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Friday, December 30, 2016

Poland Amps up Volunteer Servicemen in the wake of Trump Putin Love Fest.

With Mr. Trump's apparent retreat from NATO, Poland is now restocking their volunteer military forces.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

If only Hillary Clinton had said Gullibles in a Basket instead of Deplorables in a Basket.

Gullibles in a Basket, it has a nice ring to it. Deplorables in a basket, makes it sound like the voter is beyond redemption. Even "Don the Deplorable" or "Deplorable Don" would have been fine. Just sayin.

However, the second James Comey email letter that turned into a media frenzy did prolific damage to a Hillary Clinton presidency. If 10%-20% of the voters had not yet decided who to vote for at the time that Comey wrote that second letter about emails, then it's OBVIOUS that the second Comey letter had a monstrous impact because Clinton's numbers went down over the final 10 days of the campaign.

If all four candidates had turned into rocks over the final 10 days, most of the final 10% to 20% of the voters would have still picked somebody. I would estimate if all four candidates had done nothing that Trump picks up 37%, Clinton picks up 37%, Anderson picks up 16% and Stein picks up 10% of the remaining 10% to 20% of the voters. But that's not what happened, Clinton actually LOST support after the second Comey letter when she had actually be on an upward curve.

The final percentages after the Comey letter may have been Trump picked up 65%, Johnson 20% and Stein 15%, with Clinton actually LOSING votes over the final 10 days. 

Hillary Clinton would have won the battle ground states and won the popular vote by 5 to 8 million, easily, if not for that second James Comey email Letter about nothing.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Another Example of why the Clinton's need their own Media Channel, even the fiercest headline compliment about Hillary Clinton is accidentally made to sound like an insult.

A DailyKOS headline that was posted on a DailyPUMA RSS reddit feed stated "North Carolina Christian pastor writes piercing open letter to Hillary Clinton". I was hesitant to read the article since the headline made it sound like an attack on Hillary Clinton. Instead, the article was the complete opposite, a glowing attribute about Hillary Clinton that in many ways mirrored what DailyPUMA stated a few months ago about how the men could never stand up to what Hillary Clinton did during the 2016 campaign.

Here is what the headline title URL originally looked like…..

Somebody replaced the word stunning in the headline with piercing, and then shortened the headline as well, thereby making the headline sound like an attack against Hillary Clinton when it was the opposite.  

Very strange, and just another example of why we need to See Clinton Media gain traction. The U.S. needs liberal moderates to stand up and be counted, or we will continue to get ultra right and left candidates like Trump or Sanders who are able to sue the conservative and progressive media to trash a superior moderate liberal candidate like Hillary Clinton.

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Breaking News, Ivanka Trump Airplane Incident may have been staged so she would have an excuse to never fly on a commercial airplane again.

Oh wait, my mistake. If that had been Chelsea Clinton on the plane with her child, and a Trump supporter had antagonized her, the crazy conservative meanstream media would have accused the Clintons of staging the event so that Chelsea could ride private airplanes from now on at taxpayers expense.

Just because Donald Trump has possibly hired more lawyers, or initiated more lawsuits than Jesus, does not in anyway make it suspicious that the person who allegedly verbally assaulted Ivanka Trump was an Attorney in New York.

And of course, no one will background check the story to see if there would be probable cause for a quid pro quo in which each side got something in return for the alleged airline verbal assault. 

I do find it odd that both parties had their kids right there when the alleged verbal assault occurred. Normally affluent, well educated, responsible parents try to avoid confrontation when their own children are involved, or nearby.

So if we don't see Ivanka Trump on commercial flights in the future, but we do see her on private flights paid in full by taxpayers, we won't think this entire incident created a convenient solution at taxpayers expense going forward.

to Ivanka's credit, she actually did look like a deer in the headlights during the airplane incident, which leads me to think it was either real, or staged without her knowledge. I could envision Mr. Trump staging the event without Ivanka's knowledge so that going forward taxpayers would pay for her private planes.

This article is just the tip of the icicle garbage of the kind of fake media news that the Clintons deal with on a daily basis from the conservative meanstream media and why the Clintons really need to create their own news network.

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Friday, December 23, 2016

How the Clintons can re-energize Democrats by Creating a Moderate Liberal Media Brand.

Four Years Ago DailyPUMA begged the Clintons to become involved in media. The Clinton Brand of Moderate Liberal  Politics has an audience, but the Moderate Liberal Media Brand has to be built before anyone will come.

It was rather ironic to see Chelsea Clinton on network television on a few occasions a few years back when Bill and Hillary Clinton should have actually started a small programming base and had Chelsea Clinton over see it, even buying time on free TV if necessary. 

Even one hour of Moderate Liberal Media News programming a day, repeated two or three times throughout the day, would have helped beat back the Conservative Meanstream Media Machine that went into overdrive the moment that James Comey re-energized them with his second press conference about emails about nothing.

Moderate Liberal Programming would also beat back the rancid brand of progressive cable television that does not actually connect with middle america, but instead connects with younger millennials and turns them against the Liberal Moderates.

