep Democrats off of the real problems the Democrat party faces, such as winning back some of the geography they have lost to an America that believes the Democrats favor immigrants over people who have lived in America for decades or longer.

Hillary Clinton's rush to be a part of a political youth movement would have only worked if she personally took responsibility for her own personal health and actually moved her body in a manner that is known as physical exercise. 

While Trump apparently is not in great shape, Trump apparently does not drink or smoke and he apparently stays remotely in shape by fighting with people, who oblige Trump by fighting back.

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