Progressive Media forced the Clinton's to back pedal on Bill Clinton's record of the 90's. Issues such as NAFTA,  Don't Ask Don't Tell, Welfare Reform, comments such as Super Predator, could have all been easily and properly defended and then exalted if the Clintons had built a Moderate Liberal Brand Media.

Even Joe Biden has gotten in on the assault against the Clinton's, claiming Hillary Clinton didn't really have a message. This statement by Biden is complete garbage. First, Hillary Clinton had to tread lightly and not be an Obama basher or risk becoming a complete outcast of the democrat party. Secondly, the Progressive Media assaulted the Clintons over NAFTA, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Welfare Reform, and the Super Predator comment, leaving the Clintons with very little to hang their hat on in reference to the 90's. 

Sure Bill Clinton was the only president in the past 80 years to lower his annual budget deficit each and every year he was in office. Sure Bill Clinton was the only president in the past 80 years who left office more popular then when he went in, but those two points were never brought to light because there was no Moderate Liberal Media Brand to make those points on behalf of the Clintons.

The Clintons can still be players in the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton can still be a viable presidential candidate in four years, but only if Hillary and Bill Clinton build a moderate liberal media base that actually produces moderate liberal news progamming on a regular basis, and Hillary Clinton gets in tip top physical shape as well. 

It would not even hurt if at some point Hillary Clinton slugs a republican male disrespecter in the chops, as there is a list of disrespecters a mile long for her to choose from.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Judge Jean Pirro MUST Apologize to Hillary Clinton for Pirro's ineptly constructed timeline editorial regarding what Hillary Clinton said about rigged elections during the third debate versus her decision to join the recount.

Is Judge Jeanine Pirro really a judge, because her comments in the video commentary link at the the end of this article are below the bare minimum of common sense and integrity. Every case she has ever presided over needs to be rechecked if she continues to stand by the gross miscarriage of truthfulness regarding Hillary Clinton's rigged election comments that Pirro brontificates about in her video. 

When Hillary Clinton made her comments in the third debate about U.S. elections not being rigged, DailyPUMA reminds its readers that those comments were TEN DAYS BEFORE FBI Director James Comey RIGGED the ELECTION in Trump's favor with his second email press conference / letter about nothing! 

FBI Director James Comey incited and rejuvenated despondent Republicans into actions ranging from 25 million dollar last minute PAC attack ads to fake news after his second email press conference about emails, a  press conference that is NOW being described as  pointless  based on the reasoning cited in the subpoena.

When does "Judge" Jeanine Pirro apologize to Hillary Clinton for not understanding the concept of time, that Comey's rigging of the election so Trump would win happened 10-12 days after Hillary Clinton spoke about unrigged elections in the third debate. That Comey's rigging of the election with his second unjustified email press conference put the entire conservative meanstream media on high alert and to do whatever it took to give Trump a victory.

There are few things more dangerous than giving an arrogant, intellectually compromised person, judicial power. Possibly one of the most important tasks a judge is supposed to master is the proper timeline of events. Lets see if Pirro stands by her ill timed commentary that doesn't relate events in the timeline in which they actually happened.

If you are a judge, you should be cringing watching "Judge" Pirro equate a comment made by Hillary Clinton 10 days prior to the actual rigging of the 2016 presidential election in which Clinton stated that our elections are not rigged, with the subsequent rigging of the election by James Comey's second email press conference letter. And if you are wondering how James Comey's election changing second press conference equates to a recount, the answer is the meanstream media went all out once Comey's second press conference happened.

The level of anger, hostility and insanity against Clinton by the meanstream media grew from the moment of Comey's second press conference about emails every day until election day. If nothing fishy really happened regarding how votes were cast and counted, then why were Trump's lawyers, 2 and 3 deep at every voting location, basically preventing the recount from occurring?

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

DailyPUMA's most prescient Article Ever ran on Oct. 27, 2016, Just one day before James Comey's second Email Press Conference / Letter.

DailyPUMA would like to believe that after 7 years of Blogging on DailyPUMA that somebody at Hillary Clinton's headquarters was reading the articles for ideas to present to the Campaign. The ideas in this Oct. 27, 2016 DailyPUMA article proved scarily accurate as to how Hillary Clinton could lose the election, or win the election.

However, Hillary Clinton still would have won the 2016 presidential election if not for James Comey's second letter / press conference sent out on Oct. 28, 2016 followed by Comey not holding a press conference to answer specific questions about his actions.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Rudolph Giuliani, James Comey, Sheldon Andelson Triangle. How Rudolph Guiliani may have illegally interacted with James Comey, leading to James Comey's Second Press Conference and Sheldon Andelson's 25 million dollar attack ads against Hillary Clinton.

After Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton aboard Bill Clinton's plane regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails, Loretta Lynch recused herself and let James Comey decide how to handle the email situation. Even though Lynch recused herself, the meanstream media continued to pile on that politicial favoritism was at work. I Ironically, the favoritism was by James Comey via his second email press conference / letter.

When Rudolph Giuliani was trying to get Sheldon Andelson to pony up the 25 million dollars in television attack ads against Hillary Clinton that Andelson had committed to in late September, but was no longer sure would be worthwhile anymore as Trump's popularity was slipping and Hillary Clinton's was rising after the third debate in mid October, did Giuliani put pressure on Comey to hold a second press conference, knowing it would serve as a form of enticement to Andelson?

Forget about Putin for a moment. If Giuliani was able to entice James Comey to perform a second email press conference regarding the dead on arrival Clinton emails, Giuliani would then be able to convince Sheldon Adelson to actually commit the 25 million dollars in anti Clinton ads over the final 10 days of the 2016 presidential campaign that Andelson had promised but was having second thoughts about. 

Why was Giuliani allowed to flit about talking to whomever he wanted whenever he wanted within the FBI when one Clinton interaction with Loretta Lynch basically raised a conservative uproar that continued even after Lynch recused herself.

Why is it the Democrats are so afraid to call any hearings when the Republicans will call a hearing at the drop of a pin?  Did Rudolph Giuliani use his FBI insider influence to let Comey know that a second email press conference would encourage other last minute Clinton attack ads? Was Comey being coerced by Rudolph Giuliani in the exact same manner that Bill Clinton was accused of when he met with Loretta Lynch? 

James Comey's second press conference fueled Sheldon Andelson's 25 million dollar commitment to proceed, which was then followed by last minute NRA  attack ads, which then led to faked media news over the final few days including PizzaGate and false allegation that The Clinton Home was being searched by the New York Police Department.

Did the final 10 days of media attacks against Hillary Clinton, all triggered by the second James Comey email press conference, make a difference in the outcome of the election? Yes, Comey's second email press conference basically gained Trump 2 to 4 million votes while subtracting 2 to 4 million votes for Hillary Clinton. And we can safely assume that the midwest battle ground states would have gone to Hillary Clinton.

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Growing the Case for a Possible Donald Trump Secret Server to Russia.

There are "Donald Trump has a Secret Server to Russia in Trump Towers" dots out there that may connect. 

1. Throughout the primaries, Trump repeatedly warned about Terrorism, and then a terrorist act would occur within a relatively short time of Trump's pronouncement. If Donald Trump had a secret server hooked into Russia, maybe Russian Intel told Trump about possible upcoming acts of terrorism.

2.  Trump called for Russian Hackers to hack the DNC. This site, DailyPUMA, immediately got over 800 hits within the next day from Russia when in the past DailyPUMA barely got 10 hits from Russia per month.

 Russia started hyper visiting DailyPUMA sometime around July 22nd, 2016.

A 24 hour period immediately after Trump's July 27th, 2016 
call to action for Russian Hackers.

3.  Trump has apparently filed over 4,000 lawsuits. High end Lawyers could have advised Trump to avoid the NSA and email hacking by using private servers. Since Trump has apparently had all kinds of dealings with Russia in the past, (not to mention the possibility of Russian escorts), why not have a Secret Server to Russia, any lawyer worth their weight would have suggested it.

4.  Melania Trump is staying behind at Trump Towers. If I had a secret server to Russia hooked up at Trump Towers, I would want someone within my inner circle present at Trump Towers at all times.

5.  Melania Trump speaks six languages. This makes a secret server to Russia even more plausible since she could be the one doing the communicating and then do her own Russian Intelligence Briefings with Donald late every night.
6. Trump's Twitter binges seem to occur around 3:00 am New York Time, that would be 11:00 am in Moscow. Assuming Melania confers with Russia via the secret server from 1:00 am to 2:00 am New York Time, that would be 9:00 am to 10:00 am Moscow time, which is the perfect time to get a daily briefing from Russia, no? Melania relays the Russian intel to Trump from 2:00 am to 3:00 am. At 3:00 am Trump goes on his twitter binges.

7.  Before the New York Primary, Putin spoke blasted Hillary Clinton, calling her an imperialist. Why did Putin go to such lengths to blast Hillary Clinton before the New York primary? Could it have been requested by Donald Trump via the Secret Server to Russia? What real purpose did Putin's intrusion serve other than to possibly placate a visibly upset Trump knowing that Clinton was more popular in New York than he was.

8. A secret server to Russia would have allowed Julian Assange a perfect way to leak intel to Russia, Russia leaks the intel to Trump via the secret server, a Trump advisor leaks the intel to a Sander's advisor, and Sander's is able to take shots at Hillary Clinton while Trump stays out of it.

9. If Russia leaked Assange's stolen intel to Trump via the secret server, and Trump leaked Assange's intel to a Sander's operative, then technically speaking Russia can say they did not leak intel to the media, that it was a DNC operative, aka a Sander's operative. This would explain Trump's mocking of the CIA and the FBI over Putin's involvement. Putin and Trump both know that it was a Sander's operative who chose to leak, therefore Putin and Trump can rationalize the CIA and the FBI are basically wrong. DailyPUMA believes that Trump's bravado is usually based on some piece of intel he has that he knows he should not have, and intel that Trump believes no one else has.

10. Trump has no interest in daily CIA and FBI security briefing's. Why should Trump have any interest in CIA and FBI daily briefings whe he may already be getting Russian intel on a daily basis!

The CIA and the FBI should do a surprise raid on Trump Towers, not to damage Trump, but to CLEAR HIM. If they happen to find a Russian Server, then that would be a win as well. In other words, raiding Trump Towers and looking for a Secret Server to Russia is a win whether a secret server is found, or not, for the people of the U.S.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

President Barack Obama last press conference Reveals his Refusal to go Back in Time and Investigate James Comey's October 28, 2016 Press Conference.

Barack Obama's final press conference of his presidency  revealed his refusal to focus on James Comey's Oct. 28, 2016 press Conference that basically instantly reversed the rising popularity of Hillary Clinton and the declining popularity of Donald Trump.

The Media also refuses to demand James  Comey come out of hiding and actually answer questions about Oct. 28, 2016.

And they all continue to talk about Putin instead of Comey.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The 14 Days of Comey. James Comey remains in Hiding while the Media Instead Fixates on Vladimir Putin.

We're witnessing an all time classic Magicians Trick of Distraction. Sure Vladimir Putin may have done a lot of crap to undermine our election, but the real story is James Comey's second press conference. 

Without FBI Director James Comey's second press conference Sheldon Andelson probably does not commit 25 million dollars for last minute money for Clinton attack ads (an FEC violation since large political donations have to give 30 days public notice).

Without FBI Director James  Comey's second press conference, Crazy story lines about  Pizza Gate and the Clinton home being invaded by Police don't get any attention.

Putin probably has very little to do with James Comey  second press conference about emails just 10 days before the Presidential Election. Below is a list of 14 questions James Comey has never answered that he NEEDS to answer before the Electoral College Electors Vote.

1. Why did the FBI email investigation need a full year before the first press conference was called in July of 2016? 

2. Why was there a several week delay before a search warrant was issued over Huma Abedin's lap top when the lap top was in the FBI's possession for the entire time? To an outsider, it looks like the second email conference was strategically delayed until it would do the most damage to Hillary Clinton's presidential chances.

3.  The CIA held back their intel on Putin's interference in our elections because they did not want to influence the Presidential Election, yet it seems like you had no conflict going forward with your second email conference. It was almost as if someone or some group pressured you into a second press conference about emails. Do you agree or disagree?

4.  If you had to do it all over again, would you have held the second press conference so close to the election?

5. It appeared as if Hillary Clinton's popularity was rising after the third presidential debate. Do you think your second press conference reversed Hillary Clinton's rising popularity?

6. Do you think your second press conference helped influence voters who had not yet made their minds to vote for Donald Trump?

7.  Why didn't you consult with the CIA as to whether or not you should do a second press conference about emails so close to the presidential election? Who did you consult with?

8. When Donald Trump stated during the third press conference that the upcoming presidential election was rigged, can you explain why you still prioritized Hillary Clinton's emails over putting boots on the ground in key areas of the country to ensure that election day voting was fairly done? 

9.  You were investigating Hillary Clinton, was Donald Trump being investigated for anything?

10. Since the NRA PAC was the biggest anti-Clinton PAC and raised the most money to defeat Hillary Clinton, and Clinton and the NRA had repeatedly sparred during the campaign, did the FBI consider the NRA and a very small percentage of its members as in as little as 0.1% of membership, could go rogue and plot as volunteers on election day and be in and around the ballots and ballot boxes even before the polls opened and after they closed?

11. Did you  look into the connection between the NRA and Russia?

12. One more time, in retrospect, was the second email press conference actually necessary?

13.  Did members of the Republican party interact with you in an effort to get a second press conference? Were you threatened in any way that if you did not have a second email press conference, something bad might happen to you, your career, or people you know?

14. Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch aboard an airplane, which resulted in her recusing herself from the FBI email investigation, yet you may have had your own interactions with political figures that influenced your decision to seek a second press conference about emails, was that fair?

If Mr. Comey answered the above 14 questions, wouldn't the Electoral College Electors have pertinent information needed to make the right decision about how they should vote on December 19, 2016?

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When the Going gets Tough, Male Politicians Stick Together, and that is why the Female Electoral College Electors should Seriously Consider Voting for Hillary Clinton.

Lost in the hyperbole that women should vote for women simply because they are women, is the reason why women should vote for women. Male politicians tend to stack the deck against some female political candidates by aligning with other male political candidates in the same race to force out the female candidate. Rather than simply compete, the male politicians actually coalesce and share strategies on how to drive out the female.

Perhaps the male politicians do it because if there is only one female candidate in a race where there are multiple male candidates, the female candidate automatically stands out, while the male candidates fragile ego's fear they may be blended together as male candidates, and thus become marginalized.

In the 2008 Michigan Primary (yes, Michigan again), Michigan moved up their primary date into January, thereby encroaching on Iowa and New Hampshire's hallowed status as the first two states to vet the presidential candidate field. Iowa and New Hampshire residents were made to feel by the media that Michigan's move was an encroachment on their status as being the first two states where presidential candidates go to establish their presidential legitimacy, and they were livid.

In an incredibly clever, but ultimately mean spirited canardly maneuever, three male presidential candidates pulled off the perfect strategy to blight Hillary Clinton's reputation. Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, and John Edwards all pulled their names from the Michigan primary on the last day one could file or unfile. Hillary Clinton was excluded from this strategy. In essence, the three democrat amigos struck a gentleman's agreement to withdraw from the Michigan primary at the last possible moment so that Hillary Clinton would not have time do the same thing. Hillary Clinton would remain on the Michigan ballot, and suffer the consequences.

The three amigos, Obama, Edwards and Richardson, blasted Hillary Clinton for validating Michigan's attempt to usurp  attention from Iowa and New Hampshire and dethrone their status as presidential candidate vetters. Obama, Edwards and Richardson told horrified onlookers in Iowa and New Hampshire that Hillary Clinton did not care about Iowa and New Hampshire's status as the first and second states in the country to cast votes for presidential candidates and that she was simply an opportunist willing to throw anyone under the bus if it would give her a political advantage.

As horrible as that sounds, that the front runnin 2008 male  presidential candidates would combine forces to damage the reputation of the front running female candidate Hillary Clinton, many saw it as cunning political strategy and that it was to be expected, therefore candidates of either sex  who couldn't predict such cunning deserve what they get. Ouch!

However, the Michigan Primary last minute withdrawal strategy required three male candidates plotting against the female candidate. The media was unwilling to call out the male politicians for excluding the female politician in their Michigan Maneuver. So much for gentlemen's agreements that include a female!  It is for this reason that I think all of the 2016 female electoral college electors should seriously consider watching Hillary Clinton's back in 2016. Once again in 2016 several males with deep, deep influence ganged up on the lone female presidential candidate and were able to bring her down in unison, yet she still got almost three million more votes than the electoral college winner.

In 2016, it may have have taken a half dozen male billionaires to bring down Hillary Clinton, with outside help from Russia's male leader in a manner which we don't exactly know. 

The Male Billionaire cohorts taking part in the stealing of the presidential election include Vegas gambling casino  magnate Sheldon Andelson, who put 25 million dollars in attack ads against Hillary Clinton over the final 10 days of the candidate, which I presume is actually a violation of FEC rules because all political donations of large amounts are supposed to be reported 30 days prior.

Additionally, Cubs ownership apparently plowed in millions as well, using anticipated Baseball Playoff Receipts profits for Hillary Clinton attack ads. Where is the Meanstream Media when it comes to pointing out that baseball enjoys  autonomy from Congress, yet they can influence our elections?  Apparently all is forgiven because it was all Males taking down a female.

But there's more, The NRA PAC put in over 30 million dollars to help defeat Hillary Clinton, I'm pretty sure that was testosterone driven as well.

Then there was FBI director James Comey, who was ground zero for reversing Hillary Clinton's surging popularity, (a popularity she earned from three solid debate performances), just 10 days before election day with his second email press conference. Just think back to the close of debate number three, when both Trump and Clinton had to ad lib why they should be president. Hillary Clinton absolutely nailed it, Trump spent a significant portion of his time berating Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton had actually EARNED her rising popularity via her debate performances, and FBI James Comey took it all away in one fell swoop.

Then there is Vladimir Putin. Ever since Hillary Clinton questioned how the voting was done in Russia in 2012, resulting in Russians taking to the streets in protest, Putin has vowed his revenge.

Ironically, even Bill Clinton, a male, played a hand in quelling Hillary Clinton's chances with his airplane meeting with Loretta Lynch. But lets not forget what happpened next, an apologetic Loretta Lynch then gave James Comey full authority to decide  how to handle the email situation! So much for the second most powerful female in the U.S. having  her authority usurped by one male so it could be handed over to another male!

The National Enquirer, a huge Donald Trump admirer, was allowed to basically take their opinion of what the future would be, and then print the anti Clinton predictions as if they were NEWS HEADLINES. 

Where is the line in sand? 

If the Enquirer had printed, "Hillary Clinton gives up and concedes the presidential race to Donald Trump" two weeks before the election, would anyone have stepped in and stopped the National Enquirer? Most likely no. That is how lazy our country has gotten. 

The list of testosterone in action against the lone female candidate is quite long, National Enquirer, NRA PAC, Putin, Vegas Gambling Tycoon, Chicago Cubs Ownership, James  Comey, but worst still, each one of these billionaires may have done something unethical as to how they attacked Hillary Clinton! and the best they could do was still LOSE by almost 3 million votes to an over attacked female presidential candidate.

Even Bernie Sanders supporters got into the act during the primary by calling Hillary Clinton a cheater for possibly using  tactics that were less vicious than the the type of tactics that were used against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Primary! 

Once again, lets point out the irony, in 2008 Hillary Clinton was victimized by male triangulation. Learning her lesson, she was tougher for the 2016 Primary, resulting in her opposition attacking her reputation while intimating she was a cheater. 

When, what could be called collaborative acts of deceit are done against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Primary, they are labeled clever strategy, but when Hillary Clinton perhaps does anything that even hints of being a little bit like what was done to her in 2008, she is labeled a cheater far and wide in 2016. This double standard of behavior in which boys will be boys but women are cheaters and "NASTY", WILL NOT END until females realize they need to be teammates in the same manner that men are teammates with each other.

If you are a 2016 Republican female electoral college elector, I am suggesting the glass ceiling is really a glass hurdle so high it will take other females assisting the female runner for the female runner to leap over the glass hurdle and become president. This is your time to not do what a male authority figure demands you do, but to do what you want to do with no regrets or remorse, and hopefully, that will include considering changing your Electoral College vote from Trump to Clinton.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How Donald Trump and James Comey May Have Rigged the Election by having Trump Claim the Presidential Election would be Rigged.

In DailyPUMA's opinion, there is definitely a Triangulation of strategy between James Comey & Donald Trump, classic Russian Diplomatic Strategy, and Russian Revenge that occured when Donald Trump stated during the third Presidential Debate that the upcoming Presidential Election was going to be rigged.

When Donald Trump warned everybody that the upcoming presidential election was going to be rigged, it was incumbent upon SOMEONE to do SOMETHING to ensure a fair election. The Department of Justice can't really spring into action since no crime has yet happened. So that would leave either the FBI or CIA to ensure an unrigged election.

Since James Comey of the FBI had already stepped into the presidential race once with his Hillary Clinton email investigation press conference during the summer of 2016, the logical assumption would be that James Comey would follow through on Donald Trump's accusation of an upcoming rigged election and put boots on the ground to assess Voting Stations all over the country and help assure a fair election, for all.

While the task of putting boots on the ground all over the country may seem daunting, each boot could have easily visited a dozen precincts and left contact information to report any suspicious activity to a central number where the call could be assessed.

If Boots all over the ground would prove too daunting a task, then the FBI STILL could have focused on specific groups that might be motivated to do vote manipulation. 

Perhaps both political sides have factions that do more than they should when it comes to voting regulations, but one thing is painfully clear, the NRA PAC, the NRA, and Hillary Clinton sparred several times during the campaign. The NRA's involvement with Russia well before the presidential election CLEARLY makes the NRA a group that needed to be watched to see if they were volunteering on election day at out of the way voting locations.

5,000 Rogue NRA members out of 5 million members is a small percentage of just 0.1% of total NRA membership, but that would be a large enough group to do whatever was needed to cast ballots in Trump's favor or make Clinton ballots not count in a myriad of ways in key battle ground states.

So what did James Comey do once he heard Donald Trump state during the third presidential debate that the presidential election was rigged? Comey basically did nothing in regards to Trump's concern. That's strange, don't you think? A presidential candidate makes a very public claim that the upcoming Presidential Election is going to be rigged, and Comey does nothing? Really?

Comey took several weeks in October getting a search warrant so e-mails on Huma Abedin's old computer could be viewed. Literally at the exact time that Comey should have been assessing and ensuring a fair election based on Donald Trump's rigged election claim, Comey was instead preparing for a second press conference about Hillary Clinton's emails just 10 days before the election.

This is beyond suspicious

How did Comey know he could go ahead with the second Clinton email press conference and basically do nothing about ensuring an unrigged election when Donald Trump had already stated on national television during a live presidential debate that the upcoming elections were rigged?

Comey could only choose to prioritize the Clinton email press conference over preventing the Rigging of an election if he knew the rigging of an election allegation was a clever strategy of accusing an opponent of the very thing one is doing themselves. Comey could only know to not take Trump's Rigged  Election accusation seriously if Comey knew the ulterior motive for Trump making the rigged comments, which was the defiant response from democrats and the media that such a claim could not be taken seriously.

When Fox News shows clips of Hillary Clinton at the third debate berating Trump for claiming the upcoming presidential Electon would be rigged, and then Fox uses that clip to ridicule anyone who ridiculed Trump's claim that the upcoming presidential would be rigged, keep in mind that at that time, when everyone ridiculed Trump for his accusation of a rigged election, the election had not yet been rigged!

This type of false regurgitation of facts in an incorrect sequence is what we have to look forward to for the next four years if the Electors don't change their votes on Dec. 19, 2016.

James Comey, who clearly influenced the election in Donald Trump's favor with his second press conference about emails, and who suspiciously knew he could ignore Donald Trump's rigged election accusations, is still in hiding until after the Electoral College Electors have voted on Dec. 19, 2016.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

RSS site makes copies of everybody's blog.

Dear RSS site that has stored all of my DailyPUMA articles without my permission, please stop.

1UpMGCZkXTFXfqCkb6cD  (that is the Ransome code Number they gave me to put into an article. Yep, I have been ransomed, but given the ransome code by the ransomers to stop being ransomed.

I am in a quandry, if I give out the link so others can see if their blogs are being copied without their knowledge, that is free advertising for that RSS siphoning site, if I don't, then people who read this will get annoyed because I have not linked to the site.

On the one hand, it's kind of cool that a back-up exists of DailyPUMA articles. On the other hand, that can undermine knowing if anyone is reading content since anyone can go there and never come here.

Weird, huh?

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What if the Reason Donald Trump wants Melania Trump to stay Behind at Trump Towers is to Guard their Secret Encrypted Server to Russia?

It kind of makes sense….  

….Mabye Donald Trump is freaking out over leaving Trump Towers "Unguarded" and someone accidentally discovers his Secret Encrypted Russian Server, therefore Melania Trump will stay behind to make sure nobody accidentally hits the lever that exposes the Secret Encrypted Russian Server.

But even if a Secret Encrypted Russian Server was the reason that Melania Trump is staying behind at Trump Towers, and even if a search warrant caught Trump off guard and The Secret Encrypted Russian Server turned out to really exist, Trump would just deny it, tell everyone to leave, and that would be that.

Hey, at least Trump hasn't shot someone in Times Square in the middle of the day in front of cheering schoolchildren, so we all have that to be grateful for.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nate Silver Twitter Bombshell, Hillary Clinton would Almost Certainly be President if Elections had been held one day before James Comey's Second Press Conference".

Remarkably, Nate Silver has twittered that if the 2016 Presidential Election had been held one day before James Comey's second press conference, Hillary Clinton would Almost certainly be president. Please sign the James Comey Petition Demanding he hold a press conference before the Electoral College Voters, Vote.

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Breaking News, Republicans May Have Forced FBI Director James Comey into Hiding until After the Electoral College Voters have Voted.

The Republican National Party may have forced James Comey into hiding until after the Electoral College Votes have been cast. Here is a link to the Electoral College Timeline There are several key dates, Apparently Dec. 19, 2016 is one key date, but Electoral College votes may attempt to have Electoral College Votes cast before that day as well?

Perhaps the Republican National Party will attempt some end around to try and get the Electoral College Votes passed ahead of the December 19, 2016 date.

The Republicans know that if FBI Director James Comey were to answer questions about his second press conference concerning Hillary Clinton's emails that he held just 10 days before the election, his honest answers could sway more than enough Electoral College Voters away from Donald Trump to deny him the presidency.

Questions the Republicans don't want FBI director James Comey to answer before the Electoral College has voted include:

1. Was Donald Trump being Investigated for anything, or was only Hillary Clinton under Investigation?

2. Once Donald Trump declared during the third presidential debate that the Upcoming Presidential Election voting was rigged, did the FBI put boots on the ground for the Presidential Election Process to ensure a fair election?

3. Did the FBI have boots on the ground for the Presidential Election Process knowing that the biggest anti Hillary Clinton Pac, the NRA PAC, would be volunteering at Voting Locations in several key battleground states?

4. Was assigning FBI agents a second batch of emails to investigate so close to election day more important than ensuring an unrigged election by having FBI agents on the ground actually profiling if the NRA had infiltrated the voting polling locations as volunteers?

5. Are you aware of the close relationship between the NRA and Russia?  Did that you give cause for concern?

6. Do you agree that Hillary Clinton had built up a considerable lead prior to your second email press conference that you held just ten days before Election day?

7. Who do you think would have won the 2016 presidential election if you had not called a second press conference so close to election day? Do you think your second press conference changed the vote totals for either president in any way?

8. Why was Donald Trump not being investigated for anything?

9. Did you consider the possibility that Donald Trump's Income Tax Situation, which he refused to publicly release, could have meant that he FUNDED his entire presidential campaign with Income Tax Evasion money?

10. Are you familar with U.S. vs Irby?

11. If you could do the Election Year over again, what would you do differently?

12. Would a Electoral College Elector be within their rights as a reasonable person to undo the damage that your second press conference about emails may have caused?

13. Donald Trump repeatedly called Hillary Clinton a criminal during the campaign even though Hillary Clinton has never been charged with a crime nor convicted of a crime. Did it concern you at all that Donald Trump was enriching himself and his chances for the presidency by intentionally lying about his opponents record to such an inflammatory extent. and using the public airwaves to do so?

14. Were you investigating ties between Donald Trump and the National Enquirer, which repeatedly made outrageous Headline Claims about Hillary Clinton. The Enquirer even reported their version of the future as fact in their Headlines. Considering that perhaps 10 million supermarket customers see those lying, damaging headlines every week, should not someone from the government stepped in and done something?

Calling James Comey, your country needs you to do the right thing and come out from hiding and hold a press conference where you answer questions rather than make accusations.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Was Comey's second press conference about Hillary Clinton's emails 10 days before the presidential election just a ruse to keep FBI Agents waddling in emails rather than observing the NRA's potential infiltration of Voter Polling Stations on Election Day?

Just how much damage did James Comey's second press conference actually do to Hillary Clinton's presidential chances? Perhaps even more than has been conveyed up until now.

Besides instantly reversing the upwardly trending popularity for Hillary Clinton and instantly increasing the popularity trend for Donald Trump, Comey's second press conference just 10 days before the 2016 presidential election may have had other deep consequences as well. While Comey made the Abedin emails a top FBI priority, FBI manpower that could have been deployed for election day fraud prevention was instead pulled, to check emails.

Hillary Clinton's feud with the NRA was known by everybody. The NRA PAC had raised 31 million dollars to defeat Hillary Clinton. Did the FBI deploy any manpower to make sure that Rogue NRA members, (we're literally talking less than .1% of NRA membership), were not volunteering at voter polling stations in key swing states on election day to possibly fill in ballots before the opening of voting, or to simply add votes for Trump or exclude votes for Clinton in other nefarious ways?

It would not take that much effort to add an extra 100 votes here and there at some of the thousands of precincts throughout several key states. Now comes word that the NRA had cozied up with Russia well before the presidential Elections. Forget internet hacking, what about just infiltrating voting locations on the day of the presidential election!

Was any FBI manpower devoted to checking into an alliance between the NRA and Russia?

We now find out that Michigan won't allow recounts to count if it is discovered that a precinct recount does not render the same vote totals that were tallied on election day! This basically means that any fraud done on election day at any precinct becomes valid once the fraud is counted on election day, and can never be undone!

The list of shady vote counts grows, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina all LOWERED Donald Trump's vote count total once it was known that the recounts were going to happen. 

We now find out that the same Detroit area that had a notoriously low vote turnout in the Michigan primary, also may have had dozens of broken voting machines in the actual presidential election. And if any new votes are found, then the new results are invalidated because it changes the vote total from election day and the prior vote results are the ones that are counted instead!

Meanwhile, James Comey is analyzing redundant emails. Apparently, whether it's wabbit season or duck season, for James Comey and the FBI, it's always email season.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

NRA Russia connection would mean no Internet Hack of 2016 Presidential Election Required to Alter Vote Counts.

All three Recount States reduced Donald Trump's victory margin by tens of thousands of votes before the Recount began.

The NRA has 5 million members. The NRA PAC raised 31 million dollars to defeat Hillary Clinton. Why were NRA members allowed to volunteer at the precinct voting stations the day of the Presidential Election?

It would literally take just a few thousand Russian/NRA members out of Five million NRA members to volunteer at key precinct stations to each add an extra 100 votes to various out of the way precincts in favor of Trump. 

The ballots would be filled out before the voting locations opened, and the votes added at some point early on or any point during the day when the station had no voters to observe the fraud. Could have even  happened after the polls closed.

Perhaps there is no direct evidence of an NRA/Russian connection, but if nobody looks for a possible connection, they won't know if one exists.

If Russia, through the NRA, was able to stuff ballots in small out of the way precincts, then the last laugh is on the U.S. for the accusation that Russia hacked the election. The stranger than life comedy is Russian NRA members could have just walked right in and done it as volunteers via the NRA on election day. It would only take .1% of NRA members (5,000 members) to alter the 2016 election results.

So when does the FBI investigate how many NRA members volunteered to work at a precinct voting station on November, 08, 2016? Were there precinct voting locations that featured a cluster of NRA members? It would actually take an incredibly small amount of Russian NRA members (500) to lead other NRA members who truly believed that Hillary Clinton wanted to take their guns away. 500 Russian NRA members out of 5 million equals .01% of the NRA membership.

Doesn't anyone investigate anything anymore?

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

ReCounting the Votes in Wisconsin apparently only involves recounting ballots. Deplorable Ballots that may have been fraudulently filled out will simply be counted again as being valid.

According to Wisconsin Recounting Rules, Recounting Wisconsin Votes simply means re-checking all the ballots that were submitted as votes. However, a fraudulently filled out ballet will look no different from a valid ballot using this rather simple recounting method.

The NRA had a PAC that raised 31 million dollars in support of Donald Trump and the idea of just one percent of NRA membership being able to tilt the election to Donald Trump is beyond alarming.

If just one percent of the NRA membership had served as precinct volunteers on election day and engaged in vote fraud by filling in ballots with Donald Trump as president, those votes would simply be counted again in a recount. And, if rogue NRA members had disposed of Clinton votes, those votes would not exist in the recount either!

DailyPUMA strongly suggests that ALL NRA Members who volunteered on November 8th, 2016 to serve at precinct voting locations be tallied up to see if there were clusters of NRA members at any precinct voting locations.

One percent of NRA membership serving as rogue volunteers would mean FIFTY THOUSAND members participated as volunteers. Considering the vote differences from the three states being recounted is barely over one hundred thousand votes, that would mean a mere five extra votes by each NRA rogue volunteer would have EASILY changed the results in the swing states, the states Trump had to win to win the election.

Why is DailyPUMA harping on the NRA? Hillary Clinton openly went after them during the campaign, and it's just not a stretch to imagine one percent of the NRA being Deplorable enough to engage in illegal voting activity.

The Precinct Signature books MUST be analyzed to verify the voting totals match between signatures and ballots cast. And then, the signatures need to be checked to make sure one person didn't sign the book on behalf of others who didn't bother to vote.

And then, the unused ballots must be added into the total to make sure that all ballots made it back.

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